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Foods Is there any such thing as a lo sodium sandwich? Jun 25 2012
16:02 (UTC)
You could try a veggie sandwich with some hummus for some nice protein!
Foods anyone else.. Jun 25 2012
16:01 (UTC)
Yes! It's amazing how much saltier everything junkish seems...
Foods Disneyland tips? Jun 23 2012
17:08 (UTC)
If you can order kids meals, do it! They are the perfect size and come with healthy alternatives like grapes baby carrots etc
Weight Loss Always fatigued... Jun 19 2012
12:39 (UTC)
I agree with the above about iron^ had a blood test done and saw that iron level was too low. Also, if you get occasional dizzy spells like I do that can also be linked to not enough iron.
Foods lactose intolerant? May 05 2012
04:28 (UTC)
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm definitely going to stick with eliminating my daily glass of milk and see how things go for a bit.
Foods 45 Calorie Bread Apr 16 2012
10:59 (UTC)
Pepperidge farm also has an extra fiber whet bread for only 40 cals a slice!
Health & Support HELP - Fatter face ? Apr 11 2012
19:13 (UTC)
Do you have any allergies? Sometimes I find this is often te cause for a bit of puffiness this time of year. Try using cool compresses when you wake up in the morning, should help!
Motivation beyond frustrated!!!!! idk what to do at this point Apr 11 2012
01:39 (UTC)
So this is a very delayed reply but @specca, what did you change to your diet after you stopped eating below 1200, what did you bump it up to? I'm still trying to find a happy medium for my intake.
Foods orange Julius Apr 10 2012
22:37 (UTC)
Thanks for all the feedback!! I actually opted to make my own smoothies at home, all fruit with a bit of Greek yogurt, no guilt :)
Health & Support help!!! feeling so low. Apr 09 2012
03:04 (UTC)

Thank you so much for the support, this is why I love this website so much. I am guilty of looking in the mirror each morning to look for changes and hopefully I'll get through tomorrow without getting disgusted with myself. Again, I really appreciate the encouragement! Also on a sidenote, as vain as it sounds how soon will the bloating go away?

Motivation beyond frustrated!!!!! idk what to do at this point Mar 23 2012
10:51 (UTC)
What a great website, thanks!
Weight Loss conflicting calorie counts :( Mar 23 2012
00:10 (UTC)

Should I try changing my usual elliptical routine to biking you think? I'm open to anything at this point, and I mean some days i feel great but more often i just dont like what i see. my legs and arms are pretty toned from years of sports its just my midsection and hips that frustrate me

Weight Loss conflicting calorie counts :( Mar 21 2012
01:04 (UTC)
I actually also struggled with some eating issues in the past and received concerned looks and comments from friends and family. I'm a little over 18 now and am way out of the growing stage height wise - been this height since I was about 12. Did you do anything in particular to tone up that much? Biking it sounds like?
Weight Loss 5'6 130, need a buddy!!! Mar 12 2012
01:57 (UTC)
@pocono12 I want to know as well!! Someone please answer this thread :(
Weight Loss 5'6 130, need a buddy!!! Mar 08 2012
22:50 (UTC)
Hey I'm the exact same! 18 years old though, and jc how many calories do you eat a day? I'm confused how much I should be having :/
Weight Loss need some feedback please! Mar 08 2012
15:23 (UTC)
Just wanted to thank you for the encouragement to tone rather than lose, ive been at for a couple weeks now and feel great except for these past couple days woth my time of the month where o feel HUGE (normal?)
Weight Loss would 5'6 qualify as short girls or tall girls? Mar 07 2012
03:28 (UTC)

how many cals a day do ya'll eat?

Motivation Teen Motivation? Feb 22 2012
02:53 (UTC)
Wow I have the exact same stats! Yes, just trying to tone up and drop down to 125 to feel good :) I'm in!
Motivation drinking only water Feb 21 2012
20:30 (UTC)

actually was considering this the other day! i feel the same way, that with only water will help with digestion and people are always advocating LOTS of water to help with weight loss.

Foods Apples and your favorite ways to eat them. Feb 17 2012
02:58 (UTC)
Try honeycrisp apples! Although a little pricey sometimes they are sooo juicy! And I also have been experimenting with apple chips and so far so good :)