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Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 23 2011
21:51 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

Maybe having the mods delete this thread and then start another with "wanting suggestions for dancing type videos/ Ipods/ free workouts" might better fulfill the needs of what you are looking for

The title said "cardio workouts" we gave you suggestions for such knowing that these are good cardio workouts.

But if you take trying to suggest something different is attacking so be it. what I said,was you were being pushy..which is true. If you read all of your posts they can be taken as pushy because everytime I tried to explain,or say something.. it was a fight because i was not taking your advice and you didnt like it,and wanted to know why and thought i was being too picky. That was what I was saying.I dont think pushing is the way to handle things.

So yes,I have asked a mod if this thread could be deleted. I would appreciate it if this discussion would just stop now. Its pointless.


Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 23 2011
07:01 (UTC)

Regardless of if it was meant or not, i am not the only one that took it that way. Maybe you should consider things from my point of you. You were being pushy,I don't think there was any question about that. Instead of being nice,and just accepting what I said since this was my thread and my needs,you pushed me for answers that were not really relevant to the actual question i asked,and pushed me to see things your way with what you suggested. Step back and think outside of your normal ways,and maybe see that it was kind of pushy in the way it came across. Maybe you didnt mean it that way..but its how it comes across. I didn't really care for that. Everytime i had anything to say in my defense,you didnt really care to hear it..or even just accept it..

it is what it is.. I have asked a Mod if this thread could be deleted..because of this nonsense. It does not help me,you or anyone else. Like i said..its suppose to be a healthy place for support and advice..and i dont think this was productive. I know better than to ask things here unless I am very very very specific and to the letter apparently.

Either way,end of discussion.

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 23 2011
02:29 (UTC)

"workout that does dance routine breakdowns,burlesque,and warm ups.

I love the dance type obviously,so can anyone recommend some more that I could try.. or even some other cardio routines that are not too complicated?"

That was taken from my original post. All bolded parts would make things pretty clear because I have had others read it to get their take. If you read it,it was clear that I was doing dance ones..and that i was looking for more DVD or online videos. I could see how you could take it..if you didn't completely understand,but after the clarification made multiple times that I wanted dance ones,that should have been it. Instead there was a continued post after post fight with Both of you Dbacker and ambereva.  You were both getting a bit of an attitude and pushing for information that you really had no business even knowing.. because I didn't immediately jump on your suggestions. Instead of being nice and saying 'hey,ok..well maybe at another time you could try it' you pushed the issues. Even after I just said FIGHT DONE.. not dealing still felt the need to make it about how i messed up.  This is why I stopped posting on these forums..because everytime I say anythign I seem to get a fight from people..when I dont jump on their train. I'm sorry I even asked at this point..because it's more frustrating and comepletely unhelpful...than anything. I dont see anyone treating anyone else asking for recommendations like this.


Im sorry,but it was not your business really. I was not required to say that I had any injury or limitation..when asking for recommendations. Recommendations are just suggestions..not something someone has to go with..and we should not be made to feel bad or attacked or like we did something wrong..because we dont. Im sorry,but thats how you both came across to me..and i resent that. Help is one thing,and that was all i wanted.

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 22 2011
23:34 (UTC)
Original Post by vanilla_swirl:

Well I agree with dbackerfan, but I also know that you're most likely to success if you do something you really like (dance). Maybe try Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T? There 1, 2,'ll need some weights (except for 1). 

See that was an answer that I appreciate. Thankyou Vanilla_swirl.

I know myself,and what I can and can not comfortably do.. as well as what I was told because of the physical challenge I do currently have.  I wouldn't benefit at this point from drills.. it won't hold my attention,get me motivated,or leave me without pain. I was adviced against that until later on..for reasons I will not disclose and should not be continually pushed to.

Dance is more up my ally,and allows me to modify movements that I can't physically do at the moment.. plus I have always been a dancer,and would prefer to do cardio dance instead.. I will look into the Hip Hop suggestion,I have small 5 lb weights from a while back..Thankyou for that suggestion vanilla. Appreciated.


As for the fight,its done. I don't want anymore,and I will not be pushed because someone does not like that I dont agree with a suggestion that was completely different from what I actually asked for. The point of this place is to help eachother,but support eachother..not fight.

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 22 2011
21:56 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

Original Post by blkrose86:

Considering the amount of weight I have to lose,it wouldn't be the best option.I consulted with my sports dr and my dr. ..

I'm more looking for Cardio dance workouts,not drills. No offense.. but thanks for the tips..i will keep them in mind.

