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Motivation 66 Year Old Woman Counting Calories Jun 18 2012
17:50 (UTC)
Original Post by bjr8:

Just wanted you to know that your note helped me.  I have just been tired and discouraged with my weight loss (or lack therof) and have gained about 10 lb. that I had lost.  Maybe I'm not too old to make the effort!! Thanks again.

I'm glad I could help. We're never too old to lose weight and be healthy!

Motivation 66 Year Old Woman Counting Calories Jun 18 2012
17:48 (UTC)
Original Post by betulap7:

I am 61 and joined this site a year ago. I did not loose weight but keep my weight.  

I like this program where I can see what I have been burning and what I have been eating. Moreover, I had a chance to input my Home Made Cooking Recipies into the program which helped me to have a "GOOD HEALTH" along with a good exercise program of course, during my last 15 years years.

So, thank you for posting your mail about Aunt Iva Dear Kitty... 

And thanks to the CalorieCount!

Be in good health in peace!



You are welcome! :)

Motivation 66 Year Old Woman Counting Calories Jun 18 2012
17:45 (UTC)

Aunt Iva doesn't know a lot about computers but to turn it on and play Solitaire. It's not that she didn't take time to learn, but she's also taking care of a daughter who's in her mid-40s and has mental problems, so her hands are full. I've taken time to show her how to pull up a browser, go to CalorieCount, and enter the food she needs to know so she can keep track of calories and nutritional values.

It's sad that I'm being attacked here for some reason while I have no other intentions but to motivate people.

Motivation 66 Year Old Woman Counting Calories Jun 15 2012
12:34 (UTC)

That's a great idea! I have to look for that book to make it easier on her. Right now she pulls the calorie info and nutritional value of her food using this site and writes it down. It does take her a good amount of time to do this but yes, if she has a book, it would've been easier on her. Thanks for the suggestion!

Pregnancy & Parenting 2 1/2 year old child Jun 14 2012
18:32 (UTC)

It makes more sense now. One day this week, she was sitting on the table reading a book (well, pretending she's reading a book) while sitting across another child her age. The other day, same exact scenario only that time she was solving a puzzle. Very interesting fact. Thank you for sharing.

Pregnancy & Parenting 2 1/2 year old child Jun 14 2012
16:29 (UTC)

Thank you. Your response makes me feel a little better. Now I just have to get used to her crying every morning whenever I drop her off. She was never like that but with her being in a new daycare, I guess it will take her a little while not to get too sad.

Every morning and afternoon, she still looks for her old teacher and friends when she's in the car. :(

Pregnancy & Parenting potty training Jun 14 2012
15:37 (UTC)

My daughter went to the bathroom on her own a week before turning 2. It took me 2 weekends in a row to teach her. The teacher in the daycare did an outstanding job also.

What I've done is very simple: I took her to the bathroom every hour. My alarm went off every single hour for 4 days (2 weekends) and I consistently sat her on the toilet, whether she liked it or not. Of course, I also taught her turn the light on, move the stool to the toilet, do her business and wipe clean, turn the faucet on (hot water is not enabled at the moment), put soap on her hands and sing Old McDonald's while washing it (enough time to kill the germs), rinse it off, wipe her hands dry and hang the towel back, and turn the light off.

It's been a success for the last 6 months now.

Motivation Small ish measurements but still feel flabby? Jun 14 2012
14:42 (UTC)

megan, just like what most people here would probably recommend - lift heavy.

I did P90x and lost a lot of body fat. I've built tiny muscles but noticeable enough for me for this 3 month worth of program. I'm slightly skinny too (5'4" 115-119 lbs) and due to bad genetics, unable to build muscles as fast as I wanted it to.

Just lift heavy 3x a week, be patient, and eat enough to support your calorie burn so you don't lose any more weight.

Fitness My shoulders pop, but don't this OK? May 19 2012
03:42 (UTC)

Yup, see a doctor. Not hurting doesn't guarantee that nothing is wrong with it.

