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Foods Healthy Food Survey Apr 02 2009
23:12 (UTC)

Cold cereal, oatmeal or museli? Oatmeal, definitely, with soy milk and fresh fruit.

Kale, collard greens or Swiss chard? Kale.

Soy milk, almond milk or oat milk? Soy.

Favorite way to cook veggies? Steamed or sauteed with a tiny bit of olive oil.

Favorite fruit for breakfast? Banana, apple, pear..

Favorite fruit for snack? Banana.

Best way to eat carrots? Raw with hummus, always.

Whole grains are best in: bread, pasta or baked goods? Bread. I love a hearty piece of 12 grain bread.

Favorite healthy dessert? Fruit.

Favorite nut butter? Peanut.

Luna Bars, LaraBars or Think Bars? Luna.

Black beans, kidney beans or garbanzo beans? Black beans.

Black, spice or green tea? All of the above! I loooove tea. Lately it's been green though.

How do you take your tea? Herbal plain, black, chai, or green with a splash of skim.

Local or organic from store? Store bought, it's too difficult to buy local.

Favorite farmer's market item? It's all amazing.

Favorite combinations for trail mix? Almonds, dried cranberries, walnuts, soy nuts.

Favorite dried fruit? Cranberries or bananas.

Baked potato or baked yam? Yam. Yum.

Favorite way to eat dark chocolate? Rarely if ever eat chocolate, but I love super dark with chili.

Foods What was in your basket? Sep 17 2008
22:24 (UTC)

for on the go:

dannon light n' fit

ff cottage cheese
soy milk
soy joy bars
baby carrots
reduced fat wheat thins
rice cakes
skim mozzarella cheese stick


Weight Loss Breakfast is useless - stop eating it. May 08 2008
23:07 (UTC)

I think it's less of a dieting "rule" than it is just common sense. Your body needs fuel to keep it running efficiently. Why force it to metabolize and digest large meals two times a day when you can start in the morning and eat smaller  balanced meals throughout the day? Yes, you probably will feel hungrier sooner after eating breakfast, because it is literally "breaking the fast" of the night before and switching gears to metabolize food rather than relying on the body's stored energy. "Starvation mode" is often mentioned, and I'm not completely sure I understand the concept, but why not give your body that extra boost? Then, chances are you'll be less likely to binge later, especially if you start the day off with complex carbs and proteins. 

Plus, why not eat? Breakfast foods are so delicious. 

Fitness Any tips for a toned rear? May 05 2008
03:58 (UTC)

haha, ok, thx for the correction.

Fitness Any tips for a toned rear? May 04 2008
20:55 (UTC)
That's helpful, but not really what I'm looking for... I'm basically trying to keep my ass the same size while still losing weight... sorry if that wasn't clear.
Vegetarian How long have you been a vegetarian? WHY? May 04 2008
07:38 (UTC)

I've been transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle for almost a year- I rarely ate meat, mostly just chicken and fish, then reduced to fish, then became a lacto-ovo vegetarian a few weeks ago. It's just part of my efforts to eat healthy, clean foods.
I decided to do it because it makes me think more about what I'm putting in my body, as well as my effect on the environment. I don't know enough about where my food comes from to know if it really reduces my carbon footprint, but at least my conscience is clear and I feel great!

The Lounge Women who freak out over men looking at naked boobs: explain please May 04 2008
07:20 (UTC)

I don't believe that porn has to degrade women, but I think it frequently does, just because there are many sites focused on that sexual fantasy. I'm not against it as an occasional thing, especially for someone who's single or for a couple to enjoy together, but when it becomes a substitution for a healthy sexual relationship or an addiction, that's when it's a problem. Also, as many  other people have said, there's a fine line between those who choose to work in the sexual entertainment industry and those who have no choice. As far as strip clubs and the like, as long as there's trust in the relationship and the fantasy stays just that, I don't think it's harmful. I'm a firm believer in complete sexual equality, however, so it seems to me that the healthiest way to approach all of this would be to experience it with a partner- hiding any of it definitely leads to distrust.

