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Health & Support . Oct 29 2011
22:45 (UTC)

Hi Beth,

Finding food I can get in large portions for cheap is a big part of my life since my parents don't buy my food and I didn't have a job for the first couple years after college--and I eat a high calorie diet [higher than most on the WG forum to maintain].  With my budget, even the on sale produce at a normal grocery store is usually out of my price range, so fruit is a treat for me and not something I get in the raw/juicy form every day.  


Your best bet is to make the bulk of your diet things that go a long ways for less $$:

-Rice and pasta: GREAT base for any meals. simply melting a mixture of cheeses onto rie or pasta is a nice easy dish.  If you make a large pot of pasta/rice to have on hand you can mix in almost anything really with the  majority being the cheap pasta and a variety of toppings from meat to stir fry to alfredo, marinara, chopped nuts.

-beans: I had trouble with this at first because it's a common cheap bulk food, but I know if I eat the amount of beans I need to get calories in, or even have it be the base of a meal...well, that's a bit overboard. BUT if you have a pot of beans and mix a half cup in to 2-3c rice and top with sauteed onions you have a really nice cheap dish with good balance + a nice flavor [those sauteed onions really make a difference!] 

-nachos: I don't know how it is there, but here in the U.S. nacho/corn chips are much cheaper than crackers. I dip them in everything from cream cheese to hummus to guac.  A platter of chips with beans and cheese is a go-to dinner.

-baking: I learned that a couple cups of flour, egg or two, olive oil, and just 1c pumpkin can make you a huge loaf of pumpkin bread! If you're at all like me one loaf = 1 meal, but at least it's not like you wiped out a whole can of pumpkin or bag of flour in the process. Baking can be a great way to make things stretch and it TASTES really good too!  Give you something to hold your PB also ;-)

-bulk bin staples: I always have bulk bags of things to mucch between meals trail mix etc. you get a lot more bang for your buck than a bag of airy rice cakes or something. Dried fruit, nuts, choc chips, and candy are great mixins.

-juice powdres: can you get those containers of powder mixes for lemonade and fruit punch in the UK?  Again one jar makes several quarts and washing down your meals/snacks with a cheap drink really helps keep the fuel in to the fire that is your body without draining your budget.

Health & Support Anybody successfully stopped counting calories??? Jan 30 2011
14:45 (UTC)

 This is where the principle of allowing yourself to eat until satisfied comes into play.

Kind of central to intuitive eating--a key next challenge for you to have that free life [and have your body happy instead of freaked out/food obsessed].


Health & Support what am i? Jan 30 2011
14:44 (UTC)
Original Post by dancerqueen1:


The big question is...what do you want to be?


^^^^THIS^^^^^ [times a million!]

Focusing on this was the key for me taking my life and health, after struggling with the "what am I" dilemma for different reasons.

I got stuck up in what was my "problem" when original non-ED related issues triggered ED issues and eventually even behaviors. I felt so lost at one point because I never had had the desire to loose weight or any of the classic ED histories. For most of the time I was in the "eating more is better" mentality as well.

What it eventually came down to for me was to just say nevermind what you call me now, I know what I want.  I got to a point that was so crappy that t didn't matter "why" or "what" I just had to decide, inside my own heart, what mattered in life to me.

I focused solely on what I wanted my life to be--and worked to create that.

I really encourage you not to get caught up in your current state, but rather where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there--or act it out until it IS that for you.

Health & Support Could what I eat be affecting more than just how I feel? Aug 07 2010
11:02 (UTC)


You're right- I probably wrote too much and lost my topic in the middle of it. 

 I'm not really questioning my cravings as they've actually died down [at least in craving that amount of food--I still crave carbs when I go to eating my safer protein/nut foods for better function],
And I'm not even SO much asking why my digestion is messed up--because if I could have figured that out in a simple post I would have hopefully had it taken care of years ago!



