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Foods ice cream- what is a heathy low fat brand? May 22 2009
15:04 (UTC)

i just started eating blue bunny fudge bars (they also have vanilla swirl in the pack).  they sweeten with splenda and are only 50 calories (60 for vanilla swirl) for the entire bar.  not just a stick pop...but a big bar.  amazing!

sometimes...i have been known to eat is only 100 cals!

Foods for those who love pudding!! May 06 2009
02:50 (UTC)

i just went through a whole pack since saturday!  i love it and had been waiting for it to show up in my grocery store for months.  i add a heaping tablespoon of free cool whip.  awesome!!

boston cream pie is great too!

Health & Support food log, hypothyroid and weight gain...i am confused and would love advice! May 01 2009
02:09 (UTC)

thank you both so much for the comments!  i really appreciate your time!!

i just received my test results from the dr. this morning.  my thyroid levels have increased since my last visit and they have increased my dosage to .75 mcg.  however, i agree with the comments above in that i need to up my calorie intake.  it is such a scary thing.  i am already gaining weight with what i am eating now, that it is scary to increase and think i could gain even more. 

cruumb - as you have started increasing your calories, have you started noticing any results?

Foods Grocery day!! Share you're list please! :-) Apr 06 2009
19:34 (UTC)

i loooove going to the grocery store.  it has become something of a weekly ritual :)

this week:

  • almond breeze unsweetened vanilla
  • green leaf and iceburg lettuce
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • garlic (we made chili!)
  • bananas
  • cereal (usually kamut)
  • la tortilla vegetarian burritos (if you live in denver, you must check them out...170 calories for a solid size burrito.  around 10 or so ingredients..eggs, potatoes, peppers, etc.)
  • vegetarian lean cuisines
  • cheese for homemade pizzas
  • eggs


Foods Red Grapes clories Apr 01 2009
19:19 (UTC)

i usually log 2 calories per grape.

Health & Support Changes after having the flu.... Mar 26 2009
21:31 (UTC)

hi there!  i just got over the same thing!  wasn't able to move for 2 solid days and lost 5 lbs!  the worst is when you are on the toilet and getting sick in the trash can in your lap :)

i am on my fifth day now and i am having trouble with eating the same things i used to eat...some things make my stomach turn.  each day it has progressively gotten better.  my guess it is just going to take a little bit of time as you get reintroduced to foods. 

Foods Evil cereal! Mar 20 2009
01:47 (UTC)

i have a major cereal issue as well!!  i started eating my cereal out of cups instead of bowls.  drastically cut my serving sizes down. 

good luck!!!

Foods How should Edamames taste? Mar 14 2009
14:54 (UTC)

it definitely sounds like they are spoiled!  my husband likens the taste to peanuts.  i think they are more mild, but definitely have the nutty flavor that hilary77 described.  you can blanch them in salted boiling water for a few minutes or also steam them in the microwave by using a ziploc steamer bag or just putting a little water in a bowl with the edamame.  if using the bowl method in the microwave, i check every 30 sec - 1 min and stir them a bit.  as soon as they are warm, they are done!  i usually add some sea or kosher salt to the pods when they are warm.  to eat, hold the tip of the pod with your fingers and put the other end in your mouth.  you can pull the beans out of the pod with your teeth. 


Health & Support (Females only please): Skipping my period on purpose this month... Feb 27 2009
19:13 (UTC)

i have done this for the past five years at least!  i usually take the sugar pills once every three to four months depending on how i feel as i usually begin bloating, etc.  i have never had any problems except minor spotting the first month or two of skipping the sugar pills.  also, my doctor prescribes me my pill packs stating that i do not take the sugar pills so that my insurance will cover my pills each month.

best of luck...i HATE having a period and love this method!!!  have fun in florida!

Foods Favorite Girl Scout cookie?!? Feb 16 2009
00:05 (UTC)

TAGALONGS!!!!  i eat all the chocolate and peanut butter off and then dip the cookie in milk.  so bad, but oh so good and worth it!

and...ordered 14 boxes for my husband and i.  every intention of freezing them, but i know that the boxes will be gone in just a few months!

Recipes Homemade ranch dressing recipe? Feb 13 2009
23:49 (UTC)

i am so sorry for taking forever to send this!!!  here you go...makes 1 cup

1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream (i am sure you could use fat free!)

