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Health & Support Sleep Apr 13 2012
09:01 (UTC)
I am unemployed and have been out of school for almost a year now. I usually get around ten to twelve hours of sleep a night. Hopefully I will hear back from somewhere that I have applied soon so I can stop sleeping so much and start working again.
New Members homemade meals Apr 12 2012
07:31 (UTC)
If you go to the actual CC website and go to the 'foods' tab you can make a recipe, then after you create the recipe you can declare how much is a serving size and log it. I hope this helps!
Foods Easter Dinner - What will you have? Apr 08 2012
12:55 (UTC)
Oh wow! Every one has delicious meals planned. We go over to a friend's house for a lunch barbecue every year. Hamburgers and hot dogs, usually served with a pasta salad.
New Members how do i remove an item? Apr 08 2012
12:41 (UTC)
If you are on your computer, go to your food log and find the food you want to edit or delete.
New Members how do i remove an item? Apr 08 2012
12:40 (UTC)
If you are on your iPhone, make a swiping motion from left to right on the food you wish to delete. It should make a red box that says 'delete' on it.
New Members need picture Apr 08 2012
12:26 (UTC)
Unfortunately I do not believe you can do this through your phone. You actually have to log on to the Calorie Count web page and upload one through that.
The Lounge Dr. Oz Rant.... Apr 08 2012
07:58 (UTC)
Oh my goodness, I want to hug you. When I was working as a CNA my employer took everything Dr. Oz said as the gospel truth. She would spend hundreds of dollars on whatever pills, vitamins, supplements Dr. Oz suggested she buy. Every day at four the television would be on and I would have to endure listening to him and it drove me crazy. I absolutely hate that man. It makes me wonder how many people act like my previous employer and dump money for anything he suggests. It is ridiculous.
Games & Challenges Word Chain Apr 08 2012
07:48 (UTC)
Booster seat
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Apr 08 2012
07:43 (UTC)
True! I want to retire in the mountains.

TPBM wants an exotic animal as a pet.
Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Apr 08 2012
07:39 (UTC)
Games & Challenges Hottest man game! Apr 08 2012
07:38 (UTC)
Ryan Reynolds! He is one sexy man. My friend and I have movie nights and fawn over him. <3

Shemar Moore, Vin Diesel or Robert Downey Jr.
Weight Loss Has anyone tried Somae Health? Apr 04 2012
22:12 (UTC)

Thank you! 

Young Calorie Counters what are your reasons to lose weight? :) Mar 15 2012
08:41 (UTC)
Once I hit puberty I gained a lot of weight. I was teased from middle school through high school and my roommate in college even made fun of me because of my weight. I ended up losing all my friends, got kicked out of college and was diagnosed with depression. Now I have decided I want to prove to everyone that I am a strong person and I want to gain more confidence in myself. I also want to feel healthier and happier than I have been before.
Young Calorie Counters How old were you when you had your first kiss? Mar 15 2012
08:38 (UTC)
I am almost twenty and I have never been kissed. :x I have also never had a boyfriend. This is part of my motivation to lose more weight.
The Lounge where are you from? Mar 15 2012
08:34 (UTC)
I have lived in Idaho, USA my entire life. :/