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Weight Loss Looking for a weight-loss buddy!! Apr 23 2013
20:20 (UTC)
Hi all! I'm back at 148. But have been working out really hard and can see the muscle building, so I am really trying hard not to focus as much on the scale (unfortunately I can't seem to not weight myself every morning). Wore shorts to bowling and got told that my calves were looking very toned. And my son said wow mom has big muscles when I put him to bed in Sunday. So feeling pretty happy with my progress right now.

I have been doing great with eating during the week although I need to eat better on the weekends, at least I did better this weekend than the one prior.

I want to write more to each if you personally but I will wait until I am in front of the computer. It's too hard to read posts on my phone.

But good luck to all!
Weight Loss Looking for a weight-loss buddy!! Apr 17 2013
03:34 (UTC)

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the newbies... and welcome back everyone else!

After my terrible weekend. I am finally back on track these past two days.  I am eating only things on Weight Watchers Core plan and have exercised both days.

Today was the first time I weighed since Friday.  I'm 150 which was what I was last Tuesday.  I was 148 on Friday, and I am hoping to get down to my pre-Easter weight of 145. 

This kind of describes me to a "T"....  I am really on and doing everything right, but then the weekend hits and I sabotage myself.  I don't do well in social settings.  If there is munchies stuff, I find it hard to resist.


Robin and Mrfox- wanted to congratulate you on your great weight loss. 

Rach- yes, you can order them on line.  They come with 8 disks.  You have a chart telling you which day to do which workout. 

Congrats on the weigh in.  Most are down and no one was up from last Tuesday.  So we have that to be positive about. 

I started a running program last week.  Preparing for a running event called Bloomsday (7.2 miles) held here in Spokane, Washington.  I have never been a runner before, so this is a big thing for me. In the past, I did it but walked most of it.  This year I am hoping to run most of it.  Plus I am training for two other events called the Warrior Dash and The Dirty Dash (these are small 3.5 or so running but have obstacles that you have to get through during the course and you get very muddy.

Good luck to everyone!  Can't wait to hear how you are doing.  Please post any strategies that you find that help.


Weight Loss I am thinking about buying an elliptical machine. What do you think?? Apr 15 2013
05:22 (UTC)
I love the Elliptical and have one at home. It's nice but not as nice as the ones in the gym. But love having it at home to use on the days too busy to make it to the gym. I would highly recommend it!
Weight Loss Looking for a weight-loss buddy!! Apr 14 2013
21:23 (UTC)

Sorry for not responding earlier!  Been a crazy busy week and usually only have access to Calorie Count via my phone which is much more difficult to maneuver around than on the computer, so I find I avoid doing it.

I had a good week, until the weekend hit!  Until then, I worked out to the Insanity in the morning and then have started a running program called C25K in the evenings.  Plus I ate well during the week and stayed on plan.

This weekend on the other hand was plan ugly!  To be honest I have no one to blame but my self.  I made all the wrong choices and was so busy that I didn't do my workouts.   After this weekend... I am really afraid to get on the scale.  Calorie wise it said that I didn't do too bad.  But I definitely ate my calories in junk instead of healthy food that would be good for my body.  Plus not working out means that I didn't burn those bad calories like I should have.  My only form of exercise came from my job, that is fairly active and keeps me standing all day and walking quite a bit.  And then we went bowling on our date last night and bowled 5 games.

Someone already answered the Insanity question.  It's basically getting a personal trainer 6 days a week for only the price of buying the disks.  I don't do the recovery shakes, but I'm sure they are good for you. 

Rach- Thank you for starting the group.  I love TRX, what do you think of it?  Although I don't do it, measuring your weight loss is a much better way of charting your progress. 

Tracey- I, too, have the weakness of eating around 9:30 or so in the evening.  I think it's because it's what time the kids go to bed and I get to start to unwind, relax, and get to watch a little TV.  I am going to try Rach's tea strategy.  Plus Green Tea is suppose to be great for your metabolism!

Sweetbeakz- Good job sticking with the Insanity.  I do believe it's a great workout.  Although I don't love it enough to have it be a long term for of exercise.  But I really see muscle definition after doing it for 9 weeks.  I love doing TRX and Ellipitcal but I like how the Insanity is at home so during busy weeks it's easier to fit into my schedule.

It's not suppose to be good to weigh daily, but I can't seem to resist.  lol  I weighed 145 on March 29th.  But went up to 150 during Spring Break and was down to 148 a week later. I haven't weighed now since Friday.

Any day we want to do the group weigh in, works  for me. 

How did everyone else's weekend go?  Any tips that you found to work to not eat the junk afforded at social events?  Something that worked for me in the past, is I would bring my own food.  But I was so busy this weekend that I didn't prepare like I should have.  The tea idea probably would have helped out.  I did avoid the alcohol by drinking diet pop. But snacky food is really what my true temptations are.

