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Fitness True Calorie Burn? Elliptical/Stepper/Treadmill Jan 22 2010
23:05 (UTC)

Just to clarify - I almost never hold the handrails, aside from using them to get my heart rate. I using just let my arms do what they do, as I know that is the most effective way to use cardio machines. In the past, I have also held a 5 - 10 lb freeweight in each hand as I did my exercises, to slightly increase calorie burn as well as work on arm toning. Thanks for your insight, I just want to make sure the machine is not overestimating my calories severely. The machines at the gym I am at are brand new, though I will investigate the brand tonight when I go and kick my ass ;)

The Lounge Moving in with a SO - When is too soon? Jan 20 2010
21:59 (UTC)

Well, I got together with my current boyfriend just after I turned 20. I left a 3.5 year relationship, partially because I was bored of that relationship, and partially because I was falling for this other guy, and did not want to be sneaking around on my wonderful (now-ex)boyfriend. Because my new bf is significantly older than me (by 13 years :x), when we first started getting to know eachother, he thought it was "weird" that I was going home to my parents house, so he just kept inviting me to stay. He gave me a vehicle to drive (as I had just gotten my drivers license - I was a slow starter haha), and because of that he expected me to help him out when he needed to get around (he had no license, long story). So it turned into an everyday thing, and after getting comfy and cuddling/watching a movie, it was easier just to sleep over than to go home. Then on the nights I would stay at my parents house, the next day he would complain about how lousy he slept without me there.
One thing led to another. A year and a half later we are still together, and have plans to buy a place together once the people who own our dream place are ready to move out (its in the works, so excited!)
Currently he has been out of town, so we actually just gave up our place, and I moved back into my parents house this week (already I ahve been saving money by not having to buy groceries!). The reason, however, is so that we can both save money towrds our down payment, rather than pay someone else's mortgage by payng rent ;)

Either way, what I am trying to say, is that as long as you feel comfortable with the situation, then go for it! As stated by a few other people in this thread, some moved in after a much shorter span together than you are thinking of. I also think that it is super important to make sure you are compatible with the other person before you take a step like marriage, because marriage carries a lot of legal implications that simply moving in together does not.
Make sure you let us know what you decide :)

The Lounge Calories burned while peeing your pants? A Rant. Jan 20 2010
20:36 (UTC)

Some dog owners are absolutely clueless.
A perfect example is something that my dad runs into on a regular basis.
He has a very large English Mastiff x Lab, who is approx. hip height, and weighs just over 160lbs. He is a very kind dog, and the most he will ever do, even when approached by an agressive dog, is put his paw over them and ask for their submission (which he usually gets).
My dad often walks his dog through a neighbourhood elementary school's fields. His dog is NEVER off a leash, with the exception of one of the fully-fenced soccer fields, which my dad will let his dog off only when there is no one else around, and close the gate with the leash tied around it.
On a number of occassions, people have had their dogs off-leash behind the school, and the dogs have come running, barking, and snarling at my dad and his dog (Mojo). Mojo has simply gone to put his paw over the other dogs. Some of them will yelp, which will cause the agressing dogs owner to yelkl "CONTROL YOUR DOG!!". Umm, excuse me? Your dog ran up to mine? Mine is on a leash?
This has happened to him about 5 times in the last 2 years. 2 times involving the same dog. My dad just continues to threaten that "Next time I see your dog off the leash, I'm letting mine off, and we will see whos dog wins". Thats enough to scare most people (my dad would never stoop to that level however ;))
Sometimes people should not be allowed to have pets. Or children for that matter.

The Lounge I need to be more secure about my relationship :( Nov 05 2009
18:44 (UTC)

I also have to agree that he's still spending way too much time thinking about his ex.
Am I the only one who read that they broke up 4 YEARS before, and now you ahve been together for a year, so 5 years? 5 years later he still makes a slip up and calls his ex his girlfriend? hmmm.
My boyfriend and I openly talk about past relationships, or things that remind us of an ex, but only in a facutal sense. I know that he wants to be with me, because he would be with his ex if he wanted to be with her instead. I know that she would take him back in a heartbeat, even though they broke up almost 2 years ago. My bf and I have been together just over a year, and just bought a motel with his dad (yes, a motel lol). If he didn't plan to spend his future with me, he sure wouldnt've brought me into the equation financially.
The only slip ups my boyfriend ever makes is sometimes he will be telling someone a story or bring up something current (his ex owns an upholstry shop and does beautiful work, she is doing the interior of our boat at the moment in trade for something he said she could ahve eyars ago - so we're the ones winning in the end. He got rid of something he didn't want and got something we needed). Anyway, his only slip up is sometimes he will say MY name instead of hers! (nice to know who's on his mind ;))
I can honestly say he has never called ME by her name, or called her his girlfriend since we have been together.
I would say "bye bye" to him, because thats just bizarre. 

