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Health & Support binge help Apr 25 2012
16:25 (UTC)

You are stronger than that.

Take each day, minute, and second for what it is. Ask yourself, "what will happen to me if I don't eat right now?" If you think about it, nothing. Nothing will happen if you don't binge.

It's ALL in your head. MIND OVER  BODY. You can do it because there are plenty of people who have.


Self Control! I know because I'm working on it every day. It's hard. Nothing is easy when it comes to weight loss. You can learn to control  yourself.

Health & Support When did you realize you had a problem/ How did it start? Jan 23 2009
05:05 (UTC)

I did the exact same thing, with the twinkies and chicken. I didn't think it was a big deal untill I got to a point where everything I ate 'wasn't good enough'. I would end up eating half of everything, even small chewy bars. And yes, I felt really happy to go to sleep hungry.  I was a little bit younger and never got treatment, well my 'treatment' was breaking up with my boyfriend and not caring anymore about food. I gained a lot of weight, now trying to loose it. I am also begining to go to sleep hungry some nights... happily. I know I'm not getting myself into an eating dissorder, just picking up bad habbits. I recently became a vegitarian and actually I gaged at my co-workers eating chicken for the first time. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Vegetarian Vegan vs Vegetarian Jan 23 2009
04:48 (UTC)

I'm 18 and decided to become a vegitarian at the begining of December. I read a book.. Skinny Bitch, and it opened up my eyes to a lot of crazy things in this world. I only buy soy milk and don't buy eggs. My aunt and cousin are vegitarians, my cousin slowly becoming a vegan. I think veganism is in my future. I've only been a vegitarian for about two months so I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but it's something I beleive in.

Motivation does anyone gain weight from 1 binge? Jan 23 2009
03:58 (UTC)

I usually don't. unless it's like a week binge lol but one day doesn't do anything for me, thank goodness!!

Weight Loss Breakfast, my new enemy! Jan 19 2009
02:51 (UTC)

yea I'm the same way if I eat breakfast I am hungry at some point during the day

Weight Loss Red Cheeks Dec 20 2008
04:01 (UTC)

I do, it got worse when I started Accutane. I am going to be treated after I get off.

Foods Soy Milk: Which is most delicious? Dec 17 2008
17:21 (UTC)

Silk light plain, or Silk Unsweetened

Next time I buy milk I am giong to try Almond Milk then Rice Milk =)

Foods An ode to Mushrooms. Dec 16 2008
14:14 (UTC)

Haha, I love mushrooms. My family never ate them because my dad doesn't like them. Then I moved out of the house and all I ate was mushrooms lol so now I am cutting back a little lol

The Lounge So... Real or fake? Dec 14 2008
19:14 (UTC)

Fake, but I miss the real.

It reminds me of childhood, and I'm only 18.

The Lounge just say a random comment. Dec 14 2008
19:09 (UTC)
Original Post by hkellick:

Original Post by frothbeast:

For every animal you don't eat, I am going to eat three.

Lots of calories in most animals. I can't imagine that's a good way to lose weight.


=D frothbeast is funny

Motivation Do you have a new year's goal? Dec 14 2008
19:04 (UTC)

Well I had a goal of loosing 5lbs at least by new year's at the begining of December. (I just started dieting so my goals are small now) I'm going to keep it at 5lbs, too, because Christmas and everything. I don't want to be unrealistic

Foods Bars: Friend of Foe Dec 14 2008
19:01 (UTC)

I don't eat them at all. I never could. I end up eating two or more

Vegetarian Why is it so hard to go vegetarian? Dec 14 2008
15:10 (UTC)

Just think about it this way:

" I can have meat if I wanted to, but I'm trying to be a vegetarian so I'm choosing not too."

That helps me some, I just started a couple days ago lol.

Also, try to go just two weeks. After you've made it two weeks, decide if you want to go any longer=) hope it helps!

Health & Support Yaz & Terrible Social Anxieties Dec 14 2008
15:07 (UTC)

I've also been on yaz for about a year, and I haven't had any bad effects. It actually made my mood better. definitely talk to your doctor for other birth controll options

Weight Loss food "sneaker".... Dec 13 2008
04:51 (UTC)

I've definitley had a problem with sneaking food. When I first got my driver's license I did it all the time, on the way home from shool, home from work, etc. Then I would park next to the outside trashcans so I could easily get rid of it and not have anyone know! I don't do it now, considering I live by myself. But I know how it feels. Honestly it sucks having to hide food! I mean we should be able to eat whatever we want without anyone else judging!

Now that I think about it, every time I visit my parents house I ALWAYS sneak food. At night and when my dad is outside working. And I hate it because if he came in and saw me with ice cream he would definitely say something rude. AHH this makes me sick. He does this to my mom and it drives me crazy!

Vegetarian New Vegan!!!! YAY! Dec 13 2008
04:45 (UTC)

Hey congratulations! Hopefully I'll become vegan soon =)

Vegetarian New Vegetarian Dec 12 2008
18:52 (UTC)

Hey thanks! Now I feel a little better, knowing that I'm not the only one that has been, well in my case is, in this situation. And I've noticed that everything has a replacement, but I am going to talk to my aunt & cousin about the tofu thing. It's a little scary to me lol I'll try it sooner or later =D

Health & Support Daily Fiber Intake Dec 09 2008
19:49 (UTC)

I just sprinkle Benefiber on everything I eat/drink, unless I forget. My doctor recomended it because my diet isn't always the healthiest =/

Foods Sauerkraut! How great is this stuff. Dec 07 2008
01:45 (UTC)

Love sauerkraut! But I never thought of eating it other than thanksgiving and christmas. I will now.

This might sound gross, but I love pickled onions from the deli. Ha they are soo good, I haven't had one in a little bit, I am going to get one soon =)

Weight Loss Birth Control cause weight gain? Dec 04 2008
18:23 (UTC)

I am taking Yaz, for my pms symptoms, and I haven't noticed anything. I just started dieting-like yesterday lol- so I don't know if it affects my weight loss but I definitly didn't gain weight. =)