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Weight Loss Venting... I feel terrible. Apr 27 2012
05:14 (UTC)
Thank you everyone for your kind responses. My brother has been away for 4 days now, so that four days of healthy eating and water drinking and the weight still here. I agree it would have been an amazing opportunity to model healthy behavior around my brother and his family (my family is very overweight). I did have a great time so I am just going to be positive and try to stay on track. Thank you again for helping me feel better about this mess up. Good luck to you all
Weight Loss Does anybody else ever have it where they... Apr 16 2012
21:31 (UTC)
This just happened to me. I lost .4 lbs one week and the next week I lost 2.5 lbs on a 500 cal deficit a day. Idk why but it doesn't bother me as long as I'm seeing a loss.
Weight Loss Why does my dieting self wanna bake?? Apr 15 2012
15:35 (UTC)
I have been baking like crazy. I never did it but I've been loving it since I've been dieting. I've baked 6xs in the past two weeks. In all that time I only ate one cupcake and 2 cookies within calorie limit. It feels good to resist. Idk but it seems that baking these delicious treats keeps me from wanting them. If I have a craving I often times find myself looking in a cookbook with lots of pictures and it goes away. This probably doesn't help but just wanted to let you know I'm a dieting baking fiend
Weight Loss Help! my boobs are shrinking :( Apr 11 2012
13:39 (UTC)
I miss my boobs. The largest I got was an H... Way too big. When I lost the weight... Over 60 lbs... my boobs are now a size 36D. They are getting even smaller. I wish they would stay where they are. I only have 5 more lbs to lose so hopefully it isn't lost there.
Pregnancy & Parenting My sister blocked me from pictures of my kid!!! Apr 10 2012
05:07 (UTC)
Wow I have this exact problem. I don't feel comfortable with my toddlers pics all over the Internet. I continuously have to ask that no pictures be put on social networks but people can't help themselves I guess. I don't think you are over reacting. It is your child to protect. If she can't deal you decision then unfortunately she shouldnt see your child until you can trust it won't happen again
Weight Loss So close I can taste it... Mar 28 2012
16:04 (UTC)
Hey there. I am 3 lbs away from my initial goal. I say initial because I think I'm going to continue. Not sure where to stop. That being said I have a question for you. Is it getting harder mentally to lose that last 5 lbs? I am constantly struggling. Most days I think to myself that I'm ready to maintain. But I know I could be happier with my appearance at a smaller size.
Weight Loss What size will I be at 140 pounds? Mar 23 2012
06:05 (UTC)
Hey there. I'm 5'5" and when I was 140 lbs I was about a size 6. I'm larger chested so a lot of weight is there. Every one is built differently so it will be hard to get an accurate idea.
Weight Loss Does water really help? Mar 22 2012
14:59 (UTC)
Drinking lots of water allows me to work out harder and longer. I am able to run twice as fast and twice as hard. I also get very lazy and tired when I'm dehydrated.
Weight Loss what are the foods that can replace sweets? Mar 21 2012
15:52 (UTC)
To fulfill my cravings for sweets I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's a meal. The peanut butter co. has one with white chocolate in it. It's all natural. And it has less calories per serving than others. With pb you get the sweetness and the protein and fat. Its very fulfilling.
Weight Loss weight lose and relationship help! Mar 21 2012
15:21 (UTC)
I agree with smashley... Sort of. I think you and anyone in this position deserves better. What you have said in your post sounds a lot like emotional abuse. EA is sometimes the most painful and the hardest to shake from your psyche. Honestly I would probably even call this bullying. I will never claim to have a perfect relationship but this is my story. I met my bf now husband in hs also. I was super fit. I gained over 60 lbs in a couple years. I could still drive my husband nuts just by touching him. Isn't this something you want? Someone to love you at all sizes? I have lost all the weight I gained because I wasn't happy with myself. That is the only reason to lose weight in my opinion... FOR YOURSELF!!!! Good luck on your journey.
Weight Loss Intermittent fasting v skipping meals Mar 20 2012
17:21 (UTC)
I still ate my bmr when I fasted. It just made me feel great because I was still full from the day before.
Weight Loss Intermittent fasting v skipping meals Mar 20 2012
15:02 (UTC)
Hi. How often should one do an intermittent fast? I skipped breakfast yesterday for the first time and felt great. I had lots of calories to spare and it was great to do coming off my weekend binge.
Weight Loss What is the healthiest way of making Brown rice? Mar 07 2012
23:47 (UTC)
I use the quick cooking brown rice. Use chicken broth, tomato sauce and season with salt and pepper. When it's done cooking I put tomatoes and onion in it. It's a healthy modified version of Mexican rice. Super delicious!
Weight Loss Calorie Shifting Mar 07 2012
06:49 (UTC)
I wish my bmr was over 1600. Mine is 1420 and at my goal weight it will be 1350. And yes I am an adult... This is something I definitely want to try.
Weight Loss Raisins a weight loss secret? Mar 02 2012
22:28 (UTC)
Brian I just wanted to compliment you. You seem very knowledgable and always give kind, well thought out responses. You could have easily joined in and bashed dr. Oz but you took the time to explain the possible logic behind what he was saying. I always appreciate reading your comments. This may be weird that I'm saying anything but I thought you should know to keep up the good work!
Weight Loss Weight Loss and Birth Control... Mar 01 2012
16:33 (UTC)
Once I told my doctor that my birth control was making me gain weight she looked at me and laughed. She told me birth control has no calories, that I was gaining weight all my own. I was making the decisions to eat what I was eating. My best advice is to stay full. When you want to eat something try celery or carrots. Good luck
Weight Loss Eating slowly Feb 28 2012
16:51 (UTC)
I always slam my vegetables quickly. I drink a lot of water too. Then I babysit my entree until everyone is done... Even my two year old which is forever! And because I drink so much water if I finish early, I can't eat anymore if I wanted to.
Weight Loss Throwing out clothes that don't fit anymore? Feb 26 2012
17:31 (UTC)
I still have all my jeans in the attic. They range from size 17 to a size 6. I guess I just keep them in case. They are nice expensive jeans. Reading all your posts... I think it's time to get rid of them. I might keep the 6s until I can maintain for longer
Weight Loss will I lose weight this way? Feb 26 2012
17:27 (UTC)
I do this too. I'm not sure if you'll lose weight faster but I've read that intervals such as will allow you to burn more calories in less time. I run at 6 mph for 2 minutes and sprint at 9 mph for a minute. After 30 minutes I have burnt as many calories as I do when I run a steady speed for an hour. It's so tiring tho so I only do it once a week. Not sure if this reply helps.. Good luck!