I'm more wondering if the trends of my gain vs. what I eat [gaining better on safe foods vs. when I ate much more of the carby/yummy/wanted for taste foods] is an indicator for me as to what IS going on with my body to have started this whole mess to begin with...

Could it clue me in on what the food inotlerance(s) is? 
Or is it something about carbs themselves?

Health & Support Homesick and bad eating Jul 06 2010
00:28 (UTC)
Original Post by deliciousnutritious:

Well, Ive spoken to my mom, dad and therapist. That helped a lot. I am finally facing up to my problems rather than ignoring them. I have made the decision to go home mid July and I feel a huge sense of relief after coming to that decision!. Now, the challenge I will face is to do my best and enjoy my time here before i go. I am going to make the best of every meal, lots of kitchen sink salads, cereal and yoghurt messes and chips and dip-addicted to that here, which is a good thing i guess.



safe and secure eating with the food you are comfortable with in your place and system [and cc] is what the ED life is all about.  Revolving around the "safe way" to eat, regardless of whether that is 2K or 5K calories.

Yes, it is comfortable--because it is something you've known for so long.

Change is scary and uncomfortable, but it is only by facing that challenge and the discomfort that you can truly break out of the ED cage of a life.

It's your choice what you want--the security of sticking to the same, or the challenge of recovering and having a life reaping the benefits of freedom.

But truly achieving recovery, leaving ED, does not mean eating X because now you "can."  It means letting go of the safe/secure way to be and eat.

Health & Support Hello period! Jun 20 2010
14:44 (UTC)
Original Post by lsposto:

congrats! That's exciting

So is the biggest factor BF% or fat consumption?

 The driving factor is energy balance: calories in > calories your body  needs to use.

Basically, your body stops your period as one of the things it "cuts corners" on when it doesn't have enough nutrition resources to function normally.

You have to give it what it needs in order for it to work.

You can do this by eating more fat...or anything else.  The fat itself does not help with getting your period unless it's how you're getting that energy balance up to par.

Weight Gain Reached a weight and dont know what to do Jun 01 2010
11:26 (UTC)


Yes, you have had issues with wanting something really bad and mostly just planning it--coming from a genuine soul with so much life pent up and desire to be free, but held captive by an ED encouraging anything vicarious and creating delusions that prevented it from being real.

BUT you wanted it bad, and you have been tough enough to face up, one thing at a time, to what you've needed to do.  Yes there are still things--real candy bars, eating that doesn't have to be planned out specifically [or pointless additional items with no value or pleasure to be "treasured," a truly healthy weight, etc.] but the important thing I see in you is that beyond that genuine desire for free: you are takign it on, and from here I think it's up to you how fast you want or how much you want.

And [not so ironically!] it does seem that the healthier you get, the more you click with it, instead of post after post trying to rationalize it.

When it comes down to it, there's where you want to be, where you will be your best--your life to the fullest--and there's all these things that have to happen for you to get there. You can leap, take on as many as possible, or chip away one at a time. But however many steps you take today, you're that much closer.  If you take a bunch at once, it might freak you out the most, but it also might prove to yourself that there is a different kind of life that won't hurt anyone but ED.  I think that the more the baby steps prove that, the more your soul is longing for that kind of leap.  I do believe you are at a point where you can take the final blow with "every chance possible to finish off ED for good."  It won't feel as good as it sounnds in action, but it will in life.

Keep up the fighting, throw some finish-it-off punches--and you've got a TEAM here behind you ann only one ED to be writhing! Wink

Weight Gain I did it! May 22 2010
16:13 (UTC)
Original Post by personaltrainer87:

Gaining is fun, you can just have 1000 calorie snacks whenever you feel like it lol!

Enjoy it and congrats on upping your cals!

 Actually, "eating that much" only sounds fun when your body isn't getting enough food and wants to eat all that.

Once you've actually eaten what you need you don't want more.

