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Journal Back again...
Entry on Feb 04 2010 10:18
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Journal Day 2 back on the wagon.
Entry on Nov 16 2009 21:58
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Journal *SIGH* Gotta get back on the wagon...
Entry on Nov 15 2009 16:13
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Entry on Sep 13 2008 10:48
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Journal Battling the Plateau...
Entry on May 30 2008 11:42
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Me: I'm married, no kids but I have 3 very wonderful house cats and a sweet miniature pinscher. I live on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. I work as an inside sales representative for a nation wide MRO Parts Distributor. I drive a 2006 Chevy HHR (Love my Bugsy!) which I so affectionately named Bugsy Malone. I love to sing, I also play the violin, guitar, piano and mandolin.

I found this site while looking up the calories of something and have been counting calories ever since 4/14/07.

Background: In the past few years, I've packed on some extra lb's and I'd love to get rid of those little stow-aways! I've tried the slimfast diet, i've tried the Special K diet. I always felt like I was depriving myself. This is not a diet - this is a new lease on life. I'm going to lose this weight the healthy way.

Goals: Right now, as per my meter below, my goal is to reach 175lbs.  When I get there, I plan on maintaining for 3-6 months to give my body a chance to get used to the 175. then I plan on kicking it back in gear to lose another 25-30 lbs to end up at 145-150lbs which is where I should be for my height and age.



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REVISED November 15, 2009.  After losing from 245lbs down to 185lbs, I have gained back up to 225lbs.  This is my new attempt at a healthier me.  I'm now living in New London, CT (YAY I'm home) and the cats are no longer with us, Goblin was sick and we put him down, we found homes for Patches and Mr. Fleez.  We kept Rex, our Min Pin. We're now in a small 2 bed room apartment and now both of us are unemployed. :( C'est la vie.

Interests 11: , art, baking, cooking, finding new ways to be active, have fun and get/stay healthy, losing weight, movies, music, photography, reading
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