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Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Jun 02 2012
00:09 (UTC)

Crud, when do we do weigh-ins, Fridays? I came in at 219 today, already from being 222 about a week ago when I really started pushing it. I'm sure it's mostly water weight but that means I'm pushing myself hard enough to get there, right? 

@tweetingtulip - it could be that your body has habituated to your workout. Do you change up your routine? What do you do for cardio? I generally do the same type of cardio, then change it up somehow if I start to plateau. E.g. if I'm using the elliptical, I'll increase the intensity on the machine but go at the same speed; or I might do cycling or something instead. Same with weights. 

@thc24 - I pretty much dislike most sports, I get bored easily, too. It's also a pain if you don't have anyone to play with, awww. What sports were you thinking of joining? 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! May 30 2012
18:25 (UTC)

Hi everyone, I've been MIA for a while mostly because of life myself a master's degree, went on a road trip, got sick THEN went flew out for a job interview (that went well), and now have been just getting over the illness and back in the eating-and-moving-well regime.

@moira – I am literally simultaneously BURNING with jealousy and ecstatic for you and your trip to France! Has the ex boyfriend seen you since you lost weight, because I’m sure he’s going to flip when he sees you! Have a great time for all of us!

@chrissy – congratulations on staving off the temptation! That is one of my weaknesses, too, when there’s great stuff sitting around. I usually try to rationalize it either as (a) how much exercise would I have to go through to burn off those calories? or (b) how much broccoli is equivalent to the calories in that treat? Usually (b) gets me through because it’s kind of a ridiculous mental image – like, a single chocolate muffin is the equivalent of 20 cups of broccoli, haha! But nice job!!

@kassandra – HOLY WEIGHT LOSS, BATMAN, 179 lbs. is amazing! And congratulations on your new set point, that in itself is a major achievement! Gurlfran, you are MY motivation!

@tweetingtulip – I’m aiming for a similar calorie count, but I don’t live in a hot climate, so I don’t know how much it would be different for you. I usually aim for 300-400 calories per meal, usually a little more for lunch, and I make sure to leave 200-300 calories in the budget for snacks during the day. I make sure to never be under-budget, but no more than 150 calories over-budget. If I end up under-budget one day, I’ll usually make it up the next day with more snacks. I think it depends on how your day goes though. Now that I’m not in school/not working I’m able to keep the numbers fairly equal, but when I worked I ate less for breakfast and lunch because I knew I'd want to overeat at dinner.

In other news: I just realized I had my first CC birthday almost two weeks ago and I didn’t even notice! Mostly because I went on said roadtrip…for my concert.

Back in April I bet myself that if I lost enough weight, I’d splurge for VIP tickets to go to this concert, right? They were the inspiration and the drive for me to really get moving on my weight loss journey. Like, literally: if a group of schmucks in college could make a living off of performing their own original musical theater pieces, I can lose a couple of pounds. I almost made my goal weight – I lost 3 lbs. instead of 5 – but thought, what the heck. A paltry 32 ounces of weight isn’t going to stop me from meeting my inspiration!

So I bought the VIP tickets and it was AWESOME. I was already a little bit sick at the time but completely lost my voice singing and dancing along with them in their hilarious show. I met so many cool fans, too! I got a signed poster, got to chat with the performers, took pictures with them, and most of all, thanked them for how much their passion for performance meant to me. It was fabulous and I’m SO glad I did it.

During this trip I also got to see a lot of friends from my old college town, and I completely forgot I hadn’t seen them in several years – and they were all floored at how different I looked now that I’ve lost almost 60 lbs.! I guess the weight loss kind of snuck up on me – in my head I still feel fatter, like, when I narrowly miss walking through a doorway, I’ll swerve to get out of the way so my giant butt doesn’t catch on the frame – except that my butt is not-so-giant anymore. And it’s weird, even since I’ve been home from graduation, my mom says that I’m less bashful about accepting comments about my weight loss. It’s like everything is coming together.

Anyway, this is getting a bit long, sorry. Just so much to update and I love you guys so much! Gah!!


The Lounge Get ready for a whole new set of dieters Apr 18 2012
03:20 (UTC)

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a doctor to put the tube down your stomach to starve you, when you can starve yourself? That's terrible. As someone who works in the hospital with people who have NG tubes all the time, that woman is a SAINT to have not flinched at all when that thing went down.

