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Weight Loss Do you believe in a "happy" weight? Santa? Easter Bunny? Nov 05 2010
15:49 (UTC)

I believe that our bodies have a "happy" weight as well.  When I lost all the weight I wanted (the first go-round) I got to 132, which was low for me. It was incredibly hard for me to maintain that and most people told me I looked too skinny.  I gained back a few pounds and was able to maintain 140-146 for a year without hardly even trying.  It wasn't until I got really lazy and really started to over-eat that I gained back to 165 where I was when I came back on here.

I've lost a few pounds since I've been back on CC (here I come again 140) Laughing

Motivation If I can do it... Oct 29 2010
17:11 (UTC)

Personally, I don't think ANYONE is "too old" to start running. Just take it slow and listen to your body.

Good Luck! And keep us posted on your progress! Wink

Motivation If I can do it... Oct 26 2010
11:05 (UTC)

mamo24- That is exactly how I started... at first I only jogged for 15 sec intervals though. 15 sec jog, 3 min walk intervals. I just ran my 3rd Half Marathon last month! It took awhile to get here, and I will never be fast (average 11.5 min miles) but, whatever. I'm not in it to win it.

Great job! Laughing

New Members what happend to me???? Oct 26 2010
10:03 (UTC)

Good morning everyone! Hope you don't mind me jumping into the middle of your conversation...Wink

Being an oatmeal junkie (at least for breakfast, sometimes for supper, even though my husband looks at me sideways when I do that) I put in some PB and a little cinnamon for flavor/added protien...anyways...

Can you buy the steel cut oatmeal anywhere? Does it come in the very-familiar Quaker Oats, or does Quaker not make any? I don't remember ever seeing it in the grocery store, but I've never looked for it either!

Thanks ahead of time for reply! Have a good one!

Motivation First 10 pounds gone....and it's my birthday! Oct 22 2010
12:11 (UTC)


And Happy Birthday! Laughing

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Jan 06 2009
09:49 (UTC)

Hey everyone, I didn't fall off the wagon too hard, but I am back up to 138.  So I'm working my way back down again, the weight's being a little stubborn this time!  So, I have some work ahead of me.  Good for all of you in your low 130's, I'm jealous!

Fitness Winter sports, anyone? Dec 22 2008
18:30 (UTC)

Skiijoring is a sport similar to dog sledding, except you (normally) only have one dog, and the dog is pulling a skier instead of a sled!  The dog is in harness attached to the skier by an 8' line, the skier is in harness with cross country skis and poles.  That is the basic concept.  Some people have up the 3 dogs, but for starters I'd just go with my pointer mix, she's got enough energy to match 10 dogs Wink!  The point isn't to have the dog pull the skier the whole way, the skier has to work at it, too, so you don't wear your dog out too soon.  There are several websites dedicated to this sport that have a lot more info, I don't know that much about it yet, I'm just toying with the idea, since I have the dog and the skis!

Fitness Winter sports, anyone? Dec 21 2008
16:41 (UTC)

Hello!  I just bought a set of cross country skis a couple of days ago.  I, too, live in the northern US and we have plenty of the white stuff.  Unfortunately, it's also -9 degrees out today, with a -30 wind chill, so I'm not sure if I will get out today.  I am sooo excited about learning this sport!  Running and biking are beginning to lose their charm, I still enjoy them, but not as much anymore.  I also want to look into skiijoring, as I have a couple of high-energy pointers who get a little bored after hunting season.

Merry Christmas, and if you or anyone else has any pointers for a newbie, let me know!

Maintaining Will you ever be normal? Oct 27 2008
21:18 (UTC)

'Normal' for me, after spending the last 2 years losing weight and finally entering maintenance mode, is exercising 6 days a week.  And writing down everything that I eat, even if that means I ate 4 pieces of Pineapple Upside Down Cake and had a 2500 calorie day (yesterday-- eesh).  It wasn't the occasional high-calorie day that made me fat, it was the fact that every day was a high-calorie day, and I didn't exercise. 