The Lounge Relationship and friendship. Trying to be a rational, supportive girlfriend. Nov 05 2009
17:35 (UTC)
Original Post by trustwomen:

I was always sweet as pie to the girlfriends of my conquests, ahem, friends. I could afford to be - I felt superior to them, I could be gracious beyond belief, I even felt a little sorry for them. I didn't want to steal their boyfriends, that wasn't the goal, I didn't really want these guys as boyfriends and I wasn't in love with them, I was happy to leave the gf all the real work and simply skim off the cream for myself - the attention, the priority in their hearts, their physical desire. (Yes, I was all kinds of f-ed up, I know.)

 I meet way too many girls who are like you used to be who are interested in my boyfriend LOL. I am just lucky that he has grown up enough to tell them that he has a girlfriend and thats who he's going to be spending his time with that night. It definitely heps my piece of mind that we live together though ;)

Jellykiss - i would have a big problem with my bf staying at another girls house. Plain and simple, why don't they just meet halfway at a restaurant or something and catch up, and then go home. Whoever said that friends do dinner a movie, and then go to their seperate homes, is right.
I know you love/trust your boyfriend, but every thing that has been said here, I immediately lean towards caution. My boyfriend would choose, me or them. If they want to meet for coffee, great. But no sleepovers. Period.

Young Calorie Counters Sleeping in late? Oct 29 2009
22:57 (UTC)

Haha wow Chrissy good call. My suggestion was going to be far less healthy. When I sleep way in like that, or end up with like 400 calories by the time dinner rolls around for one reason or another, I use that day as an excuse to enjoy something I normally wouldn't get to within my allowance, like a 2 cheesebuger meal at McDonalds, or a pasta dish either at home or out at a restaurant. Those days are my favorite hehe. Or have a massive piece of dessert or something like that ;).

Foods Moonshine Sep 08 2009
22:25 (UTC)
Original Post by thhq:

  cc foods lists neat alcohol (or 100 proof) as 4 calories per gram, or 82 calories to the ounce.  I don't know why everclear would be so much higher than that.


 Because everclear is 190 proof, not 100 proof. Far higher alcohol content.

Foods Sushi Lovers- if you wanted to splurge but not too much? Sep 08 2009
22:16 (UTC)

I would have an ebi (shrimp) sunomono, with a rainbow roll (california roll with sashimi on top. Yum. I think thats actually what I'm going to have for dinner today...), and then usually another roll of some sort picked at random off of the menu. Sometimes an order of tempura or gyoza. I do, however, usually only go for sushi with my boyfriend or friends, and share both the rolls. If I am alone, the sunomono and the rainbow roll are sufficient for me.

Foods Watermelon, fattening? Aug 26 2009
18:30 (UTC)
Original Post by susiecue:

Original Post by clown8516:

no fruit is fattening as long as its eating raw. trust me, in fact the more raw fruit you eat the leaner and healthier you will become. so think of fruit as a free food. and don't worry about your blood sugar because raw fruit will not raise it.


This is completely untrue.  *Any* food is fattening if you eat too much of it.  Admittedly, it would take awful lot of watermelon - but if you were to consume 10 pounds of the stuff, that's a lot of calories and they certainly would count.

 I would like to meet someone who could consume 10 pounds of watermelon a day.

Motivation My New Life .... Aug 14 2009
20:47 (UTC)

She hasn't been online since the day he came home :D
Hope he was as excited to see you as you were to see him.

Motivation My New Life .... Aug 04 2009
19:50 (UTC)

I can't wait to hear what he says either! Please update.

The Lounge Dance Your Ass Off...I Think You've Gone Too Far... Jul 23 2009
16:17 (UTC)
Original Post by jaefuma:

Original Post by merylwhite1:

Original Post by jaefuma:

Thanks for not understanding the point of my post and snapping at me. :/

I don't think they were snapping at you at all, but it sure sounded like you snapped back.

I felt snapped at. x_x Like he was saying that I said overweight people are restricted in what activities they decide to pursue, so I wanted to explain myself and that I felt snapped at/misunderstood.

Have to say, you didn't help. x_x

Now I feel snapped at, and like a jerk. What a wonderful day for me.

