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Young Calorie Counters so hard to eat healthy in college!! Jun 25 2013
01:55 (UTC)

Protein shakes as a meal replacement.Tuna on toast. Also, oatmeal is some of the cheapest out there as well as filling.

Fitness abs for females Nov 07 2012
04:12 (UTC)

Lift heavy and have a high protein low carb, medium fat diet. You want 40-50% of calories from protein, and then 20-25% carbs and fats. I'm not sure how much your eating now. Also, you have to continue this perfect diet and exercise program up for several months - years depending where you are now. 

Weight Loss Protein Oct 28 2012
22:04 (UTC)

Eating different macros have nothing to do with weight loss or weight gain. However, eating protein at night is preferable to carbs because your body uses carbs for energy and protein for maintaining and building muscle. When you eat carbs at night, a few hours before sleeping, they will go to waste and store as fat creating a higher bodyfat content. Protein at night will help your muscles rebuild. Depending on your body fat currently and level of exercise, these tips may only cause a small change in body composition.

Health & Support binge eating Oct 26 2012
02:58 (UTC)

Iron will power. Also get all the junk out of your house if you cant control it. Throw it away and get apples, see if you can eat 40 apples in a day to hit that 4000cal mark, bet you cant.

Foods Weekends and Drinking Oct 26 2012
02:52 (UTC)

I always get rum and coke zero. The healthiest way to drink is pure liquor, with 0 cal mixers! 

Young Calorie Counters excersise? Oct 24 2012
02:56 (UTC)

I second that haha. But a normal person should try to exercise at least 3-4 times a week of at least 30min with a mix of cardio and strength trainning. 

Weight Loss What will raise metabolism and how much of an effect does it have? Oct 17 2012
16:32 (UTC)

Well there are tons of claims about these tasks raising metabolism, so there must be some type of research done to back these up. I would also believe a lot of it may be marketing hype but there must be some type of evidence.

Weight Loss scale or tape measurement? Oct 17 2012
01:43 (UTC)

The mirror is always the best! Laughing Followed by measurements and the scale is pretty much meaningless. 

Weight Loss Guy- help eating/maintaining structure Oct 05 2012
15:24 (UTC)

You are probably over estimating the cals on the bike a little bit. Probably closer to around 300-350. And its impossible to eat under 500 cal and gain weight for ANYONE. The only thing I can think of is your drinking pepsi non stop. I mean, if you have 10 glasses of pepsi that's about 1000 calories. Force your self to eat a big breakfast every morning, make it part of a routine. If your snacking, I would stop and try to only eat balanced means.

Foods too much protein Sep 14 2012
22:59 (UTC)

OK, its just some simple math. You take your weight and multiply it by ur % body fat. Take that number and subtract it from your weight. And that's your LBM.

For me I weigh 140lb at 12% fat sooo

140*.12= 16.8

140-16.8=123.2=Lean Body Mass

so 123.2*2=246.4 which is the max protein I should take in that will provide any benefit.

I doubt you need this much but there's no harm to it, when you raise protein you just have to lower your other macros to match your calorie needs.

Foods too much protein Sep 14 2012
20:38 (UTC)

Your protein is set at 60g because you are using the calorie counter recommended macros which is 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein. But if your cutting and want to retain muscle you can change these macros to match your needs. Im following a 30% carbs, 25% fat, and 45% protein. But like I said the max protein you should use that's still beneficial is 2g per lb of lean body mass. Good luck

Weight Loss A carefully scheduled high-fat diet resets metabolism and prevents obesity, in Hebrew University research Sep 14 2012
20:34 (UTC)

Yeah, its basically just a keto diet correct? Your body is used to using carbs for energy but with this method, your body is trained to use the fat first! Cool But I miss my carbs to much to do this.

Weight Loss How much food qualifies as a binge? Sep 14 2012
15:08 (UTC)

I think a binge meal would be 2000cal +. This meal would only be OK if you didn't eat all day haha, but most likely this would not be the healthiest meal.

Foods too much protein Sep 14 2012
15:06 (UTC)

You can have as much as 2g of protein per lb of lean body mass. Anything after that will not do you any good, but wont hurt. I weigh 140 and have a lean body mass of 125 so I can eat up to 250g a day. I'm sure you are fine.

Foods Sugar from fruits and veggies? Sep 07 2012
02:18 (UTC)

The only thing that will lead to weight gain is calories and nothing else. If your trying to lower your body fat you do not want to eat to many high sugar fruits, but this is only if your attempting to achieve the lowest body fat possible. If you don't want to be on the level of a bodybuilder, don't worry about it Wink

Foods Sugar from fruits and veggies? Sep 06 2012
03:56 (UTC)

Yeah, the box only counts "added" sugars. From my knowledge, it does not include sugars from fruits and veggies.

Fitness How to improve running endurance (Aiming for a 10k) Sep 06 2012
03:34 (UTC)

I also agree with bierorama. Ive done multiple half marathons+, and have used Hal Higdons training twice. Its a great program, just follow the beginner schedule for your first one and you may even be able to run the whole race without stopping!

Games & Challenges Which is better! Aug 20 2012
03:27 (UTC)

Both are great, almonds are just a little better.

Better breakfast fruit, Bananas or Grapefruit?

Weight Loss Can you gain weight over a weekend? Aug 20 2012
03:24 (UTC)

You may have gained 1/3 of a pound, not bad at all. I ate about 5000 extra calories this weekend Undecided u will be fine!!

Weight Loss i need help to reduce my body fat. Aug 20 2012
03:19 (UTC)

You need to build muscle, in turn it will raise your metabolism. Lift heavy as mentioned, this must be intense, dont cheat yourself. And change up your macros. Try doing a 40/40/20 protein/carb/fat.