It also increases your risk of acid reflux and aspiration pneumonia...I'm sure having a super croaky voice and coughing your brains out is attractive for the wedding day, too, right? 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 18 2012
02:05 (UTC)

Hi everyone!

I'm going to preface this by saying that I am SO excited for my concert next month...going to positively destroy all the machines in the gym to get to my goal! Just kidding...but with their new album out I am super-motivated! Even when it's been hot out and the AC isn't quite up to par in the gym...I am a total polar bear, and if it ain't forty degrees in there, I'm not exactly happy, LOL.

@floriane - I've never been to France, sadly, but it's always been a dream...I took French from high school through second year of college and used to volunteer for the French language tables (sit with new students learning French at the dining hall). Sadly my language skills have lapsed :\ once I finish grad school I'm going to take classes again! I am thinking about hitting the pool, the problem is I need a new bathing suit ;) but I can't afford it just yet!

And re: sobriety - just think, your friends will realize how important your health is to you when they see how serious you are about reducing your alcohol intake. When I was younger, I had always told my mom and sister I'd wanted to lose weight etc. etc. etc. but felt defeated because their diet habits at home were so poor. They realized I wasn't **** kidding when I would ask what was for dinner at 3 in the afternoon...and then go to the grocery store and make something separate for myself if it wasn't a healthful option. Your friends will be in awe of your iron willpower...and it really is so liberating!

@danii - you are such an incredibly good person to want to work so hard and do so much for your brother-in-every-way-but-blood (BIEWBB?)! As long as you take it easy and don't push your body out too much, you can do it. I think WE feel graced by your coolness by joining our lunchtable! 

@elizabeth - I wish you could see how big my eyes just got. 8.75 INCHES IS INCREDIBLE. You are doing so well! Remember, fat takes up a whole lot more room than you're losing fat because you're physically smaller, but you weigh the same because you have more muscle. Eventually the muscle growth will start to slow down and then the numbers will move. I just read an article the other day that said something like, "which would you prefer: to weigh the same but look as if you weighed your goal weight, or would you prefer to weigh your goal weight and look like you do now?" My goal "weight" is technically a goal "size," so the number doesn't really matter to me so much...with you on that one, @imsatindoll ;)

@steffimiesha and Nathii - hiii! What are you fancy ladies doing for your weight loss? 

@Gela - congratulations on the baby, and for coming back to CC! Can't wait to get to know you!

Also re: BMI - does anyone have any BMI category victories they want to share? One day a few weeks ago I calculated my BMI from the beginning of this journey to now...and somehow, along the way, I slipped from well into the "morbidly obese" category to the merely "obese" category, but I also reduced my BMI by ten points. That was staggering. I still feel like the BMI categories are kind of (more like, a lot of) bunk, but still...made me kind of proud to switch over. How about you all? 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 13 2012
20:56 (UTC)

@missso and moira - ditto that on the BMI, too. I feel like BMI is supposed to be a guideline/indicator for how people are at baseline. Since all of us are, of course, successfully losing weight ;) we're adding on lots of muscle, lots of bone density, we have a lot more water in our bodies, and I don't think BMI fits that. Then there's the whole big-boned versus small-boned, body shape type stuff...I'm going with the proper weight/ BMI for my height and then adding at least another 10-15 lbs. to account for extra muscle.

Also, @moira - what a BRILLIANT idea re: the underwear picture. I think once as I was in the shower (you know, when you do all your good thinking) I came up with an idea of making a music video montage of myself at different weights. Unfortunately now I'm already at the halfway point in my weight loss journey ;) so that sort of went down the toilet, oh well! (P.S. the band...well, "group" is more accurate - it's called StarKid, and it's terribly goofy but gets my spirits up. So excited to see them!)

Today I'm doing pretty okay. Had a nice, big breakfast with a good long walk beforehand, and an AWESOME workout at the gym. I did a little research on intensity training (and I do mean "little") so I incorporated sprints on the elliptical...and I haven't felt this exhausted-slash-invigorated in a while! Also, thanks Meg for the suggestion about Girl Talk - perfect new mix for higher-intensityness, woohoo!!

@elizabeth DANG girl, I applaud your willpower of iron to be on this entire journey with so many distractions! What are you going to school for, if I may ask? Also, re: raw versus cooked - I was going to say maybe plug it into CC as raw, since the only things that happen when you cook the meat is that it loses water as it shrinks, right? And maybe log in whatever you use to cook it in (e.g. oil, unless you boil it/ use cooking spray)? I also go by the deck-of-cards eyeballing-it approach - if it's a cooked hamburger that's, say, 85% lean and roughly the size of a deck of cards, I'd just straight up log it as 3 oz. 

