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Motivation How Do I Stop the Lose Weight / Gain Weight Cycle?? Mar 21 2013
18:01 (UTC)

I made my major goal work out at least 4 days a week. If I do 5 days, I get to hardcore relax on the day I earned not working out! The other key: my workouts are very short (max 30 mins), but they definitely get my blood going. They have to be almost impossible to 'not have time to do' for me, or I'll say 'I'm so exhausted' and go to sleep instead. Even if I go until 10:30 with no work out, I can still get at least my short workout in. Then I feel so good I allow myself to spend an extra ten minutes doing some stretchy yoga moves. 

I'm not tiny or even superfit, but it's made a huge difference in my body- being a LITTLE active everyday is really the thing.

Re: the food, I can binge like no one's I just make sure to have a ton of veggies, almond milk, etc. around.

It's almost painful to eat a head of cabbage, but even if I do, it's better than a bag of cookies or something.

Making drinks like tea or sometimes hot chocolate seems to occupy me and keep me from nibbling.

I also try to give myself a cut-off time- like 'it's 11 PM, kid, if you're hungry go to sleep and eat at breakfast'. 

Games & Challenges 2010 Bangin' Bod Kickoff Jan 18 2010
20:36 (UTC)

still no access to a scale. But I know I've gained because of recently horrible eating habits (skipping meals, then eating badly when I get the chance). I plan to dive into my old  exercise routine this week, and since I lift weights now, should see much better results.

although my measurements have changed a bit, probably getting rid of puffiness from TTOM.

bust- 31.5"

waist- 28"

hips- 37"

Motivation I'm at the bottom line Jan 15 2010
23:14 (UTC)

just warning you against the "spitting out" thing: if it gets to that point, that is a major warning for an eating disorder. I know the poster probably didn't mean in like that, but it's true. That's the first sign of a serious problem....I did that right before the point where I would have developed anorexia, it was a wake up call that my mind was going into dangerous areas! just be careful.

Games & Challenges 2010 Bangin' Bod Kickoff Jan 12 2010
13:11 (UTC)

I missed the weigh in due to no access to a scale, but my first measurements after the end of the holiday from school are...


bust- 32"

waist- 29"

hips- 38"

somehow lost an inch from my waist but the weight I put on went straight to my butt as usual. my chest normally fluctuates between 31 and 32 so no surprise there. Yesterday I did a little warm up in the gym and loved the feeling. good to be back on track!

Weight Loss if I gained it in a month, can I lose it in a month? Jan 10 2010
14:52 (UTC)

thanks for the input! ahhh what a bummer! I guess I'll just have to watch my food and activity closely for a while, and give it time to work itself out.

Fitness Delete Jan 06 2010
22:14 (UTC)

I have a pear shaped body too, and it's just something you have to watch. Just from what you said (they weren't always like that), I'm assuming they'll probably be the first to slim down, and a good measuring stick for your progress :D by the way- you look great to me! don't worry so much.

Weight Loss I need help... Jan 03 2010
17:42 (UTC)

i agree with the person above me :D

all my life I danced in my room alone, and finally in my second semester of college, I got the nerve to step into the hip hop class one day. best decision I ever made!

Games & Challenges 2010 Bangin' Bod Kickoff Jan 03 2010
16:56 (UTC)

since I don't have access to a scale or tape right now, these are my estimates based on weighing myself last week. I've really let myself go over the holidays, from 145 to 150+ and I don't wanna gain anymore. :(

5' 6"~7"

sw 150

goal 135

bust 31"

waist 30"

hips 37"

my goal this week is to get my eating back under control, and bike my 12 mile ride 3 times.


Motivation Dressing room blues... Jan 01 2010
21:15 (UTC)

once when I was 16 I tried on 3 pairs of pants in size 12 and none of them fit...after being a size 14 for a small period, I worked until I saw single digits (just last year) :D

Games & Challenges 2010 Bangin' Bod Kickoff Jan 01 2010
21:13 (UTC)

maybe you could also do bi-weekly measurement checks for those of us who want to lose centimeters/inches?

Weight Loss I need help... Jan 01 2010
17:40 (UTC)

you sound exactly like me when I was your age (now I'm 19), same weight and everything. I'm now down to 145 and I'm going to try for 135 soon, but with a focus on weight lifting and appearance rather than scale weight (it just keeps me on track). The way I've been mostly successful keeping it off is the lifestyle changes I started making from 14 to 17. I started drinking only water or tea, cut down on fried foods (I ate chicken tenders 3 times a week), starting measuring portions...small things every week that added up into a really good background for now. you have to learn what a healthy portion size is and what a healthy diet looks like before you can hope to stick with it! now even on my bad days I'm nowhere near as unhealthy as I was. I'm more likely to eat a whole bag of carrots than a whole bag of chips.

identifying the things I really liked and figuring out what I really didn't like so I could make room for the foods I liked also really helped. I found that I would rather eat tortilla chips with lots of salsa than waste my time with ruffles and dip, or eat a banana over a doughnut. Maybe I'm lucky that I don't like a lot of the worst junk food, but there's probably some things you can find that you don't mind cutting out too. :D

and if you have any problems...just ask! I've been down the road and it's tough, but you can do it!

