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Fitness Can exercise cause a period? Nov 02 2011
16:03 (UTC)

Sorry to revive an old thread, but this info is very helpful!

This is the 1st time I've have 2 periods in one month. But 7 weeks ago I started jogging 3x a week on the C25K program. Then 2 weeks ago, I added 2 days of walking @ 2miles. Now, I'm walking/jogging 5 days a week and able to jog 15min straight!! This is the most intense exercise I've ever done. So it makes sense that the exercise has something to do with the change in AF.

Weight Loss Sharing Info from My Nutritionist- Slow Weight-Loss/Low Metabolism, Helpful Tips That Work Oct 24 2011
14:35 (UTC)

Tagged! thank you!!

Motivation Entering week 3 day 2 today C25K Sep 23 2011
18:05 (UTC)

Congratulations! I does take determination doesn't it! I'm startweek 3 on Sunday and looking forward to it. W2d1 was difficult but it really got easier by w2d3!

I love the energy it gives me, coz....i was a serious couch potato! :)


Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Aug 27 2009
15:58 (UTC)
Original Post by angie952:


I just looked over my analysis and I need help.  From May to June I was around 15% protein intake.  From June to July around 17%.  That's not enough.  I starting eating a little bacon in the morning (2 strips or so).  I'm not a huge egg fan.  I usually have some type of lunch meat or tuna for lunch.  I think the problem is probably dinner.  Since my hub isn't home most of the time for dinner I tend to just have a cheese sandwich or some waffles . . . whatever is quick and easy.  Because of my Crohn's disease, I have a difficult time with raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, though I love bananas, pears, oranges . . . well all fruit really. 

So I could use some ideas on how to get more in.  Are there supplements or maybe a breakfast drink that doesn't taste horrible that I could throw in there?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week.

Angie :)

 Hi Angie-

I'm not familiar with Crohn's disease, so I'm not sure what you can/can't eat.

Regarding supplements: I do drink Whey (protein) shakes to help boost my protein intake. Some taste bad, but I have Gold Standard Banana & Strawberry. It's good. About 150 calories and 24 grams of protein. It's recommended that it isn't your only source of protein, but will definitely help. You can find it at most Heath Food / Vitamin shops.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE III - FINAL WEEK (Nov 8-14) CLOSED Aug 27 2009
15:45 (UTC)

I'm in again. Hopefully, I will do better than last time.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Aug 27 2009
15:36 (UTC)

Weighing in:

  • START June 25-27: 226.0
  • Week 1 July 2 - 4: 225
  • Week 2 July 9-11: 223.8
  • Week 3 July 16- 18: 227
  • Week 4 July 23-25: 226.5
  • Week 5 July 30-Aug1: 224.5
  • Week 6 Aug 6-8: 223.2
  • Week 7 Aug 13-15: 221.8
  • Week 8 Aug 20-22: 221.8
  • Week 9 Aug 27-29: 223.4
  • FINISH Sept 3-5:

Week 9: I track my protein and eat 30% now. I’ve tried increasing this percentage, but my carbs are high from fruits and vegetables, which makes it very difficult.

What I would like to do for this challenge is try new sources of fiber and low glycemic foods. Experiment a little. Should be fun!

I would definitely love another 10 weeks. I wish I was as successful as some at the weight loss numbers. I’ve only lost 5 pounds since May!! But at least, my measurements are down and my weigh-ins is trending downward. It might be stress, who knows.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Aug 20 2009
14:33 (UTC)

Weighing in:

START  June 25-27: 226.0

Week 1 July 2 - 4:  225

Week 2 July 9-11: 223.8

Week 3 July 16- 18: 227

Week 4 July 23-25: 226.5

Week 5 July 30-Aug1: 224.5

Week 6 Aug 6-8: 223.2

Week 7 Aug 13-15: 221.8

Week 8 Aug 20-22: 221.8 (gained and lost 3 pounds from TTOM! woot! woot!)

