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Weight Loss Fit bit vs Body Media Jan 14 2011
01:05 (UTC)

A few people said it is easy to lose. What are you doing to make sure it does not fall off what you are wearing?

Weight Loss Fit bit vs Body Media Jan 14 2011
00:28 (UTC)

I just ordered a fitbit from best buy! I have to wait for them to ship one to my local best buy.  I cannot wait:)

Fitness Fitbit? Jan 14 2011
00:23 (UTC)

I ordered one from Bestbuy today.  I have to wait for them to ship one to my local store.  I cannot wait to try it!

Foods Fiber? May 22 2007
19:13 (UTC)
Here is a great article about many fiber filled crackers.
Fitness Results of Pilates/Yoga May 22 2007
19:10 (UTC)
I love Pilates (2-3 times a week), but it is just the strength training part of my week.  I still do cardio (walk, treadmill, bike, or Elliptical) three or four times a week also.  I have been doing Pilates for about a month now and I am getting stronger and more defined.  I like to go to different instructors.  They are all different on how they teach breathing, stretching, and strength training.  I have nothing negative to say.  I love it.
Fitness bicycle butt syndrome May 22 2007
19:04 (UTC)
On Oprah yesterday, Dr Oz showed a special bike seat with a hole in the middle, that might be helpful.
Weight Loss Help! I just scared myself. Mar 23 2007
13:59 (UTC)
Have your thyroid checked also; a racing heart rate can be hyperthyroidism.
Fitness Tailbone pops... Help! Mar 13 2007
16:54 (UTC)
I would have it checked out.
Weight Loss anybody indulge in salty food this weekend? Feb 13 2007
14:13 (UTC)
On Sat we had chinese and on Sunday we had soup for lunch and subs from Subway for dinner :-((( salt, salt, salt.  I am just going to try and drink alot of water everyday this week!
The Lounge Shopping for a new mattress- Which one should I buy? Feb 12 2007
21:44 (UTC)
Wow, I was looking at serta and simmons with # of coils and coil gauge.  I have not heard of many of these brands.  I think we are going to go to the mall and look at Macy, Sears, JCPennys, etc.
Weight Loss Alli Diet Pill approved by FDA, what is your opinion? Feb 09 2007
18:16 (UTC)
It is not going to be sold to the public until summer.
Weight Loss For the chocoholic Feb 04 2007
16:39 (UTC)
Sugar free double chocolate jello pudding cups, only 60 calories or a sugar free fudgsicle.
Weight Loss Blood type and it's impact on your diet? Jan 30 2007
18:12 (UTC)
This is all I found so far:
Foods high protein bars...what are your favorites? Jan 30 2007
17:04 (UTC)
I also love the Pria Mint Chocolate Crisp Bars.  They are 110 calories (28 grams) with 5 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber plus they contain 23 vitamins and minerals (no evil high fructose corn syrup).
Weight Loss I'm no longer Obese! Jan 26 2007
15:38 (UTC)
Congrats fellow loser!  I am so proud of you!  I also passed my obese BMI and I am now at the slightly overweight BMI :-)  I cannot wait to reach my healthy BMI! 
Weight Loss Post your Start/ goal current weights Jan 18 2007
14:09 (UTC)
start: 4/1/06 : 178 lbs

current: 1/18/07: 143 lbs

goal: 129 lbs
Weight Loss Why can't I lose weight????? Jan 18 2007
14:06 (UTC)
Are you drinking enough water?  If I eat processed foods (lean cuisine) and they are high in sodium I retain water.  Personally, I drink 80 ounces of water a day.  I ate a piece of smoked salmon and went up 2 pounds the next day because of water retention.  I also believe that you should be eating 1400-1500 calories a day.  Give it a try and see what happens :-)
Foods low calorie foods that fill u up!?!?!? Jan 12 2007
11:30 (UTC)
I like to snack on fat free popcorn, a 60 calories yogurt, rice cakes, frozen fruit, fresh veggies, or a can of green beans.  Usually when I eat a snack, then I try to do something to keep me busy a load of laundry and vacuum the house so it gives my body time to realize that I ate and I do not need anything else to eat.
Weight Loss How much do you weight right now? Nov 23 2006
13:37 (UTC)
5'2'    146
Weight Loss I am back!!! Sep 27 2006
15:57 (UTC)
Welcome back !!!