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Journal The Saturated Fat Experiment Continued
Entry on Sep 10 2009 13:50
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Entry on Sep 02 2009 08:50
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Journal The Saturated Fat Experiment
Entry on Aug 31 2009 09:26
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Journal Stress-induced Weight Gain
Entry on Jul 16 2009 11:18
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Journal Transition to a different lifestyle
Entry on Nov 12 2008 09:38
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Goals for calorie counting:

-lose twelve pounds

-redefine my idea of portion sizes

Background: Grew up in the American South, where the portions are monstrous and the food is tasty, but have never been obese, just a bit overweight.  Have learned to really enjoy exercise, especially running, in the past five years.  I can now run four consecutive 9:30 minute miles.  :-)  If I'm all-out sprinting, I can manage a 7 minute mile.  I enjoy long-distance hiking, though it's hard to fit it into my work schedule.  Using this site to count calories has been a real eye-opener for me.  Thank you for the free service!

Interests 10: biking, climbing, dance, films, long-distance hiking, reading, running, swimming, weights, yoga
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