Take it from someone who had no problem [aside physical discomfort] with wanting/eating days in the 6000's, but a LOT of not-even-wanting when I did my month solid at 5000.
For someone a lot smaller and less active, this was past giving my body what it wanted and it was NOT so much fun.

Eating "more" is work when it really becomes more than what your body is asking for.

Health & Support too much fiber? May 13 2010
12:47 (UTC)

This is totally possible.

I have a lot of digestion problems, but never had issues being backed up until I tried adding fiber-rich cereals to a diet that already contains daily fruits and/or vegetables. 

After adding the issue of being majorly "backed up" I looked up some stuff on consequences of too much fiber, and constipation was one of them!

It's recommended to "add fiber" to help with constipation if you don't get the recommended 25-30g/day. 

But if you're eating fruits, veggies, and normal whole wheats and grains you probably easily get that, and adding more could just get you the negatives of when too much of a good thing makes it a bad thing.

Weight Gain Lets Gain Together!!! May 10 2010
12:18 (UTC)

Hi Shantell!

It's great to have someone with goals like yours on here..and maybe as a friend too. :)

Your thoughts about your body and goals sound a lot like how I've felt all through college as I got uncomfortable with my scrawny build.

Now that I've regained the weight I lost last year due to health problems which also triggered ED issues, I'm realizing just how HARD it is to push your body to be bigger than it wants to be.
-Now it's not a matter of healing and finding what my body can take, plus letting my body eat as much as I want, even if horrendous amounts...

It doesn't seem to matter if I eat desserts by the dish + entrees by the platter with shakes and a full sized bag of this or that inbetween, my weight sticks in more or less the same range.

But I'm determined to use everything I've learned through my turnaround I took on this year and take it to a transformation: the body I've always wanted to build!

Keep up the good work :)

Health & Support OMG! *screams* LADIES!! May 10 2010
12:00 (UTC)


I can't imagine much being more exciting than one of the most surefire signs that your body is not hanging on to crazy means to survive...that it's free and healthy enough to WORK!!! 

...and a nice sign effect, natural estrogen so you can finally have a way to get calcium into your bones and a chance at fertility some day :-D

FWIW, I grilled my Dr. about weight and body fat needed to get a period, and she insisted it is purely a matter of energy balance.

If you have a negative energy balance you lose your period along with having too low fat diet and maybe body fat and wieght but the low fat isn't the cause, it's another effect.

People have issues with amennorhea at all different weights and fat levels and the central factor it comes down to is their body isn't getting as much food as it needs so it goes to just doing what it has to in order to survive--possibly gaining fat [survival] but certainly NOT giving you a period [and strong bones or muscle building].

So what you've got isn't "enough fat" in essence, it's the first big sign that your body is finally starting to feel appropriately cared for to just work normally.

Way to go!

Weight Gain 650/700 and up! May 02 2010
16:20 (UTC)

*Clarification: I never, ever, EVER would claim that eating for anyone, ED, other issues, "no issues," is just easy, a cake walk.

I was only trying to point out that the "challenge" holding these tortures victims from proper nourishment is dismissing ED so they can "just eat" vs. the challenge being "what" to eat.

It is trademark ED to spend lots of time meal planning because the deprived body wants to think about food.

ED starves the victim and the person in desperation to just eat cannot simply munch a snack or grab a bowl of cereal, have some cookies to followup some spaghetti.  So, instead of that simple [but VERY challenging indeed! the challenge just isn't the coming up with food--it's getting ED to shut up/or not listening to it] the new challenge becomes "how to eat more" instead of the real challenge: shutting up ED so you CAN just eat.

VERY challenging. But it's not about "how to eat" it's about letting go of ED so you can.


Finleysmommy: no worries, I wouldn't have even butted in at all except a friend started it and it mattered to me to point out what the real challenge is when it comes to eating enough. 

