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Motivation 140/130 club Mar 23 2009
15:03 (UTC)

you weird freaks and your "cold" 70* weather, LOL.  And to think all was so excited to see 50*.

Ann~ good luck with your goal, I'd be supper happy to get to 140 again....starting to think 130's will not be in the cards for me.  I'm the runner of the group, plan on running 2 full marathons this year.

Karey~ I did get my 18 mile run in, wasn't bad.  There was a lot of icy patches that really stunk, but I made it threw without falling.  Hope you like your room better after you finished your painting.  I would love to lose about 7-10 pounds, you would think running would have helped but for whatever reason I'm not losing it.  I'm hoping that adding biking and strength training will help, just really frustrating.  I don't want to go on a strict diet since I'm in my peek mileage right now, maybe in May/June I will watch my food super close since I'll be in between training.

Sherry~ yucky about TTOM....mine was getting close to every 20 days, now it's back closer to 28.  I think your IUD might be part of it, and then just hormones the other part.  I think at certian ages our hormones shift and throw us for a loop.

I did got my 18 mile run in on sat. felt pretty good about it.  Next week I'll run a 20-22 miler, I think it will be my final big run before I start tapering.  I was hoping to hit 20+ miles twice (or even 3 times) but I won't be able to fit another one in.  Though I might get some extra exercise in this week.  The Red river is going to flood this week so everyone is out sandbagging.  Personally we shouldn't get any flodding in our neighborhood.....I'm sure we'll make national news this week.  Especially since they are talking snow by the end of the week again (it's April 1997 all over again, UGH).

Games & Challenges Roll Call!! March 2009 Exercise Challenge Mar 22 2009
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Motivation 140/130 club Mar 20 2009
14:13 (UTC)

Karey~ I'm hoping the gym memebership keeps me motivated AND helps me lose some of this darn weight.  You know a run might actually help losing those brick leg up, lol.   I can still feel some soreness in my arms today, so I really did a good workout the other day.  For your walls, could you use a neutral tanish color and do a wash over the top?  I did that in my bedroom with a nice tan and baby blue.

Ann~ welcome to the group!!

Sherry~ YAY!!!  WTG on getting some exercise in the last couple days and eating good.

Well I got a super small crew today so I'll be hitting the gym at nap time today, going to do 30 min on the bike and legs.  Might also throw the elliptical in there for a while too.  Tomorrow I'm running 18 miles, at least the weather is a lot warmer :)

Motivation 140/130 club Mar 19 2009
13:57 (UTC)

Joan~ yeah on passing up the chocolate cake.  I know sugar can be a real problem for me too.  If I keep my carbs under 50% of my daily intake I don't crave sugar as much.  I've been running about a year and a half now, boy what I've learned in that time about myself and what I can do.

Karey~ I tend to stop counting calories when I get really frustrated with myself.  I tend to maintain when I do that so I know I've been on the right track and know what/how much to eat.  Granted I can't seem to get my weight to go down no matter what I do lately.

Sherry~ sounds like you were one busy woman over the weekend.  The rooms look really nice, I have painted most of our house, just a few rooms left (hallway and kids bathroom).  I've been sitting on the paint forever now.  The kids bathroom I'll spend 4-5 hours taping and 30 min painting, lol.  For the hallway I'm going to need latters and scafolding or something (open entryway in a 2-story house).

I did get the gym mebership, signed up for 12 months and got 15.  Yesterday I went and did 30 minutes on the bike and then spent about 30-45 min doing a killer arm workout.  Today I ran 7 miles so not going to do anything else.  Tomorrow I will go back and do another 30 min on the bike and a leg workout.  Though I won't make it a killer workout, they get bet up enough the rest of the week.  Hopefully I can get my butt out of bed next week, my crew has been small this week so I've gone at nap time.

Games & Challenges Roll Call!! March 2009 Exercise Challenge Mar 18 2009
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Motivation 140/130 club Mar 16 2009
14:29 (UTC)

Sherry~ you know the exercise is key, just gotta make yourself do it, you have enough time to really kick yourself into high gear  and you will see some good numbers not just on the scale but in the blood work too.

Joan~ maybe you need to look into a different type of anti-depressant, I know the first 2 kinds I was on didn't help me at all.  Plus some of them do a better job of helping to inhibit appetite. 

Karey~ :P to your 80* weather, lol.  Granted I LOVED my Saturday morning run, it was about 25* when I started, PERFECT!!!!