Weight Loss Looking for a weight-loss buddy!! Apr 09 2013
20:19 (UTC)
I am trying to lose 10 pounds by June 1. I am currently 150 (I started at 168 got down to 145, then gained 5 over Spring Break.) I am 5'6". I need a support group because I am struggling with motivation and keep loosing/gaining the same 5 pounds.

Exercise wise I have done the Insanity 6 days a week for the past 9 weeks. Before that was doing the Elliptical 6 or 7 days a week for 1 hour to an hour in a half.

My problems stem from my snacking. I do really well for most meals, it's just the stuff between meals that gets in trouble.
Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? May 20 2011
15:31 (UTC)

Glad to hear that you had a great week Sydpa!  And we are thinking of you Mike on your cruise... hope you are having a fantastic time!

I just barely made my first goal (finally).  I was 135.8 this morning.  Had many ups and downs to get here but what is important is that I made it here!  This was my final goal but changed it to 130 to continue on Weight Watchers with my son.  He is doing a great job and especially considering he is only 11 and pretty much self monitors his points and makes good choices on his own. 

sw 161

cw 135.8

new gw 130

See you next week!  Happy losing everyone!!!!

Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? May 13 2011
17:37 (UTC)

Welcome new people!  The more the merrier! 

Wow!!!  congrats on the 4 pounds lost Kara and Sydpa97! 

And way to go Kara!  Proud of you for running 5X a week. 

Good job, Cryshubbard!  Every amount lost adds up in the end!  As you have proven... look how much you have lost so far!

Winlvr... don't stress it!  Your body started a new diet.  It just has to adjust!  Plus with you doing the bike you will definately see positive changes!!

Mike... Have a fabulous vacation and we will talk to you in four weeks!

I had a good week!  Worked out hard and stuck to my eating plan... and now I am down to 136 which is the lowest I have been since 2007.  Just 2 lbs to my mini-goal and 7 from my final goal.  My son is doing well with weight watchers, too.  He has lost 5 lbs in three weeks (which is perfect for an 11 1/2 year old.  Don't want him too restricted because he is a growing boy.  Already taller than me and 10 pounds heavier at 11.)  He is just making little goals in 5 pounds increments.  Doesn't know where he wants to be, just wants to get into shape and lose his belly. (He is starting to like girls from a far  ;)

sw 161

cw 136 (-2 lbs... slow and steady will win the race!)

gw 130



Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? May 09 2011
05:01 (UTC)
Original Post by kara82kay:

I have been binging all week and am up a couple pounds :(  I need to stop this " oh I will just start over next week crap" ! It took me a month to loose those 3 lbs and one week to put it back on. I am so dissappointed with myself! 

 Friday was so excited... was at 138.8 again.  But after this weekend I feel very disappointed in myself!  Kara's post so sounded like my weekend.  Was surrounded by food this weekend.  Stuck to my guns on Friday but cracked by Saturday night... and then it was all down hill from there!  Glad to start back up on Monday.  Unfortunately, you eat like crap, you feel like crap!  You would think that alone would keep me on the straight and narrow but it doesn't!  I just don't learn.

Glad to hear that things are going well for everyone else.  I am looking forward to our new challenge.  I am going to make it my goal to stop binging on the when ever a holiday comes around.  If I go off for a meal, that I pick up and get back on track instead of thinking... well I blew it, I will get back on track tomorrow and then eat everything in sight.


Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? May 04 2011
17:28 (UTC)

Welcome new people!  Hi Kara, Mike, Winelvr, and Syndpa!

Sorry it has been so long since I have checked in.  I had been training for a race so was working out 6 or 7 days a week... then got a horrible sinus infection that and all the kids events the past two weeks plus 2 Easter dinners been too crazy to be on the computer or make it to the gym!

Replies since my last post:

Kara- working out 6 times a week and sticking to calories just means that you are toning up, gaining muscle, and burning fat.. way to go!  And you look great in your new pics!

Mike- I know how you feel.  I had to take time off from the gym because of my sinus infection.  Hope your shoulder is feeling better! And congrats on making your goal with three weeks to go!

Sydpa- I'm in with continuing!  My goal weight of 135 is alluding me!  I have been bouncing between 138 and 142 for about 4 weeks or more.  Plus I am going to continue down to 130 to support my son who has started doing Weight Watchers with me . 

Be back Friday for our weigh in!  Have a great week! 

Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? Apr 10 2011
18:54 (UTC)

mterraciano and sydpa-  Congrats on your clothes being too big and having to cinch in another belt loop... that is always a great feeling!  It says more then the number on the scale and how much you have lost!  And how wonderful it is going to be on your sunny vacations to wear your new smaller clothes!  And in regards to the treats at the games... you ate in moderation and it was just a one time event.  You can't give up treats forever, you just need to incorporate them in moderation, like you did!

Winelvr- At least you kept your workouts- that is really important for keeping up your metabolism!  And it's hard to keep to plan when your kids are out on Spring Break!  I am so glad they are going back to school tomorrow... it will really help me keep to my plan!

Kara- I am struggling with the last pounds as well!  I keep jumping between 138- and 142! So close, yet so far away!!! 

I have really increased my exercising the last 2 weeks to 5 or 6 times a week. I have been preparing for a Bloomsday race of 7.5 miles.  So I have been doing the Elliptical, had 2 personal training sessions, done TRX classes and gone for walks.  Although it doesn't show on the scale, I am very proud of myself!

I also just joined Weight Watchers, I am already a Lifetime Member... going to use their new program (which focus on real life eating, eating in moderation, and eating filling foods) to transition in to a maintenance program when I do hit goal.  Maintenance is the hardest part of all my weight lose journeys!

  • Starting 162
  • CW 141 (darn Spring Break and my mini-vacation!) up 3 pounds
  • LW 138
  • Goal (135 and then might re-evaluate to 130).
  • For more weeks to go!
Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? Apr 01 2011
17:12 (UTC)

Congrats Sydpa97!  This is cool that they ran your success story!  And it will motivation tons of people here on CC!!!!

And Way to Go Mike!  The feeling of people noticing your hard work and your too small clothing fitting is just priceless!  It's those moments that are true a of our success and inspire us to continue on our weightloss journey!  Plus another 4 pounds... way to go!!!

I hope you are feeling better Kara!  It's so hard to keep up with things when you are not feeling well, but you are doing it!  So proud of you!

After I don't know how many weeks of a plateau, I finally broke through today!  So happy not to see the number 139 this morning when I climbed on the scale!  I have worked really hard this week.  I have worked out every day since Sunday and for all but one day... really stuck to my eating plan!

SW 161

GW 135-130 (trying to make it to 135 and the figure out if I want to continue on to 130)

CW 138... 3 pounds to my first goal.  Really wanted to do it by tomorrow because it was a goal date that I had set but that is ok.  I will just continue on when I get back from my mini-vacation.

Total Loss= 23 lbs.

5 more weeks... Keep up the good work everyone!!!

Weight Loss I Need A Buddy! Mar 31 2011
01:32 (UTC)

I haven't been eating peanut butter this time around but ate Adam's Stir Peanut butter on Weight Watchers Core plan.  And I lost weight ... and I had it almost every morning!  I put mine on either half a thin whole wheat bagel, half a Whole wheat English Muffin,or on a slice of whole wheat bread (I really liked the Double Fibre bread).  Their is suppose to be a great peanut butter to order but I have never tried it.  It's  People on this site highly recommend it.

Sounds like you are doing wonderful. One wine night after doing well for 6 days won't kill ya.  Good strategy about walking over there to get a calorie burn in first.  Just make sure you are safe walking after dark!

For breakfast I love Bran Flakes with raisins or 1/2 a banana on top and ff milk (sometimes a little artifical sweetner on top), it sounds weird but I also like a piece of ww toast with a slice of American Cheese melted on it.

Enjoy your week!

Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? Mar 27 2011
20:40 (UTC)
Original Post by sydpa97:

Original Post by winelvr:

keep up the great job everyone!! Only 6 weeks left!!!!

 That sixth week is not going to reflect well for me...doing an Orlando/Daytona vacation with the family over that week...I'll be suffering thinking about missing that last weigh in... ;-)


 Just make your last weigh in 5 weeks instead.  That way you can enjoy your vacation without thinking about missing the last weigh-in! 

Kara- I am so sorry that you have been so sick... Bronochitis will kick your butt!  And it takes a long time to overcome.  My husband has been battling his for about a month but is finally getting a lot better.  Although he still has some of the cough.

Keep up the good work everyone!  I am going to a waterpark for Spring Break, so am hoping I will lose the last 4 to make it to goal by Saturday!  Will let you know on Friday how it is going!

Weight Loss I Need A Buddy! Mar 27 2011
20:32 (UTC)

Crazydreamer-  Oh no, at my age I will not be rocking the Bikini but do plan on rocking the I am so happy for you and your 148!  It's a great feeling!!!       I do think that I gained a lot of my weight on Mikes Hard Limeade (super sized containers from Costco) last year!  It didn't taste like alcohol and were very refreshing when sitting out in the hot sun.  After I gained a lot of weight, finally looked at the calorie count on them... and almost fainted!!!! 

