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Foods What did YOU eat today? Feb 24 2012
18:42 (UTC)

BREAKFAST: quaker weight control banana bread oatmeal, banana, small coffee.

SNACK: peanut butter and chocolate fiber one bar, strawberry cheesecake yogurt.

LUNCH: 2 cabbage rolls stuffed with brown rice, mushrooms, tomatoes, okra, red onion, and a thin layer of cream cheese, topped with tomato soup and a sprinkle of melted cheddar, a side of steamed broccoli and carrots.

SNACK:  cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

DiNNER:  ...undecided.

Foods Accidentally Vegetarian? Feb 24 2012
17:44 (UTC)

your body is no longer accustomed to breaking down and processing meat products.  red meat is much harder for your body to digest than poultry and seafood anyway.  there is nothing wrong with skipping out on "meat" and opting for seafood.  it's a healthier alternative most of the time, as long as it isn't fried.

if you WANT to eat meat, you have to gradually add it back into your diet.

Foods What did YOU eat today? Feb 22 2012
21:19 (UTC)

BREAKFAST: quaker weight control oatmeal (maple), banana, water

LUNCH: hormel cheese and spinach ravioli compleat meal, green giant just for one steamed broccoli and carrots, water

SNACK: grape tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, and yoplait strawberry cheesecake yogurt, water

DINNER: cabbage rolls stuffed with brown rice, tomatoes, and cheese with roasted asparagus, and tossed salad, milk

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Spring 2011 Sep 13 2010
18:56 (UTC)

hey ladies! sorry i haven't checked in much, but i've been spending the majority of my time on =)

i had a little nausea this morning when i smelled the coffee i brewed for my hubby, but i managed not to url. 

i'm also still extremely hungry and i slept most of the weekend away.  seems like soon after i wake up, i'm ready for a nap again.  my boobs are still really sore, and i'm peeing LOTS. 

i am thinking of all of you! 

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Spring 2011 Sep 09 2010
16:01 (UTC)

the problem i'm having is not eating too much, but not being hungry enough i guess.  i eat 3 meals a day with a snack or two.  last night, i fell asleep before dinner and didn't get up until this morning.

i'm having the hardest time staying awake.  i can barely make it through the work day, and i'm dragging when i get home.  i fall asleep on the couch every night before 9:00, and sleep until 6:00 in the morning. 

my house is a disaster.

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Spring 2011 Sep 08 2010
17:37 (UTC)

congrats, sam.  [my name is samantha too] Cool

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Spring 2011 Sep 07 2010
15:48 (UTC)

thanks for all of the congrats!

the only symptoms i have are being VERY sleepy very early in the evening, tender breasts that throb and throb even when not moving at all, EXTREME backache, and LOTS and lots of peeing profusely...especially in the middle of the night.

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Spring 2011 Sep 07 2010
14:34 (UTC)

yes, apparently, we have the same name, as this caused a HUGE ordeal about a year ago which caused me to stop posting in any of the forums.  i was accused of stealing her name, however it was just a pure coincidence, as one of my friends actually called another girl this once in front of me, making a fat joke towards her. 

sorry for the confusion.

Pregnancy & Parenting What's your favorite name? Sep 06 2010
19:34 (UTC)

my daughter's name is Isabella Skye and we call her Izzy Skye, or Bella Skye, or Bella, or Izzy....

i just found out my eggo is preggo, and we're probably going to go with Marley or Marli for baby #2.  Middle names are London, Reign, Asher....

those are all unisex names.

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Spring 2011 Sep 06 2010
19:17 (UTC)

i have to admit that about two weeks ago, i read all the posts here and was a TAD bit jealous because my hubby and i weren't exactly "trying" but we weren't exactly NOT trying either...and he would say everyday "i bet my baby is in there.." so we were just on the "wait and see" cycle...

i tested two weeks ago because i just FELT preggo, but it was negative, and i was a little bummed, but pretended it didn't bother me.  leonard (what i call my monthly friend) was due around the 3-5th of the month and had not peeked his little red head, and i've had other symptoms like being tired before 5:00 in the afternoon after getting a whole 8-9 hours sleep, going to the bathroom all day and night, being hungry soon after finishing meals, and the very VERY tender/achey breasts, so i decided i'd go get a test from the dollar tree today...

i got two.

baby maldonado #2 is on its way!  i calculated the due date and it's about may 12th.  yipppeeee!

