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Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jan 03 2011
19:25 (UTC)

My new years resolution is to get back in shape and stay that way! Just by carving out more time for exercise in my busy schedule.  When I exercise I feel more confident than when I don't, so to get myself more committed I'm taking a step aerobics class this semester first thing in the morning, and of course I still have my gym membership and growing collection of DVDs and exercise equipment :)

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 30 2010
21:29 (UTC)

Hello, Everyone.

This group seems really interesting!

I've been off calorie count for the better part of this year though it has helped me to lose almost 30 pounds from January-April (2010) :) Well it's now December and a new year is about to begin and I've gained  and lost off and on around 7 pounds of the weight that I worked so hard to lose from September until now. My New Years Resolution is to stop the Yo-yo-ing and get my weight back to what it once was earlier this year! I just had foot surgery and will be able to fully get back to the gym on January 3rd, which is when I plan to fully commit with exercise. As of now I'm focusing on the diet part.

My Stats:

Age: 21

Height: 5'0''

Heightest Weight: 158 (Dec 2009)

CW: 137ish



My plan is to get back to the exercise that I used to lose weight initially and lower calorie healthy eating.  Example: Cardio 4x a week 40min Strength 2-3 days a week.  Eat: 1300-1400 calories everday.  45%Carbs-35%Protein-20% Fats

Anyone have any recommendations?


Weight Loss 5'0 girls May 27 2010
03:52 (UTC)

losethelast15, I've done the 30day shred videos before, but I actually prefer some of her other videos because they are a better workout in my opinion.  I really like boost metabolism and no more trouble zones- Jillian Michaels.  The shred weeks 2/3 aren't too bad of a work out, I just didn't think they were enough for me, so if I ever used them I would immediately do some other workout after, particularly cardio.  So, it really depends on your fitness level!  Don't worry about the gain, it happens to everyone at some point, I'm sure you'll reach you're goal soon!

Weight Loss 5'0 girls May 24 2010
18:01 (UTC)
Original Post by losethelast15:

 I don't know but for some reason my body hurts from eating all those unhealthy stuff, is it just me or you guys feel this too? I guess my body is not use to all those and for the first time today, I missed salad!!

 I know this feeling! we've been BBQing all weekend, I ate a lot of really great food, drank way too many drinks, and tried to drink my first full calorie soda in months.  I just about fell over, it was just way too much unhealthy food.  Today I woke up got my cardio in and just went back to my healthy eating.  Though I still feel bloated and sluggish, I am so happy to have healthy foods to come back to.  When you eat healthy you feel healthy!

Through my weekend I also really noticed how much my weight fluctuates! It has fluctuated about 4lbs since saturday, it's actually pretty comical to me. lol. It pretty much shows why we shouldn't stress so much about our day to day weight.  Though, at my lowest of the fluctation I looked really good and it was just a 1lb loss.  So my goal of losing a just few more pounds sounds good to me.  

Weight Loss 5'0 girls May 20 2010
03:47 (UTC)

Losethelast15, I have a problem with binging as well.  I refer to it as my "snacking."  Although I am not hungry I just eat eat eat eat, just because!  Binging is probably how I got up to my highest weight.  Now, I still struggle with it mostly when I'm stressing, but since I've been on this "lifestyle" change, I have a better grasp of it, and can control it.  I just say to myself "Am, I really hungry? If so, is that really going to satisfy my hunger, or just make me want more?" Saying that really helps me stay on track, and if I do eat massive amounts of food, then I just do damage control at the gym over the next few days.  We've come way too far to let binging get the better of us!

Britneyann, weight can fluctuate up to 8lbs a day for women, especially depending on where they are in their cycles, so some days you will be up and some days you will be down in weight due to water retention.  So it definitely is really stressful! I used to check my weight everyday, but now I pretty much take it with a grain of salt if I do, and I really just try to check once a week.  If you want to add back more calories maybe try adding 100-200 every week, until you get to your desired calories, so your body can adjust a little slower to the change.

Weight Loss 5'0 girls May 16 2010
00:34 (UTC)

When I haven't worked out for awhile I just go to the gym or put on a DVD and get to it, by starting out with a shorter workout, then day by day I increase my time until I'm where I should be.  I just remind myself of my goals, and that usually does the trick.

I agree that moderation is the key.  I don't really like depriving myself.  I just take a significantly smaller portion size of whatever it is, or I try to choose a healthier alternative.  I've actually eaten out quite a bit lately and have been just sticking to my workouts and eating healthier for all my other meals to compensate. 

I'm back down to 130 finally.  I'm really trying to concentrate on my thighs and lower abs cause if these last 5 pounds came from there that would be amazing, since I'm pretty content with everywhere else on my body!

