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Weight Loss WHY am I not losing any weight?????? Aug 08 2016
15:01 (UTC)
hi I'm the same! complete diet make over and training with a P.T weekly yet only ever half a pound loss a week, it's sooo frustrating! I'm getting my thyroid tested as it runs in the family. Also I have a desk job for the first time in my life and I'm 31 so wondering if this has had an impact as in my 20's it came off so easy, don't give up, I know it's hard but living with a body you don't feel good in is harder, each day you can be a tiny bit closer to the end goal, keep going xx
Weight Loss why does this always happen?? Mar 22 2015
17:12 (UTC)
oh god ladies..what do we do to solve this? there must be a happy medium.. ????
Weight Loss Plus size women where to buy sports bras? Aug 14 2014
15:07 (UTC)
I bought mine from bravissimo about 2 years ago, I'm a 28e and my god it's great!! I can't believe it's lasted me 2 Years! i do need a new one but this one is still great! I do a lot of high impact sport, box, run, insanity etc..and it's great at reducing the bounce!'x
Motivation I'm Back Jul 18 2014
16:43 (UTC)
hi ladies me too!! 2 years after being married and content I have now chosen to be married, content and heathy!! I i used to be a gym nut, I don't think I can go back to gym 6 times a week but I can be healthy, I've lost 4lb in 6 weeks and for me that's huge as I have gained 20lb since being wed..but I feel positive and love that you do to!! good luck xx
Health & Support can't do this Oct 01 2013
18:18 (UTC)
hey i will help..tell me what are you trying to achieve ? what is your diet and fitness at the mo and what do you want it to be?
Motivation Day 1 Apr 27 2012
08:14 (UTC)

after many failed attempts yesterday was my first day, not only of sticking within calories but of eating really nutritious food..i did well!! i had a handful of jellies but im really proud of everything else... stick with and by tonight you will feel very proud of yourself as i did..good luck x 

Motivation I Need motivation! Apr 27 2012
08:11 (UTC)

hi..first YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Like you said you have done it you already know you can do it again. It takes time and you have to jus persist. Ive tired the whole 'pics around the house' but for me it didnt work :(.

It may sound cheesy but the reason for weight loss needs to come from inside of you. Think of yourself as a healthy person with a healthy body. Think of the amazing comments you will receive when you are down to 150lbs.

Cravings are usually down to lack of a mineral or vitamin that your body needs. When you eat think is this good for me? how will my body benefit from this food? the minerals from this apple will do me good/this cake will give me unwanted sugar..see the difference?

YOU are in charge of what you decide how to feed your body..if YOU want this..GO GET IT!! 

Motivation every week i start again Apr 15 2012
21:40 (UTC)

thank you for your feedback everyone, i am 27 and i stick to around 1200 cals on a non exercise day and then add sufficiently for the days i am at the gym, it can go upto about 1800-2000.

Roland i recognised your style of writing immediately as i read your post 'find the perfect weight and stay there' from a few days ago. I do admit i had to read it a few times to sink in and it was amazing to read. I understand what you mean when you say the food becomes a part of you, i do make the associations between food and 'good times' etc. This may sound really dumb as it i my mind and my brain..but how do i make it understand i do not need all that junk..i know i dont need why do i go there? 

Weight Loss 8 weeks and counting... Apr 07 2012
20:13 (UTC)

thanks for the advice gavibear. Thanks for the well wishes violetgriffin! im going to tap the numbers into cc and see what comes out.. lol i have no plans on turning into bridezilla but you are right, its one day, im going to take the next 8 weeks also as 1 day at a time when it comes to nutrition. I will add the brown pasta and come up with some lentil type recipes for snacks if needed, much appreciated replies guys, thank u :) 

Weight Loss 8 weeks and counting... Apr 07 2012
16:47 (UTC)
hi, I could add carbs to my salad, say a handful of brown pasta or brown rice? i was aiming for 2 whole fruits like banana, apple, kiwi etc to get my sugar fix. at the gym i usually work my hardest, i push until i cant do anymore, im really unsure if im eating will i know? x