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The Lounge 100 pounds for Haiti Mar 20 2011
13:46 (UTC)

ONLY 34 more pounds to go! But I think I could stand to lose more!

The Lounge How much should one sacrifice for another's happiness/wellbeing? Mar 16 2011
18:40 (UTC)

There comes a time where you need to help yourself first. There is a fine-line. Give what you can without sacrificing yourself in the process. Most often you can help by steering them in the right direction so other services can help. If you don't look at the big picture and the end results, they will keep taking and suck you dry! That mentally is not good for you or them. I have learned sometimes by helping someone, you let them fall; you can be there to help them up.....Don't get sucked in....

The Lounge 29.5 pounds for Haiti! Mar 16 2011
17:52 (UTC)

I am back! Had some set-backs. But I am ripped and pumped to keep at this win-win solution! Only 35 pounds to go......Yeah me! Cool

Weight Loss I am back! Mar 15 2011
14:48 (UTC)

Forgot! I am going to join "Any Time Fittness" next week!

Health & Support Any Renal patients? Nov 18 2010
17:31 (UTC)

Ooops...I already know fresh foods are the best choice as well.

Health & Support Insane Dehydration? Nov 18 2010
17:23 (UTC)

Agree with all the posts. I had the same thing. It got so bad that I had to go to ER. I never thought I was dehydrated but the Dr. told me if I didn't start drinking more water he would put me in the Hospital!

He also said stay away from any caffeine. If you drink something with caffeine your body need three cups of water to replace the dehydrating affect that caffeine has on your system.

I was shocked to hear this because I love my Espresso!

Health & Support Foggy Feeling Nov 18 2010
17:15 (UTC)

You can be dehydrated and not know it. I was, and had the same symptoms as you. Stay away from caffeine and drink at least eight cups of water a day.

Health & Support Dizzy Spells Oct 15 2010
15:33 (UTC)

Could be many much caffeine, not enough water throughout the day....My advice is to see your Doctor.

Motivation Feeling horrible Oct 12 2010
18:21 (UTC)

I know how you feel. I am an expert at Yo-yo dieting. I have been able to think of it as a life-style rather than a diet. Just when I mess up is when I think of losing weight as a diet! I want more "eat to live" and not "live to eat!"

Recipes Favourite low -calorie recipe site? Sep 30 2010
16:30 (UTC)

My favorite spot is You can put the calorie count in and search for good recipes. It will only bring up the recipes that are with in the count. You can also have low fat, low sodium, and protein counts! I love the site! is another favorite of mine as well.

The Lounge 100 pounds for Haiti Sep 14 2010
13:37 (UTC)

34 pounds so far. Yeah! Cool

Weight Loss The failure of calories in, calories out? Sep 08 2010
18:55 (UTC)

I know exactly what you are saying. Thyroid issues myself I can relate to eating 1000 cals a day and not lose a pound! I added Protein Powder I found at the GNC Store. It's Amplified WheyBolic 60 Extreme Protein Powder. I have one shake a day and I lose weight. Without the shake I can't lose a pound! It cost money but it's well worth it!

Vegetarian Eggs as binding? Is there something else? Aug 31 2010
19:19 (UTC)
Original Post by acooper7989:

I use EnerG egg replacer and it has never done me wrong.

You use something like 1-1 1/2 teaspoons for every egg you are replacing.

 Looks very easy to use without adding calories! Where can I get it other than on-line? Equals 100 eggs; that's a lot of eggs!

Health & Support Thyroid Concern Aug 31 2010
15:56 (UTC)

I had same symptoms. Blood tests were normal as well. I had a die test to see how my thyroid was working and they found the nodules, not cancerous. This could be your problem. They removed most of my thyroid and I take medication for the rest of my life. I hope yours is nothing to worry about. I know how afraid you are right now. I have been there too!

Health & Support Hypothyroidism? Aug 31 2010
15:46 (UTC)

Low body temp is a good indicator as well. You should go to your Dr. since he is the one to diagnose and medicate you. Could it be stress? I know stress plays a big part in ones system. I have Hypothyroidism and I am taking medication. I still find it difficult to lose weight because of stress. And I am not a stress eater. I count every calorie I put into my mouth. It's a science of checks and balances with low-thyroid problems!

Vegetarian Eggs as binding? Is there something else? Aug 30 2010
12:53 (UTC)

Thank you! I thought I could replace the eggs with fruits and veggies but I was not sure. I am going to try this.

Vegetarian Eggs as binding? Is there something else? Aug 30 2010
00:37 (UTC)

Great idea! Thank you. Flax seed is very good for us! Cool

Recipes Canning and/or Jarring? Aug 25 2010
23:05 (UTC)

Tomato Jam is very good. Google for recipe. It's easy.

Recipes Black Beans Aug 22 2010
03:08 (UTC)

Here is another good one. oaf-recipe-r428252


Recipes Black Beans Aug 22 2010
03:04 (UTC)

Black Bean Veggie Burgers are fantastic! They freeze well and are very fast to make! I thought I had the recipe; I guess not. But I also make this bean salsa! Yummy! -salsa-recipe-r3126