1/2 cup low fat buttermilk

2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil

1 lemon, zest freshly grated and juiced

2 teaspoons fresh thyme, chopped

1 garlic clove, minced (1 teaspoon)

1/2 teaspoon course salt

Whisk all the ingredients together in a medium bowl until combined.  Use immediately or refrigerate, covered, for up to two days (not sure why this wouldn't last longer...)

Per serving (2 tablespoons)

57 calories, 1g saturated fat, 2g unsaturated fat, 11 mg cholesterol, 3g carbohydrate, 128mg sodium, 2g protien, 0g fiber

Recipes Homemade ranch dressing recipe? Feb 10 2009
19:37 (UTC)

i haven't tried this yet, but there was a recipe in the martha stewart living magazine this month.  i couldn't find it online, but will grab the recipe at home tonight and send it over.  it looked really good and was low cal.



Health & Support To Scale or not to Scale???? Feb 03 2009
14:42 (UTC)

i am so glad you started this thread!!  after two years of weighing myself constantly (at the very least once per day) and feeling either elated or horrible about myself for the rest of the day, i threw the thing out (much to the satisfaction of my husband who did the deed).  i threw it out on saturday and actually feel really good.  my plan is to weigh myself at the gym and on our wii fit every once in awhile and try to rely on the fit of my clothes.

as a side note, i am 5'4" and my cw is 106 while my lw was 98.  my weight has been on an upward trend for the last year and it is painful to watch.  i just needed a break...and so did my husband!

Health & Support feeling really bad right now... Jan 28 2009
16:09 (UTC)

hi jojonannie....thank you for your reply.  i lost count of the calories after the candies which are 80 each.  after looking at this again this morning, i don't feel quite as bad (my scale showed a 1lb gain, but i have a feeling it was a lot of water and bloating!)

i think i try so hard all day to "be good" and then go wild at night.  i guess i am just tired of this relationship with food....i remember a time when i didn't care what i ate let alone the calories of a little skim milk in a coffee!!!

Recipes Deserts with instant pudding Jan 26 2009
15:13 (UTC)

freshbakedpi.....i have to try the layered grahams and sugar free pudding!!!  do you just layer the two and throw in the refrig or just eat as is? 

Health & Support Underactive Thyroid Jan 25 2009
04:07 (UTC)

funny you mention this actually....i just had breakthrough bleeding this month (i am on my 2nd month of levo and have been on the pill FOREVER with no breakthrough).  just thought it was kind of random this happened, but reading your post am wondering if it was the levo!!

Health & Support Underactive Thyroid Jan 23 2009
03:19 (UTC)

it is my understanding that levothyroxine is the generic of synthroid.  from what i have read, some people have more side effects with levo than synthroid.  from a weight loss perspective, i haven't noticed much difference.  i lost a couple of pounds in the beginning (only 2 lbs), gained them back and then maintained my normal weight.  i will admit that i am not trying to lose weight at the, can't comment too much on the ability to lose weight.  it has definitely helped my fatigue...probably too much!

best of luck and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!!!

Health & Support Underactive Thyroid Jan 22 2009
18:38 (UTC)

hi smurfybride....i have actually had a fairly positive experience.  my tsh levels were consistently 5.75 and i was put on levothyroxine (50mcg) two months ago.  i have had no real side effects except that the medicine tends to keep me up at night.  i just got my tsh levels checked last week and i am down to 1.75.  i have also noticed that my hair doesn't fall out in the shower like it used to before i went on the meds...the medicine maybe helping with that.

my doc plans to test every three months for the first year to make sure my tsh levels are in check and then move to every 6 months, etc.  hope this helps!

Foods Mac and Cheese...healthy? Nov 20 2008
02:27 (UTC)
18 eamy-stove-top-macaroni-and-cheese.html

check out this recipe.  it uses dijon mustard, laughing cow cheese, garlic, etc.  may not be the cheapest recipe in the world (uses asiago and provolone cheese), but was developed by cooking light magazine.  my husband and i made it and it was outstanding.  we actually ended up using an entire 16 oz box of pasta for the recipe and it worked great.  nice and creamy.  you could also add steamed broccoli at the end.

i have had trouble with velveeta in the crock.  it can turn a weird consistency if you don't watch it.  the above recipe is well worth it and you will have a ton of leftovers!

Health & Support 30 lb weight loss and now can't seem to quit eating Nov 19 2008
02:03 (UTC)

thank you so much to everyone that is really great to have a place to go to talk and get such great advice!!