Weight Loss General bikini question (for both guys and girls) May 04 2008
06:58 (UTC)

Your best bet is to up the exercise rather than focusing on weight loss- You'll be able to eat more, feel healthier and more confident, and you'll increase muscle tone while losing fat. Remember, the numbers on the scale aren't the final say- losing inches is possible while staying the same weight, or even gaining. Be sure to track your inches lost as well as your weight so you don't get discouraged!
This is not to say you're not doing well- at 5'5" and 123 lbs, you're certainly thin. I know the feeling of being dissatisfied anyways, but remember you're always your harshest critic and to other I'm sure you look fantastic.

Weight Loss Im confused what is a calorie deficit? May 04 2008
06:45 (UTC)

To get an accurate reading for your burn meter, set your settings to sedentary or at a low activity level, depending on your lifestyle- there are brief guidelines when you change your settings. Depending on your stats, you may burn something like 1700 calories with a sedentary setting, and with your gym workout added you'd be at a burn of 2200. With an intake of 1500, you'd be at a deficit of 700, or a total week deficit of 4900. These are all as examples- to get an accurate idea of what you should have for settings or for intake I'd have to know your specific stats...

Weight Loss Cabbage Diet May 04 2008
06:37 (UTC)

Ugh, even if you're ok with cabbage, I can't see how eating it constantly would be any fun. It's possible to lose weight on a 'normal' diet! This site is proof of that.

Weight Loss Down 25 pounds in less than 5 weeks.!! May 04 2008
06:36 (UTC)

What was your method, simply calorie counting?
That rapid weight loss seems highly unhealthy- I'm sure others will back me up on this- it's generally understood that 2 pounds lost a week is maximum for steady weight loss and eventual maintenance. I'm just concerned that it will be quickly gained back if your method is too extreme. I'm not trying to downplay your success, just trying to help your long term goals.

Health & Support do you log every day or estimate? May 04 2008
06:28 (UTC)

I still log everything, even salt added, but just because I'm trying to establish healthy eating habits, and before a few months ago, I paid no attention to what I put in my body. Eventually I'd like to stop logging- I guess that's whenever I reach my goal weight or when I know that I'm getting enough nutrients in whatever I'm eating. Nutrition's forefront in my mind, so whenever I feel confident enough about my eating choices I'll be able to stop.

Weight Loss Cheat day? May 04 2008
06:22 (UTC)

I allow for high calorie days- it's rarely over maintenance, but I go out a few days a week and don't like restricting my food intake to allow room for the alcohol- it makes me binge later or just feel sick. I also allow cheat snacks on a regular basis but they usually fit in my calorie goal anyways. It's worked well so far!

Vegetarian Food Ideas Help! May 04 2008
06:08 (UTC)

I recently became a vegetarian as well, and getting protein is always an interesting challenge. Staples of my diet:

Tofu (extra firm in stirfry, silken with herbs for a dip or topping)
Beans of all kinds in salads or with rice.
Cottage cheese- the lower the fat content, the higher the protein.
Yogurt- I've gotten used to the flavor of nonfat plain- you might have to work up to it, or just add your own sweets- fruit is a must!
Low-fat cheese in small quantities- I'm not a huge fan but it does the trick.

If you're bringing your own lunch to school, a sandwich on whole wheat bread or in a pita with hummus, lettuce, sprouts, tomato, and a small amount of cheese gets you the protein while still being low fat. I've never seen plain yogurt in a single serving but you could check your grocery store, or just portion some out from a larger container.
Vegetarian options are going to be difficult at a typical school cafeteria- You might have to load up at breakfast at dinner and focus your lunch on fruits and vegetables- possibly with a wheat bread sandwich if you have that option.
I'm also a big fan of Balance Bare bars- they're completely natural and high in protein, though pretty expensive (I got them at Whole Foods, something like $15 for 15 bars).

