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Weight Loss How many grams of fat do you need? Jul 01 2010
16:36 (UTC)

@mjsophia... There are a lot of programs with a 40-30-30 diet out there, but probably the most famous is called the Zone diet. You can pick up some of their cookbooks and it will help you get started.

Weight Loss Has anyone tried PZI jeans? Jun 29 2010
21:11 (UTC)

I love the Eva fit from The Express :D They are like $60 normally but I wait until they have buy one pair and get the second free (or sometimes they have 1/2 off the second pair). Anyways, they're great! A word to the wise though, the darker washes are tighter fitting so I have to go up a size when I buy dark.

Good luck!

Weight Loss Not giving up PAYING OFF! FRUSTRATIONS, JUDGING PEOPLE??? MYSELF? Jun 29 2010
21:03 (UTC)

I totally understand. I wouldn't say I judge, but I do notice. I notice food choices and pour health like wheezing. I feel much empathy for those who have a lot of weight to lose because I know how difficult it is AND how long it takes when done right.

I don't judge them, but I find now I am the one judged Frown My husbands family is quite obese (100+ pounds) and they seam to assume that I am critical of them... even though I'm not. A few weeks ago we were having a bbq and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were talking about having to lose some weight to relieve pain in there knees; well when I mentioned that I have no more pain in my knees they look I got was like daggers Surprised. They show me quite a bit of resentment -- I know it's not my fault. And it wasn't like I intruded on their conversation either, the 3 of us were sitting around the table at the time. It's like I'm not allowed to talk about it with them. And when they here me say I have 20 more pounds to lose, they go crazy on me. To each there own. I pray some day they will get healthy. But for now I will love them the way they are - even with the daggers Tongue out

I guess we all covet what we don't have.

Weight Loss How many grams of fat do you need? Jun 21 2010
20:06 (UTC)


Everyone's metabolisms are different. You may find that fewer fat calories are good for yours. However good fat is essential for good health -- especially the brain. If you are having a difficult time getting fat in your calories, how about taking an Omega 3 supplement such as Fish Oil? If you do, just make sure your supplement has a good amount of EPA and DHA in it. Personally I like the NSI brand from called Mega EFA -- it doesn't have a nasty after-burp Money mouth.

You could also add olive oil to your salads or eat fattier proteins like salmon.

Good luck.

Weight Loss liquid diet Jun 11 2010
17:29 (UTC)


I know this is a very hard thing to do and I'm sure you are very nervous. I have a few friends who have had different gastric surgeries for weight loss and it is not easy as I'm sure your drs have gone over with you. I'm curious as to why you are doing duodenal switch which is permanent over something like lap band which can be removed when you have successfuly lost the weight? Is your dr recommending it for diabetic reasons?

Anyways, I'm sure the liquid diet your dr. has you on is jamb packed full of the essential vitamins and minerals you will need so I would say to just try to add LOTS OF WALKING to your lifestyle and LOTS OF WATER :)

You may want to look for people on here who are counting calories as a result of having gastric bypass surgery or lap-band too. They would have much better insight than those of use who have not.

Good Luck!

Check out the group forums on Calorie Count for Gastic Bypass and Lap Band surgery-g292 ts-g306

Weight Loss Clothes shopping May 17 2010
20:17 (UTC)

Too cute :) I here people say the sizes have definately grown in the past 20 years, but I believe that it's just our waist-band has gotten lower and it doesn't sit at your actual waist anymore. It is most likely that you have the correct size for your hips.

For example... my measurements are 39" - 33" - 39" and I wear:

Gap size 8 jeans which say 28" waist and 40 1/4" hip.

The same goes for Express (love the Eva Curvy cut!!) which has Medium (8-10) listed as 28"-29.5" Waist and 39"-40.5" hip.

When I buy dresses I then find that the size 12 is a much better fit.

The lesson is to try things on and don't worry about the number Laughing.

