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The Lounge To the newbies to this site!! (need to vent post) Aug 18 2007
02:00 (UTC)
I completely understand Marianne:) It's really up to us old timers to help the newbies out.  And I understand the frustration about duplicate posts. Oh well....:) lol You're not alone in your frustration.:)
The Lounge To the newbies to this site!! (need to vent post) Aug 17 2007
18:21 (UTC)
(((HUGS))) Marianne I used to feel this same way...until I tried searching for a thread I knew existed, but couldn't find it. I searched using key words, but it never came up. I have also tried searching for an answer to a question I had, and the threads that came up didn't really help much. I do agree some topics are getting annoying, but I just don't read them anymore.:) Take care and stay cool! I've been dying down here in southern AZ!
Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Aug 12 2007
16:09 (UTC)
Don't Be Cruel - Elvis
Health & Support eeewwwww!!! had fries and feel like I overate. Don't want to purge. Aug 10 2007
01:24 (UTC)
Since you didn't eat much today, you'll be fine. Just make healthier choices tomorrow.:)
Weight Loss Techie question; I want more than 1 ticker! Aug 04 2007
00:35 (UTC)
Here's a thread united2together put together. It has very easy to follow instructions on how to add pictures and tickers to your profile. Hope this helps! 5.html
Weight Loss metabolism for 800 Jul 31 2007
19:48 (UTC)
(((HUGS))) we know you're not a heartless monster.:)

and (((HUGS))) to girlywhirly too!
Weight Loss metabolism for 800 Jul 31 2007
19:35 (UTC)
Sticky's would be a great addition here and it has been mentioned several times. So maybe someday...:)

I totally understand your frustration Spirochete. I have taken several breaks from CC because I couldn't take it anymore, and somedays I just avoid some topics. I hope you stick around.:) I find it very difficult sometimes to read these types of threads. It is heartbreaking, and whenever I post in one, I am hoping maybe something I say will turn them around. Anyway, I do hope you will stick around.
Weight Loss metabolism for 800 Jul 31 2007
16:17 (UTC)
I've seen it happen a few times, where a person is determined to eat too few calories, and with the help, support and encouragement of the wonderful people on this site, have turned around. They finally got it through their heads that eating too little was doing damage to their bodies. If some of you are tired of reading and responding to girlywhirly's post, maybe just not read them. Maybe just step back and let other people on this site, who are still willing to offer support, try to get through to her.

Girlywhirly- I do think you need to talk to someone you trust about this though. And maybe Trustwomen has a good point. Sometimes counting calories just makes you become more obsessive, and for someone who is suffering from an ED, it's probably not the best thing. I would reach out to some of the people on this site who are recovering from ED's. There are threads in the Health forum. Good luck to you.
The Lounge hair color Jul 30 2007
00:46 (UTC)
Natural hair wigs can be very expensive. Since it's for Halloween, I would go with synthetic hair. Here's a website that you may find what you are looking for.:) Hope this helps! amp;filter_list=f_costume_styles
Weight Loss I bet you all think I'm stupid buuuttt. Under 500 calorie diet. Jul 23 2007
00:05 (UTC)
Hi there rosie_moo!!

Since you have already gotten tons of great advice, I will not repeat any of it. Just wanted to say welcome to CC! Take care:)
Weight Loss Anyone taking Alli? Jul 17 2007
19:53 (UTC)
Hi Sunshine!

I would try this thread. They are trying to get a Alli support thread going. Hope this helps! 2.html
Weight Loss SLIMQUICK- the female fatburner? Jul 16 2007
16:25 (UTC)
Haven't tried it mysef. Here's a thread with a bunch of info about diet pills, and Slimquick is included.:) 8.html#3
The Lounge Jul 16 2007
01:31 (UTC)
You're welcome!

The Lounge Jul 16 2007
01:02 (UTC)
united2together put this great thread together on how to add pictures and tickers to your profile. Hope this helps!:) 5.html
Health & Support Diet Pills? Jul 14 2007
04:28 (UTC)
Hi Laura Mae!:)

Not sure if you are still considering diet pills or not, so here's a great thread about different ones. Lots of great info.:)

Take Care! 8.html
Weight Loss Food. Just sort of a complaint. Jul 13 2007
03:56 (UTC)
That happens to me sometimes too. I will lose my appetite when it's really hot outside. When that happens, I drink Ensure shakes to get my calories up a bit.:)
The Lounge I love my husband, but... Jul 13 2007
03:33 (UTC)
Some men are just clueless. He is probably just used to you doing everything, so he doesn't give it a second thought. One thing I have learned about my husband...never assume he is going to read my mind and just do something. I also never get angry and demand he do something. I instead asked him if he could please help me clear the table, do the dishes, etc. He's always happy to lend a hand when I ask him.:)
The Lounge OK, I'm going to get implants, and I need help Jul 13 2007
01:47 (UTC)
tina_b- If you do decide to go up a cup size or two, you will still need to wear a bra. Your breasts will be heavier, and if you don't wear a good, supportive bra, you will end up with stretch marks. Chances are, even with a supportive bra, you will still most likely end up with them if you decide to go bigger. I am a 34D, and I have always worn a supportive bra and I have stretch marks. Just something to think about.:)
The Lounge Out of "Plus Sizes" onto Regular. Where do you shop? Jul 07 2007
21:34 (UTC)
Apple Bottom Jeans are really cute, and made with a little extra room in the hips and butt. I know Macy's and Dillards (not sure if you have those stores in your area) carries them, and you will find them in the Jr's section.:)
The Lounge Short hair. Jul 07 2007
01:38 (UTC)
I think you would look adorable with a short cut! Let us know what you decide:)