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Fitness Anyone else doing C25K? Jul 10 2011
18:07 (UTC)

My advice is to not look at the upcoming workouts until you have your running shoes on and are out the door. Its easy to talk ourselves out of something if it seems unreachable. For example, when week 4 comes along people are probably looking at it saying " there is no way I can do that" and then when week four comes along they stop making time for the program.

Do not get ahead of yourself, take it one day at a time, and one step in front of the other, you can finish the whole program. There is no reason to ever stop halfway through other than talking yourself out of it.


Fitness half marathon tips? Jul 10 2011
18:03 (UTC)

Are you going to include walking intervals in this program or are you just going to run the distance indicated on the training schedule???

Weight Loss negative spouses or family? - how to respond? Jul 10 2011
17:58 (UTC)

When I gained weight, I blamed it on my boyfriend. I told him it was because he ate terribly, never did anything with me etc etc. But now I'm starting to relaize that it's never anyone elses fault but your own. Sure your family and friends have an impact on your lifestyle, but there's always the choice to change it.

And for him to say anything about you eating snacks at night, he is looking for something that will make him feel better. He is trying to blame you and point out your faults rather than look at his own. Its easier that way. I would never feel bad about eating what you want to eat when you want to eat them! As long as you are eating healthy and losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight he has no right to make you feel guilty. Your actions will show him more than words will I think. Even if you are eating ice cream in front of the TV at 9 PM, although it might look bad (I do it all the time), its still in my calorie allowance and I'm still losing weight.....

Show him that you support him by trying to make small changes that include him. Ask him to go for a walk with you, and if he doesnt want to go, go by yourself anyway. Show him that you are committed to helping him live a healthy lifestyle with you. I dont think there is much you can say to change his terrbile attitude except show him with your actions that he is being over dramatic and looking for an easy out for his weight gain issue.

Fitness I want to gain height :( Jul 09 2011
04:37 (UTC)
Original Post by carmenxox:

I'm 5'2, my boyfriend is 6'2.. we get along fine. 

 Same, 5'2 and 6'4 hahaha

Fitness Vibram FiveFinger Activities Jul 06 2011
00:44 (UTC)

I have the FiveFingers Sprint. I like that they have good support and are flexible without feeling too thick.

Fitness Condense C25K? Jul 06 2011
00:25 (UTC)
Original Post by omgness:

Would it be okay to condense C25K by not doing it weekly and instead just running every other day (taking the extra recovery day/week out)?


As long as you feel ok, then do it. When I did C25K the first time, I did it 5 times a week, Mon-Fri and took Sat/ Sun off.


Fitness Taking a break from C25K? Jul 06 2011
00:22 (UTC)

I don't think you will be able to start from where you left off. Even if you try, you might end up hurting yourself..

Look into the Reversibility Principle when it comes to physical fitness. Even though you do need time for recovery, an extended period like three weeks is a lot longer than a rest and recovery period but maybe not long enough to put you all the way back to Week 1.

I would try a trial run when you get back, timing your run intervals, finding out what interval time is comfortable for you, uncomfortable, etc. Maybe beginning of week 3?

Fitness Vibram FiveFinger Activities Jul 06 2011
00:14 (UTC)

I wasn't sure about them when I bought them, but I'm glad I did. They did take a while to get used to though. I run in them and got blisters the first two times from the straps being too tight.

Now that I've used them a couple times they seem to be forming to my feet better and yes, stretching a bit. They are definatly not as stiff and uncomfortable as when I first tried them on in the store. (MEC)

Fitness Exercises to do in the kitchen Apr 26 2011
23:30 (UTC)
Original Post by mrsjmcd:

overhead shoulder presses with soup cans

* nods*

side lunges too

Fitness Standing? Apr 26 2011
23:29 (UTC)

Standing does burn more calories than sitting but if you are standing at your computer and your computer is at a desk level, you are going to strain your back..

Unless your computer is at a higher level, in that case I would probably stand more than I would sit.

Another suggestion would be to look at using an excersise ball instead of a computer chair, its generally better for posture and your back

Fitness Video games & calorie-burning Apr 22 2011
18:25 (UTC)
Original Post by fai1:

Actually, I suspect that it might burn slightly more calories than reading a book because not only is your brain engaged, but your muscles are engaged as you tense up during stressful moments (as in sniper games like Call of Duty) and your hands are constantly moving to execute commands in computer games. Not the same thing as placidly reading a book, unless maybe a really suspenseful one.  :D

As for the nasty comment? Dunno, think it might have been removed?

