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Weight Loss I have a question about hydration. Aug 05 2013
21:55 (UTC)

I suppose you can count it but I would caution that you pay VERY close attention to the nutrition facts.  Crystal Light is one of the worst offenders of misleading their consumers as far as serving sizes are concerned.

If you use those small tube-shaped packets that are perfect for pouring into a bottle of water, you will see them proudly display that it is only 5 calories per serving .... but if you look at the serving size you will see that the packet is considered 2.5 servings.  I guess Crystal Light expects people to measure divide the packets in half?? So now what you thought was 5 calories is really 12.  Not a big deal, unless you are drinking crystal light all day then those hidden calories really add up.  Pre-mixed crystal light drinks are the same way - it says 5 calories but its actually 10 because each tiny bottle is considered two servings.

If you have to have Crystal Light then I guess its better than nothing.  But if you can allow yourself to adjust to plain water or water with lemon you will be better off in the long run and be able to save your calories for real food.

Weight Loss late eating is killing me Jul 12 2013
18:18 (UTC)


I'm going to take a chance and assume you don't understand this:  THE GOAL IS NOT TO HAVE 0 NET CALORIES!

Calories are the very energy and fuel our bodies use to function...this means even the basic functions like breathing, allowing our heart to beat, etc.  You must have calories to sustain your life.

I don't know your stats but I am female, 34, 5'7, 172 lbs.  If I was in a coma my body would burn around 1500 calories a day just to keep me alive.  I am not in a coma so I burn more than that.  Even with a very sedentary lifestyle it is estimated that I burn around 1800 calories a day.  I lose weight on 1600 calories a day with no exercise.  Since I have recently started working out I am working with a dietician to determine if I need to up my caloric intake.

I am telling you this because I want you to look at what you wrote and understand how very off base it is.  If you ate 900 calories and burned 800 calories you are only giving your body 100 calories to sustain your life.  I guarantee your body needs at least 10 times that amount, probably more like 15 - 20 times that amount.

You will not lose weight like this.  Your body is going to hoard and store every ounce of fat you have to try to keep you alive.  Please do some research, eat properly and exercise appropriately for your stats and the weight will come off.

Weight Loss Please Help Me...I'm Very Nervous!!! Jun 13 2013
14:19 (UTC)

Ataylor made some good suggestions for eating out in general, but at Applebee's its even easier than that.

Most, if not all, Applebee's have a low-cal menu that is filling and delicious.  I usually get the steak with roasted potatoes and broccoli and it comes in under 550 calories.  I don't really track fat & sodium when I'm eating out because I let it be a little bit of a treat.  If you choose to track all of this, you will need to check their website.

Their unsweetened iced tea is good so you don't have to just drink water if you don't want to.  Also, if you would like to enjoy an alcoholic beveage you can order the SkinnyBee Margarita which is delicious and only about 100 calories or get the unsweetened iced tea with a shot of peach schnapps for about 105 calories.

My other suggestion would be to never feel fear about enjoying yourself.  This is not a "diet" it is a lifestyle change.  In our real lives we are going to have slip-ups and we need to be allowed to splurge once in a while.  Have a plan in place for how to deal with these situations and get yourself back on track immediately and you will be just fine.

Congrats on the 5 weeks - you are already well on your way to success!!

Weight Loss Do those protein bars (that aims to lose weight) actually work? Jan 04 2013
19:37 (UTC)
Original Post by crittlemeistah:

Original Post by enaque:

I mean, I know they are high on sugar and other carbs. 

But will it at least help make you lose at least 3 pounds in around 4-7 days? (Give me some names of the brands too?)

I've looked up online everywhere that they don't help at all, and I'm still hoping that it might.

I exercise 3 times a week after school for 2 hours, but it seems no effect on my weight. I do weights 2 times a week for an hour.

I gained so much over the holidays, and I noticed I've been eating a lot and I want to stop. I want to try those protein bars so I can bring it to school and other hangouts since it's quick and easy to grub and at the same time it's healthy.

No. That is an unhealthy rate of loss. 

