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Fitness is something better than nothing? Nov 26 2013
15:39 (UTC)

Nothing is worse than nothing. Usually, anyway. What is your job? How many days/week do you work? What are your other requirements/responsibilities?

Fitness injured for half marathon Nov 26 2013
15:32 (UTC)

Stay on the elliptical. You'll keep your adaptations and avoid the pounding. Best if you can keep to your training schedule, keeping the same time and days you would have run. Instead of cranking up the intensity, focus on keeping your cadence a little higher than is comfortable. You can also do intervals with higher intensity; 1-3 min medium, 1-3 min recovery, repeat. I don't think of an elliptical as a "fun" session, but if it keeps your race alive, it's worth every minute.

Don't give up hope just yet.

The Lounge Volunteering Oct 30 2013
16:01 (UTC)

The words "last semester" imply that you've been studying something. Which would imply an education. Which would imply something to offer an employer.

Will you receive a degree? That implies a certain amount of perseverance and ability to synthesize information, as well as steadily produce documentation. Which is a useful skill.

What specialized training have you received in the course of your education?

What prevented you from working before? Not asking you to get into it here, but if you can distill it to a few sentences and then explain why it's no longer an issue, you can demonstrate reliability to a prospective employer.

"How long do you think I should volunteer for before trying to find a job?" Zero. Go ahead and take a volunteer position; data entry at a blood bank suggests concrete and applicable skills. But by all means, keep applying for jobs. Doing volunteer work (or for that matter, paying work) doesn't preclude you from looking elsewhere.

Fitness First Ironman 70.3 Oct 28 2013
15:40 (UTC)


How was your run split compared to a normal half marathon time? What was the longest brick you'd done in training, and how did that compare?

The good news: full distance isn't any harder, you just have to fuel better. And running is your strong suit.

The Lounge This inventor is my new Hero Oct 25 2013
15:00 (UTC)

Man, I really miss my grandpa sometimes. He had a lot of fun patients, and the stories he told me... One day Mrs. Horowitz (not her real name) came to see him and said, "Doctor Kobylarz, you gotta help me, I'm passing gas like you would not believe. I fart all the time, and the only thing that saves me is they're quiet and don't stink. I mean, I've farted four times since you walked in the door. My rear is killing me, you've simply got to help me out." Grandpa said, "Well, it's a complex problem, but let's start with this prescription and see how it works." A week later, Mrs. Horowitz was back in the office, and she said, "Doc, that didn't do anything! I'm still farting all the time, only now they smell terrible! That scrip was useless! What kind of quack are you?" And my grandpa said soothingly, "Calm down, Mrs. Horowitz, now that we've got your sinuses cleared up we can get to work on your hearing."

Good times, yeah.

Fitness Weight Training for Runners Oct 25 2013
14:30 (UTC)

Here's something to check out. Rachel Cosgrove, No Business Running. Good workout targeting what you need for strength for running. Different than Starting Strength or NROL, which are general strength training, but I think it complements running better. Here's another link that may have pictures of the exercises, but I can't verify it right now, so caveat clicktor.

Fitness HELP ! How much calories does this workout burn ? Oct 24 2013
13:55 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook: Logged in one day, one time, posted this and never came back.

Yeah, could be, but there's a part of me that thinks, "What if this was a legit question from someone looking to get in better shape, and what if this person really didn't know what to do, and what if they actually listen to advice?" So grungemel, if you're not a troll, we'd love to help you.

Fitness HELP ! How much calories does this workout burn ? Oct 23 2013
20:15 (UTC)

I came back here to try and add all this up, and wow, I can't even keep track of it all. Maybe 1.5-2 h of work with random rest periods thrown in there? Do the workout, time yourself, then go to the activity calculator and log it as aerobics for the time you actually spent exercising.

Seriously, if you can do this workout, you have a pretty good level of fitness and mental tenacity, and you'd get a lot out of an actual program. I mean, I know I talk smack about crossfit's lack of intelligence in re: programming, but at least their WODs are a lot more focused (e.g. 10 burpees, 10 box jumps, climb 15' rope, as many rounds as possible in 20 min). This seems like it's designed to burn up time, not calories.

What are your goals?

The Lounge Post Locked to Prevent Zombie Bumps Oct 23 2013
19:27 (UTC)

Speak for yourself, I'm still waiting for shoe on head pic. TEACH THE CONTROVERSY.

