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Motivation Self Sabotage Apr 06 2010
21:24 (UTC)

If you are going to achieve your goals (whatever they may be), you first have to believe that you are worthy of the life you want to have.  That "cookie monster" you speak of is the part of your mind that is afraid of your own true greatness.

Weight Loss McDonalds Frozen Ice Cream Cone Nov 06 2009
21:44 (UTC)

The Costco frozen yogurt cups that I get are huge - probably 16 ounces, at least!

Weight Loss How long does it take to create a new habit? Aug 04 2009
19:28 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

whether or not that's a habit, i don't know.  it's just what i do.

This quote is perfect.  Whatever we do in life is just what we do.  The choices we make give us the results we experience.  If we make the "right" choices repeatedly, we'll probably get the results we want.  Just keep doing the things you really want to do (eating only the foods you really want to, engaging in the level of activity you know is good for you, etc.), and you'll get the results you want, whether or not you call it a "habit" or a "lifestyle."

Every moment is an opportunity to make a better choice.

Weight Loss How long does it take to create a new habit? Aug 04 2009
19:21 (UTC)

after 2-1/2 years I continue to wake up at 5 AM daily looking for something to eat.  If eating and exercising in a healthier way had really become a habit I would have gone back to normal sleep patterns. 

Why not get up at 5 AM, then?  Have a light breakfast, get some exercise, and start your day.  Why fight the urge to wake up at 5 AM if that's what your body wants to do?

Weight Loss Two weeks, scale has not budged! WTF?? Aug 03 2009
22:34 (UTC)
Original Post by sirpanlis:

It just seems like I've been doing this all my life.


You should be doing this all your life (eating well and exercising), right?

Fitness Squats? Stairmaster? Want my butt back! Jun 25 2009
22:12 (UTC)

Stretch your hamstrings after deadlifts!  Mine get really tight.

Weight Loss Diet MEans No Sugar,chocolates,cakes ... or what?? HELP!!! Jun 25 2009
19:23 (UTC)

I hope this doesn't sound rude, but I have a suggestion for you that's unrelated to dieting.  Please try to practice typing words that are fully spelled out with appropriate grammar.  I'm sure you're probably young (and I'm not an old lady, by the way) and I'm sure a lot of your friends communicate the same way.  However, someday you might be working on a university assignment or a resume or trying to get a professional job, and it will help if you're accustomed to communicating in the way that will be required of you at that time.  Just a suggestion - I hope you're not offended.

Good luck on acheiving all your goals!

Motivation I did it! I finally did it. Jun 24 2009
23:00 (UTC)

momofpixies -

A skinfold test is used to measure body fat percentage.  BMI is simply a weight to height ratio - two different things.

The Lounge Does an engagement really need a ring? Jun 19 2009
18:31 (UTC)

Of course you don't need a ring.  But if you do want one, there are inexpensive options.  I think the engagement ring my husband gave me cost about $70 (It was called a "promise ring" at the store).  It's white gold with the tiniest little diamond - and I love it.  For me personally, I wouldn't want to marry someone who is so irresponsible with money that they would spend a ridiculous amount on a ring.  Student loans are "good debt," but new debt (for something as impractical as jewelry) is not the way to start a marriage.  If you want to get married and you're prepared for the life-long commitment, go for it - big ring, small ring, Cracker Jack ring, or no ring at all.

Weight Loss Acitvity level - what am I? Jun 09 2009
23:57 (UTC)

"Therefore I feel if you do a lot of exercise but are not active at work you may need to bump yourself up from sedentary to light activity."

This might work, as long as you don't call yourself "active" and then take credit for the exercise on top of that.  The activity levels are somewhat subjective, whereas the burn rates for specific activities are more precise.  That's why many people use a "sedentary" burn rate as a baseline, and then keep track of the additional calories burned by each activity they do for exercise.

Weight Loss Acitvity level - what am I? Jun 09 2009
21:48 (UTC)


Why don't you just set yourself as "sedentary" and then log in all your exercise?

Fitness heart rate monitor vs treadmill readout interval training Feb 03 2009
19:44 (UTC)

When I wear my HRM, it reads lower than what the treadmill or elliptical says.  I don't have any answers for you, but it seems like my experience is actually the opposite of yours.  My treadmill and elliptical are both LifeFitness - I imagine different brands might be calibrated differently.

If you're trying to determine whether you've been under-eating for the amount of calories you're burning, I think the way you feel should factor heavily into that determination.


Fitness How hard is it really for a couch potato to do the 'couch to 5k'? Feb 03 2009
18:57 (UTC)

I've known a couple people who have literally gone from the couch to a 5K (with minimal to no training).  It wasn't easy for them, of course.  I've never done the C25K, but it seems like a great idea.  It will be difficult/challenging at times, but you need to just expect it to be challenging and power through.  Best wishes and Congratulations!

Foods caloric discrepancy...oh my! Nov 13 2008
20:58 (UTC)

With all due respect, why are you drinking Hawaiian Punch?  Since there is no food value (and no caffeine), It may not be worth even 80 calories.

Foods Egg Whites Jun 05 2008
21:42 (UTC)

The ones in the carton are pasteurized.  It's perfectly OK, and some would say preferable, to consume them raw.  Add them to a smoothie - they're tasteless.

Foods Egg whites Jun 05 2008
21:34 (UTC)

One benefit of the egg whites in the carton is that they're probably pasteurized (check to be sure).  This means that you can drink it raw.  This may sound weird at first, but it really has no taste and can add protein (more natural and bioavailable than protein powder) to a smoothie.  I also read somewhere that regular egg whites can block your body's absorption or utilization of Biotin, and that the pasteurization process somehow eliminates this negative side effect.  Last night I mixed 1/2 c. egg whites, 1/2 c. soy milk, and a splash of sugar-free vanilla Torani syrup - 100 calories, 14 g. protein, 2 g. fat.  It was really good and slightly thicker than a regular milky texture.

Maintaining Danger: SOY! May 20 2008
22:48 (UTC)

It happened to me too, and I certainly was not underweight or underfat at the time.  I am vegan, so it's easy for me to eat an excessive amount of soy, but I now try to balance it with other protein sources.

Weight Loss Im so freaking sick of being hungry Jan 25 2008
19:01 (UTC)
Someone mentioned 2 apples, a banana, strawberies, etc. and said it would add up to 70 calories.  You might want to investigate that one a bit further.  I'm pretty sure that would be hundreds of calories.