Weight Loss What is your shoulder width? Dec 28 2009
13:51 (UTC)

be happy for your shoulders, really! I'm 5'6.5" and my shoulders are 15 inches across. I look really ...dumpy bahaha

Young Calorie Counters The holidays this year just make me so sad :( Dec 24 2009
03:49 (UTC)

I feel you. I was just thinking this way today. what always cheers me up is thinking, at least I'm learning good habits now, instead of 10 years later when it's much much harder to change them!

Young Calorie Counters Halloween to New Years!- Next weigh-in: 11/8-9 Dec 22 2009
19:10 (UTC)

Week 8- proud to report some new muscles have emerged on my arms and stomach! awesome! 146.8 lbs, but I'm happy! eating healthy, working out (barely any cardio, just light pilates and weightlifting), looking good!

Weight Loss w-what?! NOT COOL! (a rant) Dec 17 2009
17:37 (UTC)

man I totally feel you guys bahahah. I was're gonna...throw away..leftovers?! but hey her money. Guess it's a good thing so I didn't decide to eat it! I think i've learned how to manage my hungry eye gleam when I look at stuff :D

Weight Loss w-what?! NOT COOL! (a rant) Dec 17 2009
14:33 (UTC)

haha, I'd invite you all for pizza!

yeah, but she generally eats 5x more than me at all hours- her thing is that she decides to not eat for several days, then binges like crazy. So I'm not jealous of her- she's not very healthy :) but it is definitely frustrating when they drag you with them, when they aren't the ones who have to watch everything they eat!

The Lounge Do you hand money to beggers? Dec 16 2009
04:16 (UTC)

I used to, but now I don't. Me and my friend were going into a cafe and some lady dragging her entire family was selling little satchels of nothing for change. I bought one to "be nice" and then she turned to my friend. When my friend shook her head, the lady started yelling at her about how ungrateful kids are and this and that, then turned to me, said "except you", and walked off. Ever since I realized how two faced people are, I use my excuse: I'm a college kid, and you probably make more money doing this than I do in a week ;)

Foods what are your worst binge stories? Dec 15 2009
22:41 (UTC)

I tend to forgive and forget- but I've gotten up there. When I was in middle school I would now consider everyday a binge hahaha but to me it was normal meals. Some pretty bad ones have happened this year in college- my roommates are crazy. One is 98 lbs and can down 2 huge chocolate dipped gourmet icecream waffle cones with 2 scoops each. She also once got a large boba tea (super filling milkshake kind of thing with jelly on the bottom), tons of  dim sum with me (super filling chinese style of eating- many small plates of little foods), and then ANOTHER large boba tea- I was kind of dying due to lactose intolerance so I kept my second one a regular milk tea so I could cry later due to pain instead of remembering all the food bahaha she's pretty tough. My other roommate loves nachos, so sometimes at 11 pm (I finish eating my cals around 6-7) she'll make a huge plate and will want to share. that's always fun. just recently there was thanksgiving (wow I was full before thanksgiving dinner even started, keep me out of the kitchen seriously!) and then we had to clear our dorm fridge before we left for a month...3. bowls. of canned lima beans. all of my butter cookies. then all our vegetables with hot sauce on them, our bread, a WHOLE. CARTON. OF SOYMILK (the flavored kind), half a bag of honey bunches cereal...yeah that night wouldn't end.


...that was so therapeutic!

Weight Loss Perfect stats 36-24-36 obtainable? Dec 13 2009
23:20 (UTC)

even when I was close to 180 lbs, my chest was maximum 34 in. At 140, I'm 31~32"-27-36. Maybe I can drop the waist but...I think 25 will be my absolute minimum.

Young Calorie Counters Halloween to New Years!- Next weigh-in: 11/8-9 Dec 13 2009
16:29 (UTC)

Week 7- After not checking in last week because I went up to 150 for the first time in a year (not good! but I know why- I started a new exercise routine) I checked in this morning and- 144!!!!! Even if it is a fluke (no way I lose that much in one week) I'M SO HAPPY! Also, I've started putting less importance on the scale- it's just a guideline. I'm focusing on measurements! But I'm still doing weekly weigh ins because they are helpful haha