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Journal Friday weigh-in
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I'm an engineer that works in computer network security.  I used to be pretty athletic, and I'm ex-military, so I know quite a bit about what I *should* be doing, but I got lazy the past few years and the pounds piled on.  When I joined CC I had already lost around 30 pounds, down from my high of 205.  My goal is to be able to maintain at around 140, since that's where I was for a long time, and it's where I felt healthy.  I'm 5'9", reasonably tall, so the weight didn't show as much as on someone shorter, but it still needs to come off.  I have a small frame - my ring sizes are small and my fingers overlap when I wrap them around my wrist, so I should be in the lower end of the BMI range.

I enjoy weights, I don't mind the elliptical trainer, and I'm starting to get into running.  My husband and I eat out a fair bit, so finding healthy choices is a challenge sometimes, but we don't normally go to fast food places so there's usually something good for me.

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