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Fitness Q's about running. Nov 02 2011
20:37 (UTC)

Running is such a fantastic way to get in shape and relax mentally! Great you're trying it out. To answer your questions from my perspective:

Best time to go running? (if there is one)

Select a time that's as convenient for you as possible; this way, running will become routine. Some people love mornings; I only run in the morning when I am participating in a race; otherwise, it's weekday evenings after work or early afternoon on the weekends. Just get out there.

To eat or not to eat beforehand?

You really don't have to eat before a short run (> 5 miles or so). Though, I like a small, 100 or 150 calorie snack about an 1 hour before (think something like a banana or a hardboiled egg or a string cheese or some almonds).

I am guessing you are not trying to go out and run 10+ miles if you are just starting. There are sports/carbohydrate gels that can keep you going if you are distance running, but probably not something you need to worry about at this point.

Also, is it sufficient to just time your runs rather than calculating distance?

I think for a beginner runner, saying something like, "I am going to run straigh for XX number of minutes is the best way, to take pressure off of yourself. I find that runners (me included) can get very competive, with ourselves and each other, about speed/pace per mile. I think that's part of the fun and challenge of running, but just getting out there for a set amount of time is the best thing at this stage.

But if you get to the point where you want to time yourself, I agree with belgerian - I bought a used Garmin Forerunner 305 from a runner friend, and I love it! He sold it to me for $50; new ones retail for about $125-150, but you can find used ones in good shape for under $100 on

Good luck and happy running!



Weight Loss took 35 lbs for ppl to notice Jun 07 2011
18:17 (UTC)

First of all, congrats on losing 35lbs! That's amazing.

I know it's hard when you're losing and working hard and no one seems to notice, but, at least based on your pictures, you look relatively tall for a woman, with your weight pretty evenly distributed. If my perception is accurate, this may account most certainly for only going down one size (e.g., you're losing it all over, so everything's getting a little bit smaller, rather than say, being someone who carries weight in her belly, and loses 20lbs off her stomach first).

Also, especially if by "people" you mean friends, family and coworkers, they likely are just noticing because they see you ever day. The changes are so small from day to day! I've lost 16lbs in the past 6 wks and the only person who has noticed so far is my husband (well, he sees me naked!) and my mom - because I hadn't seen her in a few months. ;-)

If you want an ego boost, email someone you haven't seen since your weight loss and get together for drinks! Bet her or she would notice!

Keep up the great work.

Foods diet soda..Yes/ No? Feb 28 2011
20:30 (UTC)

I am VERY anti-processed foods and drinks, and what pp have said above is true: diet soda makes you crave real sugar!

Also, do we really know what the chemical cocktail that is diet soda REALLY does to our bodies (some of which may be a lot more harmful than weight gain!)

In the end - tap water is free. Think of the great new outfit you can buy yourself after a year of not drinking diet sodas!  3 sodas x $.75 x 365 days = $821.25!!!

Good luck - I know it's hard! I used to be both a regular and diet soda junkie.

Fitness What to eat before 5k run? Apr 20 2009
21:20 (UTC)

Hey goldengirl - congrats on your impending first 5k! So exciting. :-)

I run a lot of short "fun runs" and timed races in Central Park, in NYC where I live, and I like something I can grab and go with on the subway there; I also, and this is a personal preference, don't like too much before a run, so I usually keep my pre-run "snack" to about 200 cals if the run is a 10k or shorter: a string cheese and a few almonds; a hard-boiled egg and a banana or apple; you get the picture.

Also, LOTS of pp have mentioned this, but I will say it again, because it's super-important: HYDRATE. You will probably be very excited during your 5k, and might even run faster than usual, as you'll be feeding off of the energy of everyone else; it's great, but water is ESSENTIAL. I did a 4-miler yesterday, and I was under-hydrated; it was a VERY long mile between the water stations for me!

Good luck! :-)

The Lounge What kind of books did you read as a Teen? Jan 05 2009
16:42 (UTC)
26 could I forget "The Canby Hall Girls" series??? They were fascinating at the time, HYSTERICAL in retrospect. Anyone remember the one where Shelley gets "accidentally" kidnapped???? hahahhaha.

The Lounge What kind of books did you read as a Teen? Jan 05 2009
15:43 (UTC)

As a discerning but voracious adult reader, I look back on what I read as a teen with mixed feelings! (But even the "bad" stuff taught me something about reading, right?)