-Just like I didn't bother even giving a heads up on the thread imagining the weight gain meal posted earlier this week

I just wanted to clarify since I was misinterpretted, then shove it and leave ya'll to your imaginations. :)

Weight Gain 650/700 and up! May 01 2010
23:26 (UTC)
Original Post by deliciousnutritious:

Hey bubbles: I love the insight, why dont you post some "real meals" then? This was my intention in starting this thread, to get all kinds of meals. I really dont want this thread to turn into an ed discussion, I really do want to see all different kinds of hearty meals.


 Because that's just what an ED discussion is.

Imagining, planning, dreaming up what eating should/could be.  Meals, the gaining plan, etc.

Ed won't let it's victims have the food they need/want so they think about it, plan it, instead. Vicarious eating.

Real eating doesn't need so much thought--it's not difficult to walk intot he supermarket and get a variety of foods to fill up on, and then there's no drive to think about it.

It is that difficult to ignore ED and do it.
But when the real challenge-letting go of ED is conquered-there is no "challenge" for "what to eat."

I'd just rather live in reality than vicariously by writing what my eating should/could/would be.

Weight Gain 650/700 and up! May 01 2010
12:19 (UTC)

The first thing that comes to mind wiht me is that most "meals" have more than the entree and fruit/veggie/drink side.

Regular eating meals easily contain over 700 calories...but your not missing the magic recipe, you're missing "normal eating" food!
Getting the healthy hearty is good...but there's another part to "real eating."

Why not, not only achieve your calorie goal, but also "create" an unrestricted life for yourself by including snacks, a treat [what happened to real Snickers? Did ED say no? Do you listen to HIM!?], etc.

I'm not one to promote "all junk to gain/beat ED"  but once you've had your healthy hearty entree and you've obviously surpassed nutrient needs... who's the boss of what your kind of eating is like? 

Does ED tell you you can't have reg ice cream, eat the munchies, have a few cookies?  Well, who makes the choice?

Weight Gain Can Someone Enlighten me on something? Apr 27 2010
21:32 (UTC)

It's more of a recovering-from-ED thread than actual weight gain type eating.

Recovering from ED type gaining weight mean eating more or adding calories however the person can handle, I guess.

But I agree-most nongainers eat a lot more "easy calories" that even with weight gain goals, ED recovererers won't touch.
Not to mention much less bulky calories that those recovering from ED do.

As for non-ED gaining, the "simple" thing would be more normal foods [many that these menus don't include at all] or a reg shake or drink vs. ensure and the like.

It also strikes me as odd how many challenge foods when recovering from ED are the diet-friendly food promotions: nuts, hummus, etc.

In any case, this isn't to chastise anyone recovering from ED, but there is definitely a distinct difference between that kind of eating and just plain eating or weight gain eating, and defined as such or not, that's what the menus really demonstrate.

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Apr 13 2010
17:06 (UTC)
Original Post by deliciousnutritious:

Hey guys!

LW: 84 Last jUNE!

Last week: 103

This week: 103.8



Hey Fi-  

Just wanted to pop in not to "pick on you" but because when we were chatting a couple months ago you wanted so bad for this to be the real dealio and not another imagining your kind of ideal...

Almost two months ago you said you started a thread about getting to "real life" weight by June, and you were determined to  get about to 120 by "at least June"...

It's been almost 2 months and <2lbs.

NOT trying to pick on YOU- just a reality check so ED doesn't screw you over again, hidden underneath "dreaming it" instead of HAVING it!

Weight Gain Gainers :) What age are you?? Apr 08 2010
00:15 (UTC)
Original Post by coco621:

I'm 21 (will be 22 in the summer), and my ED didn't start until age 20. I guess it's different for everyone!

Currently I am in a bit of a relapse...I am 5'6"ish, and my lowest weight was around 92 lbs. Then I got to about 107 last summer & maintained that for awhile. Then came home, went to treatment, and got up to around 115-117, and maintained that for awhile. Before ED I was 120-130, and my goal weight is around 123. But recently I have been struggling and I am now back down to around 110....ughh it's so hard sometimes.