@matayas - BOOYAW is all I can say!! Nice work with the fruits, veggies, and workouts! And I agree re: putting things together. I, uh, live on campus and have an all-you-can-eat cafeteria dining plan, so I usually fill my to-go box with that and a bunch of veg to last me for a few days.

Also re: 5k running - I started training for one a while back but decided to stop because I could hear my knees bending (it sounded like walking on corn flakes but very, very quiet) after I'd run when I was climbing up stairs. Weird and gross. I think I just have an older woman's knees from being heavy so long, so I decided to stop, at least running for exercise. I try to do less impactful workouts to save my knees. How are you training for your 5k, matayas? 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 12 2012
19:00 (UTC)

@moira with you on the 'right guy' thing as well as the shape thing - if I am happy and healthy at a lower weight, I'm satisfied. Internally I feel like my personality and identity wouldn't match with a super-buff skinny body; so my goal is just to be at a healthy BMI (or thereabouts), even if I am still a little rounder rather than chiseled. And I agree, the *right one* will be one who's as into making themselves a better person physically (and emotionally and mentally). Having someone who can keep up with you will be fun too, I expect!

I do remember reading an interview a few years ago about a woman who was a singer in a band. She was pretty heavy (upwards of 250 lbs. I think? I can't remember), but mentioned that for every show she played, she kicked off her shoes and sang, danced, jumped up and down, did back flips off the speakers etc. the whole show. And yet whenever she went to her doctor's for a checkup, their first word of advice was for her to lose weight. I distinctly remember her response being, "Are you kidding? Look at my ****ing cholesterol. Look at my blood pressure, my heart rate. I ****ing sing and dance for 3 hours, and you think I'm not healthy?" I thought it was a really great attitude, and a good reminder that at any weight, getting healthier is the most important thing.

@misssodisaster - oh man, don't even get me started on thinking about taking trips, it's too tempting! I don't yet have a job lined up for graduation so I'm already planning post-graduation funktivities...heh heh. Sorry to hear about your job woes. My best friend is an interpreter and she gets frustrated about some of their silly rules, too. 

Foodwise today: I feel a bit zombie-ish - internship and class cancelled today, so I woke up super late.  Pretty good, big, healthy breakfast late in the morning, so a light snack for "lunch." I'm curious, do any of you lovely ladies have any good ideas for making nonfat greek yogurt more tasty (if you like it, that is)? I love it because it's almost pure protein and has a really thick, creamy texture, but just adding honey/ dipping fruit in it is getting a bit boring. Today I tried some with cinnamon, a little bit of peanut butter, and brown sugar to dip apples in and that was good, but I was wondering if you all have suggestions of how to incorporate it into other things (e.g. good smoothie recipes).

Also re: BMI - I posted a general question on the community forums before. I'm aiming for a UGW of 165 lbs. for now, because I've never been that thin before and want to know what it'll look like...I aim to still have some meat on me. According to BMI calculators I'd still be in the "overweight" range. However, I know I'm going to have a lot of muscle on me, so I think it'd be okay. I'm going with mirror-first, then BMI. ;) 

Also also, and now I'll take a break - do you guys have any short-term goals you're working toward? I just found out my favorite band EVER is playing in my old college town on May 20th. I'm setting myself a goal of losing 5 pounds in the next 5 weeks (which may actually be a struggle for me; loss has been slow for a while). If I can do it, I'm going to splurge and buy myself VIP tickets to the concert - so I can meet the musicians. In person. Like, face-to-face. And like, I'm so freaking excited, I want to go to the gym right now to get started! 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 12 2012
01:56 (UTC)

Whoops, forgot my progress...or rather regression...for today. I was doing fabulously food-wise today until I just hit this horrible exhausted slump. I stayed after internship 2 hours later than normal and it was the busiest 2 hours I'd ever had. I walk around and always take the stairs in a huge hospital, so I use that exertion and log it in CC. I was doing okay until a friend invited me to pizza at her house, and then went way overboard. The funny thing is, with the running around at internship and healthy eating, I still have a bit of a calorie deficit. Not that I'm thrilled, just mostly surprised. The pizza was not necessary and, like matayas, I feel a bit gross. Euccchghh. But I know I'll do better tomorrow. 

