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Fitness confused about deficit & getting in shape Jun 26 2009
08:08 (UTC)

Yoga is good for body tone:)

If you are confortable with heat, try the hot yoga!

Foods Peanut butter is good? Jun 26 2009
07:47 (UTC)

I just checked the chicken hot dog I bought. It is 34g per hot dog and is only 90 calories! definitely more statisfying than 1 tbsp peanut butter...

So chicken hot dog is better than peanut butter?

Foods Peanut butter is good? Jun 26 2009
05:22 (UTC)

I bought the President Choice's Just Peanut, it claims 100% roasted peanut...

Yeah, I really like nuts! Peanut, almond, cashew, walnut...all my favorite... But the sacry fact is they may contains more calories than those unhealthy food....

Motivation A new (?) idea for mini-goal "rewards" Jun 25 2009
07:44 (UTC)

Brilliant idea of rewarding! Hope you reach your goal sooner!

Weight Loss Optimal treadmill incline, speed, and time for weight loss? Mar 13 2008
04:05 (UTC)
nobody knows?
Weight Loss Someone tell me what's going on! Jul 05 2007
00:45 (UTC)
The blue line represents your weight, and the green line stands for the "Trend" of your weight. But I don't know how the "Trend" works. could anyone explain that?
Weight Loss 40 POUNDS to lose club. ~~GROUP FULL~~ Jul 05 2007
00:31 (UTC)
Hi everyone! Hope it is not too late to join this wonderful club:)

Let me introduce myself:

My Height is:  5'4"
My age is:  27
Need to lose: 38.5 lbs
My Start Weight is: 148.5 (May 21)
My goal weight is:  110 (Nov 30)
My activity level is:  Biking to work(17km per day) almost every workday, 1-2 times hot yoga per month.
My current weight:  135 (still need to lose 25lbs)
Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Jul 04 2007
19:12 (UTC)
My weight was 148 when I started to losing weight on May 21. I'm 135 now, so it is 13lbs in 44 days. ;) It's great, isn't it?

My goal is 110, sounds crazy :). But  I believe I could reach my goal in the end of November.

I'm on diet. I bike to work almost every workday and I do hot yoga 1-2 times per week.