My daughter had a blast at her dance competition this weekend.  Her group got gold, I think it should havbe been high gold (but I'm mom).  I did a ton of shoping (over 5 hours of walking and shoping) and did get my 7 mile run in Sat morning along with some swimming in the pool.  Food on the otherhand was ok, and we won't talk about drinking until 5am, opps.  The weather all weekend was nice and warm, we were able to run around with just sweatshirts Fri/Sat and just shirt's Sunday.  The temps were in the 40-50's, beautiful for us, lol.  The snow is starting to melt, tho it's going to take a long time for all the snow to melt. 

Well this week will be interesting for running, I woke up this morning with my nose all stuffed up.  But I can't really take any time off, darn training.

Motivation 140/130 club Mar 11 2009
16:17 (UTC)

We're digging out from a bad blizzard that hit us the last 2 days.  Now back into the really cold tempatures.....again.  Would love to be able to use that as my reason that I haven't worked out this week, but I have a treadmill and an elliptical.  Tomorrow I have to get myself back on track, there was no school yesterday and today.  I guess I made it through half of my training before my first slacking week and this is an easy week, I'm just making it a "recovery" week instead, lol.

Hope everyone is staying warm.  They are forecasting -20* for temps tonight, and then there's the wind, YUCK!!!!  I'm starting to wonder why I live here????????

Motivation 140/130 club Mar 05 2009
16:07 (UTC)

Karey~ that one is super cute, and really flatering of your figure, and I think it would work great both places.  And if you feel great in it...perfect!!  I shouldn't be in starvation mode because I'm burning 1700 on non-workout days, and 2000-2400 on an avg workout day and 3500+ on my long runs.  I have a 100-600 deficit most days (so eating 1500-2100).  Hopefully the change up of extra strength training at the gym and spending time on the bike should hopefully help.

Did a 6.1 mile tempo run today.  It was so nice outside, temps were right around 30* with just a little bit more of a breeze then I'd like.  30* is about perfect for running, I don't end up getting over heated.  I know you south bound people are still popcyles at that temp, lol, but it was 50* warmer today running then it was on Saturday.  Tomorrow I'm going to get up to the gym and do the bike for 30 min and do arms for 30 min too.

Games & Challenges Roll Call!! March 2009 Exercise Challenge Mar 05 2009
15:35 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Roll Call!! March 2009 Exercise Challenge Mar 04 2009
22:12 (UTC)

sign me up for the 1500, I can do that


Motivation i ran, for two miles... straight!!! :D Mar 04 2009
22:05 (UTC)

That's awesome.....everyone starts at the beginning, we all had to learn to walk, and we need to learn how to run. Go ahead and gloat and enjoy that accomplishment, you are going to need to re-live that feeling when you are at mile 2.9 of that first 5k.  Keep it up, now that you have the running itch you will just keep going.  I have a running addiction.....let me tell you my story, LOL.

If 18 months ago you would have told me I was going to be running marathons and triathlons I would have told you, you were nuts and that I couldn't run 1/2 a block.  But last year I ran 2 half marathons and 1 full marathon.  This year I plan to run 2 full marathins, 2 half marathons, and hopefully 2 sprint triathlons.  Don't see my self breaking into ultra's or anything but you never know, I'm not going to say it won't happen, just not in the next 6 months. 

Motivation 140/130 club Mar 04 2009
21:53 (UTC)

Karey~ first impressions on the dresses....the all black one screams elegant black tie event and it is very flatering of your figure.  The flower ones says "I'm on a cruise/beach and here to have fun," The black dress might be a little much for an outside Wedding and the flower one might be a little casual but probably more likely to wear else where.  Hope that helps.

Joan~ glad to hear they aren't to worried about your heart.  Yeah my father-in-law wasn't able to finish his stress test because of his ankle (he shattered it years ago), they need to come up with a bike stress test too for people with joint problems.  For you and lifting I'd say don't go to failure.....yeah that sounds good, be able to lift at a conversational pace.  LOL, that's what they tell runners for long run so we don't run too fast.  And I won't comment about running full out for 4 min, that's my yasso's.  Yeah on the job and apt front, sounds like an awesome place.

As for me, I have made it to the Gym 2 days in a row.  Yesterday I did my speed training on the treadmill (it was really windy) and then did 30 min of arms.  Today I did 30 min on the bike and then 30 min of legs and abs.  Tomorrow I'm not going to go to the gym since I go to the running store to log my miles for the day and earn free stuff.  Friday I will go back to the gym and do 30 min on the bike and arms.  It will be so much nicer when I can ride my real bike and not the hard seated one at the gym.  Now if my weight would just start going down, I have logged ALL of my calories for 8 of the last 9 days and according to what I've logged I should be losing weight but the scale isn't budging.....this is gettting really frustrating!!!!


