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Vegetarian Sticky A day of meals & exercise- Veggie style May 28 2013
17:43 (UTC)

Breakfast - Steel cut oats with pineapple chutney, coconut milk and macadamia nuts

Lunch - Tofu and veggies (broccolli, pea pods & carrots) stir fried over brown rice

Dinner - Fancy celebratory dinner out - Brussels sprouts over lemon puree with 'lemon air', apricots and crispy plantains, Patatas bravas with spicy tomato sauce, 20 vegetable quinoa 'couscous' & Yucca churros with homemade peanut butter

Snack -  Fortune cookie with lunch and air popped popcorn with truffle salt (yum!) sprinkled on top for tonight's movie

Exercise - 2.5 mile jog


Vegetarian HELP!! Not veggie, but not a meat eater either! Also not keen on fish! Jun 16 2011
19:19 (UTC)

I guess my suggestion to you would be to focus on the healthy foods you like and eat them as much as possible :) You could be adventurous and try something different...have you tried other types of beans like chickpeas/garbanzo beans or black beans? At least you can have some variety in your diet so it doesn't get boring for you.

Vegetarian Newly Vegan....Need Recipes! Feb 28 2011
15:12 (UTC)

Hi There,

We have a whole thread at the top of the Vegetarian forum with some amazing recipes from all of us, hope you can find some new favorites!


Vegetarian What's your opinion on raising your kids vegetarian? Dec 07 2010
17:28 (UTC)

I think that it is solely a decision that should be made by the parents, who have hopefully educated themselves either way. If you are not raising your child vegetarian, then you are still making a decision for them that you feel is best. I am vegan, but I was not given the choice to be vegetarian by my parents, as they did not feel that was the best and healthiest way to raise me. I would feel perfectly comfortable raising my children vegetarian, as I feel it is a healthy way of living and have educated myself as to the proper nutrition behind it, however I would not judge someone who felt that raising their children as omnivores is the best way either.

Vegetarian help please! wheat and dairy free Jul 16 2010
17:45 (UTC)

hi there, 

best of luck to you with your diet, although it sounds limiting, there are plenty of options for you. luckily grocery stores seem to be more accommodating lately for these types of food sensitivities. i've even seen some gluten free box mixes to make things from cakes to pizza dough.

theres a lot of calcium in leafy greens, do you like bok choy? throw some in a veggie stir fry with some fresh summer vegetables and some asian sauces and brown rice...there is also calcium fortified tofu and soy and almond milks as well as orange juices. i like the rice vegan cheddar with tomatoes in a grilled 'cheese' with wheat free bread. i also am a fan of the tofutti better 'n cream cheese, i'm sure there are some gluten free bagels as well. 

i also do not eat/drink dairy and i've never found a lack in my levels of calcium...the internet is a great resource and combined with careful label reading, you should have lots of information at your fingertips.

good luck! hope you gets lots of responses.

Vegetarian Veg*ns for the Ethics? Anyone? Jul 16 2010
17:38 (UTC)

Hi there,

Friendly neighborhood moderator here :) Just wanted to get back to the topic at hand and say that I am a vegan for ethical reasons. I also enjoy the health benefits, but it is the unnecessary harming of an animal for dinner that I became vegan for. I don't judge anyone who eats meat or dairy, my husband to be is a chef and loves to eat those things. It's a decision that I've made for myself only and I live by my ethics happily. I'm not one to debate others view points, though I find them interesting...just a choice I make for myself and it makes me happy :)


Vegetarian BRAND NEW VEGAN have questions and need advice :() help Jul 14 2010
04:52 (UTC)

I think that it is very possible to have a healthy vegan diet. If you are monitoring your nutrition and include lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein, it is very possible to maintain a healthy weight without being too 'restrictive'. Beans, avocados, whole grain breads and pasta, nut butters and milks, as well as some of the soy or grain 'meats' offer a lot of options and ways to mix up your meals.

A good filling vegan smoothie I make on occasion would consist of many berries and a chopped frozen banana with some almond milk and maybe even some peanut butter.

The most important thing is your health and well being, whatever food you choose to eat.

Best of luck!