I read Stephen King, of course, but also Michael Crichton (got to "Jurassic Park" before it became a movie), Madeline L'Engle (man, does she hold up no matter what, A Wrinkle in Time is still a fantastic book, in my humble opinion), Tolkien. I also read some of my parents' books, I remember being confounded by A Stranger in a Strange Land. Had to read Emma for Freshman English class, and wound up becoming a huge fan of Austen. I re-read Pride & Prejudice every year. Loved Jane Eyre, as well.

However, I ALSO read V.C. Andrews and Christopher Pike books, so there's some ridiculous mixed in with the sublime, there.

Health & Support The holidays are coming... Nov 10 2008
21:47 (UTC)

This is a great reminder!

Weight Loss Another CC Success Story. PLEASE READ. Oct 08 2008
22:06 (UTC)

That's AMAZING Brett!!! Congratulations!!!

Weight Loss Low carb working wonders without counting calories....why? Oct 01 2008
17:19 (UTC)


Yes, some people's bodies (like yours, sounds like, and mine) react well to lowering carbs. I started out a few years very close to where you are now (225lbs, 5'6") and weigh 182 as of this morning. Like you, any processed carbs or foods with higher sugar contents just made me...sludgy.

I went to a nutrtionist, who showed me what foods to eat a lot of, which foods to eat in moderation, and which foods to avoid. I don't and haven't counted calories at all.'s something interesting: I use the food log on CC as my "food journal" and it automatically counts my calories for me. And, without counting myself, sticking to a high-protein, lower-carb eating plan, my calories are almost always less than what I need to I lose weight.

The thing about carbs is, most of the carbs that we like to eat are the ones that aren't so good for you, or have minimal nutritional value; basically, think of any traditional, packaged, baked goods: white bread, cookies, cakes, white rolls, croissants, you get the picture. Then, there's all of the fried and breaded stuff that adds carbs to our diets: french fries, fried chicken, breaded, well, everything! White rice and pasta aren't "bad" for you per se - but they offer VERY little nutritional value and fill you up less than their whole-grain counterparts.

I think that cutting carbs for you, like it was for me, just automatically and naturally lowered your calorie intake. Great example: what has fewer calories: 5 crackers with hummus or 10 sticks of celery with hummus?

So, I say, go for it! Embrace healthy carbs like legumes, low-glycemic fruits like berries and cherries, and "traditional" carbs that have high fiber contents, like whole grain breads, steel-cut oats, and products made with flax.

Good luck to you, and feel free to PM if you want to talk about low carbs further.


Weight Loss Help with "low-carb" questions, please. Sep 30 2008
19:30 (UTC)

Hi leah,

I have also found that, for myself, like another poster, keeping carbs to less than 50% works, long-term for me.

One very easy way to cut some unnecessary carbs (in my humble opinion) is to opt for a high-protein breakfast, such as scrambled egg whites with turkey, low-fat cheese and lots of veggies, OR plain 0% or 2% Greek Yogurt with fresh berries and a bit of cinnamon and Stevia (natural sweetner).

I find that this kind of breakfast keeps me really full for a long time, and I tend to have fewer energy level dips/swings and feel balanced and focussed in the mornings.

Again, this is what's worked for me; might not be for you, but it's worth a shot!

~ CC

Motivation What makes you feel awesome about yourself? Sep 25 2008
20:07 (UTC)
Hurray for great smiles, Lynn!!

Cograts on the loss...and especially the maintenance!
Motivation What makes you feel awesome about yourself? Sep 25 2008
18:29 (UTC)
PG, you just made me blush! Thanks!
Motivation What makes you feel awesome about yourself? Sep 25 2008
17:57 (UTC)
This is an AWESOME thread. thanks ajde!!

Kitten - I am a singer too! :0)

PG - didn't know you are a runner! Me too! I am learning all about you today!

Things I love about me:

1) That after a year of doing yoga, I can do a pretty darned good bow pose and tree pose (both sides!)

2) My smile. I am very friendly, and I like that about myself.

3) The way my boyfriend looks at me when I smile.

4) That I am both creative and practical, this helps A LOT in living life and doing my job.
Weight Loss why insist on making it complicated? Sep 25 2008
16:43 (UTC)
Huzzah, Kathy! *toasts with glass of Jameson's*
Weight Loss why insist on making it complicated? Sep 25 2008
16:17 (UTC)
pg - I like House! And kathygator, come to think of it... :-)
Weight Loss why insist on making it complicated? Sep 25 2008
15:55 (UTC)

I don't think a single thing that pgeorgian said, on this post at least [sorry, pg, haven't read all of your posts, maybe you're a flaming jerkhead, and I'll regret friending you based on the logic, calm and maturity you displayed in this thread, in the face of emotionally-revved cyber-assults. But probably not. :-)] was rude, or inflammatory, or in any way meant to personally attack any specific user or set of users on this site.

