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Weight Loss Mexican Sep 24 2013
20:33 (UTC)

Here's what I would do:

1. Don't eat the chips and salsa if they provide complimentary ones

2. Pick something that looks like it could be more veggie heavy.

3. Don't be afraid of being very picky about how your food is prepared. Ask if things can be grilled, baked, or steamed.

4. Avoid alcoholic beverages like margaritas or other complicated cocktails. If you really want a drink, just order one of a lighter variety and enjoy it. I usually will have one beer, one light beer, a glass of wine, or one vodka tonic.

5. Just use your best judgement and enjoy your night out. You likely know what will be outrageous calorie wise, so just really think about it before ordering, but don't stress out so much that you don't enjoy the night.

6. Ask for a take away box immediately so you can pack away half of your dish to save for later. 

Weight Loss 1,200 diet + exercise? Sep 24 2013
16:47 (UTC)
Original Post by mattcallanan:

Last year, I done a 1200 diet without exercising and lost a lot - but put it back on even quicker when I upped my calories.

Best target is 1400/1500 when exercising - otherwise you will likely get blown out too quickly. Switch the balance of your food - limit (but don't eliminate) carbs, reduce saturated fat as much as possible (but still eat health fats), and up your protein. Calories are handy to keep an eye on - but they are not the main thing!

Saying that - it is sometimes hard to get the calories up without carbs. I done just over 1000 yesterday (before exercise) and that consited of cereal for breakfast, celery for a mid-morning snack, a Vi Protein shake for lunch (with semi skimmed milk), a greek yogurt with blackcurrent coulis and granola for afternoon snack, a huge home made vegetable soup (with over 500g veg - at least 7 of my 5 a day!) for dinner. Then I done 35 minutes of pretty high intensity weights followed by another shake with some almonds.

I was in no way hungry when I went to bed and was comfortable when I done the exercising - so it kind of depends what you eat.

Also - make sure you aim for an "A" when you do your food log - it is a good way to make sure your body is getting what it needs.

What is this? A post about everything you shouldn't do?

1. You shouldn't just toss out random numbers without knowing more about the specific individuals stats.

2. You definitely aren't eating enough

3. Calories in vs calories out is really what matters. 

4. The grading system on CC is notoriously incorrect. Aiming for an "A", or any grade on here really, is a waste of time. 

Weight Loss green coffee bean extract Sep 17 2013
14:20 (UTC)

You definitely wasted your money.

The Lounge Who pays? Sep 11 2013
20:43 (UTC)
Original Post by contuse_confused:

Original Post by clg1:

Original Post by contuse_confused:

Original Post by clg1:

Original Post by smashley23:

If you have to pay a friend's library fine to preserve your friendship when she lost her own books, this is not a friend worth having. 

And if you do pay the library fine, I foresee drama over another issue. 

To me, the question is not whether to pay or not pay the fine, but does your daughter want to be friends with someone who essentially making her pay extortion for being a "friend" (and a mother who is not holding her child accountable for her actions).

What actions? Sure they made a mess and their crap was thrown about everywhere, but books dont have legs, there is no reason that these kids book that was on the ground randomly wound up missing.  Teenagers put their back packs on the grounds, they pull out their crap and yeah sometimes leave it on the floor that doens;t justify it getting stolen or some how make it their fault... Like well your stuff wouldn't of got jacked if you put it in your back pack...Like really..That isn't how that works.

The action of not being responsible for their own belongings.

When people make a mess and throw things about (as you said), that's how items get lost.

Using the rationale in your subsequent post it sounds like you think luvs should have secured the guests' belongings and portioned them out as they were needed and taken them back when they were through.

And she took responsibility for the teens well being and safety while in her house, not their belongings. Unless she regularly and knowingly invites convicted book thieves to her home. 

Really? Whole giant solid objects get lost in rooms because people throw their stuff around? No things dont go missing because teenagers leave them lying around. Sure socks go missing and **** like that, but not whole solid books....They dont walk off

I literally lose books, big books, all. the. time. I lose them everywhere. To act like it's not possible is just idiotic. 

And you keep saying things like books don't walk off as if anyone is disputing it. We know they don't. We also know that people as a whole can be very messy, forgetful, and flighty, thus creating the perfect storm for losing just about anything.

Your incredibly dense responses lead me to believe that you have issues with accountability yourself...

Weight Loss Best foods for weight loss Sep 03 2013
13:51 (UTC)

I subscribe to the idea that you should eat what you like and just watch the calories in those items. If you find yourself loving some veggie or fruit that's a little more calorie dense than others, don't avoid eating it, just portion it out and be aware of how many calories it'll be.