Weight Loss 5'0 girls May 11 2010
16:09 (UTC)

Okay, so this morning I weighed in and I am 131, so still +1lb from the 5lbs that I was up.  So, It was definitely water weight, no way I could lose almost 5 pounds in one week with eating normally!  Anyway, I've been changing around my workout plan since school is finally ending.  I hope to get in 5 days of cardio weekly, and increase my weight training especially to reach my goal of 125ish faster.

Lose the Last 15, I have had a problem with binging when I am stressing too! does anyone have advice? I've been trying to stay away from snacks but its hard!

Weight Loss 5'0 girls May 05 2010
18:57 (UTC)

Good Job losethelast15 and Britneyann!

Still stressed out with school, weighed myself the otherday and I was up 5POUNDS all in my belly, I swear 2 weeks ago I was 130!  I have been eating a lot more lately and not exercising as much, but Monday started really really being careful about what I stuck in my mouth and this morning I am down 2 pounds with no exercise. So, I'm probably just bloated, luckily.  My plan is to just be careful about what I'm eating since I tend to slack when I'm stressing, and hopefully these last few gained back pounds will come right off.

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 30 2010
23:31 (UTC)

Happy birthday britneyann, eat cake it's your bday celebrate! if you're worried about your dress just get in some good cardio and drink a lot of water tomorrow morning, and maybe even a little cardio before bed tonight if you can too.  have fun at prom, i'm sure you'll look amazing in your dress!

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 29 2010
04:52 (UTC)

hey everyone,

I'm still going crazy with school right now so I haven't been the best "dieter."  Like some of you I've eaten a lot more than usual.  I think for me it's most likely due to stress though, which isn't too good.  I'm hoping to get in a long cardio session tomorrow morning which should help get rid of some of this extra bloat.  Anyway, I actually haven't really gained or lost anything. So, I guess I must just be eating my maintainence calories or something, I haven't really been keeping track of my calories though either. lol. So, I just definitely need to get back to my workout routine and all will be well i think :)

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 20 2010
19:36 (UTC)

Britneyann, that's a good philosophy! I agree with you, I also I'm starting to focus more on my body and less on the numbers, though the numbers make me happy!  Have fun in mexico!

Congrats Sarahistiny and good luck, I'm sure you will meet your goal!

Okay, my weight is about the same, I haven't gotten cardio in since Saturday though.  I had a very long session which left me extremely sore! and then then Sunday I went to a theme park! Ouch! I have been lifting still, so hopefully tomorrow, I can get back to cardio.  I ate kinda bad this weekend, fries, soft serve, fro yo, a veggie burger, and pizza, but I guess I ate within moderation, because my muscles look more toned than ever.  I guess my body liked the extra calories. So, I'm starting to eat more intuitively and stop focusing so much on the specific calorie count because I will be maintaining in the near future and don't want to count calories forever!  Though of course I will try to still keep a conscious count of my calories since I have a little bit left to lose :) 

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 17 2010
03:48 (UTC)

losethelast15, don't beat yourself up if you have some junk once in a while, as britneyann said, moderation is the key! I would go crazy if I couldn't have any junk, so maybe try rewarding yourself with a little something once in a while maybe? I find that helps me stay on track.

My next goal weight is 125. I'm pretty content with my upper body.  I just have a lot of hips and thighs which drives me nuts! it seems that this weight is starting to come more off of my problem areas which is good.  I lift a lot of weights and am a large build so when I get to 125, I'll see if that's where I want to be for sure. 7 more lbs to go :)

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 16 2010
19:56 (UTC)

Hey Everyone, so I finally weighed in this morning... 132. Down 3lbs, total loss 26lbs :) Measurements 33-26-38.  The majority of the loss seemed to actually come from my hips, thighs, and butt, which is what I am trying to tone up. exciting.  I will definitely keep with this new workout plan! I'm sure the next few weeks the losses if any wont be as dramatic.  I'm aiming to lose 1lb a week. How's everyone else doing?

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 13 2010
02:49 (UTC)

I have an incredibly busy stressful week this week and a home work mountain that I should be trying to conquer right now but anyway, I measured myself quickly this morning and my hips have gone from 38.5 to 38, and my bust is around 33 and it was at 34.  My waist is still at 26.  I'll still be keeping up with my eating and my new workout plan and be posting a hopefully lower weight at the end of the week :) I wanna stay off the scales for the next few days so it's one less thing to potentially stress about this week.  Have a good week everyone!!!

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 11 2010
18:04 (UTC)

Britneyann, what is the article you read? :)

Welcome, Kiomami!


