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Foods School lunch ideas? Apr 11 2010
20:39 (UTC)

Give the salad a whirl and see how it goes. I think as long as you use an airtight tub and don't live somewhere silly (jealous, me?) like Florida you should be good to go!  Tongue out 

Oh, another thought... you could perhaps use a lunchbox with one of those cooler sections?! I know you'll probably feel daft but you'd have a yummy lunch everyday.

Foods School lunch ideas? Apr 11 2010
14:29 (UTC)

Hmmm... you're fussy.  Tongue out

You don't care for sandwiches? How about a wrap, a bagel or a muffin? Or why don't you prepare yourself a nice salad in a tupperware? You could add brown rice, pasta, potatoes couscous or bulgar and then quinoa, beans, pulses, cheese, nuts or quorn for protein. If you don't like the idea of a lunch box you could probably take bars and crackers. Throw in some fruit and veg and you're sorted...

Foods Your favorite spice? Apr 11 2010
14:19 (UTC)

Cinnamon! On anything involving apple.

Health & Support parental involvement and eating disorders Apr 11 2010
11:03 (UTC)

Prepare yourself for a whiny, "everyone-feel-sorry-for-me" post.

I lost 3.5 stone and my parents never uttered a word. They never made me eat. At 73lbs and 5 ft 6 they denied that I had an eating disorder and denied that I needed treatment. They saw me eat nothing but brocoli on Christmas day. They saw my clothes hang off me. They saw when I had to steady myself to stand. They saw my grey, dry and wrinkled skin and never said one thing to me. I'm in recovery now and no one tries to make me eat. It's a huge trigger for me. The truth is (even my therapist agrees), they simply DO NOT CARE. I don't know why. I just have to try and remember that recovery is my responsibility. It's up to me to do what's right for my health and my sanity.

Foods How do you eliminate caffeine?! Apr 09 2010
19:50 (UTC)

Wow. That sounds bad! You don't really need to eliminate caffeine if it's as dramatic as you say... life is about moderation!

Foods I dislike "traditional" breakfast foods Apr 09 2010
19:48 (UTC)

Breakfast food is the best! Like everyone else said though... it doesn't matter if it isn't traditional if it's balanced.

Foods Favourite fruit? Apr 09 2010
19:46 (UTC)

I have oral allergy syndrome too. I guess it's really common?!

My favourite fruits are grapes, cherries and mangos, closely followed by apples and bananas. And satsumas. Ohhhh I love every fruit.  Smile

Health & Support Leg cramps and EDs Apr 09 2010
19:44 (UTC)
Original Post by cherimoose:

Original Post by carrotface:

 I'm a little worried about electrolyte imbalance but I don't want to waste my GP's time.

I'm sure your GP would be more than happy to do full blood & urine tests on someone recovering from AN to make sure she's healthy.


 I'm being closely monitored and get blood tests really regularly... since they haven't said anything does this mean that everything should be fine?

Health & Support Body imperfections Apr 09 2010
17:17 (UTC)

I wouldn't have the guts to show my flaws but kudos to anyone who could. I always like to see that other people have imperfections too... it kinda puts things into perspective.

Foods healthiest cereal of these 4 Apr 09 2010
11:22 (UTC)

Granola is usually packed with sugar and fat. You have to choose your brand carefully. Corn flakes are just corn, sugar and salt and basically have no nutritional value. Cheerios will be full of added sugar and salt too. I don't know about raisin bran.

Foods accuracy of food calorie counts Apr 09 2010
11:18 (UTC)

Trust the box! The item on CC may be a different product entirely. I find that there are a lot of discrepancies and I'm in the UK too...

Weight Gain Weight Gainers - What Did YOU Eat Today? - April 3rd thru April 17th Apr 08 2010
19:50 (UTC)
Original Post by georgieuk:

OMG, this thread is seriously busy at the mo...