Don't just avoid meat because of calories. Just like any other food, if you enjoy chicken breast, or turkey burgers, etc., just weigh and measure whatever you're eating. Almonds are a great snack! I usually eat a serving daily and really enjoy them. I'd recommend the raw variety, mostly because that's the kind I like the most.

If you're going to avoid any kind of foods, I would say avoid any of those "weight loss" brands like Special K. I know some people like them, but really they're just filled with sugar and junk, they don't keep you satisfied, and they in general are just not worth the calories. It would be best to stick with more home prepared type meals instead.

Weight Loss Which is my real weight? Aug 29 2013
18:05 (UTC)

Why are you moving your scale all over and weighing yourself so many times? 

Weight Loss I can't eat more than 1200 calories. more is too much. Aug 29 2013
18:02 (UTC)
Original Post by kelrantymus:

Original Post by crittlemeistah:

I don't have anything to contribute, but I definitely came charging in here ready to change someone's mind, haha 

I had my "You are NOT a special snowflake" speech all ready.

That's my favorite speech of all. I think that may be one of our better arguments for people who say they can't eat more.

Weight Loss I can't eat more than 1200 calories. more is too much. Aug 29 2013
17:32 (UTC)

I don't have anything to contribute, but I definitely came charging in here ready to change someone's mind, haha Tongue out

Weight Loss Folks, if you keep eating 1200 calories... Aug 21 2013
17:31 (UTC)
Original Post by liseey02:

Original Post by linden:

liseey02, I don't think many people have the willpower to starve themselves to these levels and will end up in a cycle of binge/self-disgust/starvation...

... In which case they will have the discomfort of starvation on most days, binging on some days. They will have absolutely nothing to show for their pain except multiple health issues.

That's exactly what I said...

ETA: I see far too many people attempting this when they first start losing weight and on this site. Should be the other away around imho.

Really, you shouldn't have to eat that little at any point in weight loss, unless you meet the specific criteria for that amount. Most of the people here definitely won't meet that criteria.

Weight Loss fat burners Aug 21 2013
17:20 (UTC)
Original Post by lexielive:

I take green tea pills, or at least used to and that helped me get down 30lbs... They always work for me, but I know just drinking plain green tea in general also helps!

It's more likely that eating less and moving more was the reason for your weight loss, not green tea(pills or the actual tea). The affect it has on your metabolism is so minuscule that it's highly unlikely that it would contribute to your weight loss in any substantial way. 

Weight Loss Why We Get Fat Aug 16 2013
13:48 (UTC)
Original Post by Badjuggler:

Jeez, don't get so defensive, everyone. I know someone poking at your sacred cows is uncomfortable. I make no money off of either book. Read the Taubes and Lustig books and then comment all you want. Please do not insult me any more until you read both books. I am trying to follow the science. There is obviously a lot of old wives' talesing going on in the weight loss business. I am just saying to keep an open mind. The latest science says sugar/carbs is what you should avoid. And it's a lot easier than keeping calorie diaries.

How is it easier than counting calories? In order to cut your sugar/carb intake you would still have to be counting just as much and just as often, so that argument doesn't make any sense. 

You're not trying to follow the science. You're following the irrational thought process of a man who wants to condemn an entire macronutrient. You're jumping right on the low carb bandwagon. 

If that's the way you want to deal with your weight, that's fine, no one really cares what you do with your own body. Counting calories has worked phenomenally for me, and it's not even slightly difficult, so that's what I'm sticking with, no matter how many times or how many people come charging into these forums screaming that eating a friggin' slice of bread is somehow the entire reason I was fat before. 

Weight Loss been here before... Aug 13 2013
14:43 (UTC)
Original Post by mishel1993:

As far as posture goes I don't want to lose my chest lol, I love it - but I know it does give me back trouble....maybe my chest has gotten larger since last year at 172 and this is why I appear larger than last year (because I'm slouching more due to a larger chest)? I have heard that better posture makes one appear leaner...but idk, I'm not some super genius when it comes to exercise.

I know it's not exactly on topic, but if your chest is causing back pain/trouble, that's a sign that you aren't wearing a properly fitted bra.

Weight Loss Getting rid of gut fat? Aug 06 2013
19:15 (UTC)

You know what would be better than banning Shosho420 once? Banning her twice. I hope the mods do it asap, especially since there's absolutely no doubt in my mind this is her.

