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Fitness The Gym - To quit or not to quit. Feb 16 2009
11:20 (UTC)

Well, I don't belong to a gym, I've been exercising at home by doing exercises like lunges, squats etc.  And I've been doing a bit of running around the local park.  At work I have an inflatable punchbag that I keep in the basement and go down there to exercise in my lunch hour.  Since January, when I started all this stuff properly, I've lost half a stone (7lbs) so I figure it's doing the business!

Sounds like you have the support and options around you to go for it without the need for a gym so I say make yourself £50 richer each month!

Fitness HRM, training zones and maths Feb 16 2009
09:53 (UTC)

Thanks for the advice, everyone.  I do already know about HIIT and I'm trying to work out a way to fit it into my day shift weeks when I don't have to time to go for a long run (can I get away with doing HIIT running on the spot?  I work in an area of south London where you don't really want to go out!!). 

Having never been a very decisive person, I am torn between the benefits of HIIT when it comes to fat loss, but at the same time I really enjoy a good distance run.  I feel more of an achievement from that.  My goals are not all about weight loss, so I'm going to keep plugging away.

mkculs, it's good to hear from someone else getting funny looks for going so slow!  And also good to hear that it's working.  There is of course the basic idea to come back to that whatever the running is, it's more active than sitting in front of the TV so it has to be good!  When you're running, do you break the distances up with walking because you feel like you need to to recover heart rate, or because it's part of the training plan?  Because on my 2 mile run I never felt like I needed to stop and walk.  Am I meant to do this anyway?  Or can I just keep running?!

Motivation are you from england, UK? Apr 16 2008
10:47 (UTC)

Hi koozieloo!  Thetford is right on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk, so that's probably why!  It's a nice town though, I was just there a few days ago and Suffolk and Norfolk are both very beautiful counties. Is this a military move?

Weight Loss did your birth control pill make you fat? Mar 19 2008
09:22 (UTC)

I did put on some weight whilst on the pill, but I seriously put weight on when I had to come off it (messing around with hormones did NOT suit me in a big way!), and it's been slow to get rid of too.  I know at least one other person this happened to, and the weight is really hard to shift.  I thought perhaps it was just me getting older as I used to be able to get rid of a little extra weight with not too much work, but I'm sure the pill is partly to blame now...

Weight Loss What's YOUR Weight Loss Tip/Secret? Aug 23 2007
10:57 (UTC)
- Definitely, drink loads of water. I aim for the recommended 2 litres a day. 
- Don't have anything with aspertame in, like diet coke, "no added sugar" squash etc.
- Green tea extract tablets
- Moderation!!
The Lounge looking for fellow UKites Aug 21 2007
09:58 (UTC)
I visited the States a fwe years ago and couldn't believe how much sugar I could taste in the bread!  I reckon we do ok here ;)
The Lounge looking for fellow UKites Aug 20 2007
10:32 (UTC)
I'm from Northampton!  Been living there for a year but I'm originally from London.  Trying to shift the 2 stone that appeared when I hit my mid twenties!
The Lounge Where is Everyone? Aug 20 2007
10:30 (UTC)
London, England.  Where it is raining.  
Health & Support the pill Aug 20 2007
10:20 (UTC)
I was on the Pill for about 6 months a year ago.  I'm fairly sure it made me gain weight, what I didn't appreciate was 2 things:
1. I gained even more weight when I came off it, and
2. It made me depressed and emotionally all over the place, and it took me a good 2 months to get over that when I came off.

Obviously this doesn't happen to everyone but I felt so terrible at the time, I'll never be going back on it again.
Foods Any ides for brown rice dish Aug 20 2007
10:10 (UTC)
Last week I cooked up some brown rice then added some sultanas, sweetcorn and coriander leaves to it and mixed it together.  
Foods Quorn... literally vomit-inducing? Aug 20 2007
10:09 (UTC)
I've not had that reaction to Quorn, but I really don't like it!  What we use, as my partner was vegetarian for many years, is plain soya granules.  I'm not sure if you can get them in the USA (it's been impossible to find out their calorie content!) but it's just exactly what it says. To make a meal out of them, bolognase or the like, you soak them in vegetable stock first.  They're delicious!
The Lounge Work...what's work? What do we all do? Aug 16 2007
10:32 (UTC)
I'm an audio-visual technician and deputy theatre manager at a university in London, so half my time is spent explaining to academics how to switch data projectors on etc. and the other half I supervise students in the theatre, so helping & teaching them to do lighting, sound, flying, set construction and stuff.  
Fitness gym membership Aug 16 2007
10:15 (UTC)
If you can, investigate university gyms.  I work at a uni so it was the obvious choice, but anyone can join and lots of local businesses have agreements so staff get discounts.  If you're just a person off the street, you can join for 12 months for £300, staff & students pay £199.  It's not a huge gym, but do bear in mind it's in the centre of London so prices are probably higher than a lot of other universities.
Motivation Stop losing weight, stop being motivated? Aug 14 2007
11:30 (UTC)
Very with you on this, certainly the first part of your post anyway - I'm 25, never really had to worry about weight... then suddenly I'm gaining out of nowhere! 

I've only really started losing over the last couple of weeks so I haven't hit a plateau yet but I'm sure it'll happen! I have really suffered in terms of motivation to get going though, I thought I was doing everything right but turns out it wasn't so, and only when I properly assessed what calories I needed did I finally start losing properly.  So I guess I have the lame advice to get back to counting!

What I do tell myself on those days when I think, "What's the point?", is that I'm not doing myself any harm by eating properly and by avoiding that cookie.  Even if I'm not losing weight at this very moment, I'm still being healthier and so eventually it WILL mean the weight coming off.
Foods What does your packed lunch look like? Aug 14 2007
10:34 (UTC)
I take my own lunch to work every day, usually a "cold" packed lunch.  For the last couple of weeks, it has usually looked very similar to this, with the fillings of the wraps changed, different vegetables as well.  This is what I have today:

- 2 tortilla wraps, one with a slice of turkey, extra light mayonnaise and spring onions, one with turkey again but Laughing Cow light cheese spread and cucumber. 
- 3 slices of raw cucumber, 1 raw carrot, 1 stick of celery, 1 tomato

All that adds up to 372 calories, I also take an apple to eat as a snack usually on my journey home.
Health & Support The flabby stomach overhang known as "the mother's apron" Aug 13 2007
16:11 (UTC)
I have a question!  How come I seem to accumulate fat in the lower stomach area like you're saying, but I'm 25 and have never had kids?! 
Weight Loss Where's your "trouble area"? Aug 13 2007
15:34 (UTC)
Stomach, definitely.  Lower stomach really, you know, that really great bit that just hangs over the trousers?  Yeah.  Fun.  
Foods Alternatives to olive oil? Aug 13 2007
12:23 (UTC)
I've started using rapeseed oil (I think it's the same as canola oil in the USA), it's got much more of the 'god' fats in it.  I only ever cook with oil once or maybe twice a week at the most though.
Fitness 4'11" - 5'2" fast do y'all run?? Aug 10 2007
15:01 (UTC)
Devipatel, where are you in the world?  I think you're looking at the right part of the machine, i.e. your 5 and 8 are the speed your running at, but if you're in Europe, those might not be mph (miles per hour) but kph (kilometers per hour).  I'm in the UK and my gym had some machines set on mph, some on kph.  Sometimes I use the kph ones to make myself feel better because the numbers go higher!
Foods What food can you NEVER stop eating? Aug 10 2007
09:45 (UTC)
Cheese puffs are kinda lethal, but I'm being more disciplined!  Any savoury snacks though really, I love Kettle Chips!