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Motivation Looking for a CC buddy Oct 22 2007
04:09 (UTC)

my worry spots are, my stomach, and my arms. The thighs are quite large and jiggly, but that concern will come later, for now I can mask them babies with fitted jeans lol

Motivation Looking for a CC buddy Oct 21 2007
04:58 (UTC)

that watch thing sounds pretty kool. However, I am discouraged from wearing jewelry in dance class, so it would be kind of arbitrary.


I have the same problem you do! I munch! And the sad part is, I don't have kids to blame it on =( just me.

 I guess I am muscular too, although you wouldn't know beneath all the fat. My calves are about the only place muscle can be spotted, although my thighs are quite muscular. and riddled with cellulite ewww. hah

Motivation Looking for a CC buddy Oct 20 2007
17:36 (UTC)
Congrats!! Getting married, how amazing! I am so sure you can pull off 37 pounds in 37 weeks. Are there certain obstacles in either eating habbits or excersizing that tend to screw you up?? I know for me, its keeping the cals at a good level. I tend to either go under or *eek* over.
Health & Support how do you know if you're anorexic? Oct 18 2007
03:54 (UTC)

If you have a negative self-image, always doubting yourself, thats psychological. If you are eating minimal calories a day for a substantial period of time. Another psychological aspect, and this is just from personal experience, is that your brain could start to hate food, think of it as a poison instead of a necessity.

There are other factors I am sure, that I have left out.

One thing though, if you have to question yourself something must be wrong somewhere, so either talk to someone, or keep yourself in check and keep yourself healthy.

Weight Loss What size do you dream about! Oct 18 2007
02:21 (UTC)

I am 5'2 @ 139lbs. w/ a small body frame.

My pant size is a 9, on a good day in certain pants I can get away with an 8. My ideal would be a 4/5. 

Weight Loss teens!!!! Oct 18 2007
00:37 (UTC)

female, 19

5'2, 139, trying for 120, with a gw of 110.

Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 16 2007
06:22 (UTC)
so i read of hypothyroidism-- and its says weight LOSS as a symptom, thats definately not my case. however if genetics plays a role, I believe one of my aunts had that. I think she got her thyroid removed??
Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 16 2007
06:11 (UTC)

hypothyroidism?? that i shall have to google...
and i am fatigued because I just have a crazy schedule =) at least i think thats the reason.


That whole 'meant to be' thing in regards to the body-- i hate it. I cannot believe that its true and that I won't be able to lose the weight. I can't look like this forever.


I am attempting the 2000 calorie a day thing that coach K suggested. I am at 1480 today, and its getting late. I might top the night off with a banana, so that should put me at 1700. i believe my excersize gave me 1100 burned today. This is good, no?

Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
21:37 (UTC)

well, like I said, that is what I have eaten thus far today, i have only been up for about 5 or 6 hours. i normally eat a lot of cheese, since I do not eat meat.

would one of those protein bars work on-the-go? I am on-the-go often and I don't get a chance to sit down and eat something at home until anywhere from 8-10 at night. I grabbed the subway on my way from school to work today. Then I leave here and go straight to dance for about 4 hours. Any on-the-go food ideas?? 

Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
21:23 (UTC)

Here is a "sample" log-- its what I have had thus far today..

Some one asked for one?

rice crispies w/ milk and banana

subway 6" veggie sub w/ light potato chips

minestrone soup

s/f red bull

total calories=  653

Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
16:06 (UTC)

thanks everyone.

i shall try eating around 2000 a day.

I do ballet, hip hop, and jazz, and some of the hip hop gets the heart pumping pretty fast.

another issue I have is that I am always so tired that I don't feel I have the energy to do an extra work out each day or every other day. I am guessing this would inhibit my weight loss?

Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
07:34 (UTC)
So, basically if i eat 2000 calories a day i should in essence lose more, or faster, than if i ate 1000. That seems difficult to wrap my brain around, but its worth a shot
Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
07:25 (UTC)

if my muscle is burning calories all the time, and i am eating under 2500 cals, I should be losing weight anyway.

I think I have a slow metabolism, would that coinside with a lack of weight loss?


Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
06:55 (UTC)

my calorie range is anywhere from 900 to probably 2500 a day.

But I should stick to below 2000?


Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
06:37 (UTC)

thank you.

I do not eat that many carbs, although I can see how cutting out the ones I do would help, thanks!