If anyone, especially you ladies around my age, wanna be friends, PLEASE send me support cause I sure could use it!

Also, does anyone find it difficult to read the posts on this forum sometimes? For example, there are women on here whose goal weights are way below mine even if they are around the same height, and it really bothers me...

 I'm in my 20's also and would love to pick back up with the chatting--not just because you're "back" but onward into the life we're getting to. :)

I have mixed feelings about the forum here also. On the one hand, I've found incredible support, friendship, and inspiration in a unique and special way.
On the other hand, the general mentality/way of eating is sooo unique in that "ED recovery mode" nature.  I know that I want to "eat for life" which is SO different than the makeup of eating on here, and reading too much of this gets me sucked into a world where, quite frankly, food just becomes this huge deal that runs life.  i wish it wasn't like that, and we could enjoy food and eat FOR life.

As far as weight goes, the way I see it when victim to disease [ED or otherwise] we've been pulled to the low  weight world.  Some docs deem patients hopeless and give the "keep you alive and surviving with this disease" sorts of goals.
Heaven forbiD I be labeled or destined for that! No way, I'm taking my body and life to MY  max, including the weight where it's at it's best.

Just another way of looking at it, if the goal/best is where you can THRIVE vs. how close to a life of death you can manage...

Weight Gain I'm finding it really difficult to gain weight Mar 19 2010
21:04 (UTC)
While binging is unhealthy behavior, it stems from rebounding as your body tries to make up and get what it needs.

So your binging is your body's way of telling you what it really needs.

Obviously 2500 or 3000 isn't enough if you were binging on 4000.

To take the message from your body what it needs and apply it to healthy eating habits, total the amount you eat in the binge with whatever you'd started to eat [total intake that day].

Divide that up more evenly and start eating what you need regularly and you can meet your needs to get healthy in a healthy way
Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Mar 17 2010
21:52 (UTC)
Original Post by innocenteyes:


I only gained 1/2 a lb this week tho  I just went back to all my posts here and added calories to make sure I wasn't short changing myself, but it's been over 3200 every day, some up to 3500?

 Ack, this is an annoying trend with the intake vs. # on the scale once the cals get to literal gain amounts...

The good part is that once your body has true excess it says "oh goody  now I can repair all this internal damage that happened."

Like, originally just eating "normal living" amounts [2500-3000 in general] allows your body to move towards it's normal weight...the gain alone.

But once you get past that your body has what it needs to
1-feel okay functioning normally [so it "lives" off the 25-3000ish]
2-comfortable with enough to make internal repairs [that extra 500 beyond 3000]
...annnnnnnnd leaves you wondering why that +5 didn't equate to weight gain mass. 

Weight Gain Anorexia recovery, will all the weight gain be fat?%? Mar 16 2010
23:44 (UTC)

Your body wants to restore all it’s normal mass: organs, bones, tissues, musculature, and the fat it needs.

Getting there takes giving it the resources to do that…and resting so that it can. It has a LOT to do and that takes a LOT of resources and time.  Odds are, activity will just scare it that more breakdown is coming and it will refuse to build muscle in response because it is more concerned about keeping you alive and storing calories as fat.

When I was at my low point I could barely climb steps without effort and everything felt like it would break me [even getting in/out of bed!].

Had I tried to “work out to make myself stronger” in that state I probably WOULD have broken something and caused who knows what kind of damage and lifelong handicap.

Almost 3 months later I am stronger and more powerful than ever: I accidentally bound up the steps in a hurry then remember that I “should be careful.” 

Did I get there by doing step ups or leg lifts?
I did that by learning how to take care of my body and give it what it needs,
then giving it above and beyond what it takes to gain alone so that it could fully restore.

It’s bulding all of me…and honestly, I HOPE it gets to that essential fat soon!  I’ve gained about 12lbs and still have yet to notice a drop of fat between my skin and muscle or bones.