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The Lounge Im Back! Jul 25 2006
14:07 (UTC)
Here's the skinny on Classes:  Art: Watercolor painting-  A+ ( loved this class, managed to do really well, and I ended up with some paintings that are good enough to frame)

Junior English comp-  B- (too many papers, too little time!)

Sign language III-  A (This class was alot of fun, but a little tedious)

All in 5 weeks! Aw! I wanna go to Vegas!  But I can't! middle of the quarter! I am too close to my Art History degree to stop now.  And after 3 years of fighting (they only accept 12 a year), I am now a DECLARED art student yay! 

Although I can't come and see all of you, I will at least finally post some new images of me.  Just gimme time to get them uploaded and I will show you all the newer me lol!
The Lounge Movie Game Jun 19 2006
16:28 (UTC)
Motivation Interesting Way to Save Money... Jun 19 2006
16:26 (UTC)
lol when I first started dieting in january I wasn't real clear about my goals or how I was going to get there, but I knew I had to lose some weight: Thus I created the SIN JAR.  I would put money in it everytime I wanted to splurge, thinking, if I lost money I wouldn't keep doing it...Well...week 1 grand total 10$. Argh didn't work for me.  But then again I wasn't rewarding myself for doing well, I was paying for the damage I was putting on.  Maybe I should try that..would probably make more sense and be beneficial to reward for good behavior rather than pay for bad behavior lol.
The Lounge Another Word Game!! Jun 15 2006
15:33 (UTC)
The Lounge the word game Jun 12 2006
23:20 (UTC)
nair! lol
The Lounge the word game Jun 12 2006
20:03 (UTC)
The Lounge the word game Jun 11 2006
00:01 (UTC)
The Lounge the word game Jun 10 2006
23:50 (UTC)
Motivation GETTING MARRIED!! Jun 09 2006
18:06 (UTC)
noel, exercise promotes more energy.  If you were able to get in a regular exercise routine, maybe that would help with feeling tired all of the time.  Even if you can just fit in 20 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, it would help you gain more energy throughout the day.  Also with nursing school, exercise helps your body remove stress, so it could help you gain more attention to your studies as well as the increase in blood flow in your body will help your brain function on a higher level with less sluggishness.  Hope this helps; 20 mins isn't much, you can do it!
The Lounge "The Motivated Room" Jun 08 2006
18:48 (UTC)
Well, recently Drew, my BF mentioned in a roundabout way that he wants to propose (yea, everything must be perfect lol) sometime in September or January (so we keep the same anniversary).  - Some times I think he puts Way too much thought into this! - SO I want to be able to fit into the perfect dress for that special moment (he already mentioned going out to dinner).  I know its a short term goal, but in the long run if I stick to this one, I will get to the longterm goal of being fit, healthy and happy.  AND I really want a swank bod for the day I will remember forever!
The Lounge QQQQQuestionnaire! Jun 08 2006
18:35 (UTC)
1.  What are you allergic to? dust, mold, mildew

2.  Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes, my fault- luckily, the car that was hanging off the bridge (one I was driving)was an Echo, very light.  We were back on the road in no time, no one hurt.

3.  What season finale did you HAVE to watch? Lost

4.  How old were you when you bought your first car? 20

5.  Who calls you everyday? Mom, & BF

6.  Where were you born? Kentucky

7.  When did you start coming to CC? Feb. 18th

8.  Have you ever eaten an insect? By accident, numerous times in the heat of summer on the back of a harley.

9.  What is your favourite fruit and veggie? Golden delicious apples & broccoli

10.  Why do you make my day and answer these questions?  :o) To fill in the time waiting for the furniture delivery guys! - I think they give you that 4 hour delivery time so they can wait until the last minute and spring your furniture on you...jerks...
The Lounge Ode to Moms Jun 08 2006
16:35 (UTC)
Aww! thats awesome! Sad but true.  It's my life in a nutshell.
Weight Loss How many lbs is a size 14/13? Jun 01 2006
16:15 (UTC)
I am wearing size 13/14 and I am around 165-168lbs. @ 5'6"
Weight Loss It's June 1st...let's set a goal for June 30th!! Jun 01 2006
16:13 (UTC)
I, Amanda vow to lose at least another 9lbs by the end of June! 
Weight Loss PLEASE HELP! need to keep losing away from home Jun 01 2006
16:12 (UTC)
Maybe take along a cardio DVD.  That way you will be able to at least get in some form a real exercise while you are away.  Also to get away from mom, walking (esp. powerwalking) can help as cardio too, and will get you away from mom for a lil while lol.  Good luck!
Weight Loss June 1st - Weigh in anyone? Jun 01 2006
16:10 (UTC)
Well all month I have been bouncing around with my weight loss.  The lowest was 165, the highest 171.  Right now coasting along with 168.  Hoping to see at least the 150's by end of June.
Motivation Too many compliments...left me unmotivated! GO figure! Jun 01 2006
15:50 (UTC)
THanks guys! I was starting to feel like I was alone here!  This was just something I thought maybe a few of you had also gone through, and it really does make one lose the feeling of urgency to get it done, to lose the weight, when there are so many others telling you that you look great the way you are.  Although I love the compliments, I have realized that I am still aways away from my goal weight, and although I am looking good now to others, I want to reach my goal so that I will be satisfied.  SO 30lbs down, 40 more to go!
The Lounge Random Brain Waves May 31 2006
16:49 (UTC)
OOohh Dr. Bronners! I love their peppermint soap!  I went swimming yesterday and despite sunscreen managed to get burns, so I've been bathing with it since! - Awesome to use just to cool down too.
The Lounge The "fat image" complex May 22 2006
23:50 (UTC)
Wow guys, thank for all of the responses!  I was sitting here thinking about it, and I guess that the best thing I can do to bust up that mental image is to change - change enough so that I can never imagine that I am that big.  Not meaning anything so drastic as say a size 2 lol, but maybe 3 or 4 sizes smaller than I am now.  If I put in the effort & increase the changes to be mental as well as physical, maybe this problem will decrease.  I am going to have  a friend take a pic of me & post it, so that I can see (you guys too) how much I have changed.   To me this is a way of motivation, since it has become somewhat of a preoccupation with me.  I am just SO glad that I am not alone in this!  Thanks again!
The Lounge jokes to get you through the week May 21 2006
01:15 (UTC)
Too funny! I loved the quotes!