Vegetarian Best non-dairy milk? Jul 14 2010
04:46 (UTC)

Personally, I love Almond Breeze! Silk also makes a Simply Almond brand as well that I've found to be great! I used to always buy soymilk, but I much prefer almond milk now :)

Vegetarian Advice on how to get chewy/gooey Vegan cookies? May 26 2010
18:16 (UTC)

I agree with iknowpi above "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar" is the best cookie book I've found so far. "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" is also my favorite if you like cupcakes too :)

I have found that making sure there is something in the dough to retain the moisture is usually enough to make the chewy cookies. Using a banana or applesauce in the dough, egg replacer with water, making sure there is enough fat (oil or veg margarine), having a good cookie sheet, and not overcooking them definitely helps.


Vegetarian eating over? May 26 2010
18:12 (UTC)

When I am invited, I always bring an appealing dish that I can eat with plenty for others to try with their meal if they'd like. As long as there is some crusty bread and a fresh salad you can eat alongside with everyone and enjoy your meal along with them. I'm sure your significant other's family would enjoy your company, that's more important than what you are eating I would think.

Vegetarian Kids May 26 2010
18:07 (UTC)

I am a vegan, my fiance is a chef and meat lover :) We have a 7 year old and we are lucky that she is openminded and tries everything...mostly the way that we get her to eat her vegetables is to make it pretty and present it in fun ways and introduce small amounts of new vegetables whenever we can.

  • If you make an english muffin pizza, make a face with some cooked veggies,
  • You could add some carrot and cucumber and red pepper strips with some kind of tasty dip that is appealing.
  • Something like a lasagna or burrito is a perfect vehicle for extra veggies
  • If nothing else, add the ones you mentioned they love in more frequently to whatever you are making

Most kids love color, so we use that to our advantage in making an appealing dish, and the more colors in the vegetables, the healthier the dish usually is.

Vegetarian Vitamin Supplements May 26 2010
17:55 (UTC)

I've done some research and found someone had received a letter from Glaceau that says the Glacéau company's VitaminWater does not contain any animal ingredients.

I've heard the Vitamin Water Zero's are pretty awesome! No calories and a whole bunch of different flavors with different combinations of vitamins.

Vegetarian I am a new vegetarian! May 26 2010
17:50 (UTC)
Original Post by acremobie:

What do you guys do if someone starts bashing your diet choice? I don't want to completely flip out on someone/verbally abuse them, but I want to stand my ground!

Hi acremobie,

Good luck with your choice! We have lots of amazing people and recipes in here that will hopefully be great resources for you.

I've encountered many people who have 'bashed' my choice of what I eat. Honestly, I do not let it bother me...I'm lucky that I'm not usually around people who would make a judgement based on food that I eat, but there are always the occasional people who feel the need to make a comment here or there. My short answer to most who fit into that category is just that it's a choice that I make for myself alone and that I don't need an animal to suffer so that I can eat my meal, so I choose an alternate route.

I've found that the commenting people are usually just trying to get a rise out of the person. Sometimes veg*ns get stereotyped to be high and mighty about their lifestyle choice which is a shame, as for many, the choice was based out of a general caring for ones health or other living things.

Hope this helps :)




Vegetarian Canine teeth and genetically meat eaters May 26 2010
17:38 (UTC)
Original Post by lunaripyros:

I only have one question for vegans....  if you dislike meat, for moral or any other reason,  Why all the soy and mushroom based meat fakes.  Why over process these good things?   This is a question I'd ask specifically to the vegans who find the very idea of eating meat nauseating and disgusting.   If you really crave meat badly enough to attempt to fake it... why be a vegan?   Couldn't you eat your proteins closer to their natural state, rather then attempting eating "fakon"  (( fake bacon)  and tofurkey?

Not asking to be rude... as these thing are usually amd with soy and/or mushrooms they are off limits to me.   I'm just curious.

Hi Lunaripyros,

You ask a very good question, and one that I've been asked a lot as a vegan. I was raised on meat, I always wanted to be vegetarian from a young age, but it was a choice that my parents made for me not to be. One I was 17 and moved out to go to college I became vegetarian and then quickly vegan once I learned there was a difference. It's my choice and I do not push my lifestyle on anyone, and honestly it doesn't come up much.