Pregnancy & Parenting Moms, what's your favorite thing to do JUST FOR YOU when you have 30 min. to yourself? Sep 06 2010
19:12 (UTC)
2 a book.

The Lounge Things People Used to Tease You About But They Would Kill For Now... Sep 04 2010
14:51 (UTC)

i was always the "average" looking girl in school.  i never wore make-up, never wore dresses or skirts, i wasn't obsessed with the way my hair looked and i didn't carry a brush around in my back pocket.  i also wasn't stick-skinny and had a pretty thick figure, so that i was named "cornbread" in middle school.  people would tease me and say i was fat, i was ugly,  i needed to wear make-up (because, obviously that was THE thing to do). 

i'm 26 years old now, and the things i hear all the time are, "you have the best shape", "i wish i could get away with NOT wearing make-up and still being beautiful", "i wish i could pull off your style." 

not to mention that all those girls who were stick skinny are almost all overweight now, and they all married their high school sweethearts, guys we grew up with from the sandbox days, and i changed high schools sophomore year, and married MY high school sweetheart who is MUCH better looking than any of their spouses, and that's the last but, NOT least thing they say "your husband is gorgeous and your daughter is beautiful." 


The Lounge Best excuse for getting off the phone Sep 03 2010
20:52 (UTC)

not true.  some of my friends are so close that they'd say..."your phone is cellular, you can take me with you."

The Lounge Go Gators....In perpetuity Sep 03 2010
20:49 (UTC)
Original Post by moonikins:

Original Post by cellulitedelite:

i'm a clemson fan, and we aren't ranked in the top 25 in any of the preseason rankings, HOWEVER, we ARE ranked higher than south carolina gamecocks...which is all most of us clemson fans REALLY care about.

my blood runneth orange.

 You just like the gamecocks because of their name. ;)

 CORRECTION: i DON'T like the gamecocks....AT ALL.  they are our biggest rival. [i'd rather call them the shamecocks, lamecocks, or jail birds...since they're notorious for someone getting locked up every season..]

The Lounge Go Gators....In perpetuity Sep 03 2010
15:07 (UTC)

i'm a clemson fan, and we aren't ranked in the top 25 in any of the preseason rankings, HOWEVER, we ARE ranked higher than south carolina gamecocks...which is all most of us clemson fans REALLY care about.

my blood runneth orange. Laughing

The Lounge I frickin' love college football Sep 03 2010
14:58 (UTC)

Yell  GO TiGERS!  [CLEMSON, THAT iS!]  Yell  

The Lounge What's your Style? Sep 03 2010
14:13 (UTC)
Original Post by kbella24:

I'm a casual type.  When I'm not at work, I am almost always in jeans and sneakers with a fitted top. I have a severe obsession with sneakers and own many pairs in many different colors.  I don't really wear jewelry, with the exception of my wedding band. 

When I have to be more formal, I'll wear some nice pants with a nice top, and sometimes I'll rock a cute dress or skirt.  If I have to wear nice shoes, they are always flats because I don't wear heels (already 5'10" and I have bad balance and weak ankles). 


 i thought this was ME for a second.  same exact style.  i collect sneakers, so i almost ALWAYS have on a different pair of sneaks, skinny jeans, and a cute t-shirt (slim-fitting).  my favorite shirt collection is from local celebrity.  they have CLASSICS.  occasionally i'll rock a cute skirt, but it's always a mini, and always denim.  i do have a pair of rainbows that i adore as well. 

let's just say that when i pick up my daughter from kindergarten, most people assume i'm her older sister or the babysitter.  i don't know if that's good or bad...either way, it's MY style.

The Lounge why i don't have kids Sep 02 2010
22:50 (UTC)

if you have disciplined your child, why do you NEED a leash?  i have a 6 year old, and i've never had to LEASH her.  if children are young and you feel the need to use a leash, then they need to be carried, strollered [i think i made that word up], or hand-held. 

Fitness September Fitness Group- CLOSED Sep 01 2010
14:44 (UTC)

YAY.  i did it!  last night, i drug my 5 year old out of the house after dinner, and we walked and ran for a good 30 minutes.  it was nice and enjoyable, and my legs are a teeny weeny bit sore from the hills we climbed.  round two tonight!

Motivation MISSION POSSIBLE; September CHALLENGE! Aug 31 2010
21:21 (UTC)

START WEIGHT; 8/31: 140 lbs.