So, I decided that I needed to re-do my exercise routine! Back when I first started losing weight I worked out ALL the time and that's probably why I consistently saw results in addition to sticking to my calories. The past month or so I really haven't exercised at the level that I used to (cardio wise), so that could be why it's harder for me to lose weight now, or the fact that I'm legitimately on the last 10-15 or so lbs. Anyway, So i've been doing my plan the past few days and am really sore! and expect to lose 1-2 lbs a week hopefully from all the extra calories I'm burning!

Weight Loss How on Earth do I fit 25g of fibre and 5 a day in 1,200 cals? Apr 09 2010
00:52 (UTC)

I agree with hdolympio, you do have to eat pretty frequently to get all the fiber you need.  For example I eat around 5 times a day sometimes more sometimes less, but on average 5. And I easily get 30 grams of fiber everyday.  I'm very big on eating kashi go lean crunch, the kashi granola bars, oroweat double fiber bread, brown rice, whole grain oatmeal, as well as fruits and veggies for my carbs, everyday.  I also like soy milk and fiber one yogurt.  I plan my meals very well, and I tend to get a lot of fiber, and a good amount of protein since many of the whole grain foods I eat have protein in them, in addition to whatever meat products I try to eat for the day (though I am not a fan of meat!), and not to mention my diet is pretty low in fat!  So, maybe try some of these fiber packed foods in your diet? and see if you can up your daily mark? Also, I eat 1200-1300 calories everyday.

Games & Challenges *NEW* Who wants to do a 1 month Challenge? =] 3/10-4/10 Apr 08 2010
21:27 (UTC)

Hi everyone! I decided to do this challenge way back when it started, but completely forgot to keep up with it, sorry! since the challenge is almost over, I am happy to report that I lost 5 pounds within the first 2 weeks of starting it, and have maintained the loss since then.  My total weight loss is 23lbs since January :) I started the challenge at 140, and am at 135.  Goodluck everyone.  Hopefully there will be another challenge soon.

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 08 2010
06:26 (UTC)

Wow, everyone has been really busy on this thread today!

1. how tall are you? 5'0" Large Frame

2. how much do you weigh? 135

3. how much do you eat? around 1200-1300 calories a day.  Sometimes I eat around 1500-1600 which is closer to my maintainence-ish after I've lost a "significant" amount of weight just to take a break.

4. how much do you exercise? atleast 4 days a week.

5. how fast are you losing? I've lost a total of 23lbs since January, at first I was losing atleast 2lbs a week, now it's significantly slowed down. For example last month I lost 5lbs.

6. is this your first diet attempt? ever struggle from an eating disorder? I've attempted in the past but this is the first time I've made a serious effort to actually get healthier.  No eating disorders.

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 06 2010
16:19 (UTC)

12shab34 how often do you do cardio?  When I started seeing results I wanted did cardio intervals 4-5 days a week. Maybe do more cardio and you'll start seeing the results you want. Though we are pear shapes and will always be pear shapes, I find that the best cardio for slimming down my hips and thighs is walking uphill or doing the elliptical or even the stairclimber all on interval settings to keep my heartrate up and burn the most calories.  A trick that I have learned is when lifting weights lift heavier on the upper body because it will make the lower body look smaller :)

Weight Loss 5'0 girls Apr 06 2010
04:11 (UTC)

losethelast15, how many calories are you eating everyday for weight loss? So, if you're trying to lose a pound or so a week, make sure you have a 500 calorie deficit everyday.  So most of that could definitely come from your runs, and the left overs of what you don't burn through exercise, say 200 cals? can come from your eating, maybe? Or you could just make sure your burning enough through exercise to create your deficit.  For example, if your maintainence is 2000cals, burn 500, and eat 1500.  Just remember not to have a deficit larger than 1000 calories a day and you'll be on the right track.

12shab34: I am also a pearshape!  My starting weight was just 2lbs over yours, and my measurements were a little more bottom heavy BUT A low fat diet worked the best for me.  I eat a lot of complex carbs, not very much dairy aside from yogurt and maybe a little cheese, TONS of fruits and veggies, a lot of fiber, and I try to get protein in when I can, eventhough I am not a big meat eater.  I get most of my protein from complex carbs, and SOY which all are low in fat.  And when I do eat meat products, I eat some fish, chicken, turkey and egg whites.  Though I have found with losing weight I am still definitely a pear shape at 34-26-38.5, I basically have no chest and no belly.  BUT, my hips, thighs, and butt are all pretty much still there.  Though have have lost a few inches from those areas :)  It took me about 2.5 months to lose 23 pounds, to get to the weight I am now.  Though I still want to lose just a bit more and tone up.  So, just be patient and you'll get there!  As for exercise, a TON of cardio and weight lifting helped with the initial weight loss.  My cardio sessions seriously were hour long sweat drenched sessions, and I think that is what really helped me.  If you have any questions let me know!