No offense but those doctors don't know jack! 

You can lose significant body fat by doing metabolic work outs vs just cardio.  You'd also be better served lifting weights - lifting heavy and eating right .

I lost 55 lbs in 2005 and weighed 20 lbs less than what I weigh today strictly from eating low calorie and walking - now that I lift weights eat right and do metabolic workouts I wear the same size clothes I did @ 20lbs lighter plus these same clothes are actually loose in many places they weren't before.  I am "thinner" in that I take up a lot less space.  I have muscle shape and definition - my arms aren't all flabby anymore, my legs have shape and my rear doesn't sag.  I have a 4 pack and have had better luck losing inches doing intense metabolic workouts with weight lifting.

Ok, I'm not looking for a fight. I am not you. We are two different people,and what may work for some won't work for we each have other challenges that maybe others don't have. I have to be careful with things... that would be why I consulted.

I appreciate the tips,I really do..but for the i stated multiple times now..I am looking for DANCE cardio workouts ...either online videos or dvds..I have a plan in place. That's it. No offense meant..but i was pretty clear..

I'm starting to be sorry I bothered to ask..

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 22 2011
04:34 (UTC)
Original Post by skinnyminni93:

Zumbaaa!   loads of fun and would be a nice change from burlesque as its more like salsa and south american styles.

The Ministry of Sound workouts arn't too bad either but I've only tried the first one so I'm no expert !

I've looked at Zumba..Wish I could find them online for free but I haven't been able to find full workouts anywhere,even broken into parts on youtube or anything. Which seems odd with how popular it is. I love the burlesque,but the PCD is more than that which I do like. They breakdown their video dance routines from the girl group not the stage show in vegas/LA. For 2 different songs,and they also throw in a burlesque routine the warmup routine. I just would like to mix it up some.

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 22 2011
04:32 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

Original Post by ambereva:

Original Post by blkrose86:

Thanks for the tips..I will probably save those for later,when i need to tone things. They say you dont do those until your toning or building muscle. Im trying to lose weight first..

Also,let me clarify..i meant Workout Videos..preferably dance ones.

Who is 'they'?

I agree with ambereva - do the stuff she recommended now then you will "be thinner" despite not having to lose as much weight.  

and OMG 100 burpees would take me probably a good 3 hours - I can barely do 5 in a minute with a minute rest and then 5 more!!

I also prefer metabolic workouts for the far superior fat burn and cardio benefits

check it out here /sports_women_training_performance_figure_gro up

Also just put on some music that gets your mind wanting to move hard and have at it.

Firming up now will pay off later 

Considering the amount of weight I have to lose,it wouldn't be the best option.I consulted with my sports dr and my dr. ..

I'm more looking for Cardio dance workouts,not drills. No offense.. but thanks for the tips..i will keep them in mind.

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 21 2011
06:52 (UTC)

Thanks for the tips..I will probably save those for later,when i need to tone things. They say you dont do those until your toning or building muscle. Im trying to lose weight first..

Also,let me clarify..i meant Workout Videos..preferably dance ones.

Fitness Recommend some Cardio Workouts? Aug 21 2011
04:28 (UTC)
Original Post by mrsvanek26:

i did jillian michaels cardio kick (20 minutes long), still do it but prefer the gym. really good fast workout!

If you mean Cardio Kickbox,I looked it up on youtube.. it probably is a good workout for some,but I was told by my sports doctor that kickboxing was out. Bad knees..kicking repeatedly like that would not be a good thing. He said Dance workouts were still fine,I just have to watch no matter what i do..but kickbox was definitely out.

Thanks though.

Recipes Sticky Favorite cookbooks and recipe sites Aug 20 2011
08:14 (UTC)

I Find that Cookbooks usually don't have many options that appeal to my family.Though sometimes the magazines do. We subscribe to Simple and Delicious,Taste of home,and Food and family. Alot of the recipies are simple,and easy to replace certain ingredients.

Also,I decided that since cookbooks are alot of money (even though there is an entire bookshelf overflowing with them thanks to a family members obsession) and they don't have the options to fit us. I decided to make my own. I took recipies from generations of my family,and friends..and any meal that i threw together that was a smash success.. and placed them all in a recipe book for easy access.

Weight Loss how fast is too fast when it comes to losing weight? Jan 11 2008
00:53 (UTC)

oi vey. I do not have a problem...

Nor do i appreciate the attacks that are basicly highschool in nature. I'm trying to lose weight and be healthy...but i'm guessing coming to you people for help was a wrong choice..because we're all trying to accomplish the same goals here..and should be supporting eachother not attacking eachother. 

