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Motivation Wagon Jumpers - April 4 - 10, 2010 (Closed) Apr 09 2010
20:15 (UTC)

Hi all,

Welcome Nicole!

Hope you enjoy it here!

Still titrating up on the medicine for the seizures. My daughter is back at school and using her decorated crutches.

Exercise this week:
I have been walking the dog about 1 hour per day so I am getting it but it is not the 1 hour of running that I used to do.

Eating this week:
You know I have not been paying attention but I know I have been not eating what I should and definitely not drinking water enough. So next week is another week for me to be successful.

Planning meals:
I have standards that I buy - like a roast chicken and we eat those meals. I just don't buy alot of processed food and junk. but I don't really plan meals.

Note: I have been reading this book (it was recommended in Oprah's magazine) It's called Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. It's interesting. I think it is applicable to me about food obsession. I am only in the middle of the book but so far it has helped to to think about what "pain" I am carrying around with me. She is setting up the idea that diets don't work. It's another point of view and thought I would share.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - March 28 - April 3, 2010 (Closed) Mar 30 2010
15:59 (UTC)

Hi all,

I am sorry I have been MIA...

I was diagnosed with partial complex seizure disorder. Kind of like Petit Mal for adults. The good news is that I already take anti seizure meds for bipolar so we are upping those meds. Bad news is that I am not supposed to be driving.  That's hard, VERY HARD.

On the very bad news front, my daughter's knee blew up last week, rushed up to Seattle Children's, one of the rods in her femur came out of the bone went into her knee and the knee became very swollen.  So we are back into surgery tomorrow to repair and then we move forward.  Thus, it has been very difficult.

Honestly, I don't have lot of support at home from my husband so finally I got fed up and told him that it would be better if I was just single again because I can't take the stress of being married to him. I know that sounds harsh... This is the not first time I have expressed these thoughts to him. So Sunday I took my rings off.

Lots going on.. still trying to be faithful to my diet but only about 50% of the time. I have been walking the dog for about 1 hour / day and I have been in general walking alot more.

And so it goes...

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - March 14 - 20, 2010 (Closed) Mar 17 2010
23:52 (UTC)


Just a quick update.

1. I had the MRI - it showed no tumor or bleeding but showed abnormalities on my right side. So off to the Neurologist for EEG and more analysis.

2. Heart is fine.

3. did a little bit of run/walk this week but frankly a bit concerns to go to far into the woods until they have this issues nailed.

eating was not great today but most other days I have been hanging in.

I am working on my assignment..


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - March 14 - 20, 2010 (Closed) Mar 15 2010
00:47 (UTC)

I bought the FR60 - I had the FR50 before but it broke and I returned it. 

I can't use the 305 or the 405 because they use GPS and I trail run so I am often in the trees and it does not have line site to a satellite for tracking. 

I am OK with the food pod - it got alot smaller from the 50 to the 60. 

But for roadrunning  the 305, I heard is pretty good. 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - March 14 - 20, 2010 (Closed) Mar 14 2010
19:58 (UTC)


Which forerunner did you get? 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - March 7 - 13, 2010 (Closed) Mar 13 2010
01:01 (UTC)

OK, I have officially crashed...

I was doing well in Helsinki last week - I ran/walked 3X (3.5mile loop) - it was cold!! 

I was good about my food and eating according to South Beach guidelines.  

But all the time and for the past few weeks I have had this nagging head pain - in the back of my head on the right side.  Over the past few months I have also had absence spells that I remember because they are associated with movement like driving a car. Went to the doctor and they are trying to figure it out. So this has sent me into a tail spin and they don't want me running or driving until they know I am safe.   This sucks!  Looks like I will be taking time off from work. 

My knee is pretty good now!! yeah... 


Follow South Beach Diet Guidelines 80% of the time


Cardio exercise 5 hours per week. 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - February 21 - 27, 2010 (1 waiting list spot available) Feb 25 2010
00:01 (UTC)


I don't think I posted - my computer died when I was writing my message.. so I am recreating.

