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Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 21 2010
17:11 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by jesscecile86:

My only suggestion is the same as celerystalker's: I start feeling guilty when my eat meter goes into the red, even though I've only had 1,200 calories so far that day!

Yes, please change this. There is no reason to subliminally (or not so subliminally) make people feel guilty for reaching their calorie goal.

 i see it as red for "stop". that's all. why would that make you feel upset? it's also green for "go" & yellow for "caution". do street lights upset anyone? i think that problem is w/ the user, not the system. i think it's a very helpful visual that adds to the meter myself.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 21 2010
17:07 (UTC)
Original Post by tinag18:

I LOVE that it tells you how well you're doing on certain nutrients so that you can really create a balanced diet and not just low cal.  I just wish that you could add foods to days that have already passed.  I go out on the weekends and would like to be able to chart those late night calories when I come back at around 3 in the morning but I can't because it's already the next day.

 you can. all you have to do is change the date up on top.

The Lounge wedding blues Dec 20 2010
18:53 (UTC)
Original Post by mjsophia:

Original Post by bnjionrek:

yes, i am having wedding blues & they are this - THERE IS NO WEDDING! & there will probably never be one so consider that then consider yourself a very very lucky person. yeah.

thanks buzz kill. ;)

 sorry. just jealous & pouting that's all. i really am happy for her.

Weight Loss Christmas weight gain Dec 20 2010
18:24 (UTC)

i succesfully lost 35lbs & was maintaining just fine until some very annoying perscription issues came up causing me to gain some weight back. (see my journal for the full rant) i just couldn't seem to motivate myself in the past weeks to start taking it seriously & get to losing it again because after 35lbs it didn't seem like a huge deal. my pants still fit & all that but i'm afraid with this attitude i'll gain more. sooooo i've decided to carry around a weight equivalent to the weight i've gained back to give me some perspective on just how significant that amount really is. so far so good. maybe you could give that a try. put the weight where you can see it all day or when you go to grab a snack you really aren't hungry for.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 16 2010
23:14 (UTC)

ooh! i like that when you search an item that's not in the food database from the logger, you have an option to add it then & there. however, it says it's in my favorites now but i can't find it.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 16 2010
18:44 (UTC)
Original Post by Igor:

Your final comment: we will switch the trigger mechanism of the drop down elements from mouse-over to on-click.

 Frown i kinda like the mouse-over drop downs myself.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 15 2010
18:43 (UTC)
Original Post by lyndapolk:

4. The horizontal meters are not as compelling as the side-by-side Eat Meter and Burn Meter which was a more intuitive visual reference of your caloric intake compared to your caloric use.

 i agree w/ this. but other than that . . . food logging can be completed much faster w/ this new logger in my opinion. i like it very much.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 14 2010
16:32 (UTC)

so here's my feedback so far-

  1. I can’t go to tagged items & get into my tagged activities w/ out 1st going into the activity log whereas I used to be able to get into all my tagged items by simply going into  the tagged items tab then clicking “activities”, "recipes", etc. This is also the only way I can get into my tagged recipes & forums.
  2. “My Home” & the “Food Log” are the same page. I like the old “Home” where I could see my friends, journal entries, etc.

Everything else seems very user friendly so far. Also, I’d like to see the format, especially for date change, from the new food log adopted for the activity log.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 13 2010
18:13 (UTC)
Original Post by nankinat:

I love this!  I love how the foods I frequently eat for a meal come up automatically so I don't have to search for them.  :)

 yes, that is very cool & convenient.

The Lounge Delicious Christmas Tree Dec 09 2010
21:02 (UTC)

i've had my kitties for 3 years now. the 1st Christmas i surrounded the tree w/ plastic bags before i went to bed because they really hate the noise they make. this did nothing. the 2nd year i used the detering spray which turned my tree yellow & as a deterent . . . did nothing. this last year i did nothing & they have absolutely no interest in the tree. lol! so i just don't know. good luck!

Weight Loss Holiday food pushers Dec 08 2010
19:24 (UTC)

brilliant as usual jp!

Foods Your Favorite Protein Powder Dec 08 2010
19:20 (UTC)

Spirutein shakes. i like the vanilla flavor. but they're made w/ milk so may be really hard to fit into your calorie budget even if you use skim. the directions say to make w/ 1 cup of milk but i strongly suggest you use 2 unless you enjoy drinking sludge which i don't. good luck!

The Lounge Cheating in a relationship? Dec 07 2010
15:30 (UTC)
Original Post by moonikins:

Original Post by lyssabee:

Original Post by moonikins:

There are so many other things so much worse than your partner having sex with someone else.

Like what?

I haven't said mine but here's some of mine. I would more likely be able to forgive a one night stand than dating/kissing/loving someone else over a period of time.

Physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse are the top 3 things worse than a cheater. There's many more.

 to me cheating falls under emotional & possibly mental abuse.

imo even looking can be cheating if the desire to cheat is in your heart, even if you don't act on it. i guess my fear is that if i'm with someone who longs to be w/ someone else, eventually they will. i don't like my bf to hug female people that i don't know but especially if he fails to introduce them to me or if they won't talk to me. my take is that we've been together for 6 years. if i've never met them in that time, they don't know him well enough to be putting their paws on him. & if they won't talk to me then i can't trust that their intentions are innocent. there's 1 that tried to hug on him but wouldn't even look at me. he tried to ignore her & blow her off but she was actually kind of aggressive & persistent about it. we see her rarely thank god because if she pulls that again she's gonna lose that arm.

The Lounge wedding blues Dec 06 2010
20:32 (UTC)

yes, i am having wedding blues & they are this - THERE IS NO WEDDING! & there will probably never be one so consider that then consider yourself a very very lucky person. yeah. Frown

Weight Loss Never Full. Never. Dec 01 2010
22:20 (UTC)
Original Post by indiapelletier:

oh my! i once ate a whole box of fiber one bars too! they tasted so good though :[ what happened after that, was ... just terrible D:


Weight Gain How can you *make* yourself hungry enough to eat to gain? Dec 01 2010
22:14 (UTC)
Original Post by brinb213:

Original Post by louisebrookingmcdow:

I have just finished reading this BLOG.. wow.. this is a world that I do not understand.  I have always been " fluffy " always 10-20 pounds overweight and have hardly ever skipped a meal becuase my body loves food ( sometimes too much :O).)  Good luck to all of you with ED that cause you to starve yourself.  May your strength inside you find its way to gain back a normal thinking patern.  Im sure the Jewist children of the Holicost know what it is like but they didnt have any food, only wished they did.. Wow. the mind works in very very strange ways.  Gain your life back ----- live this life that you are all soo lucky to have today.  So So many people died of starvation when they just wanted to have something to eat.  sorry but I have just finished a few books of the children of the Holicost and that is sad.. This is just plain sick..... The cure is within yourself and we are very very strong people.. it is within you to survive whatever comes your way....

People who starve themselves have a mental illness. It's completely different than people who have died of starvation that was not self-imposed. Eating disorders are about control and to eat means losing control for the anorexic. I don't have an ED and I can understand that. The cure is not within everyone. It's not an easy disease to conquer, hence why people die from EDs. Saying it's "just plain sick" is incredibly disrespectful to those suffering from EDs. If you don't understand it, so be it, but spare us your rude commentary.

brinb says people who starve themselves have a mental illness & that saying "just plain sick" is disrespectful. k i know this is just symantics but aren't "illness" & "sick" synonyms? just saying. sorry.

anyhoo, back to the subject @ hand. i agree. just because it isn't easy & you don't "want" to eat doesn't mean you shouldn't. i like that someone equated this w/ losing weight. when i was losing weight, did i want 3 doughnuts? sure. did i have them? of course not! do i want to go out to walk in the cold? big fat no. but i'm going to do it anyway cause i know i need the activity. it's as simple as that. now go eat some peanut butter & enjoy it for me.  lol!

The Lounge I feel like abortion is my best option.. but I'm scared Oct 27 2010
16:47 (UTC)

i've been pregnant twice. one ended in a birth, the other in an abortion. neither time was i in a good postition to have a baby. the 1st i was still in high school, the 2nd my bf & i were caring for our 3 kids plus his 2 brothers. we had a full house & empty wallets. i've never regretted having my son. he has a good life because i make sure that he does but i regret the abortion every single day . everytime i hear someone announce they are pregnant or see a baby, even if it's just on tv i get very sad. i cry still over it. with my son i am sure i made the right choice, with the abortion i've never been certain. i don't expect the doubt or guilt & sadness that goes along with it will ever go away.

Fitness Vibram sightings Oct 21 2010
14:26 (UTC)

i've been researching these. i'm curious, what can vff's offer that actually going barefoot can't? it seems from what i've read that they don't really protect your feet from sharp stuff very well. is that true?

The Lounge Organic Nongrocery Items Oct 14 2010
18:00 (UTC)

i agree for the most part w/ fuzzy_a. i use organic & natural products whenever i can. sometimes they are more expensive but not always & when they are i always find them to be worth the cost. i spend a lot on groceries but that's because there are 5 in my family, however i can tell you then since we made the switch to organic i have failed to see an increase in monthly grocery bill. 

i use baking soda to brush my teeth, isopropyl alcohol as a cleaner, & my pets eat science diet. i am a burt's bees lover & must say that my hair & skin has never been better so that's where i disagree with fuzzy_a.

i find natural products to much more effective. my hair was falling out & i started taking a b-vitamin supplement as well as silica (which i add to water that i drink but also to my shampoo) & my hair loss has dropped to less than half than before.

imo natural/orgainc is clearly the way to go. good luck

The Lounge I'm an idiot because... Oct 14 2010
17:44 (UTC)
Original Post by xfruitbat:

Original Post by deleseo:

i'm an idiot because i spent a large amount of time reading every single post from the now infamous 'i slept with my trainer' thread, thus avoiding anything productive   ...but it certainly was entertaining lol


^ same.  haha. 

 link please! i am bored.

oh! & i am an idiot because i missed the "now infamous 'i slept with my trainer' thread"