To answer your question, at least from my perspective, as to why vegans eat soy based and other fake meat substitutes is...they enjoy the taste, texture and familiarity of it, but they do not want whatever guilt or animal cruelty would come of eating real meat.

Many people are brought up eating meat and it is normal and familiar, but they are unhappy about where their meal came from. Some people love the taste of bacon, so if they can eat a fake version that gives them that crunchy salty satisfaction on their sandwich, then why not indulge? If someone was allergic to chocolate, but they had a tasty non-chocolate alternative that made them just as happy, I'm sure most people would go for it and enjoy it for what it is.

Hope that helps!

Have a great day :)


Also - to brittypoo's original post as to what we feel about 'natural meat eaters'...In my own opinion, I feel that we are a product of our environment and culture, and our bodies adapt over time to those things. I think thats why people have different physical characteristics depending on the conditions of where they originated from.

I know that even if I raised animals humanely, I would not find it humane to kill and eat them, the end is pretty much the same for the animal. I don't judge anyone who does that, and I even would go as far to say that could be a more admirable quality to it, as most people do not want to know where their meat comes from or the process of how it got to their plates.


Vegetarian Vegan Oreo Truffles May 12 2010
13:00 (UTC)

Haha :) I'm sorry! Even us healthy weight watching, calorie counting vegans need a treat once in a while.

Vegetarian Vegans/Vegetarians...what do you miss most? Apr 29 2010
19:07 (UTC)

I'll go with Blizzards from Dairy Queen with Heath Bar, and some desserts like Tiramisu & Cheesecake.

It's been 10 years, but I would say it's more of the left out feeling when I go out with my fiance and daughter to get ice cream cones or sundaes and I'm drinking my slush trying to feel satisfied, or when people are having dessert at dinner and there aren't any vegan options...We need places to have more vegan soft serve & desserts out there in the mainstream! :)

Vegetarian Healthy Almond Recipes Apr 29 2010
19:02 (UTC)

I love making Asian style lettuce wraps:

I take the Boston Bibb lettuce (you can use iceberg or any other lettuce to make cups/wraps as well) and fold it like a taco and add my favorite fillings (sliced almonds are amazing in them). It's great for mixed company, my family uses grilled chicken strips in place of my tofu and we all enjoy it.

I've used:

  • Crispy tofu
  • Mandarin orange slices
  • Slivered almonds
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Mint or Cilantro Sprigs
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Cucumbers marinated in rice wine vinegar and red pepper flakes
  • Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Hot Sauce


Vegetarian Soy Yogurt = mayonnaise Apr 22 2010
12:11 (UTC)

I've been vegan for about 10 years now and still have not really acquired a taste for soy yogurt. I tried the coconut milk based yogurt and I guess yogurt is just not for me :) Now the coconut milk based ice cream is another story!

Vegetarian Dinner ideas with tofu help please Apr 19 2010
12:22 (UTC)

Last night we had the most amazing lettuce cups/wraps.

  1. We pressed some of the water out of the tofu by cutting it into planks and placing it between two clean tea towels with a cast iron pan on top.
  2. We ground up some almonds and made a crust out of those and some rice flour, and pan fried it in a little oil until crispy and set it on some paper towels while we assembled the rest of the ingredients.
  3. We took a head of Boston Bibb lettuce and cleaned and separated the leaves on a plate
  4. We cooked up some super thin rice noodles
  5. We chopped up some fresh herbs - cilantro, mint & spring onions and put them in small containers
  6. We also put some mandarin oranges & slivered almonds in small containers as well
  7. We set out some hot sauce and some sweet chili sauce (Mae Ploy is my favorite)
  8. We grabbed a lettuce leaf and assembled them with the tofu, rice noodles, fresh herbs, oranges almonds and the sweet chili sauce...
  9. Then we watched Sherlock Holmes :) It was a great night!


Vegetarian I'm having a moral dilemma Mar 16 2010
15:00 (UTC)

Have you used any supplementation? There are a wide variety of vegetetarian protein powders out there, pea protein, soy protein, hemp protein, Spirutein Shakes...I've also heard of many people enjoying the Clif Builder Bars which have 20 grams of veg-friendly protein.