Week 8: water

I only drink water, with the exception of a cup of coffee in the morning.  But I do slack off- to about 2 liters. When I gained 3 pounds this week from my TTOM, I knew it was water retention and drank about 3 liters daily for two days. This helped get me back down to 221.8!!

I will commit to drinking 3 liters daily. I keep a 1 liter Dasani water bottle at my desk that I will refill 2 1/2 times while working. At home, I use large highball glasses (12 fl oz). I will need to drink about 2 of those.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Aug 13 2009
17:20 (UTC)

Weighing in:

START  June 25-27:       226.0

Week 1 July 2 - 4:        &nb sp; 225

Week 2 July 9-11:        &nb sp; 223.8

Week 3 July 16- 18:       227

Week 4 July 23-25:      &nb sp; 226.5

Week 5 July 30-Aug1:    224.5

Week 6 Aug 6-8:        ;     223.2

Week 7 Aug 13-15:      &nb sp; 221.8 (sweetness)

Plateau = broken

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Aug 09 2009
17:28 (UTC)

Week 6. Aug 6-8: weigh in 223.2

Week 6 Mind over matter
I consistently remind myself that I am making lifelong changes, not short-term. That I am strong enough to really do this!! I also look at other success stories. Regardless of how they got there, I realize I can be happy and healthy if I stick to it! I also wear anything that makes me feel good, like old pants that used to be tight or a new blouse that I couldn’t fit before. Sometimes I also fish for compliments, because it feels good and makes me feel confident.

Week 7 challenge
Change vs. transition
I realized in order to continue to successfully lose weight; I need to stop emotionally feeding myself. I have spent years in therapy to learn how I respond to things and how to reaction differently, healthier. Now it is time to change my eating reaction. First I identified that I eat when I’m bored, anxious, and tired. Then I researched about intuitive eating. And for the past 2 weeks I have practiced only eating when I am hungry. It’s hard, but I am strong! I continue to transition, meanwhile I believe I have broken my plateau and lost another 3 pounds!!

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 30 2009
15:00 (UTC)

Weighing in:

START  June 25-27: 226.0

Week 1 July 2 - 4: 225

Week 2 July 9-11: 223.8

Week 3 July 16- 18: 227

Week 4 July 23-25:226.5

Week 5      July 30-Aug1: 224.5 lbs. yeah!!!! I did it! 2 pounds....

I have been hovering around 227 since the end of May! I really believe the changes I made will make a difference. I now exercise for up to an hour a day (still 6 days a wk), still interval jogging and STOPPED counting calories. Not counting my calories everyday is very scary, because I'm afraid to gain weight back that I worked so hard to lose!


Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 27 2009
16:06 (UTC)

Week 5 – my reward

I started buying ‘goal’ jeans that are one size smaller.  I recently bought 3 pairs of 16’s because I haven’t fit 16’s since I was in high school, it a HUGE goal. And just being able to fit into a smaller size is a wonderful reward.

As a side note- I haven’t bought a lot of new clothes, because I plan to lose a lot more and can’t afford too much.  But I have figured out that I can get 2 sizes out of jeans. E.g. I no longer can wear my 22’s, but I can wear baggy 20’s and comfy 18’s now. But I only have 1 pair of 18’s, so I plan to get plenty of wear out of my new jeans when they fit!

Other challenges: Still not eating pizza. I gave myself until Aug 1. But when I didn’t have a meal planned this Sunday, I headed for the take out menu drawer. Pizza, pizza, pizza. Argh! But I didn’t do it. I am extremely proud of myself. Oddly enough, we had steak instead….. I haven’t eaten red meat in 7 months. But it was very delicious, though the diarrhea and cramping today is not worth it. It’s amazing how your body reacts to some things.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 23 2009
14:44 (UTC)

Weighing in:

START  June 25-27: 226.0

Week 1 July 2 - 4: 225

Week 2 July 9-11: 223.8

Week 3 July 16- 18: 227

Week 4       &n bsp;  July 23-25: 226.5

-1/2lbs. It's something!  Undecided

I've been hovering around 227 since the end of May! I'll be happy if I can break this plateau and reach 220 by the end of this challedge!