3 pounds in 4-7 days after the holidays is not an unhealthy rate of loss.  Many varities of holiday food are high in sodium which can cause major water retention.  I weighed 184 on the morning Jan 1st.  I felt horribly bloated so I took one water pill and drank a lot of water.  When my trainer weighed me on the evening of Jan 2nd, I weighed 178.

I would suggest that you up your water intake.  Avoid pop, even diet, as it is higher in sodium.  If you must have something flavored, try unsweetened iced tea.  You may be surprised at how much "weight" you can lose just by flushing out the extra water.

As far as protein bars go, I have a protein bar every day as my mid-morning snack.  I look for ones that are high in protein (9 grams or more by my standard) and low in calories (under 250).  Again these are my standards and they are probably lower than others because I also have a protein shake at 15 grams of protein for breakfast every day.

I like Luna bars, Odawalla bars, Genisoy bars, some of the Cliff bars, some of the Balance bars, and some of the Zone Perfect bars. 

Good luck!

Maintaining My therapist says 1,200 calories to maintain? Dec 04 2012
13:49 (UTC)

In my opinion you are talking to the wrong professional.

You probably wouldn't talk to your behavioral therapist if you were recovering from a leg amputation and you probably wouldn't seek out a nutritionist if you were dealing with depression and emotional why would you only reach out to a behavioral therapist for concerns about nutrition.

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm sure your behavioral therapist is very qualified in her field.  But nutrition is not her field.

From some of the comments you made in the post, you don't sound like you are recovering from your ED.  You listed quite a few foods that your are still afraid of, and if you have done any research, even on this site alone, you will know that 1100 calories a day is not enough to repair the damage you have done to your metabolism and your body - especially at 15 years old.

If you truly want to recover then get help from the proper professionals and stop trying to do it alone.  The books you read may have been good, but many times they too can be contradictory and just leave you more confused.  Work one-on-one with someone who is trained to develop the proper plan for you and kick this ED to the curb.

Good Luck!!

Books Little house on the prairie Oct 24 2012
22:36 (UTC)

If you like the TV series than you really should read "Confessions of a Prairie ****" by Alison Angrim (the actress who played Nellie).  It is a great book about her life and how she grew up on Little House.  You may be surprised to learn how close she and Melissa Gilbert really were.  She also makes the important point that, while based on reality, many of the episodes in the series were largely fictional.

SPOILER ALERT:  The funniest part is when she informs the reader that Michael Landon insisted his pants be tight and seldom wore underwear on set!

Health & Support how to help my 9-year-old sister? Oct 20 2012
21:38 (UTC)
Original Post by supwrskinny:

I know how she feels because once upon a time that was ME (and still is but i know how to handle it- sort of).

sometimes he will come into our rooms and knock everything off the desks, and just kick everything around and makes us clean it.

Then my dad blames me for what he did. he screams at me and tells me how everything is my fault.  i just want to help her i dont know how though.

I love that you want to help your sister.  But, honey, you have to realize that you need help too.  Neither one of you should have to live if fear of your father's mood swings and behaviors.

Please take the advice of the other posters on this thread and seek additional, adult help.  You need to find an adult you can trust and confide in them.  You and your sister deserve a safe and happy home and your dad needs professional help so he can provide one for you.

Best of luck.

Games & Challenges Too few calories? Oct 20 2012
21:27 (UTC)


I am not a medical professional, but many of your symptoms sound like depression. I suffered with depression in college and did not seek treatment.  I was tired all the time, many days just getting dressed took everything out of me and I wouldn't even make it to class.  Some days I wouldn't want to eat at all, other days I couldn't stop eating.  Eventually the symptoms passed but I lost weight and my immune system suffered.

Recently my life took a turn for the worst and I began experiencing the symptoms again.  It put a strain on my marriage because all I wanted to do was sleep.  I lost 10 pounds in under 4 weeks.  I had no anxiety, I wasn't overly weepy.  I didn't have pain or any other "illness" type symptoms.  After ruling out Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, my doctor and I agreed that it was probably mild depression and she put me on a very low dose of prozac. 

At first I was horrified.  I felt like a failure at life...everybody goes through tough times, why did I need medication.  But the meds have helped me tremedously...thankfully there have been no weird side effects.  I'm just having an easier time coping and I feel more motivated.