I truely love to exercise now.  I enjoy setting new fitness goals for myself and achieving them and setting new ones.  I enjoy the way that eating right makes my body feel. 

This isn't a diet, or an abnormal lifestyle, this is a healthy lifestyle.  And of course you should not obsess over what you eat, but you should watch what you eat.  And if you want 4 pieces of Pineapple Upside Down Cake, than have it!  But be careful the next day, or exercise it off.  Or just don't worry about it so much because the extra 600 calories for one day isn't going to make you fat!


Weight Loss i know weight can fluctuate from day to day... Oct 27 2008
21:02 (UTC)


Here is a very good article about why your weight fluctuates so much.  It's geared toward the scale-obsessed dieter, which you don't seem to be, but it's very informative.  Hope it helps! d=2382919





Fitness Racquetball Oct 15 2008
17:26 (UTC)

Okay, no racquetball players.  How 'bout tennis, badmiton,... ping pong?

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Oct 14 2008
21:57 (UTC)

Thanks everyone!  This feels good... to not wonder if I'm the biggest one in the room, or what I would feel like if I could wear cute clothes and not shop in the Plus Size section of the store.  Now I know how that feels, it feels great!  A size 4-6 is a great size to be (I might try for a solid 4 though)!

Yea us!!!

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Oct 13 2008
22:34 (UTC)

I did it! 134.5 yesterday, 135 today! Woo Hoo!  I'll maintain here for a bit, and see if it's good or not.  I'm starting to get a lot of the "You're going to blow away if you lose any more" comments, so maybe here is good...

Have a great day!

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Oct 03 2008
16:12 (UTC)

Hello again everyone!

I'm so close to my 135 goal now I can taste it!  I weighed in this morning at 136, so just... one... more... pound!  I will try to maintain a while at that weight, maybe shoot for 130, we'll see...

Hello K9!  I'm 34 yrs old, 5'5", and eat between 1300-1600 cals a day.  I try to watch my protien intake, because I know my diet tends to lack that.  Congrats on your wieght loss!  You look great!

Fitness Just ran my first half-marathon! Wahoo! Oct 03 2008
12:25 (UTC)


I ran my first half-marathon this past May, you totally kicked my times' butt! (2:31:54) I was just happy to finish!  My goal this next May (Fargo Marathon) is to shave 20 minutes off my time!  I plan to run the full marathon in 2010!

Well done! 

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Aug 28 2008
10:21 (UTC)

Back down to 138, whew... It's funny how 3 little pounds effects a person's outlook on things.  And how fat it makes me feel now. 

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Aug 25 2008
18:05 (UTC)

That was short-lived, I didn't have a great weekend, back up to 141 (sigh), I'll do my best to get back under 140 by the end of the week... Frown

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Aug 22 2008
11:59 (UTC)

138.0 this morning, which came as a surprise considering how much I ate yesterday... I was hungry all day!!!!

How is everyone else doing?

Fitness Running MY first 5K - what was YOUR first time? UPDATE! Aug 20 2008
20:13 (UTC)

My first 5K I ran in 31:43,( ran in July '07) I trained at about 5 to 5.5 mph.  So I did okay, and I was soooo proud!  This past May I trained for and ran a 1/2 marathon.  Just a warning: RACING IS ADDICTIVE!  Have fun and good luck!!! Laughing

Maintaining 139 Maintenance Club Aug 14 2008
17:59 (UTC)

Actually, I just got back to 139.5 this morning!! Woo Hoo!!  I've stepped up my running workout, and am making sure I lift weights, and make it to my yoga class twice a week.  And throw in at least 15 miles a week on my bike....  and stay away from the junk (family outings are done for awhile).  If anyone ever tells me losing weight is easy, I'll punch 'em in the nose! Foot in mouth