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Motivation embarassed about dieting? Dec 31 2008
12:23 (UTC)

I can totally relate! I've been overweight my whole adult life (I'm 26 now). Even though I'm going to the gym now and eating better I got a ways to go (80lbs). I was never close to my family (at least we didn't talk about personal things like weight or anything like that).

However I find this site as well as a couple of other sites helpful in my weightloss. I like being able to tell ppl about my feelings, struggles (even though they are strangers) to get advice. I too don't want to look like a whiner with my friends and family.

The Lounge Nova Scotia? Nov 18 2008
19:00 (UTC)

I'm from Halifax. Would love to chat with other CC's from NS :)

Motivation small weight loss group wanted (closed) Jul 26 2008
18:42 (UTC)
Can I join too plz?

I'm a 25 yr old mother of one. I would like to 70lbs by April 2009. I'm current 200lbs at 5'2'' (yeah I'm short). Would love the support and motivation of a small group :)
The Lounge Top 10 Pet Peeves. Jun 29 2008
17:14 (UTC)
10. incorrect expiration dates on food

9. People who spit or hack up anything in front of you. Very gross and rude!

8. Negative people. People who are consistant complainers and get annoyed when you are happy or the attention is off them

7. People who are lie constantly

6. People with no ambition or refuse to better them selfs (ie: young girls with 2 or 3 kids living on welfare and not doing anything to better herself)

5. Slow walkers! MOVE IT!!

4. gossips that need to talk about others because they have no life, hence nothing to talk about.

3. People who are constantly late and expect you to wait around

2. Cliques

1. the smell of cat poop
The Lounge what's the worst movie you've ever seen? Jun 29 2008
17:06 (UTC)
Nepolian Dynamite. I hate that movie! It was too stupid to be funny... I have no idea how it got so popular
The Lounge You're quiet! Jun 07 2008
11:46 (UTC)
lol I agree with vmcbutterfly. When I'm waiting on customers for an 8 hour shift, it's hard to keep an extra happy smile. lol guess my natural look isn't good enough. I hate the "smile" comment I get sometimes. I'm just a quiet person. I don't show my emotions to others much (except a few close friends and family).

I also hate when people think something is wrong when you are being quiet. I suffer from depression, it doesn't mean I'm unsociable. I just like to keep to myself.
Weight Loss Post Meals, Share Information, Weigh in every Monday! Everyone welcome May 15 2008
12:11 (UTC)

Hello everyone!

I'm new here, but have been on Calorie Count for about 6 months. Queenmedia sent me the link to this group- Thank You!

I am also from the Maritimes- Halifax, NS. I'm a 25 yr. old mother of 1 (4 years). I work full time and have seriously neglected myself for the last few years. I currently weigh 200lbs. I'm also 5'3''. At my lowest weight I was 130 and would like to get back to that weight by the end of 2008.

I used to belong to Weight Watchers and loved it! It wasn't really the food plan that made me loose weight (I lost 13lbs in a month) it was mostly the meetings. When I feel like I have support or obligation (like being weighted in every week) I seem to stick to the diet and routine. But I thought I would save a little $$ and do it on my own. lol it didn't work out so well.. I gained all 13lbs back and then some. I know WW isn't for everyone but I found it useful :)

I look forward to getting to know you all. Any other Halifax ppl on here?


The Lounge Need relationship advice Feb 22 2008
21:10 (UTC)
Thank you all!

I think I'm feeling up to tell him about her tonight (we chat every night so I know he'll be online). I agree with Cellulitedelight, maybe sending him a nice pic of me & the daugher might spark his curiosity. If he doesn't ask who she is, I'm still gonna tell him. I need to get this off my chest :)
The Lounge Where are all Canadians? Feb 22 2008
20:36 (UTC)
Hello from Nova Scotia!!
Motivation deleted Feb 20 2008
18:38 (UTC)
same thing happened to me 3 years ago! I know what a shocker it can be. I cried, binged and felt terrible for almost a whole year. But it was also a good thing for me. Forced me to get a good paying job and bonding more with my child.

Things will get better hun! Try to think of it as starting your life all over again. You have more feeedom now to do anything you want. Noi better time to start new changes in your life (ie: weight loss)

All the best :)
The Lounge kiss my ASS ---> ( Y ) Feb 19 2008
20:53 (UTC)
KMA F.H for all the **** you caused me! Karma will bite you in the ass!

Also KMA to the lonely, bitchy old bag at work. Get a life :)
Weight Loss From low 200's trying to get to the mid 100's (145-155) anyone wanna do it with me (FEMALE) Feb 19 2008
20:50 (UTC)
I actually went below the 200 mark yesterday (I'm now 197.2lbs!) I go to Weight Watchers every monday night, so I will post my new weight after the meeting.

I want to get down to 160 by May 1st. So far I lost 11lbs in 3 weeks!!
The Lounge Location...?? Jan 23 2008
13:04 (UTC)
Nova Scotia, Canada!
The Lounge Crocs Jan 23 2008
13:03 (UTC)
I used to HATE crocs, thought they looked stupid and only a fad. lol but last year I bought a pair (black. I don't wear bright colors like neon green) and wow they felt so comfortable! :)

So don't knock something unless you've tried it is the way I look at life :)
Weight Loss I binged today argh such loser Jan 21 2008
21:17 (UTC)
We all slip up now and then. You can always start fresh tommrow :)
The Lounge Are You a Loner or Very Outgoing? Jan 21 2008
17:58 (UTC)
same here dm84! I'm a loner but not really by choice. I'm shy and don't have much free time time to meet new ppl (I'm a single mom who works full time). Not sure why I always feel like an outsider in groups. I truely believe that new people aren't really interested in making new friends with ppl that are overweight (sorry but that's the vibe I get from some people). I'm not huge (only 200lbs), but young ppl would rather hang out with skinny people...
The Lounge Ever been lonely before? Jan 11 2008
20:12 (UTC)
OMG YES! I was in a 6 year engagement and he just ran off one day. I had/have serious problems with trust after that.

I hate the loneliness though. I'm trying to get back in the dating scene but even after 3 years, it's still hard
The Lounge I hate people! Jan 11 2008
20:09 (UTC)
That was so rude! You don't deserve to hear that from a "friend"

BTW- Congrats on the hard work you are doing to loose weight! Don't let her get you down. She's probably jealous and has low self-esteem
Fitness Do you go to the gym with a plan? Jan 07 2008
17:43 (UTC)
Thanks guys!

Yeah I think I will write myself up a plan and stick to it (the best I can).

 I also think what Abner is doing sounds like a good idea. I'm gonna start using the journal on this site to record my feelings, mood, etc.

Motivation Lost 23 pounds & nobody notices!!??? Jan 06 2008
22:19 (UTC)
First off CONGRATS on the weight loss!

I actually lost 20lbs recently and ppl did notice it quite a bit (especially my mom) of course I'm 200lbs at 5'4''. I guess it depends on if you are "fat" starting out or slim for your height.