Hope this was helpful, best wishes for a fellow vegetarian.

EDIT: I just checked out the Balance bars, which I haven't had since I became a vegetarian, and they do contain fish gelatin like many other protein bars. What a shame.

Foods breakfast ideas May 04 2008
05:52 (UTC)

FF plain yogurt with fruit, cinnamon, and splenda if needed.
Whole grain toast or english muffin with 1/2 tbsp. natural peanut butter
Omelet with mixed veggies, one whole egg, and one or two egg whites, lf cheese.
Oatmeal with fruit, milk, 2 tbsp chopped nuts, and cinnamon or nutmeg
FF cottage cheese
Kashi cereals

Weight Loss still having trouble with calories May 04 2008
05:30 (UTC)

Why not have whole eggs instead of just whites? They're not unhealthy, just higher in fat, and would add more protein and calories to your diet.

Foods How do you eat healthy on a budget? May 04 2008
05:27 (UTC)

Whole grain pasta and rice are the base for my dinners (on a college student's budget). I don't buy anything prepackaged and buy frozen vegetables because fresh ones seem to go bad very quickly. If you have access to a Trader Joe's, they have great deals and a really fantastic frozen selection. I'm a vegetarian, but I know tuna is very high in protein and low in fat, as well as being cheap. Buy storebrand whenever possible- the savings add up and name brand basics really aren't worth it. Also, take the time to glance through grocery store mailings to find bulk discounts or buy one get one free deals. Make sure you're only buying foods that you'd already get, though. It's easy to get something extra just because it's on sale. Freeze anything that you know you'll want for a while, such as meats. I've never done this, but my roommate keeps bread in the fridge and it seems to last for ages. Canned foods obviously last for ages, but beware of the  high sodium content; rinse whenever possible to reduce sodium intake.

... Hope some of this random information is useful! Happy shopping...

Motivation "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" May 04 2008
05:13 (UTC)

Hit my calorie target exactly, ate a lot of veggies and protein for dinner, got work done for my critique on tuesday...

Weight Loss weight loss survey May 04 2008
05:07 (UTC)


how much have you lost? 10 pounds,

is this the 1st time or a repeat performance? This is the first time I've actually paid attention to what I put in my body- It's partially about weight loss but mostly about nutrition.

are you finished? I'm still working on muscle tone, wouldn't mind a loss of 2-3 pounds but as I add muscle I'm not sure that's going to be possible or healthy.

how long did it take? About two months

how long have you kept it off? I'm slightly gaining because of fat loss and muscle gain, but I've been maintaining for a few weeks.

what approach did you use? Two months of 1500 cal/day- some weeks I'd get to the gym 5-6 times, others not at all depending on my workload.  I just started weight lifting this month. I also eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day, keeping me satisfied (most of the time). I allow higher calorie days- Eating out and drinking assure that I'll never stay within my limit every single day- but I've grown to accept that and don't want my diet to ruin my social life.
Foods I love fatty foods, so here is how I've managed. have more suggestions, then let me know. May 04 2008
04:58 (UTC)

I've just changed the basics-

Milk, cottage cheese, and plain yogurt to fat-free.
Cheese to lowfat (just shredded cheese, I've basically cut it out of my diet because it's so high in fat).
Sweets are always fruit or splenda & cinnamon on yogurt. I treat myself every once in a while to a girl scout cookie ;)
Salty snacks: pretzels- high in sodium but I brush off the salt as much as possible. I also love lightly salted rice cakes with a 1/2 tbsp of natural peanut butter. I recently bought natural tortilla chips for the first time in months- I portion out a single serving and have with hummus or as nachos with lf cheese, beans, and tomatoes to add nutrition.
I hardly use butter, usually olive oil and even then just a tsp for flavor or as salad dressing.
It's a lot of restriction but I'm growing used to the taste of lowfat foods- I try to offset any variation from the theme with a protein to keep my diet balanced; I'm not anti-fats, just very careful with how I'll eat them.