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Recipes A Packet of Yeast is... Mar 31 2009
16:19 (UTC)

pickleberry is right, I have the same bottle and it is 2.25 tsp.

Weight Loss Hydroxycut?? Mar 19 2009
17:03 (UTC)

I started to try it.  Did not make it through a whole bottle.  I could not sleep well once started and I never felt very well while I was on it.  It made me so jittery that I thought perhaps I just wasn't consuming enough calories so I would eat a little more just the get rid of that feeling. 

Long story short,  they made me feel like throwing up every day so I stopped taking them.  I did not loose any weight on them in fact I think I may have gained some. 

I do have a friend who took them for two months straight and they did absolutely nothing for her.

Like other posts say, those pills are not the solution.  If they were there would be no obese or overweight people around.  They just mess with your system and give you a sense of hope that maybe they will work.  Instead you just waisted your money and your time.  If you do notice on most of those adds they always tell you results not typical.  This is because most of the people they have as examples were working out 2 to 3 hours a day and had a nutritionist helping with their meals.  I had also watched a show once where they advised people that for some of those supposed miracle pills the before and after pictures were reversed.  The before picture was actually the after picture.  They had super in shape people put on weight to make it sell.  It is so deceiving for everyone wanting  to lose those pounds.