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Weight Loss Excercising makes me insanely hungry! Aug 19 2009
23:30 (UTC)

I do yoga.  It helps me focus and doesn't make me crazy hungry the way running did.  However, I think the key is increasing your exercise bit by bit to make sure you aren't working out too much.  I used to run 3 miles a day, which isn't too much, but it just got me really hungry.  Now I do yoga and I'm starting to add in a mile of running on alternative days.  I'm not nearly as hungry plus getting all the benefits of exercising. 

Weight Loss My thoughts on WL Sep 05 2008
17:22 (UTC)

Calorie counting certainly isn't for everyone.  I'm not really promoting calorie counting, especially for people who are already losing weight.  However, I'm saying it's an effective way to pin-point problems for those who don't seem to be losing any weight no matter how hard he/she tries.  For someone who has more than a couple pounds to lose, those extra 1 or 2 hundred calories aren't going to affect their weight loss.  But for someone who is already within their normal bmi, wants to lose a couple vanity pounds, but can't seem to peel them off, maybe it's because you're eating more than you realize.  That's what I'm saying.

The reason wh I promote Chronometer is because it's a software.  Meaning, you don't need to use the internet to use it.  It makes things quicker for me, especially since I really hate waiting for things to load and such.

I've never used canned pumpkins, but I'm sure it's ok.  Personally though, I love the taste of pumpkin, fresh out of the pot! 

Weight Loss My thoughts on WL Sep 05 2008
15:37 (UTC)

This is what I would do.  Find the calorie for the slice of pizza and then estimate how much you ate - 1/3, 1/4, etc., then do the math.  I always try to over estimate than underestimate. 

Weight Loss My thoughts on WL Sep 05 2008
15:01 (UTC)

When was the last time an anorexic said, "My body's in starvation mode, and I can't seem to lose any weight,"? 

The only reason someone who was anorexic would not be losing weight would be because they were binge eating, making up for the loss of calorie, or if they actually came to a point that they physically had nothing left to lose.

The reason why people gain weight after a fast or a really low calorie diet is because they lose muscle mass, thus lowering their bmr.  And they only actually start gaining weight when they start eating all those high calorie food. 

Of course, I'm not saying starvation mode doesn't occur.  But I think people focus on that way too much and use it as a scapegoat when the real culprit is that they are unknowingly eating more than they think.  When people are hungry, they really don't know how much is actually going into their mouth.  Add to that the fact that they need fewer calories now that they weigh less, and that explains a lot of the weight stalls people experience. 

That's why I really like Chronometer - it allows me to see the affects of a "binge" weeks afterwards.  For instance, I'd eat like an a bucket of fried chicken, then bring my calorie down to 7-800 for a few days to make up for it.  Bring it back up to 1200, then two weeks later, I'd eat something else , and the cycle starts all over again.  In my mind, I think I'm dieting, when the truth is that I'm actually only maintaining. 

For the past month, I've lowered my calorie so that I eat 900-1000kcal MWF, 1200kcal TTHS, and 1300 on Sunday.  I've lost about 2-3 pounds.  I exercise about 3-4 days a week for an hour - light jogging.  The key is consistency.  The zig-zag helps people be consistent with their diet.  Before, I used to go on multiple fasts, almost about every diet, anything that could possibly kill my metabolism, and the one thing that I found out is that it's not the diet that doesn't work, it's one day. It's that one day, that one day when you think it's ok to let yourself go, that one day you eat one extra brownie that somehow becomes five, that one day is the reason why you can't reach your goal.