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Weight Loss Can drinking too much water CAUSE headaches? Jul 30 2010
14:15 (UTC)

I have never heard of this either; I have heard of exercise induced headaches, though, and I get those and one cause of those is not drinking enough water DURING your workouts and then replenshing your body right after a work out with something potassium rich (like bananas). I have found that if I make sure to take big drinks of my water during my workout, and eat a banana either right before or right after my workout that I don't get these headaches. Also, if I do start feeling one of these headaches coming on hours after my workout, popping a couple of Tylenol always does the trick for me. And do Tylenol, not Advil (ibuprophin). Tylenol is much better for you health wise that ibuprophin is and its much gentler on your body as well. Hope some of these ideas from me (and everyone else) helps. Good luck.