The Lounge our secretary paid ww to starve her... Oct 23 2013
19:23 (UTC)
Original Post by restless_marmot:

Original Post by iggs:

It isn't possible that she's just happy for dropping a ton of weight and being complimented on it?

edit: I freely admit ignorance on the effects of starvation other than what it takes to achieve it.

I don't know TV's coworker. I do know that the kind of weight loss she's describing sounds unhealthy. I also know that starvation can give some people a temporary good feeling. A feeling of control, a feeling of dissociation from the other negative emotions. At least, that's what it did for me, and it was a contributing factor to developing my eating disorder. It was a coping mechanism for other stressors. It felt good at first, and when it stopped feeling good, I was already deep in the hole. I don't know the biological reasons behind this are, or if it affects all people in this way. I am just speaking from personal experience.

The body signals the brain that a famine is in process and that various bodily processes are getting scaled back. The brain starts churning out endorphins to offset the sick feeling of starvation. This combines with the decreasing number on the scale to provide a crazy feedback loop. Eventually, the brain snaps, the person binges, the body is finally satiated and can relax, and the brain starts working properly. The person loses the endorphin high and feels like a failure, and hops back on the Starvation Express. Rinse, repeat, go directly to WW, do not pass the fridge, etc.

My theory, anyway.

Fitness Marathon! (warning - includes mention of gruesome guts) Oct 23 2013
13:20 (UTC)

"Golf clap?" "Golf clap."

[golf clap]

Very well done. Next time, bagel & peanut butter and two hard-cooked eggs.

Fitness HELP ! How much calories does this workout burn ? Oct 22 2013
23:01 (UTC)
In a row?
Fitness Is Bikram yoga really a good exercise to burn calories ? Oct 22 2013
19:50 (UTC)
Original Post by scrapper78:

And how does one sweat out toxins? A small amount of trace lead can come out in your sweat, but only if you have a lot of it in you already. Other than that:

Perspiration consists of water, minerals, lactate and urea. On average, the mineral composition is:

  • sodium (0.9 gram/liter)
  • potassium (0.2 g/l)
  • calcium (0.015 g/l)
  • magnesium (0.0013 g/l)

Trace metals that the body excretes in sweat include:

  • zinc (0.4 milligrams/liter)
  • copper (0.3–0.8 mg/l)
  • iron (1 mg/l)
  • chromium (0.1 mg/l)
  • nickel (0.05 mg/l)
  • lead (0.05 mg/l)

"Sweat mineral-element responses during 7 h of exercise-heat stress," Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab 2007 Dec;17(6):574-82. 


DUH, what do you think toxins are made of? ELEMENTS. In fact, sweat is 99% DHMO, which is a Chemical found in MOST PEOPLES BODIES AFTER THEY DIE. Therefore your argument is invalid and you must put a shoe on your head as penance.

Fitness crossfit anyone? Oct 21 2013
18:02 (UTC)
Original Post by aofficer:

cnichols2000 - why does any girl want to lose weight? Give your head a shake! At least now I'm trying to be strong instead of just thin. lesson learned. I was fat my entire life. Made fun of constantly, never got the boy, etc, etc..forgive my wanting to "Fit in"..are you a psychiatrist? geez!

dbackerfan - thank you for understanding my 4 month tirade on the fridge, liquor store, and fast food chains. I was broke, unemployed, left my 10 year relationship, and moved to a different city. I think 1800 cals is a great number. I'm just really fearful of it. My instructor throws the whey in there because he knows I won't take the time to eat my protein.

I'm a busy girl. I work shift work. My hours are everywhere. There's just not enough time for me to cook that much and I have a difficult time eating certain leftovers.

"Girls" are not a monolithic entity. Your motivations are important to help determine advice. And this may just be my opinion, but "a normal BMI and size 6-8" doesn't reconcile with "fat my entire life". Also my opinion, the proper response to "made fun of constantly" is not "undertake an unhealthy course of action", it's "surround yourself with better people and/or ignore the arseholes in your life you cannot avoid". Those people who said "you're okay, but you'd be happier if you could just lose that tummy, ha ha j/k"? They weren't being your friends.

Original Post by aofficer:

I was on this site a few years back and was shocked by how much support I received from others during my journey, which is why I came back. Frankly, I'm disappointed now. I'm not looking for someone to say what I'm doing is alright. I'm trying and that's what's important. Do I wish I wasn't afraid of taking in too many calories? Obviously!