Weekly Update:

Diet is going well, down 2.5 more pounds.  I have sucessfully added a few carbs back in - mostly strawberries and a few high protein noodles when I had some meat sauce. I did find some no sugar dark chocolate and that has helped out with the cravings. Gotta love it.
Exercise - hmmm not so well. Time time time... I have been choosing sleep over anything else. March 1st is the start date to start back to running. I am trying to get a half marathon by August. I know I can do the distance but it is question on how much it will take out of me. I keep playing with my knee cap to keep it all very loose and hopefully to keep the patellofemoral at bay!!

My recent exercise motivation is the desire to run again.  Not so much for the physical feeling but for the stress relief that it gives me. I know that my life will be better in this way. I prefer to feel strong.   Why don't I exercise is usually because I have to work, sleep, take care of family, study... as usual I come last.. I have changed some of this in the last few months. I am totally farming out the housework, I buy healthy but easy meals to cook, but I need 7 hours of sleep a night and that is getting in the way and studying... 

So, I am not figuring out how to move some more things around. 

I just want to feel better. keep my mental staibility, reduce stress. I am motivated by these factors.


Foods How to add low cal protein to breakfast Feb 20 2010
07:36 (UTC)

Sauteed (light spray of olive oil) veggies (peppers, mushrooms, etc) scrambled with egg whites.  turkey bacon on teh side.

It is full of protein and has pretty low calories. You can add a small whole wheat tortilla and salsa and make it a breakfast burrito.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - February 14 - 20, 2010 (Closed) Feb 20 2010
07:26 (UTC)

Hi Dudettes and Dudes:

Sorry I am late - prepping for a trip to Finland, finals at school, sick husband - you get the picture.. not a very pretty one.

Weekly Update:

Well, kinda lost it over the weekend when my daughter and I went to Chicago for the long weekend - it was so great to see old old friend but well, very tempting and I slipped up on a ice cream sundae. Other than that I was pretty good.

I have been doing some exercise - gotta get back to strength. My 5AM times have been absorbed by school work or catching up on work.


How are you doing? OK, but about at 60%
Are you on track? If so, you're almost at the finish line, how will you make sure you succeed? If not, can you get on track? Yes, I think I can do better the last two weeks - less pressure, I will be traveling which means there is more time to myself. 
 How so? If not, what should you do differently next time in terms of setting and working with your goal to make sure you achieve it? Next time - not as much time but pretty much the same goals.

Congrats Sara! That's wonderful. I know that I take my job for granted sometimes without realising that I am truly lucky to have great benefits and salary.

Julie - golly, I absolutely know where you are coming from.  Every once in a while I imagine my life in a different locality, different people who are around me, - I basically try on different options to see how they fit - like clothes. If one set fits better, then seriously think about the switch but look at it form 360 degrees.  I know within a year I will be making some changes but right now I am evaluating my options.  (Can you tell I was trained as an engineer?)

John - congrats on the marathon.

Meg - it's not easy with the wedding and everything.  Good Luck - it's hard to strike a balance.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - February 7 - 13, 2010 (Closed) Feb 11 2010
18:06 (UTC)

Carol - great to hear that the Phase 1 of SB has made a difference, I think that's exactly what I need as well. I was thinking about going 3 weeks in Phase 1 instead of the typical 2, what do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone!

 I get very bored on Phase 1 because it is egg whites for breakfast - that's about it.  I miss some veggies that are higher glycemic index - so it is all about your tolerance level.  I am going to do 2 1/2 weeks at this point.

I have not weighed myself but I think i have lost about 6lbs.  Drink lots of liquid!!

