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Fitness biking cals help Apr 02 2008
07:27 (UTC)
hi, no no idea how far i go thats why i am looking at an estimate,  may be ?km in 2 hrs,  ya i am not so fast. i tried a bunch of online calculaters but i am getting crazy answers from 300 to 700.  Thanks
Health & Support Does it mean I'm overweight if my stomach isn't flat..? Apr 01 2008
18:05 (UTC)
ya i am underweight, healthy, very active eat veg and very healthy....heheee usually. and my stomache is deff not flat,  its only flat when i have not had a chance to eat and i am very hungry and no one wants that!
Foods salad...but how much? Apr 01 2008
17:58 (UTC)
always my salad is for lunch and if i only ate 1 cup soup 1 cup sal i would be very unsatisfied,  i usually have a cup of soup aand a bit more, my uusual sald is 1 roasted beet, 1 carrot, 1/2 a cucumber 2 egg whites, 1tsp low fat dressing and a few tablespoons of peas and corn,  i dont eat any lettuce. i also make sure to have like 150cals of carbs, potatos or crackers, sometimes cheese. 

really ita al about your carbs, some soups are 100 cals per cup, egg whites 50 cals
dressing 25,

 so you can have a mega salad,  even if your sticking with a 400 or 500 cal lunch, Vitamins!!!!
Health & Support Is it bad to get excited about food? Mar 31 2008
17:27 (UTC)
i get really defensive about this because my boyfriend says "food is not his god" and i just asked him what he ate when he goes to fancy work dinners.  i get really excited about just normal bread and cheese and salad,  but what i hate is already planning the next meal before your finished with the one your eating then..... i spend sometimes hrs on the net looking at menus for restaurants i may or may not eat in,...thats for price as well as prefrence but i am guilty about all that wasted time.  wish i could stop obsessing so much
Foods List of Favorites... come add yours! Mar 31 2008
16:46 (UTC)
if anyone actually cares, but this looks like fun

Cold Cereal - quaker oat squares

Yogurt - yoplait key lime pie or plain

Bread - sunflower sead bread

Veggie - roasted beets

Frozen Entree - dont eat em,  but Amys before i stopped

Breakfast Bar - dont eat em

Fruit - pineapple

Dessert - cinnamon coconut and strawberry ice cream sunday

Oatmeal - maple walnut rasin

Dinner you prepare- sushi

Healthy Restaurant Entree - salmon or grape leaves

Breakfast you prepare - banana walnut pancakes

Any other favorites you want to share...   I like food to here all day
Vegetarian How long does it take you to grocery shop? Mar 31 2008
16:41 (UTC)
this is the perfect thread for me i am alwaays complaining about this because it can take me all afternoon to shop.  i will start with the small grocery store then because they never have half of what i need i go to the big one then i must go to the bio shop as well then to the fruit and veg markets,  this is just normal shopping and i always need to make special trips for any goats milk products, or tofu to special shops cause i can never find it my normal places,  or spinich where is the spinich.  shopping is like a sport not to mention that i live in a country where i cannot read the language that well and it is pretty usual not to have nutritional labels on stuff.  i hate it,  
Foods addicted to dried fruit - is this OK? Mar 28 2008
07:45 (UTC)
i am totally convinced that dried fruit made me fat,  i would snack on all kinds of dried fruit even the natural organic no sugar added kind,  now i just carry around an apple or a carrot,  you can wash it in a bathroom sink or carry it in a plastic bag.  they will stay good for a while. much more filling and takes longer to eat.  wow dried fruit really made me fat, i consider it an unhealthy food just cause its not worth the cals...ok its better than a choc bar, oh ya i looked on a bag of banana chips and they had more cals and sugar per 100g than choc bars,  banana chips are not healthy at all.
Foods Calories per serving? Mar 28 2008
07:41 (UTC)
oh this is sad to read if i want pasta, i usually eat like way over 100g,  like 200 or something before i am full, its funny to me someone could not finish 100grams.  but ok i eat pasta like 1 time a months or actually i think i have not eaten pasta in a few months,  cause i know i juat will want more and more!!!
Foods Favorite flavor of yogurt? Mar 27 2008
07:26 (UTC)
really key lime pie is the best,  just like key lime pie,  i only get it a few times a year though,  i live in europe we have tons of yogurts but not many imaginative flavors so when i travel to america i like to try all the cheesecake and creamy ones,  they really taste like ice cream,  too bad we only have boring ones. 
Foods How do you learn to like salads?? Mar 26 2008
08:05 (UTC)
i dont think i could ever give up my salads i am convinced i am thin because of them,. i ususally eat some type of big salad for lunch and dinner with something small carb, dairy and protien on the side.  i do this almost every day and now i am that thin girl at the cafe having a large cappachino and piece of nice cake. and really enjoying it and knowing its not going to break my diet because i will be back on my salads next time.  i think once you see how great sads are for you its easy to make the switch, 