 I honestly think that if you have to count calories for playing a video-game, you are not doing enough actual physical activity.

As for your brain being engaged making you burn more calories, this might be true but the calories would be so insignificant that you might as well get up and go for a walk.

Fitness When am I no longer a "non-runner"? Apr 20 2011
23:51 (UTC)
Original Post by restless_girl:

When I think of "runners" I think of the snobby looking men and women that run around the streets in their nike gear and .... the ones that keep on jogging on the spot when they get stuck at lights, checking their watches or HRM, as if they stopped moving their world would implode.
So, I don't consider myself a runner.

 This is hilarious hahahah and so true...

Fitness Question about swimming Apr 16 2011
20:43 (UTC)

Im wondering how the article explained swimming not being a good excercise for weight loss?

Isnt any physical activity effective for weight loss? 

Weight Loss Is it okay to have pop-tarts Apr 15 2011
02:57 (UTC)

Do you really love poptarts that much or were they on sale?

Fitness Warrior Dash in 3 days!!! Apr 15 2011
02:50 (UTC)
Original Post by mjsophia:

Yeah Jenelle!  From my race training, the last two days before an even are "rest days". Save your energy, because you'll need it!


 Agreed, REST, dont run!

Fitness runners...advice please Apr 15 2011
02:49 (UTC)

So before my first 5K race.. I ran a trial 5K twice. The rest of the time I would run 1 mile, because thats all I really felt like doing. Especially the days where I didn't want to run at all I would tell myself.. "1 mile, thats it, then you can be done"

And I feel like that was good enough preparation for my 5 K and you might too. What I did was try and improve my 1 mile time and I think that, in turn, really helped my 5K. I ran it in 29:28 when my goal was better than 40 minutes!

I think you just need to keep at it, one mile, two miles or three.. even one is better than nothing right?

Also, do you run inside or outside? Because if you are running inside on the treadmill your time will probably be better than your treadmill time. So try running outside and see how much better you time can be, that might motivate you a bit more.

Good luck!

Weight Loss Confused at calories! Feb 07 2011
02:53 (UTC)
Original Post by hollisterchick11:

Original Post by charleneraymond:

You need to eat more. Like 2000 in total minimally..... You have a BMR of 1521. And because you excercise and are active you burn more... So 1500-1800 is not enough for you.

This week i barely did any working out.  I only really did it one day.  So I ate enough calories.  Just pretty much 30 min. of walking a day.

 You need to take the advice of the people that are trying to help you out. Im reading your other posts and threads and you are NOT eating enough.. You keep posting about the same things, cant stop binging on weekends, not losing the weight you want, but you will KEEP posting the same threads if you dont listen to the advice everyone is trying to give you. libbymae sums it up in this post:

"Its probably because you are 5'8 and your body does NOT want to weight 115 pounds (your goal I believe?) That would put you at a BMI of 17.5 which is UNDERWEIGHT.

From reading your posts you are around 135 pounds, which is PERFECT. Do NOT try to lose weight! It will only mess up your metabolism, which would be stupid because you are already at a healthy weight. You BMI as it stands is 20.5 which is on the THIN side of healthy weights. 

PLUS, "I workout 6 days a week. Do about 30-45 minutes of cardio and 20-15 min. of weights. (usually machine weights....shoulders one day, biceps annd triceps the next)"

^ This would also be the reason why on the weekends you eat more. Its because you are supposed to eat 1500 SEDENTARY and from the above post that I found, you are defiantly NOT sedentary. Based on a more accurate and healthy calculator, with your exercise (about an hour a day) you need at LEAST 2500.

PLEASE read this over and take my advice."

Weight Loss Confused at calories! Feb 07 2011
01:59 (UTC)

You need to eat more. Like 2000 in total minimally..... You have a BMR of 1521. And because you excercise and are active you burn more... So 1500-1800 is not enough for you.

Weight Loss Burn Meter Feb 07 2011
01:41 (UTC)

Your number will be calculated based on gender, age, height and weight, and activity level. It will tell you the amount of calories you "burn" in a day based on these variables.