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - February 7 - 13, 2010 (Closed) Feb 10 2010
18:13 (UTC)
Original Post by defrog3:

Carol: patellofemoral syndrome is what caused my pain and why I had the arthroscopy.  I love moving my patella--it feels soooo gooood! :)




 Yeah, who woulda thunk that moving your knee cap for feel sooo good.  I agree.  I sit in my cube at work, hoist my leg up on my desk and start moving around my knee cap.

Also, my physical therapist taught me to do heel slides while I can in bed and massage my knee cap so that I can step out of bed and not feel weak.. Essentialy she said that I have to wake up my Quads and knee cap.

Also, as I have said, I love ice now... By icing I have cut down my ibuprofen!

Update on Phase 1 South Beach - well it's working. Thank God we have a cafe at work so I go and order a Egg white scrambled eggs +veggies + low sodium sausage patty.  But that is going to get old soon... I am going to go until Wednesday next week and then move to Phase 2.

This has given me good headstart on losing weight.

My goal is to run by March 1st. I am soo looking forward to it.


The Lounge Husband taking job out of town Feb 10 2010
17:26 (UTC)

It is just one chapter in your life and it does not have to be permanent. My husband travels starting Monday night and comes home on Thursday night - most weeks. I actually relish my time alone with my daughter. 

Try to list out some of the positives to the situation. Would you have time to go back to school? Learn something new - like a language? Train for a marathon, etc.

Good Luck.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - February 7 - 13, 2010 (Closed) Feb 08 2010
16:08 (UTC)

Hi Carrie,

On the first weeks of South Beach I do have one serving of fruit in the morning despite the "rules" of the diet.  But in general I am pretty good. Drink LOTS of water - it helps... 

send me a message if you have any questions. 

Good Luck Sara on the interview!!! 



Motivation Wagon Jumpers - February 7 - 13, 2010 (Closed) Feb 08 2010
06:21 (UTC)


OK, my comfort food is this recipe of Shepherd's Pie.. It is really good. Shepherd's Pie from Clean Eating


OK, so I have lost 4lbs this week - mostly water I am sure but still nice nonetheless. I did 4 hours of exercise and I have been having fun massaging my knee cap around so that I can get rid of this darn patellofemoral syndrome. I still have good days and bad days and ICE IS MY FRIEND!! 

I plan on 1 - 2 more weeks on South Beach Phase 1 and then move to Phase 2. It is a good think that I have their cook books because I would be absolutely at a loss as to what to eat. 

This week I am looking forward to more cardio.  My goal is to start running by March 1st. 

We'll see... 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - January 31 - February 6, 2010 (Closed) Feb 04 2010
18:25 (UTC)

Hi Meg,

I do wall sits for my quads.  I do lunges. I also stretch them all the time now.. I used to forget them and just do my hamstrings.

The other thing that was also brought up by my physical therapist is to eventually do a gait analysis of my running to see where I can improve my alignment and prevent injuries..

Food for thought.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - January 31 - February 6, 2010 (Closed) Feb 04 2010
02:17 (UTC)

Hi Meg,

That's great about your running.  I just want to caution - only increase your mileage 10%/week to avoid injury.

Ice baths are a great idea - they suck but there is nothing better than ice for your legs. 

Stretching is also a great idea.  Using a foam roller also does wonders in releasing your ligaments and tendons.

Another thing I have learned as a result from my knee injury - strengthen our quads - running does nothing for your quads so your hamstrings become much stronger and you don't have balance.

Hope this helps.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers - January 31 - February 6, 2010 (Closed) Feb 01 2010
20:46 (UTC)
Original Post by ranchobernardo:

  • My running goals for the week 1/31/2010-2/6/2010:
    • run at least 5 days, 1 done
    • minimum 19 miles, 7.1 done
    • one run 6 miles or more, done
    • one run 5 miles or more,
    • 2 runs 4 miles or more.
  • My running goals for the month February 2010:
    • run at least 25 days
    • minimum 168.5 miles
    • half marathon 2/14.
  • My running goals for the year 2010:
    • run at least 286 days, 28 done
    • minimum 2010 miles, 189.5 done
    • half marathon 2/14
    • marathon 6/6.