I have kind of a weird question for everyone. We all have an ultimate weight goal, but when you reach it, what else do you expect? I have a goal to lose 50-60 more lbs., but when I get there, I am going to continue to work out a lot, maybe join some sports clubs, and continue eating healthfully. Specifically, I want to be that girl in the gym that makes the meathead jocks shake their heads in shame as I show them all up on the treadmill (if not the weight machines lol), even if I am still a bit curvy. What about you all? 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 12 2012
01:52 (UTC)

Hi everyone, just getting back from an EXHAUSTING day! 

@Meg - I do like Girl Talk, I just tend to listen to a lot of Broadway (and not-so-Broadway) musical soundtracks because they're upbeat, peppy, and corny enough to keep me going...but I'll definitely check him out again. Good suggestion re: Jillian Michaels...I never liked trying yoga before because it seemed so slow-paced to me but I figure if SHE'S doing it, it's got to be a major workout! :) 

@elizabeth - I like the sound of the body sounds nice and structured, something I could use. If only school didn't get in the way, but I definitely am going to do some research on it. 

@misssodisaster Thai boxing sounds awesome! I wish I could take some classes around here, kind of limited by travel though. And re: your night last night...I'm sure the dancing helped even it out ;)

@tiamac5 - CONGRATS on the weight loss!! How did you get started on your initial loss? I think it's a huge deal that you did it without CC...I struggled for ever to lose weight before CC, but maybe it's because it gives me the structure I need? LOL. And with you and moira on the "it's not a diet, it's a *head toss* lifestyle" attitude. I try to keep a mindset of, "why have chocolate ice cream...when there is delicious, sweet, juicy blackberries instead?" 

@moira - nice suggestion re: fitspo. I have never been as thin as I am now (no pictures to look back on), so I think looking there for inspiration will be helpful! And re: the drinking...maybe think through *why* you have so much. Do you all go bar-hopping, or stick to one place? Do you prefer other types of alcohol? 

@floriane, you are BEAUTIFUL no matter how young you are or how much you weigh. Congratulations on your progress so far! What part of France are you from? 

@matayas - also major high-five for your weight loss, congratulations! And once in a while we're going to...well, not "fail," just succeed to a slightly lesser degree than normal. One night of chips and ice cream won't hurt in the long run, clearly, since YOU LOST 55 LBS. Like, WOAH. You can do it! 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 10 2012
21:54 (UTC)

I go to the gym at my school 6 days a week...the 7th I usually just go on a long walk because the gym is closed. :P I'm getting super bored though. There's not a lot of variety in the machines (, but I've been doing 20-25 minutes of elliptical, 10 minutes of cycling, and 10-15 minutes of weights every day. And by "bored" I mean mentally - I'm sweating and my heart's pounding, but there's not the feeling of challenge to it anymore (I'm actually at max resistance on the elliptical sometimes). I may actually need a higher-intensity non-gym workout soon, but I'm not sure what to do because I have knee and foot problems (so no treadmill/running). Anyone have any suggestions? 

I am with you all on the salty food! I tend to justify it in the sense that I know I'm sweating a lot and drink a ton of water anyways...I drink at least 30-40 oz of water while I'm at the gym plus another 40-60oz throughout the day so that's diluting the salt concentration in my body, right? I typically don't add salt to anything but happen to sometimes eat foods that CC says has a lot of salt (e.g. the soup that I get for free lunch at my internship. I mean, free lunch! But still).

@Meg - I've lost a lot of weight in my chest only just recently (read: a whole cup size) after working at it for a long time, so I don't know if that helps...but I'm more hippy to begin with. 

What I *am* frustrated about is that I think all the bits of me that have stretch marks from quickly gaining weight (*cough* over the course of a very stressful first semester of graduate school) are stubborn to getting slimmer. Specifically, my upper arms, thighs, and belly pooch are very resistant, though my butt, back, and calves are slimming down considerably. Has anyone else noticed this? 

@claire - thanks :) I don't know that I would even join a kickboxing class right now...still too self-conscious about all the jigglyness I'm carrying around, haha! It would be so much fun though, and you'd feel like a ninja!

@moira - don't worry about having too much fun in Philly, consider it a reward for working so hard! Maybe it'll be a good exercise in moderation? Maybe? And you can TOTALLY reach your goal. It's so close! You can do it!!

@disaster - what's a Thai Boxing class like? 