She actually NEVER used the word "easy". Her original post was a pondering of why people complicate eating, and then used the word simplify as its opposite. She started with a theory on a forum and posted it for discussion. A theory, that in my humble opinion, makes tons of sense.

I have found that eating less + moving more = healthier, happier me. I know that, when I DON'T dramatize eating and dieting, I AM happier, and better-adjusted. Making food fuel rather than, well, anything else, might be the healthiest thing I have done in my life. Is it a struggle? Yes. Do I understand those, on this post and elsewhere, that STILL struggle with it? Of course. Do I think that pgeorgian gave solid, sound HONEST advice. I'll say it a third time: yes.

~ CC
Foods "I can't control myself around..." Sep 25 2008
15:27 (UTC)
French fries, chips & salsa, sushi and cookie dough!!! argh!!
Weight Loss People who eat low carb, show me a sample of your diet Dec 03 2007
16:51 (UTC)
Hey Ricen,

I don't really calorie-count, so I can't say the exact count here, but I have been doing "Low carb" (NOT no carb) for 2 years, and it's helped me lose and KEEP OFF 55lbs so far. I'd like to lose 25lbs more if I can, but the best thing of all, is how great I feel (my nutritionist actually discovered, like you noted you might, that I had a flour sensitivity).

Here's a usual day (I drink LOTS of water!):


3-egg white omelet with ham, feta, and veggies (peppers and mushrooms usually)

Coffee with a splash of half and half


mixed green salad with grilled chix, 1/2 cup of chick peas or kidney beans, swiss cheese, peppers, cukes, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper


grilled tofu with miso sauce, sauteed spinach, 1/2 cup roasted butternut squash or 1/2 a large yam

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

Fage Total 2% yogurt with 1/2 cup of any kind of berries, cinnamon, and a pinch of stevia, a natural sweetener (you can use Splenda, too)


1 Golden Delicious or Granny Smith Apple with 2 tbsp Jiff Crunchy peanut butter

Dinner (use a bit of olive oil to coat the pan for the sautees):

Chicken sauteed with mustard, garlic, bok choy, broccoli and swiss chard;


top round steak sauteed with tamari, broccoli, snow peas, garlic and crushed red pepper;


Shrimp salad: (LOVE this recipe!!) Get either fresh or frozen shrimp, put them in the pan with a bit of O.O., add crushed red pepper and chipotle spices (McCormick makes a good one); remove the shrimp and let them cool. Add halved grape tomatoes, 1/2 of a diced avocado, and the mini-mozzarella balls, toss with balsamic vinegar. SO DELICIOUS.

PM me if you want more recipes!

~ Colleen
Health & Support just over 10,000 Nov 13 2007
22:32 (UTC)
I would say "moderate" - it means you are in motion for a lot of your day. Compare to the average American, who takes less than 2500 steps daily. I clock myself on a normal day as "moderately active" but I am a NYC'er, and I walk a minimum of 3-4 miles a day at a brisk pace, usually more.

(Just to put it in perspective, the few weeks I wore a pedometer I logged about 13,000-15,000 steps per day, and I don't consider myself any more of a walker than most New Yorkers).
Weight Loss "Skinny Fat" Girl In Need Of Help! Nov 13 2007
19:29 (UTC)
Jules - it is, though you're never going to see someone with such a low BMI as ornella (or my cuz, for that matter) or someone much older than 20 and relatively sedentary with this situation, I am pretty sure. I don't think it's COMMON, but it does happen. In any case, I think my cousin was just over "normal" (22%) for a 16 yr old girl.

I am not a doctor or any other type of health professional, and I myself was actually VERY overweight for a long time, but I guess I sympathized with ornella because of my cuz. She'd get harrassed all the time to "EAT MORE!!!" when the girl did nothing but eat. Seriously, she probably consumed 3000 cals a day. But she looked and felt better when she built more muscle (her BMI went up too). But even now, in her early 20s, she's very slim. She's over 5'9" and about 125 or so, which according to this site, makes her "underweight" tho she eats a lot.