Good Luck and HAVE FUN SHOPPING Tongue out

Weight Loss Working Moms - Time and Motivation Apr 26 2010
19:15 (UTC)

It's not easy :) I wish I could tell you the magic trick how to lose the last 20 pounds, but I've been "there" for almost a year now Cry. I have finally started moving my numbers again by adding weights to my routine AND switching my workout to the morning. Like you I never thought I had time and didn't think of myself as a morning person.... but..... that has all changed. I too found myself wired after working out on the treadmill at night and soooo tired in the morning that I had to drag myself out of bed by 6 am. Now I get up at 4:00 and go the gym early 3-4 days a week. On my off days I make sure to get up by 5:00 so my body doesn't go into shock trying to get up so early (I do laundry and stuff). It's all about routine :) If you don't get enough sleep you WILL NOT lose weight. I pretty much go to bed after I put my kids down -- around 9 (10 at the latest). I laugh and tell my husband I feel old going to bed at 9. I've gained so much more energy and dropped a pant size in the last month -- Woohoo :)

As far as having money for the gym or equipment, I agree with the previous post of lunges, push-ups, crunches, squats, etc... Or you could look for an affordable gym: I found a 24 hour Planet Fitness 10 minutes from my house for $10 a month.

Good luck! One tired working mom to another :) -Dawn

Health & Support Am I allergic to gluten? (celiacs?) Jan 19 2010
21:22 (UTC)

It is possible that these symptoms are caused by celiac disease. If you see your doctor he/she can draw blood and have you tested for the endomysial intibody and the transglutaminase antibody. If you do have your doctor draw blood, I would have them do a simple allergy test to rule out food allergies. They can also cause these same symptoms. The allergy test is called RAST test. It tests your blood for specific IgE antibodies to common allergens from food to nature. Your doctor should be able to draw blood right in his/her office and send it off to a lab for testing.

I had these same symptoms and couldn't put my finger on the cause. After having a RAST allergy test it turns out I have mild food allergy to both corn and barley. This would be fine if it was possible to occasionally be exposed to corn and/or barley, but corn is in just about every processed food on the market as names such as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrose, corn starch, food starch, etc. and barley is the common ingredient in multi-purpous flour and beer of course. The body can only handle so many allergens at once. Celiac is specific to gluten and is a disease of the small intestine. Had I eliminated all gluten I probably would have felt better because I wouldn't have had any barley, but I would have also been avoiding wheat and rye and it turns out it is only barley that I have a problem with. Not to mention I would have still had a problem with corn. The only way to really find out if you have celiac is to have an endoscopy where they put a scope down your throat and into your small intestine.

I hope it is not celiac disease.  Good health and good happiness :)

Weight Loss Loose Skin Sep 28 2009
19:12 (UTC)

Why would you worry about that at this point? You should be positive going into this journey. There are enough challenges in changing to a healthy lifestyle that adding negative aspects to your thoughts is counter-productive, at best. Be positive and optimistic :) Good luck!

Games & Challenges Roll Call August 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Aug 31 2009
19:25 (UTC)


Probably wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for the hours and hours and HOURS of hard physical yard work last weekend!

Thank you timekeepers :)

Games & Challenges Roll Call August 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Aug 24 2009
17:46 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Roll Call August 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Aug 18 2009
19:45 (UTC)


Guess I better get cracking! More than half way through the month and I don't have half my minutes done yet Surprised

Games & Challenges Roll Call August 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Aug 10 2009
20:25 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Roll Call August 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Aug 04 2009
20:58 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Roll Call August 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Aug 03 2009
20:06 (UTC)

60/1500 Bigger Goals this month ;)

Games & Challenges Roll Call July 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Jul 31 2009
21:41 (UTC)

1570/1250 Yay! I'll have to try the next tear in August ;)

Games & Challenges Roll Call July 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Jul 23 2009
02:39 (UTC)



Games & Challenges Roll Call July 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Jul 20 2009
15:42 (UTC)

1240/1250 Geez! The 6 hour hike on Sunday really tipped the scale!! Well... I wish :)

Games & Challenges Roll Call July 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Jul 17 2009
18:27 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Roll Call July 2009 Exercise Challenge!!! Jul 16 2009
15:50 (UTC)