Fitness Marathon Training - How many calories do I need? Mar 02 2009
14:27 (UTC)

I'm also training for a marathon in May.  This is what I have done since I too run 3-4 days a week.  I hope you have a marathon training program that you are following, if not go to Runnersworld (or another website) and get one.  Then you will know how many miles you will be running in a week and then can estimate how many calories you will burn from the runs.  It's a little time consuming but you can figure out about  how many calories you will burn throughout the week and then figure out how many calories to eat daily in order to have the weekly deficit of around 3500 calories for 1 pound of weight loss.  That way instead of eating say 1800 calories on a non-workout day and then like 4000 calories on Saturday because you had a long run.  I hope this makes sense to you.

BTW, what marathon are you planing on running?  I'm doing the Fargo Marathon May 9.

Motivation 140/130 club Mar 02 2009
02:48 (UTC)

Karey~hope that BC levels out soon for you, don't you just wish it was all on a string that you could just yank out when we don't need it, LOL.

I got 17.8 of my 18 mile run in yesterday, any other weekend I would have run the extra .2 miles but this weekend was another really hard run.  The temps were in the -20* to -30* range with windchill.  It just was not a fun run at all.  They are forecasting warmer weather starting this week (back into the 20's above) and I really hope it stays.  TTOM started today so hopefully that's part of the reason my weight has been up.  I'm also doing a better job of logging my food and keeping track of it...I did notice that my carbs have been on the higher side so going to work on that.  Tomorrow I have a 3 mile run, shouldn't be so bad and this week I start my extra speed training.

Motivation 140/130 club Feb 27 2009
15:33 (UTC)

Sherry~ WTG getting yourself back on track, keep up the good work.

Joan~ Hope that heart thing isn't anything too serious.  I've been getting my runs in throughout the week but nothing else.  I'm seriously thinking I'm going to have to join a gym.

I'm getting really frustrated.  This whole week (except for one day) I have eaten below my calorie burn, by at least 400 calories.  The other day I was just barely over.  But yet my weight is up, by like 3 pounds :(  I haven't done anything other then my running either, just have no motivation.  I'm going to the chiropractor today since I've been having issues with my back bothering me.  I'm seriously thinking I need to get a gym membership or something. 

This winter crap is really getting old too, we got about 5" of snow yesterday and we are back in the SUPER cold weather again (-40* windchill).  It's going to be like -11* for my 18 mile run tomorrow, and that the temp not windchill.  It's going to be a really long 3 hr to 3 1/4 hour run tomorrow.  I just want it to get nice enough to not have to have 3 layers of clothes on anymore.

Motivation 140/130 club Feb 19 2009
16:14 (UTC)

Joan~ candy is such an evil thing isn't it!!!  Your weight fluxuation has got to be a combo of hormone fluxuations with hydration fluxes, and maybe some sodium thrown in there too.  I know my weight can change a lot throughout the week.

Sherry~ YIKES that is one heck of a migraine!!!  I've get them from time to time but if I catch them right away they don't get to bad...but if I start to feel a headache coming on I have to take something right away otherwise the only thing that knocks it out is sleep.  If you have never had them before and are just starting to you may want to check in with your doctor.  You might be having some violent hormone shifts, last month I had a migraine from 3 days before my period until it was done.

I've done good for food and running all week.  I wanted to do some yoga yesterday afternoon but ended up getting my van in to the shop instead.  My daughter has dance compitetion Mar 13 and I have to drive about 900 miles that weekend.  Figure I have put off the brakes long enough and the service engine light was on too.  Only cost me $215, gotta love having my brother-in-law work there.

Ran my tempo run this morning and I ended up doing it faster then I was scheduled to.  makes me feel really good about my training.  I'm considering throughing in a couple triathlons into my summer.  I love to bike...swimming i don't do that much but as long as I do the biking and running well i'll be fine, right?  I'm really considering getting a gym membership...give me more options.  Tomorrow I will probably sleep ina dn then Saturday I run16 miles.

Motivation 140/130 club Feb 16 2009
01:21 (UTC)

Karey~evil food demons escaped.....I found them and re-hid them, lol.  Hopefully this time they stay locked away.

Jessica~ not exactly monopoly...more like little minatures and dungens and dragons.  I'm sure I will have fun, if nothing else it will give me an excuse to relax and sit in a hottub.  Glad you are getting youself into a schedule with your running. 

Joan~ glad your still around and really enjoying your job.  My fingers are crossed that it becomes perminant for you.  Say "hi" to Colleen from me.  Yeah on the new workout, a lot less time in the gym.