Hell yes it is. I never said stop doing crossfit, I said stop doing crossfit and underfeeding yourself. You're not afraid of a little barbell? GOOD. So why are you letting yourself fear egg yolks? And yeah, real food is best, but if you're in a time crunch, whey and water is probably a better fuel than McDonald's.

I'm a big fan of once-a-week cooking: make a few entrees, freeze them in small portions, nuke and serve. Staples: pea soup and brown rice, beef barley soup, pasta and beans. I generally have one of those for lunch with salad or other raw vegetables, a few eggs for breakfast (scrambled in microwave or hard boiled), and fruit and cheese for a snack. Is there anything that you can do like that? Dinners are a toss-up; the wife and I both work through the day, I train once or twice during my workday (morning and/or noon), the kids take up any free time, and it takes a lot of scheduling to decide on a mutually satisfying dinner schedule (and even then, we allow one surprise pizza night per week). It ain't easy, but it's important.

Trust me, if you want to keep doing crossfit, take care of yourself.

Weight Loss Recent weight gain from binge eating, advice? Oct 21 2013
13:50 (UTC)

You started with a healthy BMI of 21.3. You "severely restricted" your diet and went to a very unhealthy BMI of 17.4. You then ate calorically dense foods until your body was back at its starting weight. None of this sounds surprising. Your body is going to protect itself; in order to maintain that dangerously low weight, your brain would have to step in and override the body's screaming for nutrition. You yourself recognized that ("I would exercise excessively (only cardio) while severely restricting my diet...").

Why do you want to lose weight? What is your goal: performance, aesthetics, peer acceptance, other? What is your dislike of your body the way it is? Why can't you dance at 120 lb?

Fitness Skip workouts? Oct 21 2013
13:23 (UTC)

You're a teen, you're still growing and developing, so you're going to need more calories than someone in her 20s. The feeling of being depleted and ultra wiped out is probably a result of that. So yeah, eat a little more. "Healthy" doesn't automatically mean "BMI 20" or "bodyfat 15%" or whatever metric The Media is currently showing.

"Spike days" appear to mean eating a caloric surplus and not exercising in an effort to promote quicker recovery. When I try something like that, if I've been training myself into the ground, I feel more tired and wiped out the next day, and it's tough to get myself moving again. Maybe try going for a brisk walk for 30-45 minutes on your spike day, and I do mean brisk (move your legs quicker than they want to go, find some decent hills, etc.).

And don't be afraid to eat more. More food == more fuel == more exercise. The person you'll be 40 years down the road will be grateful that you set yourself up well.

Fitness crossfit anyone? Oct 21 2013
13:01 (UTC)
Original Post by aofficer:

And yes I understand that eating too little calories is not good for you, but really 1800-2000? I don't even know if I have enough time in a day to eat that much!

what is this i don't even

Original Post by aofficer:

My calorie intake for the last few years was indeed that amount give or take which is why I would be anywhere from a size 6 to a size 8. Previous to me dropping my calories that low I was anywhere from 155 lbs to 165 lbs (size 12 to 14), and was overweight my entire life.

Or, and I'm just throwing this out there, your body has been at its ideal weight your entire life, and you're undertaking an endeavour to starve yourself and damage your body in pursuit of... what, a flat stomach, lower bodyfat%, peer acceptance?

Look, I know how awesome crossfit is at first, and I know how much it's going to suck in another month or two if you don't start eating right. Food is fuel. If you're not going to fuel yourself right, it'll come back to bite you in the ass.

And quit it with the gorram egg whites already. Cavemen didn't find a nest and say, ooh, eggs! but lemme separate the yucky yolks, I don't need the cholesterol in my diet LOL.

Fitness Do I need new shoes...? Oct 21 2013
12:46 (UTC)

I've had instances where I bought the "updated" version of a shoe (e.g. Asics 1120 vs. 1130), and it was different enough that my feet rebelled within a few weeks. I wound up having to break them in; I'd wear the new shoes on a short run, wear the old shoes on a longer run the next day, and repeat for a few weeks.

Fitness 5th World Marathon Major Oct 18 2013
13:34 (UTC)

Well done!

The Lounge Humans aren't the only species that struggle with weight Oct 12 2013
18:54 (UTC)
Obie never hated himself for being obese. Dog+1.