Fitness how do you get rid of love handles May 19 2012
03:35 (UTC)

You can't get rid of love handles alone. You have to drop overall body fat. It's also possible that even if your body fat is already low, you may still have it due to genetics.

Maintaining Now that you're maintaining..are you more flexible in terms of "cheats"? May 15 2012
14:48 (UTC)

Hi Carly!

I started maintaining at 117/118 lbs since January. I also STOPPED calorie counting beginning of the month and under 'observation mode' on intuitive eating just to see if I can manage not having to count daily.

I cheat/splurge on weekends. I eat around 2000-2500 (rough guess) calories during the weekdays and I probably consume between 3000 to 3500 during the weekend. I noticed that I would be about 5 lbs over my maintenance weight between Monday and Tuesday and I'll go right back to 115-118 lbs from Wednesday onwards.

This doesn't scare me. I love the freedom of having to eat what I want, in moderation. I'm on my 3rd week of not counting and no major fluctuations so far.

Motivation Lost friends after weight loss? May 11 2012
12:20 (UTC)

Thanks for all your experiences and advice - very enlightening. It is really sad how people can be insecure and selfcentered and not think about the effect of their actions and reactions to the people around them. Unfortunately like what you laides said, this is beyond our control and we can't fix it. It's just painful.

I haven't called nor texted her since I posted this topic. I think she texted back last night but my phone died in the middle of receiving it. I haven't turned the phone on (still feel a little bummed out).

I'm going to move on for now. She might eventually ask for apology, or not, but I'll do my best not to sweat it.

Motivation Lost friends after weight loss? May 10 2012
18:11 (UTC)
Original Post by xmhwilson:

I'm sorry to hear that. I know How hard it is to lose someone close to you. But if this has happened before it seems like something that your friend needs to come to terms with. Have you talked to her about getting into shape ect? Maybe she needs motivation but at the end of the day she also needs to be excited for you. it's a hard situation to be in but one that needs to be addressed if the friendship is worth it. Good luck and remember things get better :)

I've had. She's lost some weight but she's not seriously trying to lose weight, at least within the last few months. She can't really do much for she had knee surgery due to bone spurs. Now it's even harder for her to exercise. She seem hesitant to talk to me about it (weight loss).

I don't have a large group of friends but I do have a handful of close friends, one of which is her, so it's a little painful for me to fathom that this is happening again.

Motivation Night Time Binge Eating May 10 2012
14:23 (UTC)

I had this problem. Most of the time I'd be consuming 600 to 1200 during my night time binge. The solution that I found is eating a BIG dinner between 6 to 7 pm. 4 to 6 hours after, I'm still not hungry/craving (I go to bed at midnight) so it's been working for me so far.

Recipes Need ideas for lentils w/ meat May 09 2012
12:17 (UTC)

mmm they all sound good. Getting ready to Google them now. Thanks. :)

The Lounge Probability of having 5 girls in a row? May 03 2012
17:52 (UTC)

I don't know if this can be related or not, but my husband is the youngest of 3 kids - all boys.

The Lounge Probability of having 5 girls in a row? May 03 2012
17:51 (UTC)
Original Post by santonacci:

When you specifically say your hubby already has four girls, does that mean that your are not their mother?

Among 4 kids, the 3 older ones are my stepchildren.

The Lounge tattoo May 01 2012
21:09 (UTC)

Congrats! I'd wait for a few days.

The Lounge nevermind.. Apr 30 2012
02:42 (UTC)

You are very fortunate you have, first and foremost, parents who care for you and did and continue to do what they can for your own welfare. But you live under their roof, so I believe that doesn't give you right to stop them from "controlling" you, which highly doubt they are. I firmly believe they are just being 'parents' who are looking out for your best interest.

If you do not like your disposition, then move out and be on your own.

The Lounge Kid's Mattress Apr 27 2012
15:41 (UTC)

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