 OH I am so jealous. I used to run routinely my easy run - 5-8 miles in the woods about 2X week, then a 10-12 miler in the woods about 2X week as well.

I miss it ALOT...  Relish it and stay injury free.   

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - January 31 - February 6, 2010 (Closed) Feb 01 2010
05:57 (UTC)

I think that anyone who has been following my little dramas since May knows that my personal goal is to get back to my trail running - a nice long run in the woods with no one but me, myself, and I does wonders for my spirit as well as my body. I have been prevented from running since June due to patellofemoral syndrome. Now with the help from a physical therapist I have been able to somewhat walk without pain. Yeah. 

Essentially, my knee caps are immobile so they are pressing against my tibia and femur creating inflammation.  So, the focus has been to manipulate my knee caps to loosen up. I also have lots of strengthening exercises.  It's fun..  I have been off anti-inflammatories for about 3 weeks.  

So, my goal is to run a half marathon by September 1st. I want to get back to my running mileage of 40 miles / week and strengthening 3X week. It will be easier when the mornings get lighter.

Now, how am I gonna get there...

Well, I am working doing 1 hour morning walks with our dog now or doing elliptical. 

I have to ramp my strengthening so that my accessory muscles needed for running are there and I don't get injured.  I also need to really focus on stretching!!! 

I figure if I can do 1 hour per day and then 1 1/2  to 2 hours / day on the weekends I should get back in shape in 3 months or so... Not where I was but certainly better than where I am. I also have to multitask alot - like read my cases and school work while I am exercising. 

This week: 

Continuing to get life back on track. 

Have made the executive decision to drop this weight a bit faster so I am going back to the tried and true method of South Beach diet for 3-4 months. It would be bad to run at this weight so it has to start somewhere.  It is not a fix for all the ills but I need some structure right now and I think this will help. 

Stay tuned...

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - January 24 - 30, 2010 (closed) Jan 25 2010
06:27 (UTC)

Welcome peaceapple...

Update on Goals:

Are you on track to meet your goals?

HMMM... well over all I have lost 2 lbs.  but it has not been through any of the devices that I put down in my goals. 

I have done 2 days of exercise and have not be logging my calories, but I have been focusing on eating healthfully and trying to not emotionally eat. So far well, pretty good but not perfect. 

So not on track. 

If so, what are you focusing on to keep you on track for the second half?

I am seeing a physical therapist for my knee -- and I things are getting better. I get to manipulate my knee cap as they are too tight round my tibia and femur... Fun fun.. So far it has been making a difference in exercising.. I have been also doing lots of stretching that has been suggested. 

If not, do you have enough time to get there? I think so... My goal is to end up at 70% and that would be good considering everything. 

What can you use as motivation to ensure that you do meet your goal? 

I really want to run a 1/2 marathon in June / July. I think I can do it. Albeit slowly. 

If you can't meet your goal this round what can you do differently next round both in terms of setting your goal and in terms of acting on it to ensure success? Um, well personal drama could be lessened a bit...  I am really looking forward to that. 

Weekly Update: 

Not doing the best but hanging in. My daughter is back in school, yeah!! She is zooming around on the crutches, it's scary. She is also walking a bit so I think she will be back to full time movement next week. 

I bought a magazine called Clean Eating a few weeks ago. They had a recipe for shepherd's pie - it was 160 cal / service with lots of protein - I switched out the mashed potatoes with sweet and it was yummy. So, for my daughter's health as well as my own I was cooking at home most nights and I think it made lots of difference. I felt better. 

I recommend it... 


If you are not part of the 12-week challenge, please update us on your personal goals and their progress.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - January 17 - 23, 2010 (Closed) Jan 20 2010
05:45 (UTC)


Step away from the cheese... slowly and move away from the dark side

Come back to the Laughing Cow...