Weight Loss Ive heard that certain foods suck fat? Jan 11 2008
00:51 (UTC)

Eating right, Lots of veggies and fruits with proper water intake and exsercise paired with green faster weight loss.

My brother did it. He lost 1/2 a person in 3 months doing it.. because his metabolism got faster and anything he ate didn't stick on him as extra fat. 

Weight Loss how fast is too fast when it comes to losing weight? Jan 10 2008
21:53 (UTC)

Maybe I should go vegan...hmm

anyways, I feel ya hun. I'm going from 212 to hopefully 130 where my dr says i should be.. but i wanna lose the tummy before my bf comes to see me in like 3 months.

I'm like you though. My C-C says i should be eatin 1650 calories a day. i'm only eating about 430 though... and consuming about 40-60 oz of water a day, plus green tea.

I've been eating nothing but fruits, veggies and chicken. In the first week i lost 5 pounds. without excerscing. now i've added Cardio workout as well..

I'd love to lose 19 pounds that fast.. i'd fit into my baby tees again lol

Weight Loss Eat more lose more Jan 10 2008
21:44 (UTC)

Well I barely passed math in school so haha.

I put in what i eat everyday..and it told me 430 was what i was consuming.

In the first week alone with eating healthier and excerising cardio for 15-20 minutes a day, drinking nothing but water.. i lost 5 pounds.  

Maybe it all depends on your routine and your body?.

Because i sleep during the day and am up all night. So i don't eat breakfast. My lunch is always small, and My dinner is big. Then snacks are always fruit or veggies.  I'm drinking about  40-60 oz of water every day.. plus 1-2 cups of green tea speeding up my metabolism.

Weight Loss Eating less gaining more? Jan 10 2008
21:40 (UTC)

When your eating fast food. I think it's important to realize what your ordering.

My family does take out every friday night, and  an actual meal meal on saturdays.

So i stopped doing burgers and the really unhealthy parts of fast food.

During the week..I eat mostly salads,fruits,veggies. and Excerise

then by friday i'm ok for fast food..but i get the healthier choices.

like Chick fil A..they have the best nuggets..but instead i did a chicken strip salad and split a small fry with my mother.. its a balance.

I think if you be more concious about your fast food might help :) 

Weight Loss How do I look? Jan 10 2008
21:31 (UTC)

Girl.. you look fine. I wish i had that teeny tiny lil waist of yours.

If you think your pooch is bad, you haven't seen anything lol. Mines worse..way worse.

put it this way. I'm a D cup chest,and my tummy pooch is just a hairs breath under being level with my breasts ..thats bad. So be thankful and happy your skinny!  

Weight Loss Eat more lose more Jan 10 2008
21:25 (UTC)

I don't understand this either...this thing says i should be consuming 1650 calories a day, and burning over 2000. It doesnt seem possible. I'm only Consuming 430 calories a day really.

Weight Loss Must haves on your grocery list? Jan 10 2008
21:22 (UTC)

I don't do the shopping for this house..but when time comes we all get asked to add to the list.. and if it's reasonably priced it's ok. Usually i'd go straight for the junk foods but I changed that. NO junk really at all.. 

so its as follows:

- Salad. ( either in a package or a head of lettuce. Iceburg)



- Berries if they are in season

- Raspberry Green tea ( celestial Seasons has great tea bags for this, speeds up metabolism)

- Flavored water ( from walmart only. I've found its the only flavored water that has 0's all the way down the nutrition chart. It's water with natural fruit juices and extracts in it)

-  Wishbone Thousand Island ( its my only fat i eat really now...they do have a light one)

-Special K cereal, Snack Bars ( snack bars are only 90 calories)

- Fresh Broccoli Flourettes, Coliflower flourrettes, and baby carrots. 

- Fresh boneless skinless chicken breast

- white rice. 

Weight Loss Just starting out. Got any tips? Jan 10 2008
21:15 (UTC)

It's not about a major amount of pounds. per say.

I just want that roll of fat in my midsection i can wear my cute shirts at least. I've already decided that If I'm not happy with the transformation by the time he comes, I'm not letting him see me in a bathing suit or naked. haha.

I'm Currently.. 5ft even and about 212 pounds.

I've done pretty well so far with eating just salads, chicken  and fruits and veggies. No junk, No Soda. Just Water and Green Tea to speed up my metabolism.

My brother lost almost an entire person in like 3 months by eating nothing but veggies and water and green tea...and excerising over an hour a day.