Sherry~hope you had a fun adult time for valentines day.  Chocolate covered strawberries....yummy!!!!

I went and got a food scale that gives nutritional information....hopefully that helps me out.  I really need to eat less and workout more.  I keep telling myself this will be the week, ugh.  I can tell I haven't been working out enough, I'm getting another cold.  The evil food demon got the best of me on Friday, to much damn candy and treats around and I could not establish a stand.  An then on Saturday we went to Target and when I bought the food scale I also bought a martini strainer and made a couple drinks that night....Appletinni....YUMMMY!!!!  But my hubby got me no candy or chocolate, yeah!!!  I actually got flowers it was the first time in several years.

Tomorrow I run 4 miles, Tue I'm going to run 2 miles to get ready for my yasso's I'll start in a couple weeks.  Wed I'm going to do Yoga, Thur I have my tempo run, Friday elliptical, Sat I run 16 miles, I can't believe I'm up this high on mileage already.  Won't be long and I'll  be running 20 miles.

Motivation 140/130 club Feb 10 2009
18:53 (UTC)

Karey~ I think I have a hold of the food demon and beat it into least for now, lol.  I think I was nominated for the hot tub because most of the other females are about 50 (or more) pounds over weight.  So this skinny thing and I are the ellected ones.  I'm not changing up anything to look better in the bikini, I have never had a flat stomach so I'm not going to try to get one now after 3 kids.  I figure most of the poeple at the convention are parents and most are slightly over weight so if I don't have the perfect body it won't be a big deal.  You need to allow yourself to induldge now and then it's what keeps us from going off the deep end.

I did a 7 mile run yesterday, the last 2 of them in rain and wind.  Today I didn't get my butt out of bed for cross training but I'm going to do my strength training in a little bit here.  Tomorrow I might go for a 2-3 mile run otherwise I'll do some cross training.  So far I've done pretty good at keeping the food in check.  Hopefully I can start losing some of my pudge around the middle soon.  It just ticks me off these poeple who think about losing weight and drop 5-10 pounds...I have to work at it,  stinks!!!  In the world of my children "why can't life be fair" LOL.

Motivation 140/130 club Feb 06 2009
16:59 (UTC)

Sherry~ that weight must be your bodies "happy place."  Your hair sounds like food, lol.  Exercise darn it.  I'm having the oposite problem...good exercise, bad food choices.

Karey~ WTG on the ice cream choice, and staying within your calories!!!

I will get myself back on track this weekend.  I'm afraid to even step on the scale.  I'm sure it's not horrible but I know it's up.  

Oh......the having to wear a 2-piece story.  Not sure if any of you are familiar with Science fiction conventions, known as Con's....anyways some of my friends are starting a new Con up here known as Core Con.  It will be the first weekend in April.  I'm on the board you could say and one of the guys stated that in the one gaming room there will be a hot tub.  A gaming room is a room where there are a bunch of board type games that people can bring in and play in a large group.  Anyways it was brought up that there should be "hot chicks" in bikini's sitting in the hot tub.  Well I was volunteered as one of those hot chicks, so know I need to get into 2-piece bathing suit shape.

Tomorrow I have a 14 mile run, no other major plans.  Will be getting groceries from the grocery store and not Wal Mart this week so I will be able to buy a bunch of produce.  I just have to put together a meal plan for the week and stick to it.  Between that and logging my food again hopefully I can get back on track this week. 

Have a fun weekend ladies and stick to the plan!!

Motivation 140/130 club Feb 05 2009
19:29 (UTC)

Sherry~ different type of cold, you make me laugh.  I think there is only two types of cold....cold and F-ing cold, LMAO.  You will feel better if you get your ass moving so do it damn it!!!!!  Put yourself a schedule together already and just make yourself do it.

Jessica~ glad you like the website.  I'm actually using there training plan over the one I paid for for my training class.  But with the training class I get classroom seasons and weekly group runs.  If your run isn't until Oct. you got plenty of time but it'll be a lot easier if you get your "base" miles up there.  There is a reason most of the people who win marathons are in their mid/late 30' takes time to get the base miles you need to train right.

As for me....haven't done the best on eating.  This week I have gotten my runs in but not my cross training or my strength training.  I have been so tired and then my monthly "friend" came as well.  Next week is a mileage drop week so hopefully I get myself back on par then.  They are talking warmer temps for us...yeah upper 20's and 30's.  I'm so ready for bad it's still several months away for us but at least the consistant colder temps should be done *fingers crossed.*