Also roast veggies,  you dont even need oil,  i love roasted carrots, peppers everything
Foods foods people avoid? Mar 24 2008
13:26 (UTC)
foods made with cream, mexican, pastas, risottos, cakes anything with cream,  i do eat full fat cheese yogurts and cheese and sometimes when i have to milk,  but cream is just the devil,  but cream pasta could be my downfall when someone else oders it i end up eating half of theirs i am a food stealer!

Foods bored with lunches Mar 24 2008
13:23 (UTC)
are you vegan...if not i would not eat soy cheese, i find it really boring and real cheese is good for you...oh wait your not vegan youu have meat sand whiches...ok maybe lactous int...dont know.  i actually suggest staying with lunches your a bit board with,  i have read alot about people who eat about the same thing everyday dont tend to over eat and are healthier.  its like this with me, when i eat the same thing for a week,  i stop obsessing so much about flavors and taste and food becomes fuel not the enemy/
Foods Red Bean Paste Mar 10 2008
20:59 (UTC)
ok wow let me know, i was loving this taste  in china,  they even have a red bean frappachino at starbucks,  please some body help us.  
Foods Foods that take a long time to eat? Mar 10 2008
20:23 (UTC)
i eat carrots at the end of all my meals they help to fill me up while the rest of the food catches up with me,  i never feel real full while eating it always takes me along time and since i cant choose when i eat, because i am a teacher i have to eat a set amount then i snack on lots of carrots to help kill the time after i finish and we are ready to go,  stops me from eating sweets...or too many sweets.
Foods Hoping someone can help me with my eating! PLEASE :) Mar 10 2008
20:21 (UTC)
if you want to gain cals you stop eating light food. also you need more fruit. have a piece of fruit at every meal,  just my suggestions,  also put nuts on everything.
Foods Girl Scout Cookies---Evil Mar 10 2008
20:14 (UTC)
i dont even live in america and almost had my mom send some,  but then i decided just too much of a temptation,  I am living in europe, i think i would rather save up my cals and have a fantastic desert at a cafe instead. but ohhh i do miss them.
Foods cals for specail italian cake Feb 24 2008
07:06 (UTC)
well it does not have any nuts or coconut so it must not be the same one,  but thanks for your help, really it just looks like a big cow patty thats the only way to describe it,  if i go to the cafe today i will try and figure out the name...
Weight Loss I am looking for a Good diet plan Feb 23 2008
08:23 (UTC)
i did this diet and it was free, i walk everywhere i can usually 1 hr a day and at 1500 cals and logged everything and spent alot of time consulting on this web site, the best way to loose weight is not to diet its to change your life style.  hope it can work for you
Health & Support I think I'm depressed but I don't know who to tell... Feb 21 2008
16:05 (UTC)
ok lets get off the computer togther i gotta go for mine...ahhh here i go i am turning off this evil machine....ahhhhh
Health & Support curious...weird eating habits from ED/OCD? Feb 21 2008
15:54 (UTC)
I recalculte consitly and try for
200cALS 8 AM
100 CALS 10 AM
350 CALS 12:30
100 CALS 4 PM

hate to eat infront of people

 am nervous for a whole week and obsessivly look at menus if i have to go out to eat
I dont like to eat pizza or sand all at one i always take off the toppings then eat the bread,
always cut my sweets into the smallest of bites
have to eat at the correct time,
lie about what i ate good or bad
watch other people and add there calories
thats all i can think of but there is so much more