Again, I'm not a medical professional, but if you've had these symptoms your whole life and haven't already spoken to your doctor about possibly having a chronic case of mild depression you just might discover that relief is possible.

Health & Support Is it actually that sever? Oct 17 2012
13:01 (UTC)
Original Post by annahurpunkinrules:

This post has been moderated and is no longer available. 

Tljfe989...please ignore Anna's comment.  She is NOT the one to take advice from.  If you are truly want to recover continue to reach out to the supportive people here on CC as well as friends, family, and medical professionals.  Best of luck to you!

Anna, I think your post violates the CC posting guidelines as it seems to promote starvation and unhealthy weight maintenance and is not in the least bit encouraging or supportive.  I hope that the moderators remove your inflammatory comment and monitor your posts more closely.  I don't understand why you would continue to post your own threads asking for help but then turn around and make such a ridiculous comment.

Weight Loss The Hunger Games Sep 21 2012
15:37 (UTC)

I know protein has been mentioned and seconded...but I wanted to add my vote for protein too!

I hate eating breakfast so I mix cold brewed coffee with vanilla protein powder for a low-calorie "frappe."  I have this about 7am and then around 10am I reach for a protein bar.  The two together average about 300 calories and keep me full until at least 1 pm for lunch.

Weight Loss herbalife shakes Aug 09 2012
03:00 (UTC)

I hate eating breakfast so I choose a protein shake.  My absolute favorite is 10 oz. of cold, black coffee and one scoop of vanilla Spirutein.  I just put it in a shaker bottle with an ice cube, but its also great blended with ice...tastes just like a frappucino but its only 100 calories and its filling.

Weight Loss Not eating enough to loose weight? Aug 09 2012
02:58 (UTC)

Are you actually counting and logging your calories or are you guessing at the 1400-2000 calorie a day count??  Yogurt, coffee, a marthon bar, chicken and broccoli - even with a spoonful of peanut butter is not going to be 1400 calories.

You can lose weight while working a desk job.  I lost 40 lbs on 1600 calories a day without working out at all....not saying that's a good way to do it but I understand schedule pressures.  I work a desk job during the week, I volunteer for 3 organizations that require a lot of driving, I take Master's classes and work a register on the weekends.  There isn't a lot of time to work out.

Listen to the suggestions here.  Eat real food!  A Snickers Marathon bar is 290 calories (if your eating the caramel one).... You can have 2 slices of light, whole grain bread and peanut butter for only 260 calories - better for you and fewer calories...add a small apple and a glass of skim milk and you have a great, filling lunch for only a few more calories than you are eating now.  You will be surprised how much you can eat if you take the time to log carefully and honestly.

Foods What is your best tasting hot tea? Jun 21 2012
14:09 (UTC)

Bigelow Constant Comment...its very good hot, but its even better on ice.  I too gave up coffee for the same reason as you did.  I also loved Sweet Tea - real sweet tea like they make down in Georgia.  I gave it all up and the Constant Comment was a great alternative.  And, yes, its available in most grocery stores and quite a few restaurants too!

Weight Loss Grocery List/Supplement Jun 04 2012
15:00 (UTC)

I am so confused.  How can oranges and water be anyone's primary food and beverage?  Ok, so you never eat yogurt or oatmeal - what do you eat? 

Calorie counting isn't about eliminating foods from your diet.  It's about eating fewer calories than you burn.  You literally can eat anything you want as long as you count the calories and stay within your daily goal.

I lost 40 lbs counting calories and my diet still included things like regular ice cream, chocolate, and McDonalds (gasp!).  Of course, these have to be be eaten in moderation. If your craving chocolate, have some, but then count the calories.

I wouldn't bother with the stuff at GNC, whatever your drinking is probably not worth it.  But if your looking to expand your grocery list ADD FOOD!!

Weight Loss what to order at mcdonalds?! May 08 2012
18:46 (UTC)

I occasionally eat at McDonald's when I'm on the road.  Since a salad is too hard to eat in the car, my meal of choice is a grilled chicken wrap with no sauce, the apple dippers with no caramel, and a bottle of water.  I avoid anything breaded or fried. 

