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Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 29 2012
06:30 (UTC)

I can understand what your saying, and it is valid. However, back before the 70's we also had way less of a pollution problem. Unfortunately... they go hand in hand. There was a time our soils were extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Now, we have to artifically produce those items. Another problem is herbacide... we spray all our crops to kill the pests, but while we do that we're also polluting our bodies, on a global scale - now more than ever... So, how can our bodies extract the rich vitamins, nutrients, and protein from the fruit and vegetables that we eat if our cells are coated with a toxic shell? And how much of those nutrients are we actually getting from our nutient bankrupt vegetables and fruit? Yes, a kitten will learn to survive... and it will cling to what its body needs to stay healthy. It might be just a bit clumsy at first, but it can still start with beetles.

Perhaps, the reason for a recommended 1500 calorie level, could be because they are aware of the actual percentage of nutrients that a male body will be able to extract from that amount of calories and is considered efficient, I'm okay with that. My point is... get rid of the toxins and your body will be able to extract that much more and it won't be begging for raw sugar, if at all. Thats exactly how it worked for me... My calorie count is lower than 1500, usually around 12-1300... but I'm always full and content. People who know me personally, know that I'm eating healthy and are always shocked at the change that has taken place.

I hope that helps a little... I'm no expert - still just learning. But, everyday is another day that I find more and more exciting.

Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 29 2012
05:37 (UTC)

Sorry thhq... I can guarantee that I'm not on any starvation diet... Hmm... let me put it this way...

The best part of a chocolate M&M is the chocolate on the inside, right? At least I think so. But, to get to that chocolate on the inside you need to first suck off the hard candy coating. Your body is made up of cells… if they are coated with toxins than only a small percentage of nutrients and protein you eat (with those calories), is able to get through that layer to the cell... All those important items, used to feed our body, are just passing right on through and you are leaving your body starving. Why do you really think you crave everything with high sugar content? Because your body isn’t producing enough glucose for your brain to survive… So it tells you to grab that, eat this, and eat more of this cake… oh! Grab that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup too and while where at it… grab that pop over there – no, the bigger one! If your liver and kidneys are loaded with toxins… than it cannot process ‘all’ the protein and nutrients that your body needs.

Like I said before… Feed your body what it needs, and it will stop wanting the junk. Animals can figure that out, why can’t we?

Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 26 2012
03:47 (UTC)

Well, since your asking thhq… I only found out about this app for my iphone a little more than a week ago. And yes, my calorie count is coming along quite well, thank you… averaging about 1300cal’s/day and have been posting my results daily. I drink 12 (8oz) glasses of water per day… I carry a 1-litre water bottle with me everywhere I go and I am rarely seen without it. That’s a pretty big contrast from going from 10-12 cups of coffee/day, since 2004 (I used to be a long haul truck driver). Of course, I didn’t start drinking that much water right away… it took about 8 days of the 9 day cleanse before I flushed out all the caffeine from my body… after that, it was straight to 12 glasses per day and never experienced any caffeine withdrawels. I eat 3 meals a day, and now because of calorie count… if I didn’t plan it, I don’t eat it. I don’t snack in between my meals… did you realize that if you eat a proper breakfast and don’t snack before dinner you will loose about 11% fat?? I don’t eat desserts, in fact, I can count on one hand how many I’ve eaten in the past month. When I do ‘choose’ to eat one, I opt for the smallest item and have been known to pitch half of that in the garbage. Not because I don’t like it, but my gut tells me ‘it’ doesn’t like it and there is no argument. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Problem is, for most of us, once we pick it up we commit to eating it no matter what our gut says about and than regret it later. Don’t get me wrong… I love food, as much as anyone else, but I have a new craving for raw salads and healthy choices and I’ll pass over the French fries and gravy and all the other items… items that don’t require you to be a calorie count to know that they will eventually kill you.


Calories… what I find so amazing on here with everyone, is how much everyone snacks in between meals? Have you considered that because our soils are basically dead… there isn’t much protein left in our vegetables? After all, how often do you see ‘deep’ colored red tomatoes anymore? 50% of our American children are being diagnosed with onset diabetes and all you want to do is knock me for wanting to share what is working for me?? I have lost 6 lbs this month… and I’ve only started counting my calories a little more than a week ago… you’ve been here since 2007… I’m 41, I don’t have time to waste anymore... I'd like to enjoy the rest of my years.


Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 26 2012
01:45 (UTC)

Just so everyone is aware... I am no advocate of quick fixes or 17 day diet programs. First off, the 9-day cleanse I mentioned is not a diet program, nor the cleanse that you are refering to william92. It is completely about a change in lifestyle... and that is why a month later, after my 9-day cleanse, I have not gained a single pound back again. I have not had any cravings for junk food such as fast food... and going from 10 cups of coffee to 0 cups over night without any withdrawel symptoms... would hardly classify as a crash diet. Now, for the past month I have been sleeping much deeper than ever and when I wake in the morning I'm wide awake... no need for coffee anymore. I could go on and on but there is no way to describe how it has affected my health and lifestyle for the better. 

Cheers to good health Smile

Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 25 2012
19:39 (UTC)

Rosl, you are exactly right. My sister's daughter did exactly that and is now back where she was. You have to keep in mind that if you approach it as a quick way to loose weight and than return to eating habits you had originally, nothing will work. Seriously, even two lbs a week or two lbs a month. Lifestyle change is the factor for any long term weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For me, it was a month now and I have not gained a single pound since I lost it. I went from drinking 10 cups of coffee a day (not kidding) to 0 cups on my 1st day of the 9 day program, with no caffeine withdrawel symptoms. I have had exactly 1 tiny bag of chips in the last month rather than two or three per day. To top that all off, I have had no fast food cravings and saved $200 last month on that alone. So,yes you are very correct in that it is definitely a complete change in lifestyle that will bring your weight down. 

Weight Loss Such a small drop this week >:( Mar 25 2012
16:40 (UTC)

In regards to the scale thing... don't rely on only the scale. Its true, it does fluctuate throughout the day and just think how much 8-12 glasses of water will add to that scale reading at any given time.

If you haven't done so already... get a measuring tape and measure all those parts you are concerned about and than monitor that about once a week. If your truly loosing weight, than that is where you will keep seeing it on the average.

I did a 9-day cleanse a month ago and lost 8.6lbs in that 9 days, but the most exciting confirmation for me was... when I threw out that bag of clothes I couldn't wear anymore.

Weight Loss Asenlix...anyone tried it Mar 25 2012
16:20 (UTC)

Wow, sounds like scary stuff. I did a 9 - day cleanse a month ago and lost 8.6 lbs in 9 days and I had none of those effects that another poster posted... wow!

Instead of negative effects I had nothing but positive. I have increased energy and mental clarity ( as a pilot, extremely beneficial side effect), healthy sleep (finally, first time in years), along with increased weight loss including a reduction in inches (now I almost need to get a smaller flight suit).

stay away from chemicals... our processed fast food today, and yes, even our vegetables have more than enough of those.

Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 25 2012
16:12 (UTC)

no, but I've done a 9 day cleanse and lost 8.6 lbs... starting the 30 day cleanse this week and aiming for a loss of 30lbs. I am so excited!! Laughing

Weight Loss do you have an extreme amount of weight to lose? Mar 25 2012
15:41 (UTC)

Come join my fanpage,

For me, I was so excited when I started loosing weight, and felt so much healthier, that I created a fan page on facebook... I hope that you'll check it out and would love to have more people on my fan page.