Weight Loss How do you do it? Aug 05 2013
18:12 (UTC)
Original Post by somethinglost:

Thanks for your reply, it really helped me today. About 6 months ago I got an office job and find myself doing close to nothing for at least 8 hours out of the day. I just bought a gym membership and I am trying to incorporate more activity in my daily routine, but right now its slow going. Somedays it feels like an impossible goal. Knowing you've been through it and got past it gives me hope. 


Glad that my experience can be helpful. If you're as concerned with how active you are in a day, and I know it may sound kind of silly depending on how you feel about it, I'd start using a pedometer. I got one from a 5k I did and just started wearing it to see how many steps I actually took during my work day. On the worst day, I took as little as 300 steps, which is about 1,700 less than the average office worker. You can bet that I make sure I get up and walk around a lot more now.

Weight Loss Getting rid of gut fat? Aug 05 2013
17:45 (UTC)
Original Post by weirdfish:

It's clear in this thread that you have a completely different definition of "spot reduce" than everyone else or else you'd be able to see the complete contradiction you're posting.

What do you think "get rid of belly fat" means?  It means "choose from where I lose my fat."

What do you really think "spot reduction" means?  It means "choose a spot from which I reduce the fat."

They mean the same damn thing.

No one can choose from where to eliminate fat.  Period.

So the correct answer to your OP is "there is nothing that will do what you want it to do."  And no amount of insulting everyone else will change that answer.

"DERP," indeed.

Whhhhhaaaaat?! I think if you search the forums you'll find a lot of threads where insulting everyone clearly worked out great. Undecided

freesia420 dun goofed.

Weight Loss I have a question about hydration. Aug 05 2013
17:34 (UTC)

I honestly think you should get used to drinking just straight water.

Weight Loss How do you do it? Aug 05 2013
17:33 (UTC)

I honestly think I've had it pretty easy since coming to terms with any unrealistic expectations I once had. Once my brain stopped thinking that starving myself was the way, I found myself really falling in love with the routine of a healthy lifestyle.

So, from that point, I think my biggest obstacles have been:

1. Starting an inactive office job pretty much around the same time that I got serious about losing weight in a healthy way. Sitting on my butt all day makes me want to sit on my butt all night, and doing that makes me want to eat everything because I begin to feel as though food is the only thing that makes me feel good. Forcing myself to become a more active person was a struggle at first, but once I did it regularly, like straight to the gym after work, it just became part of my routine. I actually feel too antsy on days that I have to be at my desk the entire time now, and I'm more in tune with what my body needs, and when.

2. Coming to terms with this being a permanent change and that it will require me to be present for everything. No autopilot, just consistently being aware of what is going into my body. I mean, I eat my fair share of treats/junk, but I don't allow myself to ignore it, or not acknowledge it. Being honest with myself about what I eat has probably been one of the most challenging, but helpful things I've done. 

Weight Loss Monkey see, Monkey do Jul 23 2013
17:13 (UTC)

I feel like this is a little dangerous for some people. I've always been prone to wanting to look like other females in my life: My sister, who is quite small and always has people running around behind her telling her how skinny she is, my best friend in 6th-9th grade who was the same. My best friend ate nothing but junk and my sister ate nothing at all. Neither one worked out. Those tactics certainly didn't work for me.

This is kind of setting people up for unrealistic is also slightly triggering for those who have already been down this road and had it lead to more damaging things.

The Lounge Pacific Rim Jul 22 2013
19:47 (UTC)
Original Post by kelrantymus:

Original Post by crittlemeistah:

Well, I just thought it was the bees knees.

Plus, I kinda get really excited about Charlie Day playing a gat damn scientist and giant monsters that are straight out of my nightmares. I was annoyed with Charlie Hunnam early on for walking around with his hands on his belt like some kind of awkward cowboy, and the acting left something to be desired, but overall I left feeling really excited about rewatching some old Godzilla movies.

Meh. It certainly isn't something for everyone.


You should have watched Sharknado instead. ;)

Damn! I knew there was something better to spend that $10 on! :P

The Lounge Orange is the New Black Jul 22 2013
19:44 (UTC)

The BF and I just finished watching it. I liked a bunch of the characters, but honestly, I absolutely despise Piper. And Jenji Kohan kind of just keeps doing shows where the point of the show gets a little lost...mostly because they make so much room for unnecessary sex scenes. I'm no prude or anything, I just have difficulty respecting characters when they're presented as pretty weak-willed but over-sexualized. I'd be fine with it if the Piper character didn't always act and look like a whiney little baby, but instead was more assertive.

Miss Claudette, Red, and Crazy Eyes are the best.