Imogen - good luck with your PB adventure, im looking forward to hearing how it goes :P

Carrot - I think fortisip is fantastic - i wish I could have convinced myself to start having them earlier, and they are actually quite yum! My faves are toffee, choc & strawberry (but this one takes some getting used to i think - its grown on me)

Jem - did anything change exercise wise? Are you meeting with your team/what did they suggest?

Leah - you are a food legend, keep it up.

B breakfast bowl of bran flakes & alpen w C milk + large toast w butter & honey + glass OJ

L sundried tomatoes & hummus swich on brown w butter + plain walkers crisps + salad w salad creme + portion/serving of ginger sponge w sauce & bowl vanilla creme anglaise

S choc fortisip

D chickpea curry (1/3 plate) + large naan bread + 1/3 plate broccoli + pot longley farm yoghurt

S hot choc + breakfast bowl golden syrup porridge w C milk + TB raisins

bit over the IP cycle here - its a group program & therefore the whole group has to wait for everyone to finish their meals...I am a hoover vs others who most def arent.

love, love :)

Thanks for the comment! I think I'm gonna give them a whirl. I generally hate milkshake type drinks but I hate ED even more and right now it needs a kick up the butt...

Weight Gain Weight Gainers - What Did YOU Eat Today? - April 3rd thru April 17th Apr 08 2010
12:28 (UTC)
Original Post by mashed_tatties:

Imogen: Haha you're so cute :) Yeah I think you're right about the increase - my plan is to increase 100 today and then 200 tomorrow. Kind of freaked out about increasing just as I start a very sedentary job but *sigh* what can you do? How are you getting on m'dear?

Today's plan (just had breakfast)

50g oat bran with ½ banana whipped in, ½ tsp brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, 2 tbsp almond butter, 30g dates, other half of the banana sliced on top
(Packed and eaten at work) x-recipe-r362504 Salmon ‘Bento Box’ (recipe adapted from ‘eating well’ – basically filled my lunchbox which has an ice pack and a few different compartments with salmon salad (made with capers, olives, salmon, olive oil and lemon juice) whole wheat pretzels, yoghurt mixed with frozen blueberries and sliced veggie sticks)
One of Glenn’s cinnamon raisin white choc granola bars (I made loads of these and froze them in Jan – just found ‘em in my freezer yesterday and defrosted some!) spread with 1 T peanut butter,
Sliced apple
Cauldron Mushroom burger (have any of you UK people seen the new ones? Never thought I’d be happy to see the calorie count of a product go UP!)
1 large sweet potato cut into wedges and baked
Steamed broccoli and kale with 1 tbsp homemade goddess dressing

Fage with 40g granola, small sliced banana and 1 tbsp date puree


 Are those mushroom burgers any good? I saw them in Sainsbury's yesterday and was SO CLOSE to picking them up.

Weight Gain Exercising while gaining - is any type ok? Apr 08 2010
12:24 (UTC)

Things like pilates and yoga are good if your BMI isn't too low.

Weight Gain Gainers :) What age are you?? Apr 08 2010
12:23 (UTC)

18. Recovery from too many years of ED.  Cool

Foods anyone from the UK, ever tried... Apr 08 2010
12:20 (UTC)

I've tried the Skinny Minnie one... HANDS DOWN the nicest sandwich I have ever tasted! They're amazing.

Weight Gain Recovering without counting calories Apr 08 2010
07:01 (UTC)

Gaining on 1500? Is that actually possible? I've been reaching 1500 - 1800 this past week (I know this isn't enough; I'm getting some fortisip to add to my MP in the next few days) and I'd gained at my weigh in yesterday. I'm not sure if this is actual fat or water/food/natural fluctuation.

Weight Gain Weight Gainers - What Did YOU Eat Today? - April 3rd thru April 17th Apr 07 2010
07:44 (UTC)
Foods Weighing fruit and vegetables Apr 06 2010
22:22 (UTC)

Peeled it is then! Thanks everyone.  Smile