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 20 2009
15:04 (UTC)

Love this week’s challenge!

I was trying to meet my goal on of 100 miles in 30 days…but I think it’s more realistic to meet 75 miles. I only need to increase my distance by 1/2 mile every day. Part of my S&L fitness challenge will be to start weight training. Sporadic lifting isn’t cutting it.

My commitment is to walk/jog 3-3.5 miles and light weight training daily.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 16 2009
14:20 (UTC)

Weighing in:

START    June 25-27: 226.0

Week1  July 2 - 4: 225

Week2  July 9-11: 223.8

Week 3 July 16- 18: 227

Every time its TTOM I gain 3 pounds!! So frustrating. Here’s hope next week will be better! Frown

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 13 2009
15:32 (UTC)


I like to cook, when I have the time to do all the prep work and still finish eating before 8pm. Since I have been trying to stop eating after 8, I only have 1 hour to prep, cook, and eat on weekdays! Also, my husband is a light eater, so making big meals only goes to waste.

So we mainly eat a protein dish without any sides. Chicken and fish in the toaster oven. I make sure to get a lot of veggies at lunch with salads or a grilled veg dishes.  This also helps me keep my dinner calories down, so I can eat 6 small meals a day.  

My promise not to eat pizza until August 1st: I’m doing really well. I’m proud of myself. I think that looking forward to making a special meal, or going out, helps me not eat last minute take-out pizza.

Oh and I’ve used the site for over a year. LOVE IT!!! I recommend it all the time to friends.

@Lilygirl- Weekly challenge idea- Exercises that challenge/energize you the most.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 09 2009
15:01 (UTC)


Unfortunately, this happens to all of us. We plateau, we gain, then we lose. Trust me... keep at it and don't give up.

You could try eating more or maybe less, intensifying your exercise (that's what broke my plateau that lasted all of June), or just keep doing what you're doing!! you'll get into the 250's again!!!! Laughing

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 09 2009
14:55 (UTC)

Weighing in:

START       June 25-27: 226.0

Week 1.    July 2 - 4: 225

Week 2.   July 9-11: 223.8…. yeah!

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jul 07 2009
15:24 (UTC)

START     June 25-27:  226

Week 1.   July 2 - 4:     225

  1. July 9-11:
  2. July 16-18:
  3. July 23-25:
  4. July 30-Aug1:
  5. Aug 6-8:
  6. Aug 13-15:
  7. Aug 20-22:
  8. Aug 27-29:
  9. Sept 3-5


 What is your food weakness?  Pizza, plain cheesy, thin crust PIZZA. Love it!!!!

Tell us what you do when the craving hits. Sorry, once I think about pizza, I obsess about it. Then I HAVE to have it. Best thing to do is not to think about. I know I usually only eat pizza on the weekend, so decide to plan my meals ahead of time. This weekend I planned on making chicken breast marinated with honey, soy, and garlic. I was really looking forward to it, so I didn’t think about pizza. This is my only ‘trick’. But I still have pizza at least once a month.

Pledge:  Since I usually have pizza 1-2 times a month, I’m changing my pledge not to have it throughout July.

"I, Monique, do hereby promise not to eat any more pizza for the month of July, until August 1, 2009.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jun 30 2009
15:51 (UTC)

Part A: measurements, ugh! I'm preety sure i'm not doing it right, but here it goes.

Hips 49"

Waist 41.5

RThigh 30       Lthigh 30

Neck 16.75

Rarm 15.75     Larm 15.5?

Part B: Things i like about me:

  • I have a great sense of humor
  • I can do anything I set my mind too
  • I am very well organized
  • I am great with dogs and dog training

Part C: being honest- i prob wont do that. But its cute though! (working on using less BS when i communicate Smile)

Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Jun 25 2009
15:48 (UTC)

Finally got my walks from 2 x’s a wk to 6 x’s a week, in April.

Then last month, walks went from .8 miles to 1-1.5 miles. AND I started adding scary neighborhood hills.

This morning I did 2 miles and included “the Butt Master” hill!! WOOHOO I feel awesome!