What DOES everyone else do for a workout? Do you recommend any good DVD's? Or, even, if you all do weights, what specific areas do you work on? I do a lot of arm/upper back exercises because I have wide hips and I figure it'll make me look more even overall...but I'm starting to do more squats and inner/outer thigh stuff too. 

Also, what gets/keeps you motivated? I listen to my favorite music on the elliptical and change the resistance and speed that I use it based on how fast or slow the song is. So for example, I go at a lower resistance/higher speed for faster songs, but higher resistance/slower speed for slower song. I should also add that I *only* allow myself to listen to music while working out, which gets me to the gym every day in the first place ;)

Weight Loss High BMI...but muscular? Apr 10 2012
01:26 (UTC)

@melkor - TOTALLY with you on this one. I know 165 is just a number; but it's something to strive for, more realistic than "meh, when I know I look good." But I know it's a number. I know for myself that I do better with discrete goals. 

I do want to feel healthy enough and have enough energy to join a lot of club sports later down the line. At this point I have orthopedic/joint issues (beginning to resolve, HOORAY) that I don't want to stress out because I've still got some weight to lose. Ultimately that is what I want for a goal - to have the stamina, say, to enter and survive the Run For Your Lives race, even if my bad knees and feet prevent me from actually running it. 

@julieraven - yep, I'm with melkor, I'd need an extra knuckle/finger joint to bridge that gap. And that even on top of my wrists having gotten skinnier from my initial weight loss, LOL. So that's basically the gist of it all - I do want to participate in healthy activities, keep some muscle on me, and already have the large-boned structure, so 165 is reasonable, right? 

What are everyone else's non-weight goals, by the way? For example, melkor what are yours, if I may ask?

Weight Loss High BMI...but muscular? Apr 09 2012
18:10 (UTC)

Yes, I am. I always tended to look a lot lighter than I weigh, so I think I may also literally have big, heavy bones to boot. 

Weight Loss High BMI...but muscular? Apr 09 2012
15:14 (UTC)

Wow, thanks for the quick replies, everyone!

@amethystgirl - I'm not concerned much about progress/speed of losing weight vs. gaining muscle, I just know that the shape that I eventually want to be in will be a) 165 lbs. and b) quite muscular, at least for now. ;) My progress so far is satisfying, I'm just curious about end goals. 

@baltimore - I was thinking about that, too. Like right now, what the scale says versus what size of clothing I can wear is pretty different, so I know I'm already gaining a lot of muscle.

LOL @smashley23 re: mirror - you're totally right. I guess I'm also just curious because by the time I reach 165 I'll have some loose skin, and I know it'll make me look heavier than I weigh/ I have a strong prescription of Low Self Esteem goggles that makes me not believe the progress I see in the mirror. GREAT idea about the pictures though - that's a really good way of tracking it. 

Weight Loss Am I doing something wrong? Apr 09 2012
14:52 (UTC)

I would give it a shot. Throw your metabolism a curveball! You never know - maybe your weight is stable because you're adding a ton of muscle because of all your working out? I know for a fact that mah gunz are much bigger than they used to be, and even though I've lost 57 lbs. so far, I'm using the elliptical machine at 4 resistance levels higher than I used to. I'd keep track of how loosely/tightly your clothes fit, too - at one point last fall my weight was the same for a month but I dropped a whole clothing size during that time. 

Weight Loss 20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose! Apr 09 2012
14:49 (UTC)

I'd love to join, too!!

I'm 25, 5'5" and 221 lbs. - down from 278 last May, woohoo! It's so weird...I originally set myself a goal to lose just 10-15 lbs., then I went home for the summer, ignored our notoriously unreliable scale, and came back to school last fall 25 lbs. lighter. Totally awesome! My eventual goal is 165 lbs., but my short-term goal is to comfortably fit into a size 16 for graduation (currently at a...well, probably a 17.75).

@moira - thanks for coming up with this thread, and CONGRATULATIONS on your impending graduation! Feel proud of yourself that you're becoming a master of not only social work...but of your own health! :D I'm getting my masters in speech therapy in 32 days, ack...finding the time and motivation to continue hitting the gym every day is going to be a challenge, but I refuse to give up! And I would let yourself have a quote-unquote cheating day once in a may be bad for the diet, but it's good for the soul. Or that's what I tell myself when I add a small scoop of hot chocolate mix in my morning coffee, ha ha. ;) 

@claire I took kickboxing for a short while in undergrad and it was intense. I wasn't in shape as much as I am now, but it apparently works all those fiddly muscles that you (read: I) would have to work out using the machines in the gym that make you look like a doofus, so I know I would be down for it if I had the opportunity! 

