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Weight Loss Starve all day so you can pig out all night? Sep 24 2007
15:38 (UTC)
topic... bad idea, quite unhealthy.
Weight Loss Is it really possible to gain weight from to much working out? Sep 24 2007
15:13 (UTC)
Muscle and water are heavier/more dense than body fat, i can't explain however why did you gain 5 lbs, maybe you're  not counting your calories well enough so you can creat a calorie deficit... no calorie deficit no weight loss.  
Weight Loss Body fat and Time of the month? Sep 24 2007
15:08 (UTC)
there is absoloutly no way you can pass from 20% to 28% in one weekend :)
Weight Loss Teenage weight loss group Sep 24 2007
15:06 (UTC)

male, 19, 5ยด11 , 166 lbs ... hopefuly i'll be 160 lbs by the end of the year.

Getting rid of the last 10 punds is oh so hard =_=
Weight Loss i ate too much > Sep 22 2007
23:41 (UTC)
no, all you had to do was eating less and you couldn't, i'd say "awww cheer up" but that wont take the pounds out of you, you need power of will.
Weight Loss Calorie Deficit? Sep 22 2007
22:27 (UTC)
If you don't want to lose muscle a high protein - low carb diet is required, for each pound you weight you should consume AT LEAST 1 gram of protein, along with your weights rutine you need a cardio rutine and i'm talking about at least 45 min of cardio per day 5 to 7 days a week, so if you want a slim shreded body you'll need  dedication and power of will... if you just want to be skinny you just need to create a calorie deficit.
Weight Loss Why do I feel hungry all the time? Sep 22 2007
22:03 (UTC)
your brain is being greedy that why you are always hungry, tell your brain to STOP! being #$%& greddy you don't need that much stored fat. geshh brain don't be so greddy i'm not hungry!
Weight Loss Calorie Deficit? Sep 22 2007
21:59 (UTC)
no, you will lose two punds of PURE fat and also an other pound or two of muscle and water. so you should be losing about 3 to 4 pounds for each 7000 cal deficit.
Weight Loss Starve all day so you can pig out all night? Sep 22 2007
21:45 (UTC)
diet pepsi (the nectar of the gods) and sprite zero are my allies when i feel like eating junk food... not so healthy i know because of the sodium but that taste of sweet for only 1 cal you got to love it. :P
Weight Loss What counts as a "WATER" substitute? Sep 22 2007
21:38 (UTC)
diet pepsi... the nectar of the gods.
Weight Loss How people eat under 1000?? Sep 22 2007
00:40 (UTC)
i don't exactly eat under 1000 cal i eat arround 1300 cal when i diet, but considering 1300 cal is what i burn at the gym, i create a 2000 deficit in one day... belly killer MWAHAHA!
Weight Loss Beware of Little Pleasures! Sep 20 2007
05:07 (UTC)
how many cals does a cig have?
Fitness Can anyone get a 6 pack??? Sep 20 2007
04:51 (UTC)
Get your bodyfat % down to 7% period.
Weight Loss I have no hope, because it's genetics? Sep 20 2007
04:35 (UTC)
Both of my parents are overweight, so is my brother, i have ripped abs.
Motivation What's your reward system? Sep 11 2007
01:25 (UTC)
pizza once a week
Fitness logging calories burned - small handweights? Sep 09 2007
01:57 (UTC)
good choice, make sure to do 20 to 30 reps, for exercises ask your trainer.
Weight Loss The peanut butter diet... to good to be true? Sep 09 2007
01:07 (UTC)
i mean yeah.. but i was just asking  :( don't get mad at me.
Weight Loss half way there! Sep 09 2007
00:58 (UTC)
good good
Weight Loss I eat 1200 cal a day (what this site recomend) and burn 1200 cal at the gym Sep 08 2007
02:59 (UTC)
crushing diets are fun ;P, because i can eat a 16 inch pizza on sundays and still keep my weight steady if i do this crushing diet during the week... ha!! it's like a reward and i enjoy it so much.

you don't know how good it feels... sigh having a controlled diet during your whole life is boring, i might try that some day when i get older but not while i'm young and athletic. anyway thats just me :P

god bless you all. 
Weight Loss I eat 1200 cal a day (what this site recomend) and burn 1200 cal at the gym Sep 08 2007
02:29 (UTC)
Just one hour of cardio and one hour of weights, you do the math.