 No, you just assumed that it was something difficult to do for even someone who was fit, and really its great for everyone, move at your own pace. I feel no sympathy for ANYONE on TV, even if they had had those people naked and trying to pole dance. They're all sell-outs, the second they step in front of the camera they're a sell-out. I'm sorry, but they deserve everything they get if they think that all their weightloss problems are going to solved because they went on some TV show. You can't tell me, not for a second, that they 'forced' anyone to do that. If they didn't feel comfortable going on national television and making fools of themselves, they wouldnt've signed up for a reality show in the first place. I have watched the biggest loser a few times, and I think the concept is stupid. Great for the people who "win", but I think that it is looked at the wrong way. People on that show will be upset when they 'only' lose 3 pounds, and don't 'win' because someone else lost 7 that week. I think every pound lost should be celebrted for all of those people, because losing weight is definitely a challenge for most. But really, the point I want to make is that all the whiny people making fools of themselves on that show and others deserve to feel like idiots when they get back to their hometown. Find a regular exercise and eating program people and stop trying to get your '15 minutes' on reality shows.

The Lounge Dance Your Ass Off...I Think You've Gone Too Far... Jul 22 2009
23:59 (UTC)
Original Post by jaefuma:

And then they brought out the stripper pole.

Now, I am all for getting fit. If you like to dance, please, dance away. However, a stripper pole? Really? Why? These people are already overweight and going through the indignity of wearing unflattering, skin tight clothes, why must they now struggle with a stripper pole? Fit people can't even pull that off (I'm guessing. I don't know, it looks difficult).

Just to clear this up, because it bugged me when I read it.
Pole dancing (for fitness) is actually a great workout. I have been taking classes since January. It is not 'hard' to do, because it is in levels, so it is progressive. At the studio I dance at, there is SUCH a wide variety of people. Short, young, petite people like myself are a minority, for sure. There are quite a few mid-to-overweight women who are taking the classes, and many of them are seeing positive results. There are younger heavier people but also older(50+) that come weekly or more.
And many of the heavier people are - you guessed it - better dancers than the rest of us.

Just my comment on that, I haven't actually seen the show xD


Motivation 1yr on!! Jul 20 2009
21:28 (UTC)

Love the picture of you sitting in the chair "before" and "after" in your profile! Shows best what a difference has been made. Congratulations!

The Lounge Body Mods... Jul 16 2009
17:22 (UTC)
Original Post by priceless7:

I dont know much about getteing boobs done even tho every one of my cousins (4) have gotten them done. I know there were no complications for them. They all love their new boobs.

 Do you know what they paid? I actually know someone who has a breast augmentation booked for October in Mexico (she planned an extra long holiday there so she can recover in the fun and sun), and the price is quite low. Then again, I don't think I would want to go there for anything like that, personally... 
I live in Canada as well.  

The Lounge Body Mods... Jul 16 2009
17:09 (UTC)

I did know that they had to be redone eventually, though i was unaware that it had to be redone that soon after. Idk, I still think I would like it done. i did a bit of research, and it seems like the stats are pretty good for successful procedures... Anyone else? Message me if you don't feel confortable admitting it to the CC world? ;) 

Foods Mini wheats? Jul 03 2009
22:08 (UTC)

I have frosted mini-wheats every morning for breakfast, and I have been maintaining for a long while. I love them. I find that they keep me full for at least 3 hours. I also ahve trouble with my iron and fibre intakes, so the mini wheats DEFINITELY ahve helped that (no more headaches!).
Love them.

The Lounge Do girls like traveling? Jun 22 2009
23:55 (UTC)
Original Post by loriklorik:

Nope, women are hardwired to just want to cook / clean / have babies....

....sure women like to travel! :P They come in a diverse rainbow of flavors just like men o.O

 Lorik I think you are my favorite CC regular. You make me laugh almost every time ;)

Let me respond to the OP though: I too could easily see myself living in another country for years at a time, only to pack up and leave again. I would love to see the world, definitely a huge passion of mine. I have been to Europe, and throughout Canada/USA and the carribean. Next stop is Australia, I have my ticket! I would love to have the opportunity to live abroad. There ARE women who would love to be beside you in your suggested scenario, myself included :D

Weight Loss US navy body fat % calculator says I'm obese Jun 22 2009
21:09 (UTC)

Umm, does it really matter what an online calculator tells you?
You are 5'3 and 125 lbs - there is no physical way you could possibly be obese.
Go to your local gym, and ask them to measure your Body Fat % - the only truly accurate way to measure BF% is with calipers - even the digital scales that send impulses through your body are not correct in measuring body fat.