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Entry on Jan 25 2006 22:26
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Entry on Jan 23 2006 21:39
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Entry on Jan 22 2006 14:54
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Entry on Jan 21 2006 23:07
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Entry on Jan 20 2006 19:24
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Well, I am much like Bridget Jones (or at least so I am told:) ... always a bit too crazy and looking after my weight. Other than that, I am still in college, 2 more years to go until I graduate and go into the real business scene. I enjoy meeting up with friends and oh I love to blab. I am very spontaneous and emotional. One of my resolutions for the new year is to eat healthier and lose some weight ( I kept it general and didn't specify how much I should weight by the end of the year).
Interests 9: diary, friends, healthy food, movies, photography, shopping, swimming, tennis, travelling
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