By the way, how many of us are east coasters? I live in the DC metro area currently.

Weight Loss Am I doing something wrong? Apr 09 2012
14:33 (UTC)

I'm going to go with solid on this one. I had been stuck for...yeesh, like 6 weeks, eating 1500-1600 calories a day with 30-45 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of eliptical, and weights every day with nothing happening. So I started eating 2100 calories a day ("maintenance" according to my weight and height on CC) and doing the weights every other day...and lost another 5 lbs. and an inch or so around my waist and hips in two weeks. ??!!?!

Body chemistry IS super weird. Maybe just keep up your intensity of exercise for a while but just eat a whole bunch more? I added the extra calories in my diet in the form of protein and fat (read: more chicken breast and a leeetle bit of cheese from time to time). I don't know if that specifically made a difference though.

Weight Loss 17.8 Pounds and Slightly Disappointed Apr 08 2012
16:14 (UTC)

I think I know how you feel - maybe like when you weigh yourself, you're afraid the numbers won't change, and you put in all that hard work for nothing, right? 

Also, don't knock the fact that you've been complimented about having lost 30 pounds, though the numbers say lower. The fact is, you are looking FABULOUS and you've only just gotten started. Just think of how great you're going to look when you DO get to the 30 lbs. gone mark - maybe you'll look like you lost 45 or 50? ;) 

Something that helps me is to take MANY different types of measurements of success. I keep track of my resting heart rate, I take body measurements weekly, and keep track of how loose my clothes/ accessories fit (I've needed to adjust wearing my watch to 2 different tick marks on the watchband because my wrists are getting thinner). 

It also helps to be very consistent when you weigh yourself. I weigh/measure myself first thing in the morning, after I've used the restroom but before eating anything, and I keep in mind the time of the month and whether I ate anything super salty the day before. Being systematic about it helps me, at least mentally :P

The Lounge does anyone know sign language Jan 11 2012
05:05 (UTC)

I'm currently going to Gallaudet University for graduate school. I guess I'm conversationally fluent, but I still get stuck trying to understand people I haven't talked to before. I took two classes before coming to Gallaudet, and I know my fluency has really improved in the year and a half I've been there (according to my interpreter roommate). Living on campus certainly makes a difference in how quickly I've picked it up. What do you think you want to do with your degree?

Fitness Quidditch Training Help Needed Jan 08 2012
04:27 (UTC)

Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about that :( maybe another semester?


Other good news: I hear the next World Cup isn't until April of 2013...plenty of time to train! ;)

Motivation Help! Need motivation tips!! Jan 07 2012
00:46 (UTC)

I have tried and failed multiple times over the last ten years or so, and the only thing that has REALLY helped to motivate me is...well, a little embarrassing.

I am a grown woman, dammit, but I developed a crush on this actor in a performing arts group that produces music, plays, and musical plays. My motivator was that I wanted to look good to meet him when the group came to town this last November. I never got to meet him (and it was a silly little delusion anyways), but in the meantime I discovered other movies, plays, soundtracks, and performing artists that formed a revolving playlist of entertainment that made hitting the elliptical, treadmill, and track more interesting. Sweating my butt off is rewarding when I get to watch a portion of one of my favorite movies!

I also fell off the bandwagon over Christmas. Looking at how my body began to plump up over the last three weeks was depressing, and just added to my fervor to keep going.

1. Find some jams, movies, plays, or books - something that you CRAVE to watch/listen to/ read - and only let yourself enjoy them on your exercise machines. On that note, make working out your reward. I am a full-time graduate student with a part-time job, and the only downtime I allow myself is my hourlong workout every day, so I'm bummed when I have to skip my workout to study. 

2. Train your body to want to eat well by eating well every day for an extended period. Once your body realizes it's a habit, it's much easier.

3. Train your body to want exercise, too! After about a month, I literally felt like I had ants in my pants if I couldn't work out (so I'd run up and down the stairs in my building until I felt less antsy).

4. Keep your goal/motivator in mind. Mine has changed from meeting Mr. Hottie McHot Pants to preventing myself from backsliding, because I look so much better and fit into clothes I haven't fit into in a long time.

5. Switch up your routine! I started running on the track when I ran out of my first run of entertainments while using the elliptical. Thankfully, I live in a beautiful area, and listening to music with a rhythm in time to my stride has really helped.