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The Lounge Cheatinggirl - where is she? Aug 08 2006
16:09 (UTC)
Hey guys,  Thank you for the nice thoughts!  Life has been so hectic, that I was logging food once a day and then not doing anything else.  I'll try to start blogging again, but between vacation, work, home issues, being sick (so bad I was in the ER for a while), and my oldest starting school - I just have neglected the computer for anything other than work.

I'll do my best to catch up - hopefully there hasn't been too much drama!

Thank you again, this meant a lot to me!

P.S.  Ruby just told me about this thread, otherwise I probably wouldn't have known!  Thanks, RT!
The Lounge Buddy Jun 30 2006
23:32 (UTC)
Hey - I'm at my desk all day - every day (except the weekends) - feel free to e-mail me as often as you want - I'll be your cheerleader!
Weight Loss Pizza Serving Size Jun 30 2006
21:21 (UTC)
If you're buying it from a chain - check on line - it vary's widely!!!

I went to Nick N Willy's web page because I was considering pizza for lunch the other day - I was amazed to see that their "Individual Sized Pizza" - is FOUR SERVINGS!!!  Um... thought it was individual???
Maintaining Dippin' the Toe in the Pool... Jun 30 2006
20:53 (UTC)
Hey guys, thanks for the cheerleading! 

I haven't done such a great job at maintenance in the two days since I hit my goal weight.  I lost another half a pound.  I know that the weekend, the days off, and the vacation will more than make up for it - so I haven't upped my calories just yet...  I'm thinking I'm gonna gain a couple of pounds on vay-k anyway...

Timbergrove - I added you as a friend - however, I'm not sure how inspirational my stories are going to be - my family is not the most stable!  :)
The Lounge ok you guys wish me luck... Jun 30 2006
20:46 (UTC)
Just remember - the more you drink - the lower your resistance is to happy hour munchies, too!

However, be strong - have a great time - focus on the company and the friends - drink water - you'll be fine!
The Lounge Cheer me up? Jun 27 2006
20:52 (UTC)
I think you're incredibly witty, funny, and if we're ever in the same town at the same time - I'd love to buy you a drink and just listen to you - because I think your splorks are some of the best reading there is.
The Lounge This or that?? Jun 27 2006
20:50 (UTC)

Being sick or taking nasty medicine?
The Lounge This or that?? Jun 26 2006
23:30 (UTC)

Vanilla or Chocolate?
The Lounge Things I Love....... Jun 26 2006
23:15 (UTC)
Walking in the front door after work, and hearing two little voices call out "MOOOOOMMMMY!"  Usually accompannied by little bare feet running on the floors and then a squished abdomen - nothing better!
Foods If you eat bagged will want to read this! Jun 26 2006
19:36 (UTC)
I can't remember where, but I read or heard that with the exception of the story above - MOST of the bagged salads are really well taken care of.  I think it was on a food network show.  I live on 'em...  
The Lounge The Vegetable/Fruit Game! Jun 21 2006
19:32 (UTC)
Foods Riddle Jun 21 2006
19:05 (UTC)
Um.... really bad soup??
The Lounge The Vegetable/Fruit Game! Jun 21 2006
16:49 (UTC)
Foods has anyone tried these high fiber bars? Jun 20 2006
19:26 (UTC)
I haven't seen those - but I like the Atkins Caramel Bars.  They've got 9 g. of fiber and 10+ of protein.  Tastes like a candy bar to me - and keeps me full!  (150 - 180 cals)
Weight Loss Cheating On Your Diet To Increase Fat Loss. Jun 16 2006
21:10 (UTC)
Hi guys - I know it's CoachDee's post - but according to the book I read - you should stick to your diet of choice for 5 days, and then for 36 hours you should up your calories 10 calories per pound you weigh.  I had a hard time getting to an extra 1300 a day on top of the 1200 I was already eating.  One of the author's of the book left me a message on my Blog telling me it's ok to up ot 5 - 10 cals per day. 
The Lounge the word game Jun 16 2006
20:56 (UTC)
Guess the JOKE's on me for being late!
The Lounge the word game Jun 16 2006
20:56 (UTC)
Wow - Wish I WOKE up earlier to play!
Weight Loss JUST found out I am pregnant and 100 pounds overweight WHAT TO DO Jun 16 2006
19:47 (UTC)
What to do?  Celebrate - this is wonderful news.  It sounds like this wasn't quite what you had in mind right now, but it's still fantastic.

As far as your health goes, yes, you need a doctor - and the state (whichever one you're in) will help you pay for it.  As far as weight goes - your baby is going to take nutrients from you.  Eat a lot of protein, calcium, and high-nutrient food.  Stay away from alcohol and caffeine. 

Now is not the time to worry about losing weight, HOWEVER, you can establish some great habits now, which will help you to lose weight after the baby is born. 

It's funny -but I never felt like I looked better than when I was pregnant.  I would have done it 10 more times if I could!
Weight Loss Cheating On Your Diet To Increase Fat Loss. Jun 16 2006
19:42 (UTC)
That's the way I lost my weight - over 30 pounds of it!  I'm now wearing a size 4 (and they're loose!) and a small top (and it's big too!).  This totally works!

There's a book called "The Cheater's Diet" that I used as a guide and I detailed it in a previous post (and in my Blog, too).

Happy Cheating!
The Lounge A Funny from my mommy... Jun 14 2006
20:49 (UTC)
Actually, HK, one of my favorite jokes is anti-women - but it still cracks me up.  It just depends on where it comes from and if there is any intention by the joke teller to hurt.

I apologize if you were offended by this, but it was just meant to be funny - I don't believe that men are smarter than women or that women are smarter than men.  For that matter, I also don't believe that women like to shop and men like to watch football, that women like to cuddle, and men just want sex, either.