It seems highly unlikely that, wherever you live, the McDonald's doesn't have grilled chicken since it is a staple in many of their foods now (wraps, salads, and sandwiches).  Its possible that the menu only shows pictures of the breaded chicken, maybe ask the cashier the next time you are ordering...??

Weight Loss weight loss supplements????? May 04 2012
14:49 (UTC)

I work in a health food store...I am trying to lose weight....I have tried a LOT of supplements before finding CC.  No, I do not reccommend ANY of them. 

A lot of these pills are scams...especially the acai.  Acai is high in antioxidants but so are other berries, tomatos, etc.  Just because it has an interesting name doesn't mean its magical.

AmethsytGirl stated it well on another thread:  those that might work, aren't safe and those that are safe, don't work.  What works is diet and exercise.

Save your money on supplements, use the tools here and you will see a difference.  Your commitment to yourself and new eating habits will help you lose weight and feel great about your success.


Weight Loss Weight Loss Surgery Apr 29 2012
04:43 (UTC)


You say that you have tried many different "diets" and that you can't do it.  If you cannot change your eating habits you should not even consider weight loss surgery.  I know many people who have had the surgery, mostly lap-band, and they have had to make drastic changes to their eating habits.

My brother-in-law and a co-worker of mine were successfully able to make the changes and they lost weight and kept it off.  However, a good friend of mine could not stick with the changes and he has gained all his weight back.

It isn't just about your support system, it is about your commitment and dedication.  You have to go in for the follow-up appts, stick to drastically reduced portions, and take many supplements.  If you are convinced you cannot reduce your portions without the surgery, it could be very difficult for you to do so after the surgery which would be awful for you health.

Please don't think that major surgery is your only option.  Read the forums here, use the tools and try this.  Talk to your husband about how the two of you can change you shopping habits so you can make better food choices.  The slow way can seem impossible at the beginning and can even be frustrating along the way but it CAN be done and the rewards are amazing!  Best of luck!!

Weight Loss Eating my kids' leftovers Apr 25 2012
17:13 (UTC)

Ask yourself this... Am I enjoying the food I am eating?  If not, you need to spend some time finding low-cal options you love.  It sounds like you are a busy mom, so this may be hard, but spend extra time in a grocery store reading labels and picking food that fits your eating plan and that you will love - it can be done. 

For instance, top that baked potato with a 35 calorie wedge of Laughing Cow mozzeralla with sundried tomato and basil - lower in calories than your margarine and WAY more delicious.  Get yourself some sherbert or sorbet and look forward to a small dish of that while you are scraping plates.  Have half a PB&J using Aunt Millies Whole Grain Light Bread at 35 calories a slice, 1 TBSP of Smart Balance PB at 95 calories, and fresh strawberry slices at 24 calories per 1/2 cup.

I know that I don't always eat "clean"...I do eat some processed food and I do eat some artificial sweeteners but I am losing weight and I am enjoying it, which makes it so much easier.

Remember that this is NOT a diet, you are changing the way you are eating for should be able to lose weight and enjoy what you are eating.  If you have a dinner you love, you may find yourself less tempted to eat what you feel you are "missing out on."

Weight Loss hunger I can manage- cravings are impossible! Apr 25 2012
16:54 (UTC)

I have this problem too.  After a meal, especially lunch, I find myself wanting something sweet.  If I completely dey myself something then I just want it even more so I do not do the "no sweets" thing.  I have also noticed that if I deny my cravings, I tend to eat more caloreis of "healthy" stuff than I would have consumed if I had just eaten the "unhealthy" thing I was craving.

Here is my trick that I got from someone else on this site (sorry, I forgot who initally posted this tip or I would give proper credit):  If I am really craving something sweet like the Godiva Gem or the Easter Peep I go ahead and have it.  But then I immediately drink a large glass of water and "rinse" my mouth as I'm drinking.  This allows me to satisfy the craving but then washes the taste out of my mouth which prevents the craving from continuing into a full blown binge.

Also - I know artificial sweetners aren't a good thing, but the 10 calorie Sugar Free Jello Cup makes a great "sweet" thing after my lunch.