Kmstearns-  Congrats on the 156 and getting out toexercise daily (and the dog is thanking you as well!  I am sure it's his highlight of the day  :)  That requires great commitment to do it daily and is probably fantastic for maintaining the metabolism!

I am having a good weekend!  Been doing really well sticking to my eating plan except for last night.  For dinner I had a slice of cheese pizza that had more cheese on it then I have had had before.  You should have seen how heavy the pizza was!  We were at a pizza place and I avoided the cheese sticks, chips and Salsa, and the alcohol!  I was the same weight today so was happy about that.

I have 6 days until the Water Park... so I am hoping to lose 4 pounds this week to make it to my goal!  Going to workout every day this week.  I am determined to make it.  I missed my first goal date which was March 1st.  So would love to hit it this time.

Health & Support I am recovering...but...going to the other extreme? please help Mar 27 2011
18:20 (UTC)

You are doing well!  Having a day like that every once and and while is totally fine.  You are looking great (your profile picture).  I know covering from anorecia is hard and really scary!  But you really do look much prettier with the added weight! 

If you are hungry every hour, just make healthy choices and eat something every hour if your body is telling you that it needs it, this will stop the getting too hungry and binging all at once!  Proteins and high fiber foods will keep you satisfied longer. 

Keep up the good work!  I am proud of you for overcoming your ED!!!!!

Weight Loss I Need A Buddy! Mar 26 2011
12:39 (UTC)

Crazydreamer-  I so know how you feel!  I did the same with 140s. Today I finally dropped back down into the 130s (139).  Many things can cause you to jump up.  Water retention (either from to much sodium or that time of month), increase of muscle mass, constipation, or a scale who is just messing with ya ;)  Just hang in there and it will all work out!

Kmsterns-  I, too, haven't been able to get the scale to go down for over a week or two but my clothes are fitting a lot looser.  Had troubles keeping my pants up today.  It's so hard... that alone should be all that matters but unfortunately we have all been trained to watch the numbers on the scale.

Have a mini trip planned next weekend to an inside water park, so hoping the scale is good to me this week.  It is my first outing in a swimsuit since last summer. But no matter what, I am down 22 lbs since then, so it will be great no matter what.

Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? Mar 25 2011
16:04 (UTC)

Mike-  Don't get discouraged!  I watch the biggest loser every week and if someone has a big loss one week it's almost a guarantee that the next week will be a smaller loss.  But I know it is still discouraging when you work so hard, and you don't get the payoff you are expecting!  Just keep up the good work!

Sydpa07-  Good job on the 2 pounds lost!  And especially on being able to lift more this week... it's nice to have something that sounds that you are getting healthier and stronger!

Kara- Five pounds!  Way to represent the girls!!!  I am especially proud of you getting out there and running! I am not a runner, so really envy you being able to do that!

Winelvr- Welcome back! We missed you!  Hope you had an excellent week!  and yes the boys are kicking our butts! 

I am getting that from home, too. I have been dieting since Octoberish and in one month my husband has almost matched my 23 pounds lost since Oct.  It's very discouraging!  Not to mention I am still 140!  Can't seem to budge the scale!  On the positive, I had a good week and again this week I am super sore from TRX! Last week, it was the lower body and this week it is mostly my upper body and in particular my arms. 


Weight Loss I Need A Buddy! Mar 25 2011
06:09 (UTC)

Crazydreamer-  Congrats on the huge success at the party and on keeping so busy during the weekend!  And that is great news that your mom is doing so well, too!

I am stuck at 141.  Which is up 2 from my low a couple weeks ago.  I am doing pretty well this week but it was really hard since I have really been craving stuff.  I had some great workout, mostly on the Elliptical.  But also did a TRX class.

Not looking forward to the weekend.  That is an even more challenging time for me.  But have a mini trip coming up on April 2 so I would like to make it to goal by then.  (I am 6 lbs from it.)

Weight Loss Anyone interested in doing a weekly biggest loser??? Mar 18 2011
05:31 (UTC)

Bummer, weighed today and was up 2 pounds!  Hopefully it drops off as quickly as it came on!

Sw 161

Lw 138

cw 141... up 2 from last friday :(

Weight Loss I Need A Buddy! Mar 17 2011
06:10 (UTC)

Lol... regarding the allergy medicine.  Totally made me smile :)

I have several cups with lids that I take.  I, too, am always the DD so no one ever questions it.   Have fun!  Post and let us know how it goes.  If it helps you feel more comfortable and open up to hold conversations, have 1 drink when you first get there (like a vodka and water with lemon and limes)  and then drink your tea the rest of the time.  As you can tell by my Profile name... I have no troubles talking anywhere!  lol